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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Did you say the Canonization of Martin Luther? By Hector L. Buldoc

Did you say the Canonization of Martin Luther? 
By Hector L. Buldoc 

Much has been made of the fact that Germans, representing the Lutheran Church, have formally requested that Rome lift the excommunication of Martin Luther, leader of the Protestant revolt in Germany. It has also been indicated that the objective of such an action would be the eventual canonization of the fifteenth-century heretic. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger quickly stated that he opposed such a measure and that he felt that Luther himself would have opposed it. "It should not be glossed over," the Cardinal said, "that very essential differences existed between Luther and the teachings of the Catholic Church."

It would seem that in petitioning the Church for a lifting of the excommunication, the Lutherans are, in fact, acknowledging the supremacy of the Roman Catholic Church. They obviously, by their actions, confirm that they lack the power or authority of effecting temporal and spiritual matters dealing with Christ and His Church. The Lutherans recognize the Church and the Pope for what they are, the Church—the One, Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ.

The lifting of such an excommunication would be impossible even if it were desirable, which it isn't! What Luther did is an historical fact, fully documented. Every shred of evidence indicates that he died unrepentant. If they did lift the ban of excommunication and attempted to canonize him, how could they get him out of hell? Do they now propose to canonize souls in hell? They need not consider that Luther's place in eternity has already been assured by his actions on earth.

It would be interesting to sit in on a commission reviewing the writings of Martin Luther. I think I am safe in saying that never has a figure connected with the Church written such gross, obscene and vulgar epitaphs. The majority of his writings could never be published as part of them are clearly heretical and the rest unfit for pious ears.

Why don't the Lutheran's lift his excommunication? Why don't they conduct their own canonization? Because their sect lacks any power over such matters and they know it. They have to fall back on the True Church from which they have separated themselves.

All is not lost however. If they cannot find anyone to canonize Martin Luther, I will volunteer my services. I shall be happy to canonize Martin Luther if they will provide me with a cannon large enough to stuff him into!

Sermon Padre Hector Bolduc+ A Lion of the Faith