"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New Europe without the EU

New Europe without the EU


Government representatives of the Visegrad Four

Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland

The EU in its beginnings emerged as the European Economic Community (EEC), based on the principle of economic cooperation. But soon it was transformed into a community of a politico-ideological nature which without a single shot deprived 27 states of independence, autonomy and freedom. 

These States are no longer free to determine their internal and foreign policy but under the threat of sanctions must follow the ideological line dictated by the European Commission. The Lisbon Treaty was and is a fraud and a crime against citizens of 27 states. During the negotiations about the Lisbon Treaty, the Parliaments of the individual States were presented an unreadable several hundred page document which referred to another thousand pages. Members of Parliaments did not even know what they signed and what the claims were arising from the Treaty in relation to their citizens. Today, however, after several years of the EU’s existence under the Lisbon Treaty, we see the fruit thereof.
The EU has been transformed into a totalitarian monster which assumes the right to dictate the political, economic, ideological and even religious direction of individual EU states. EU leadership bullies and discriminates against individual states in terms of their legal, cultural, constitutional and religious tradition.
The EU behaves in a totalitarian manner and under the threat of sanctions imposes gender ideology on Member States which is contrary to common sense and objective reality. It results in the evil juvenile justice system which steals children from their loving parents for fabricated reasons. The fruit of gender ideology is the moral decay of individuals, families and the nation. From the Christian point of view, it is an apparent rebellion against God and His law. The EU forces all kinds of sexual perversion on children from an early age in the highest interests of the child”. Sound family is systematically discriminated against and gradually eliminated. Suicidal homosexual laws have been imposed on Member States by bribery and intrigue. Every day the basic moral and spiritual Christian principles are being eliminated, which leads to discrimination and persecution of Christians in ways typical of the communist totalitarian regime. Any State that protects the family policy and supports the family is discriminated against and persecuted by the EU (see example of Hungary). The totalitarian character of the EU has been demonstrated even more in the matter of migration policy promoted particularly by Mrs Merkel. Under threat of sanctions the individual States are forced to accept illegal immigrants along with the jihadists. This poses a threat to national security not only of individual States but of all Europe. Numerous terrorist attacks, an enormous rise in crime, rapes of women committed by illegal Muslim migrants are the clear evidence of that. If anyone opposes this suicidal policy and Islamization of the EU, they are accused of xenophobia, racism and Islamophobia. The authorities do not take into account the numbers murdered in the name of Islam, and if someone points it out and calls things by their proper names, one is harshly repressed.

Today it is clear that the EU leadership is leading nations to self-destruction, and its institutions as such have totally failed and pose a great danger to the citizens of individual States. So today, after the real experience of the Lisbon Treaty, we propose that the EU institution be abolished and the individual States freely develop their economic cooperation within Europe. All resolutions promoting gender ideology must be definitively cancelled in that this ideology threatens national security. The basic principles of statehood must be restored in the individual States, namely independence, autonomy and the right to self-determination.
The States of the Vysehrad Four, and especially Slovakia which has assumed EU Council Presidency, must play a key role today in the abolition of the totalitarian system of the EU, its gender ideology and suicidal migration policy.
The propaganda which argues that without the EU Member States will be beggars is a misleading lie. If we look at Greece or at the economic situation of Italy and Spain, we find that the opposite is true. These countries are becoming beggars just because of the EU which represents a totalitarian project built on anti-Christian principles and rebellion against God and therefore is unacceptable for Christians. The solution, rather than an alternative, is a return to fully-fledged autonomous and independent states which protect their national, cultural and religious Christian values. Family, a union of a man and a woman, plays a crucial role in such states and as such is supported and protected.
We believe that one day the EU’s failed project will be crushed against the rock, which is Christ.

The sooner the States become independent, the greater the chance of salvation from moral, spiritual and economic autogenocide.