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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fr. Malachi Martin, “We Are Entering A New Age”

Fr. Malachi Martin, “We Are Entering A New Age”
By: Eric Gajewski

Pope John 23rd  was supposedly aware of the “aliens” (they are demons) during his time and was the first to lay down the hammer on Catholics resisting any potential new changes in the Church.  Catholics forever would be seen as “prophets of doom” or fundamentalists or Pharisees (take your choice).  Even the verbiage had to change from Rome in relation to that which was once believed because they themselves have been changing.  You might be additionally asking why would John the 23rd respond in such crude fashion to the authentic message of Fatima?  It seems pretty clear to me that he knew what would transpire with the Council.  In order for the masses to ultimately embrace this new tower of babel everything in the Church had to be gutted and changed including the philosophy, the theology, the Orwellian new verbiage and of course the liturgy.  Fr. Malachi Martin in his interviews could not directly divulge of the real third secret verbatim but for those who followed his work closely it is painfully obvious.  From the Catholic Religion to the formalized New Age Religion…yes he warned we are entering a new age.

Vatican II is the bridge to the New Age.  It is preparing the way ultimately for the arrival of the False Prophet and Antichrist.  We are moving from a once free Christian civilization to a tyrannical civilization under the Jewish Antichrist.  He warned you cannot act neutrally.  You are either for Christ and the Catholic Church or you are not.  Lucifer has deceived so many with Vatican II and like the “pied piper” he is leading men into his kingdom.  We have been mesmerized by the new teachings: rights to man, false ecumenism, environmentalism, poverty and “social justice”.  The majority have been deceived.  If you are deceived now how will you be able to stand firm in front of the false signs and wonders to come.  For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if possible) even the elect.  Mathew 24:24

Fr. Martin warned of this culture of self.  Just as I have been warning of this disease of “me” so too did Fr. Martin.  We are inebriated in “being in the spotlight” and acquiring things without ever valuing and holding onto Truth (which alone saves our souls).  We have been both distracted and deceived!  We look for rights which are not due because they break with the bonds of truth as men continually greeds and lusts after the latest “freedoms” which will only condemn his own soul.  The devil has done well in already deceiving!  Ah, but he is not in the slightest finished.  The devil is feeding off both the pride and fear in men to further solidify the New Age.  Have I not warned you Antichrist Maitreya will literally preach the self in his self-realization program?  Are you now connecting the dots?  The first fall has now become man’s latest bragging rights.  We, too, want to become “gods” without the aide of grace, Christ and the true Faith!  We can evolve and progress through reason and science.  We have no need of dogma and doctrine and simply need a World Teacher to show us the supposed new way.

 "Saints"??....not hardly

Civilization has broken down because our hearts have long been broken.  We have denounced Catholic truth and embraced the self.  As I have stated over and over, in the end, in all our actions, we can reduce them to either self or the sacred heart.  Do you do all that you do for Christ or for some gain?  Do you try to run your own life or hand it over in humility to Christ to allow Him to work through you?  Ah, but I am scared to do that so many will say.  And I shall respond this is because you love yourself too much and Christ not nearly enough.  Puppets have been implanted to further cement the New World Order and the majority of them are not outright liberals but they fly under the banner of “conservative”.  Brethren, this world will not be saved by the conservatives this world will be saved by brave men and women by brave clergy and laity raising up as eagles and saying enough is enough.  We stand for Christ and the Catholic/Christian civilization.

When will that day of restoration commence.  This date will come at precisely the right moment.  As we progress it will become more obvious and I will formally announce that day to the world and it shall be known as the “Day of Restoration”.  Eagles restore for eagles soar high above any modern novelty.  Fr. Martin said that day would come decades ago but not likely in his lifetime and he was right.  We still have Popes who support the Vatican II revolution and so many cowardly prelates and clergy following.  I shudder to think at the Judgement of some of these souls who God will expose at their General Judgement.  Why so silent as you see the Christian civilization being torn down and another obviously being implanted with another?  Is or has America ever been Christian? Absolutely not for we have always flown under the false banner of religious liberty.  We are only now seeing its rotten fruit in action.  The reality is we need a new Catholic constitution.  We need Christ to feed off of, we need Our Lady to provide guidance and the Church’s teachings to remain in.  America does not want that it wants “freedom”.  A freedom or liberty which simply does not exist in the spiritual realm but why?  Because we are prideful hence why this country remains in the cesspool of Masonry, Protestantism and Zionism.  We will suffer greatly and like no other because we live by the law of self.

We are entering a New Age.  John the 23rd laid down the propaganda and our church and civil leaders have been following along.  Fr. Malachi Martin knew of this great Storm coming which is why he began to whistleblow.  He knew the evil which is in the Vatican was looking for certain celestial signs to get the New Age formally started.  I am here to announce to you that this day of which he warned of is now not that far off.  Fr. Martin warned that which is coming is so frightful it would be better off that you didn’t know.  Pay close attention to the alien/ufo propaganda being propagated in the mainstream media for this is one of your clues.  When you see the mainstream media start talking about a celestial or star sign to usher in a new time and Teacher then you know that day is nearly here.  Wear the scapular and pray the rosary for this time has been designed to show forth Our Lady and her protection.  Keep your wings spread in Faith and Hope and be ready to fly as an eagle.  So many of you are laboring along with broken wings these days, as if, to say to God, you cannot help me nor us.  This is foolish and sinful.  Exercise your right to Faith today and watch the once darkened skies open up in your own life because God and failure are two words which can never coexist.

Father Malachi Martin: End of Christian Civilization