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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Alien Propaganda: Schools conduct fake UFO crashes to prepare next generation for announcement of alien life?

Alien Propaganda: Schools conduct fake UFO crashes to prepare next generation for announcement of alien life?
Activists from Avaaz.org dressed as aliens roam the halls of the Bella Center during the UN Climate Change Conference 2009 in Copenhagen December 10, 2009. Reuters/Bob Strong 
Reports of alleged UFO sightings continue to be made daily, with the latest in Graz and Vienna. Although investigation by experts, and not conspiracy theorists, often dismiss the claims as being explained by natural or man-made causes, there is a new way that younger people are being conditioned to believe aliens exist.

It is by conducting dummy UFO crash site exercises in school to condition the minds of students and prepare them for an announcement that aliens have visited Earth. Participants in the exercise include real cops and actors in forensic suits.
These exercises are held in primary schools in the UK as part of the government’s aim to soften the blow when there is sufficient evidence to prove that extraterrestrials do visit Earth, according to conspiracy theorists, British daily Express reports. But the official explanation in conducting the exercises are it is part of a school project to inspire creative writing among young minds.
The newspaper, in its exclusive report, identifies the Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Primary School in Wanstead, east London, as one school where an exercise was held. When the students discovered a spaceship crashed on their school’s playground, the pupils were left bemused, East London Guardian reports.
Teachers - and others involved in the activities – who set up the crash as part of World Space Week insist it is a harmless part of the school day.
Meanwhile, HNGN reports that the two Austria sightings occurred on Oct 29, based on testimonies of residents and alleged witnesses who claim to have seen bizarre objects hovering around the sky.

Bill Cooper - Alien Agenda