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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Day of Declaration To Start the Tribulation

Day of Declaration To Start the Tribulation
By: Eric Gajewski
Know thy enemy...

This article comes about because there are many erroneously suggesting that we are already in the Tribulation.  Furthermore, I have recently been on some novus ordo websites which are indicating that there is no such thing as a “tribulation period” and yet this is the furthest thing from the truth.  The Catholic Church teaches that there will be a "final Passover" or last "purgatory" before the final parousia (Second Coming), in which the church will "pass through a final fire that will shake the faith of many".  There are countless approved mystics and Marian messages which all point to this tribulation period.  If I am not mistaken even Pope Benedict XVI has recently reiterated that we are going to “pass through this test” as the Church will essentially have to start over.  Nevertheless, there is a lot of heated debate over the timing of end time events.  In my book, “Fortress of the Soul’ I cover this Tribulation and call it the Great Test or Great Storm.  As eagles we are going to have to keep our wings spread in faith and hope because this is what we will be reduced to.  In my humble opinion what will start this Tribulation period will be the actual arrival of the Antichrist.  Yet, in order to start the clock on this seven year period we first would have to identify him properly. Those who have been following this work closely know that I hold “Maitreya” to be the one as other traditional catholic writers have.  Even Fr. Malachi Martin came around to this position eventually (at least that  has been implied through Kathleen Keating).

Maitreya’s Day of Declaration starts the clock on the Tribulation.  Remember the Antichrist first comes as a man of peace then eventually quits playing ‘the good guy”.  In my opinion, it is quite possible that the Tribulation could start at the end of 2017.  We even have an astronomical sign September 23, 2017 which potentially indicates this.  However, the world must first be in chaos, disorder and sorrow and “looking for an answer”.  This is when Maitreya’s star sign will be seen in the skies in late December (2017?).  I believe many are hunkering down for quite an eventful 2017 which will mark the 100th year anniversary of Fatima.  We just had the close of the pseudo year of mercy it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out it ain’t getting better from a proper catholic perspective any time soon.  This star sign (which will tie in with the arrival of Maitreya and his Ascended Masters) will give mankind another false hope as if we haven’t had enough that already.  We cant already be in the tribulation period until Maitreya first shows up.  This does not mean that from Day one he will be formally reigning in the world.  This will occur after the first 3 and half years in my opinion.  For starters, he must make a false peace treaty between the Muslims and Jews.  Then we know from Scripture sudden destruction comes after.

Seven years represents completion.  Completion of what?  In short, it represents a completion of Gods Justice upon a godless world which rejects Catholic truth.  It represents in general a completion of the wilderness experience for the Church.  It represents this purification thereof.  It represents man turning back to the true God eventually after it has been deceived by the false messiah.  It represents a time for the eagles who are hidden away in the Great Tree, the Blessed Virgin Mary, seeking shelter from Gods Justice.  Seven seems like a small number to many people who see so many sins in the world and this is frightening.  Why?  Think about the amount of carnage that is coming during this 7 year period as Planet X makes it more near pass (especially the final 3 and half years).

 Illuminati Card depicting the Day of Declaration or the Planetary Pentecost.

The first half of the Tribulation is a further building block for New Age.  It’s kind of like Vatican II in the sense that they need people to see Maitreya and get accustom to him and how wonderful he is (barf).  It is preparatory for the final act.  They must see him perform false signs and wonders to get everybody on board for the coming ‘Luciferian Initiation” aka the mark of the beast which will occur during the last 3 and half years.  The first 3 and half years is a great “beefing up” of this character by way of mainstream media…SHOCKER!  His false prophet will be like a “Don King” promoting him all over.  He too will perform false miracles to get people on board with the formal schism coming in Rome. 

The Sacrifice publicly ceases.  It is during the last 3 and half years that the Holy Mass will be formally outlawed by “law”.  A banning of public prayer will more than likely precede this or come in conjunction with this aspect of their nefarious plan.  This, of course, because of this, will be literally the darkest point of time in human history.  How many will argue that we are “to far” from those times given the “laws” we are seeing now come into existence.  I think most traditionalists just can’t comprehend that this is those times as they were awaiting it perhaps down the road (40 years form now?)

 Pope Benedict XVI, the true Pope...

A shift from socialism to full blown Communism.  Socialism is a slightly more attractive vehicle for the Antichrist to use at first.  Legitimate redistribution of wealth and sharing are a way to crack open the door so the majority can buy into their nefarious plan (which of course is not revealed to public).  Therefore, once the economic collapse happens socialism will sadly appear more attractive.  The economic collapse is simply another false flag.  However, after a while Maitreya, will take it to the next level of full blown communism.  Thus, in my opinion, the last 3 and half years the world will be in a worldwide communist republic under Maitreya.  He is the Lenin and all Lenin’s if you will.  Yes, they will eventually come for your land and eventually we will be sent to FEMA camps (reeducation camps) and many will be beheaded as Scripture says.  Just like Vatican II has been preparing us for theologically for the New Age with its Masonic principles so will Socialism (from their perspective) help to solidify the world under Maitreya.  Does that now put into perspective the whole Social Justice nonsense we have been seeing as of late?  Pope St. Pius X knew this all to well when he wrote his warning to the French Bishops in the early 1900’s warning about this False Church being built.  He warned that Socialism would eventually come from the Sillonist movement.  Keep in prayer and continue to spread information lest our family and friends be deceived.

TradCatKnight Radio, "Maitreya's Day Of Declaration"