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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, November 4, 2016

5 Talents of the New World Order

5 Talents of the New World Order
By: Eric Gajewski
Plot, Prepare, Place Puppets, Deceive & Control
Let us face friends we live in a world in which we are the rats in the New World Order maze.  These evil freaks get their jollies off on seeing us be so deceived and manipulated.  On this day wherein the Gospel reminds us of the parable of talents I suggest to you that the evil ones of our day are using their "talents" for nefarious purposes.  There can be no question that the men behind the New World Order are very crafty.  They plot and scheme, create phony groups and ideologies to hide behind and ultimately seek to gain control over every area of human life.  We are called to be the Light and use our talents to expose such people as I try to do here at TradCatKnight.  All the seemingly useless knowledge that I had acquired over the past two decades Our Lord can now seemingly put to good use.  For the sake of this more shorter article let us concentrate on these five areas in which these evil men are highly astute in.

The Plot to overthrown Catholicism/Christianity.  Folks, this plot against the Church and the State certainly was no overnight production.  The enemy knew it would take a very long time to overthrow Christianity while at the same time reassure the masses that there was nothing conspiratorial going on.  Needless to say we have been boiled as frogs collectively for centuries.  It is a brilliant plot in reality I give them credit.  Destroy the morals of the Christians, introduce heretical principles into the Church and call it “Catholic”.  Get the people to care more about the Cubs winning the world series than actually researching any potential plot.  Dancing with the Stars has replaced silence and solitude time and prayer?  Who needs that…with all of the latest gidgets and gadgets…we have “science they say.  Get control over the media so rather than blaming those truly behind the “terrorist” attacks they can now create a fantasyland strong enough to cause so much paranoia and fear. Ultimately they knew they could get across their agendas.  Dumb down the people through the masonic education system, vaccines, chemtrails, the poisoned supply of water and food. Get the world so dysfunctional and chaotic by their own hand so that men would one day be looking for a new messiah.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

Prepare the world to think they care.  The new world order needs actors to play their roles.  Thus, it is necessary to not only prepare the masses for their principles but then also “get their people” in high places so that they can ultimately execute these principles.  As in the case with the Church the plan to infiltrate and then completely redefine what “Catholic” has been long under way but it is truly no different for the State side of things as well.  Convince the masses that Socialism is the way.  Use the environment and poor along the way and convince the masses it is simply not safe to have more than 500,000 people living on the earth.  Does this sound like the Gospel of Christ or Antichrist?  Truly, these agents of hell are the best salesman out there that is why they get all the face time on TV.  Yes, that includes even Donald trump.  Change is the motto they hide behind because they know they can prey upon human nature every election cycle.  When will people learn?  Indeed, there is much preparation that goes into this endgame narrative.  They have the solutions and simply need the masses to willfully fall into their traps.  Yet why don’t the majority see it as a trap?  Because CBS, FOX, CNN and ABC tell them it is not a trap.  Where has our ability to think for ourselves ever gone?

Puppets in place.  Please do not think that it is (humanly speaking) possible to outsmart or outdo the new world order.  I say this as the masses go to eat their GMO food and watch Jerry Springer.  I honestly don’t know how some people even get their shoes tied in the morning let alone raise a family.  We are not going to outsmart these freaks we now rely solely upon Our Lady and God’s Divine Justice coming to clear a path for us eagles to emerge.  Take a look around the world and you will see that game is all rigged from the Vatican to Washington.  We are being prepped for the eventual arrival of Maitreya.  It is also true, that, the Illuminati, will raise each child and depending upon their skill set, place them into the varying sectors of society that they excel in. Some of the best puppets you can find are the mainstream TV anchors.  Oh my… are they good!  Therefore these puppets are trained at an early age to deceive of the masses.  In summary, train and then place the puppets...this is another area the Illuminati excel in.

Deception on a mass scale.  False news reports, false studies and even clones!  Yes, that part is indeed true.  In all of these areas you simply have to follow the money and in the end it usually works back to some Jew.  These days Soros' name is everywhere and his hand seems to be in everythingYou thought Obama was running this country?  HA!  And you think Clinton or Trump would actually be running this country?  Folks, come on…it is time to put away the board games and get real.  I know it is just too difficult for you to comprehend that there are actually very evil people out there who truly hate Our Lord and the Church and want to overthrow it but at least put in a little time these days to arrive at reality.  We are deceived because we choose to be.  Why in the world should we expect to be thinking creatures?  After all I have my TV and mainstream news to tell me what is reality, right?  Why should I read any pre Vatican II encyclical these days when I can go to the local bishop and he can tell me all about how jews and muslims worship the same God and how we ought not try to convert others.  I shouldn’t have to think this is what the Bishops are for.  Sadly, you think that is funny but one modernist on facebook actually gave me that argument this past year.  One of the principles to be an eagle (which is scriptural) is to not be trusting!  Oh, Eric you simply aren’t nice and are overthinking things.  Am I or have you so lost your mind that you have no critical thinking skills whatsoever? (as you flip through the boob tube).

A people who are na├»ve and gullible are easy to control.  These nefarious freaks know how to control and manipulate.  I remember Obama this past year saying at one commencement speech that if you hear voices saying the government is tyrannical that you ought dismiss these voices.  I will be sure to do that my "muslim buddy" right after the next time I hear you saying we need a new world order.  In addition, I recall one top new world order agent reciting that Americans wont have to worry about them coming for the guns because Americans would simply hand them over.  Now on the surface level that seems preposterous but is it really?  I still know an awful lot of people who think Trump is the real deal?  I still know an awful lot of people who think 6 million died in the “holocaust” or who think CIA operative “Bin Laden” was behind 9-11.  The bottom line is not only do we get our information from those out to deceive we are far too willing to gobble up all that we hear.  I encourage people to investigate into the matters we cover at TradCatKnight and not believe everything I say at face value.  Hey, but who wants to do that when I can drink my brains out, throw on some tight leotards and get to lewdly dancing this weekend.  Got to have your priorities Eric!   

The American way these days is too simply do all that you can so you don’t have to do anything at all (maybe possibly think?).  It is one thing to be thrown into the cage against your will and it is another thing to willfully run into the cage because you just saw a holographic bear running behind you.  It is all made up folks and just wait till the “aliens” arrive via project bluebeam.  Wait till Maitreya and His Ascended Masters show up as the good guys with their Socialist, one world religion propaganda.  How many will say, “these are the good guys or their not so bad”.  We are FAR too trusting.  We know from Scripture that ultimately the vast majority of the world follow these freaks.  Talk about running into the cage willfully.  It is all about perception and too many have lost sight of this due to befriending their TV’s excessively.  In the end, these evil men sure have "talents" and know how to use them for the sake of the dark side now what about us who claim to represent the true Light?  How are we going to use our talents effectively and efficiently in order to expose this false light of Lucifer.  Don’t take the bait folks for you are either the puppet or the puppet master.  Regain control, of, not only your spiritual lives but your everyday lives.  Your routine has to change NOW if you are going to stand any chance of not being further deceived and controlled in the future.  I can’t do the work for you I can only pray for you.

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