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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Vatican II Ambiguity: Let Your Yea Be Your No?

Vatican II Ambiguity: Let Your Yea Be Your No?
By: Eric Gajewski
Matthew 5:37
But let your speech be yea, yea: no, no: and that which is over and above these, is of evil.

I am completely amused by those who still think we, as Catholics, can accept Vatican II and give obedience to those preaching another Gospel and Faith.  We have had prelates such as Kasper who have been open about the reality that there were intentional ambiguities in the text of Vatican II.  We have had others like Cardinal Suenens state that Vatican II was a Revolution and yet still so many are hopeful that Vatican II was of God and the Church.  It does not get anymore delusional than this no matter how you slice it.  Ambiguity which is assuredly to bring about confusion is a sign that something comes from the evil one and not God.  So then while this is admitted by some prelates themselves why do the Pseudo traditionalists like those at the Remnant or now the NeoSSPX suggest to Catholics that we can accept the Council?  At the end of this blog is a great resource to demonstrate how the prelates themselves saw the texts of Vatican II as ambiguous. 

The Revolutionaries are ambiguous on purpose.  Cardinal Suenens exclaimed, “Vatican II is the French Revolution in the Church”… He continued: “The Second Vatican Council marked the end of an epoch; and if we stand back from it a little more we see it marked the end of a series of epochs, the end of an age”.  Père Congar, one of the artisans of the reforms, spoke likewise:  “The Church has had, peacefully, its October Revolution.”  In order to work their illicit reforms they needed to speak in such a way in which it could appear Catholic but in action do something entirely different.  The problem is that even this supposed appearance of being Catholic is not truly Catholic.  The late great Father Hesse who held two Doctorates (Canon Law/Thomistic Theology) said he spent several decades trying to give Vatican II a Catholic interpretation and could not.  He was no light weight having taught in Rome and was personal secretary to Cardinal Stickler, who, coincidentally, told him the New Mas was Protestant!

It is admitted that the texts were both ambiguous and Vatican II as a whole represented a Revolution.  How do these pseudo traditionalists still fly under the banner of “it was just the spirit of the Council”?  It is precisely because of this buffoonery that we cannot work with these types.  There can be no compromising the Catholic Faith. This is not at all the lead in position for the Counter Revolution.  There is no “tap-dancing” around getting rid of this evil from the sight of God.  Our Lord said let your yea be your yea and yet the clear double mindedness of the texts of Vatican II themselves prove this did not come from the Holy Ghost and the new doctrines are rotten.  Until a Pope, the prelates and priests get this reality the whole world will suffer in the chastisements until there is an outcry for its removal!

Clear texts are the narrow path.  Unfortunately Vatican II as a whole is not only outright heretical in certain areas it is also ambiguous which tries to “broaden” the path.  Now we have a whole different context these days of what the Church is, who is on the Church, on justice, peace, mercy and charity.  Vatican II is irreconcilable with Tradition and thus must be rejected by anyone professing the Catholic Religion and not the Novus Ordo Religion.  Thus, we must be very clear in our rejection of this new twisted “Faith” which is leading souls into the formalized one world religion.  How would you respond if you asked your significant other if they cheated on you and the response you got was a nodding of the yes but what came out of the mouth was no?  Is this a sign of truth or a sign of trying to hide something deeper?  That is exactly how it is with Vatican II.  They say the teachings are “Catholic” wilst professing this other man centered religion (Novus Ordo) under the banner of “hermeneutics of continuity”.  However, the grand finale is about to commence when the formalized New Age Religion in Rome will be apparent before all and those who clung to the Council will realized they have been shammed.

LOGIC 101: If Vatican II is ambiguous it means it is from the devil and Catholics cannot accept it.  It does not mean, as the pseudo traditionalists say, that, we can go back and re-clarify it.  For how can you re-clarify the Novus Ordo Religion (largely Masonry) and try to make it sound Catholic?  That is what Vatican II already attempted to do to deceive people and they did a great job.  Now I close with this profound statement.  Our Lord said anything less than a yea or a no is from the devil and therefore any suggestion less than a “wholesale nullification/removal” of the Revolution (Vatican II/New Mass) is from the devil!

Reference Material on Vatican II Ambiguity from the Prelates themselves

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