"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, September 30, 2016

The Newlywed Game: Ignorance Is Sin

The Newlywed Game: Ignorance Is Sin
By: Eric Gajewski

I was recently trying to explain to a fellow Catholic how not knowing your Faith offends God.  For there are many who call themselves Catholics but so few who truly know their Faith inside out.  This is frightening considering we had a warning from Pope St. Pius X.  He explained how he felt that a good number of professed Catholics would lose their own soul due to not knowing their Faith inside out.  It is true that invincible ignorance ALONE does not save however we are not speaking about that here.  Thus, I tried to explain in laymen’s terms how this (being ignorant in areas of our Faith) deeply offends God.  What came to mind really drove home the point to this young lady.

Spiritual progression.  In order to please God (objectively speaking) we must hold the proper norm of Faith which is Catholic alone.  The “Protestant Faith” or any other profession does not please God.  Without holding those proper doctrines Christ taught which were passed down through the first Pope Peter and the Catholic Apostles we cannot please God.  Having said that, do Catholics really know their Faith?  Or do they know just certain elements/aspects of the Faith?  Does just knowing a little please God in the end?  As we move from purification into illumination and we are expanding in Selfless Love we should be learning more about God much like a dating couple would.  And as we move from illumination into the spiritual marriage (which few on this earth do) we should REALLY know the Beloved (subjectively).  Hence, I use the example of the “Newlywed Game”.  Have you ever seen the reaction of some of the spouses on questions that were answered wrong by their spouse?  Have you seen their faces on some of the most basic questions even?  The spouse gets really mad and rightfully so.  Aren’t you supposed to know your spouse inside and out BEFORE marriage?  In a certain loose sense it is the same with our Beloved of souls.

Objectively speaking we must know our Faith and subjectively we must know His Sacred Heart.  On top of this it is one thing “to know” and another thing “to do”.  To know and to “not do” is even worse than not knowing at all.  We live in age where churchmen are trying to fit in with the world as opposed to being obedient to Tradition.  Objectively speaking, those following Vatican II do not know the Catholic Faith and why?  Because they are following a new twisted fairytale version of the Original and only Gospel.  Therefore, objectively speaking we cannot please God with the Novus Ordo profession of “Faith”.  Furthermore, do we take time out daily to actually get to know our Beloved?  What individual (in their right state of mind) gets married to a person after only a week of dating?  This is why I preach an hour of silence and solitude daily.  This is your time to intensely dialogue with Jesus and Mary.

It is awkward when we do not know the basics of our spouse in this life.  Can you imagine just how embarrassed you will be before all in not knowing some of the basics of our Faith at your Judgement?  Therefore, as an eagle, make sure you are reading portions of your catechism daily.  Make sure you are reading the encyclicals and Councils daily .  The reason we are in this Vatican II mess is because Catholics became lax and didn’t know their faith and then after changes were made they were so full of self love they decided not to speak up and resist.  God is providing you another day to get to know the Faith and to get to know His Sacred Heart but how will you choose to spend the rest of your days?  Fantasy football?  Video games?  The movies and club scene?  Those aren’t going to save your soul in the end.  It is time to get our priorities straight and make sure we are pleasing the Spouse of our soul.  Remember, in the end, ignorance is sin and may only save your soul…not that it infallibly will.  Let us pray to God to have mercy on us all but let us use our remaining time wisely.