"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Peeling the Onion: The World Is Full of the Willfully Ignorant

Peeling the Onion:  The World Is Full of the Willfully Ignorant
By: Eric Gajewski

So much is said about that so called “conspiracy theorists” and yet it is those who are unwilling to “peel the onion” completely who remain “willfully ignorant”.  As I was trying not to laugh last night at the new world order’s latest charade called the US Presidential debate I could not help but write this short article. Today, I remind those of why we are largely in this mess.  We are in a giant pickle barrel and it is not the Politicians (largely) fault it is yours.  The Jews own the media; they own this country (the Jews themselves say it) and when one puts ample time into investigating this “conspiracy” to overthrow the Catholic Faith and State it virtually always comes back to them.  So why wont the majority peel every layer off of the onion?  Let us examine further…


There are far too many who will peel that first layer of the onion and they notice that a tear is produced and there is an irritation so they go no further.  These souls do not want to taste the truth of the onion but they do want comfort.  They stop right there and carry on watching the mainstream media (thinking it to be reality) and have this world painted as a rosey Willy Wonka Land.  To these delusional souls the Church is “not in that bad a shape” and our supposed leaders are actually “looking out” for the best interest of the people.  No, they are looking out for the interests of the Jew World Order wilst pretending to be looking out for your interest.  Get over it folks!  We are in the endgame and God has handed us over to these deceivers both in the Vatican and in Washington for a reason. Yes, that includes Zionist Trump who recently said he would stand behind a “jewish Jerusalem”.  Catholics should know that the Holy Land is for Christ and therefore for Catholics alone and not the Jews who put Christ to death. 

Sadly, people do not want the truth anymore.... that is our present reality.  Every day we see a further disconnect from reality in the world in which we live in.  We are saturated in drugs, porn and clubs.  And if that is too much work for you there is now even “virtual reality” wherein you can check out of the already fairytale world we live in.  How much more fantasy do we need folks?  Those who are lazy don’t even have to leave their doors because we have TV!  They want their fairytale land like Vatican II which is comfortable and easy.  They want to actually believe the Jews don’t sit on both sides of the fence during the elections but why?  The majority have a false hope actually still rooted in man and do not turn wholly to Our Lady and the Faith.  It is far too much for the average person to ever think that the Jews would want to implement their messiah in the world (even though it is in Scripture/Tradition).  They are too nice says our mainstream media.  It is far too harsh to think that they could be behind a mass apostasy which would undermine the true Faith and implant it with an entirely new religion which would pave the way for “their representative”. 

The reality is, Gods true followers, at this point, are “conspiracy theorists” because we are not trusting of what we largely see.  One of the principles to be an eagle is to test before trusting and sadly this world is full of sheeple and lemmings and not eagles.  We are not duped by all the latest charades going on which paint a false hope because in the end it is their New World Order programs which will be implemented.  They have the Vatican and they have Washington therefore the true terrorists reside there.  What is truly criminal is not Hillary Clinton getting into office but rather people actually really thinking that there is not already a plan in place and that there vote actually matters.  That is truly criminal but that also is the deception of Masonic democracy in action for you.  

How The Jews Control Elections 

In addition, for some supposed traditionalist sites and their apologists many stick to the mainstream narrative on these topics due to ignorance and still others for economic reasons which in the end is simply self-love at work.  Yes, people remain in this “willful ignorance” because “the many” still do not want the tears associated with having to have to peel back this onion wholly.  For some, one layer is enough and still others maybe only a few layers.  So, my suggestion, to the brainwashed masses, is, to first turn off the jew run mainstream media.  Then, quit watching dancing with the stars, going to the club on Friday nights and spending all Sunday watching football.  Investigate.  There is this thing called critical thinking that so few choose to use because they would rather have some other puppet tell them their own reality.  Rather than throw stones at the conspiracy theorists (who actually spend time trying to peel back that onion completely) maybe spend some time investigating the arguments presented instead of vomiting the mainstream narrative.  

It is quite frightening to think how many will embrace the formalized New Age Religion (even supposed Catholics) because people actually believe this fairytale soap opera that we get pitched on a nightly basis from the mainstream.  Whether it is the war on terror farce or the holohoax or even those still foolishly trying to defend Vatican II as a “Catholic Council” the willfully ignorant are everywhere. Sadly, the onions are placed right before them yet they are too scared to peel them wholly.  What good is it to peel only a layer or two off the onion without any intention of eating it?  Or better yet some say they are too busy or simply these folks are too lazy.  Let us face it the USA is doomed and rightfully so.  In the end, I am not nearly as concerned as Clinton or Trump getting into office as I am with the everyday “lemming” I run into on a daily basis believing the mainstream narrative.  No need to wait for the Zombie Apocalypse folks the streets are already filled with them.  The “men” behind the curtain laugh at you as you continue to follow along with the puppets THEY put in place. 

Americans are unable to process that is all a scripted show.  When you turn on “All My Children” you process correctly that it is all fiction and yet when these people turn on CNN, FOX or NBC for news/politics they think it is reality.  That onion looks lovely in the basket in the kitchen they say. Yet it is too much trouble to attempt to peel it but when you do you will find it is tasty because Truth is tasty.  But can you get past the point of tears?  Francis a FreeMason? Not in a million years sayest the sheeple.  Trump, could never be working with the Zionists in a planned “control opposition fashion”.  My world is too lovely for all of this and Jesus is too sweet to allow the deception/evil that you say exists!  Nay, there are many of us who were willing to peel this onion but far too many are still unwilling.  So go on and play your fantasy football and catch the next Pokemon on your phone…we get what we deserve both in the Vatican and in Washington.  The only thing that will “awaken the masses” and turn hearts back to Catholic Truth is SEVERE SUFFERING and that Our Lord assured us of in the Gospel (Great Tribulation).  Sadly, we are at such a point that God will take most from the earth in His Justice.  Furthermore, the problem is not the wolf itself.  The problem is when your everyday sheep sees a wolf as just another sheep (identification problem) and thus this is a true measure of how we are in the end of days.  It is one thing to never know the sting that the onion can bring and it is another to peel a layer back and run away due to self-love.  We are an evil generation full of self who are about to witness things we will wish we never would have.  May God have mercy upon all humanity for what is about to befall upon the world.  Onions were meant to be eaten and not observed and those who follow the mainstream narrative have no appetite for truth.

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TIP of the Day: Make sure you sign up to VOTE. That way the emerging police state can correctly identify you (as a potential terrorist) based upon how you voted making your whereabouts easier to find once martial law is declared. Make sure you have coffee and donuts waiting for them in the middle of the night before they carry you away to FEMA camps.
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