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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Francis Is Not Only An Antipope He Is a Flat Out Joke

Francis Is Not Only An Antipope He Is a Flat Out Joke
By: Eric Gajewski

Francis seems to make the news daily but not for the right reasons.  Things have steadily worsened to such a point that denominational Protestants (heretics themselves) understand that Francis is not teaching Catholicism.  I warned from day one of his supposed election that things would only get worse and that more and more would eventually come to the understanding that not only is he a true antipope but that we would be on the verge of the formal installation of the New Age Religion.  Melanie, one of the seers, of LaSalette said at first it would be hard to determine who is the true Pope and I believe she was speaking on the current situation between Francis and Benedict.  As the days pass more and more begin to realize that we are on the precipice of what Fr. Malachi Martin had indicated when he implied  “it is better that you don’t know because it is that frightening”.  Francis, is, indeed an antipope but as the days pass he becomes more of the butt end of jokes.

His latest buffoonery comes in the form of false religions now being able to perform “deeds of mercy”.  As if there is another true religion outside of the one Christ started called Catholicism.  In reality, he says this because there has been a new religion in play principally speaking since the Second Vatican Council.  It used to be we would hear some novel language coming from the top of the Church every few weeks or so but now it seems like this Orwellian new church speak  is coming virtually every day.  Things have sped up as the endgame picks up speed rushing towards the arrival of the False Prophet “Master Jesus” and New Age Antichrist Maitreya.  I take a lot of criticism for being so blunt about the situation yet not one of these naysayers can prove that I am wrong.  They say I am not loving however it is they themselves who hide behind self love.

Francis headlines are more comical than the Sunday morning comics.  It is so bad these days that even the compromised false traditionalist/conservative types are asking if he is an antipope or if there is something wrong with him mentally.  Perhaps this will be the propaganda He runs with when he soon steps aside for the False Prophet.  Francis has been seen in pagan gear and clown noses.  He has attacked real Catholics and says we are unreasonable.  His latest tactic seems to be ad hominem attacks but this is to be expected.  Many writers are now suggesting that he might even be the greatest enemy the Church has ever known but we know the False Prophet to come will even outdo him.  Francis is in desperate need of prayer.  Even Francis is not outside true mercy which God can grant an enemy of the Church such as him.  As we pause to reflect/meditate upon the horrors of hell it is hard to imagine how so many prelates could be so blind but does this not speak to the Apocalyptic times we live in?  Wherein a New Religion could literally be taught and still be branded “Catholic”. 

Does He know what He is doing?  I am often asked this question and for me it is clear that he does however one can not truly know until we get to “the other side”.  Per the New Age’s own writings it is very clear that Francis is simply a puppet to them who is simply preparing the way for “Master Jesus”.  Just wait till Francis moves from the Sunday morning comic section unto the Science Fiction section.  Why would I say this?  Many of us are expecting some sort of alien disclosure here soon from the Vatican.  Aliens are fallen angels folks and Maitreya and his “ascended masters” will be passed off as the good guys here to save the day.  As the old song goes…”you ain’t seen nothing yet” and soon we will shift daily to the theme song of the twilight zone.  Francis is the epitome of Vatican II and do not let any modernist or Pseudo traditionalist tell you otherwise.  There has long been a plan to infiltrate and undermine the Catholic Church and we are dangerously close to the final acts in this play.  What will men say when Benedict XVI flees and is killed and Master Jesus shows up and says he does not want to be called Pope.  People will be horrified.

In saying of all this it is sad to know per prophecy that about 2/3 of the people will go the way of full blown apostasy.  Why in the world would so many who are largely forewarned ultimately give in?  Why will men deny the true Christ for a phony one?  The answer is twofold in my opinion.  First because they are two worldly and their eyes remain fixated upon this world instead of the next.  Secondly, due to self-love many will wonder how they could survive otherwise.  Self-preservation, in this negative sense, is not what Our Lord taught.  The world is largely deprived of God’s grace at this point because most have turned their backs on Christ (truth) and the true Catholic Faith He established.  Going forward please stop acting so surprised at what Francis says or does for we are in those apocalyptic times which the early Church Fathers warned of.  Furthermore, take a look at some of his “sidekick comedians” who write as apologists for the larger Novus ordo websites.  People read this vomit daily (these sites) as truth when in reality it is nothing more than a theological National Enquirer.  Heresy coming from the top and simply flowing downward like a waterfall.  Where are the backbones these days of people (clergy and laity)?  Have they forgotten they will have to stand before an Almighty God on the Day of Wrath?  These people don’t get it now and show no indications they will in the future.  The Great Storm is nearly here and modernist destroyer Francis still has some time left to further cause theological destruction.  In the end Francis is a false Pope (antipope) and his teachings, much like Vatican II, are a flat out joke.  Their needs to be true Resistance and further exposure of the Vatican II New Religion.  I must remind the enemies of the Church that they cannot win and their time is short the Day of the Lord approaches…I AM is Coming!


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