"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, September 26, 2016

The Salza & Siscoe SideShow Continues...

Fr. Kramer: The Salza & Siscoe SideShow Continues...
John Salza & Robert Siscoe think they understand St. Robert Bellarmine better than the academically qualified and ecclesiastically approved authorities on Canon Law

Jus Canonicum by the Rev F X Wernz S.J. and the Rev P Vidal S.J. (1938) Chapter VII 

453.        By heresy which is notorious and openly made known. The Roman Pontiff should he fall into it is by that very fact even before any declaratory sentence of the Church deprived of his power of jurisdiction. Concerning this matter there are five Opinions of which the first denies the hypothesis upon which the entire question is based, namely that a Pope even as a private doctor can fall into heresy. This opinion although pious and probable cannot be said to be certain and common. For this reason the hypothesis is to be accepted and the question resolved.
    A second opinion holds that the Roman Pontiff forfeits his power automatically even on account of occult heresy. This opinion is rightly said by Bellarmine to be based upon a false supposition, namely that even occult heretics are completely separated from the body of the Church... The third opinion thinks that the Roman Pontiff does not automatically forfeit his power and cannot be deprived of it by deposition even for manifest heresy. This assertion is very rightly said by Bellarmine to be "extremely improbable".
    The fourth opinion, with Suarez, Cajetan and others, contends that a Pope is not automatically deposed even for manifest heresy, but that he can and must be deposed by at least a declaratory sentence of the crime. "Which opinion in my judgment is indefensible" as Bellarmine teaches.
    Finally, there is the fifth opinion - that of Bellarmine himself - which was expressed initially and is rightly defended by Tanner and others as the best proven and the most common. For he who is no longer a member of the body of the Church, i.e. the Church as a visible society, cannot be the head of the Universal Church. But a Pope who fell into public heresy would cease by that very fact to be a member of the Church. Therefore he would also cease by that very fact to be the head of the Church.
    Indeed, a publicly heretical Pope, who, by the commandment of Christ and the Apostle must even be avoided because of the danger to the Church, must be deprived of his power as almost all admit. But he cannot be deprived by a merely declaratory sentence... Wherefore, it must be firmly stated that a heretical Roman Pontiff would by that very fact forfeit his power. Although a declaratory sentence of the crime which is not to be rejected in so far as it is merely declaratory would be such. that the heretical Pope would not be judged, but would rather be shown to have been judged.

《“Communion becomes a real issue when it is threatened or even lost. This occurs especially through heresy, apostasy and schism. Classical canonists discussed the question whether a pope, in his private or personal opinions, could go into heresy, apostasy or schism.” The foot note refers to S. Sipos, Enchiridion Iuris Canonici, 7th ed. (Rome: Herder, 1960) “cites Bellarmine and Wernz in support of this position; this view, however, is termed ‘antiquated’ by F. Cappello, Summa Iuris Canonici (Rome: Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana, 1961), 297."
The Commentary continues, “If he were to do so in a notoriously and widely publicised manner, he would break communion and, according to an accepted opinion, lose his office ipso facto (c. 194 par. 1, n. 2). (THE CODE OF CANON LAW, A Text and Commentary, Commissioned by THE CANON LAW SOCI ETY OF AMERICA,  James A. Coriden, Thomas J. Green, Donald E. Heintschel; Ibid., p. 272)》

About 25 years ago Fr. Gruner asked me to read Chs. 29 & 30 of De Romano Pontifice. He had a 19th Century Latin edition. I read it carefully, and both of us understood it exactly as the expert commentators on Canon Law understand it.

 Pagan goddess painted by the same Gnostic artist
 Esoteric-Gnostic Madonna in black by the same artist

Have you noticed the image on Salza's website? (Attachment no. 1)
Here is what a researcher of Freemasonry, Gnosticism & Sophiology has to say about Salza's website:
《Hello Father Kramer, we found a few interesting things here is Mr. Salza's "Website Wallpaper"
This is a painting done by William-Adolphe Bouguereau. Well, i could not confirm the painter was a freemason, but he is a gnostic for sure here is the painting:
http://www.bouguereau.org/La-Vierge-au-Lys-(The-Virgin-of-t… (Attachment no. 2)
Virgin of the Lillies, notice that she is using "A Black Robe". Now, let me show you a few other paintings of him
This one is called The "Birth of Venus"
http://www.bouguereau.org/The-Birth-of-Venus-1879.html (Attachment no 3)
Now let me show you my "favourite one"
Le Vierge Consolatrice (1875) / Adolphe-William Bouguereau
I will quote the site : "A grieving mother bends over on the Virgin’s lap, and her dead baby, its limbs faintly greenish instead of pink, lies at the Virgin’s feet. It’s easy for the 21st century viewer to see this painting as actually silly in its religiosity and sentiment, until you realize how common infant death was in the 19th century. The painting was completed in 1875, only two years before Bouguereau’s own wife and child died (I checked on the dates because I wondered if he painted it afterward as some sort of memorial, but no.) The figure of the Virgin in her black robes appears flat and iconic, but the infant is perfectly foreshortened."
It takes no genius to realize what really happened...》[The "Eternal Feminine" aspect of the gnostic dualism of the male/female deity represented symbolically by the Madonna in black.]
The researcher says, "It takes no genius . . ." It takes no genius to grasp that what is depicted in the image is a thinly veiled symbolic representation of a child sacrificially offered to the Gnostic "Eternal Feminine" mother goddess. The Blessed Virgin represented by the "Black Madonna" or the Virgin dressed in black is their symbolic representation of the Eternal Feminine: "Mother Earth" or "Gaia".
Notice the website name:
Freemasonry & Esoterica
"veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols"
My reply to the researcher:
"From Wikipedia:
Bouguereau was a staunch traditionalist whose genre paintings and mythological themes were modern interpretations of Classical subjects, both pagan and Christian, with a concentration on the naked female human body. The idealized world of his paintings brought to life goddesses, nymphs, bathers, shepherdesses, and madonnas in a way that appealed to wealthy art patrons of the era."
Madonnas and goddesses . . ." Yes, and dead naked children.
Last 1 June, "Pope" Francis blasphemously professed divine attributes to the pagan goddess, "Mother Earth":
"We all like Mother Earth, because it is she who gave us life and protects us". (
"A noi, a tutti, piace la madre Terra, perché è quella che ci ha dato la vita e ci custodisce; direi anche la sorella Terra, che ci accompagna nel nostro cammino dell’esistenza." http://m.vatican.va/…/papa-francesco_20160601_institute-of-…)
Bergoglio is thus a pandeist who does not believe in the transcendent God and Creator of Catholicism, but in the immanent 'divine principle' of Paganism, the life giving world soul (anima mundi) within the universe. His creed is remarkably like a synthesis of the belief systems of Lord Shaftsbury, Friedrich Schleiermacher, Benedict Spinoza, Auguste Compte, and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. He says atheists can be saved (no need for faith in God), he says the souls of the damned do not suffer eternal punishment. The damned souls, according to Bergoglio, will be annihilated. His doctrine on marriage is entirely circumscribed by Naturalism, denying the supernatural sacramentality of Holy Matrimony.
Here is the link to the video where he says Mother Earth gave us life, and that it is she who protects us.
It is precisely this notion of the EARTH as the giver of life and provident protector of life which conceives of "God" not as a transcendent, infinitelly and eternally perfect Supreme Being; but as a merely immanent demiurge; a "divine" life giving principle which constitutes the world as the womb that gives life to all things.
In his remarkably short but concentrared work, The Present Crisis of the Holy See (1861), Cardinal Henry Edward Manning describes the continuous unfolding of the "mystery of iniquity", outlining the development of the spirit of Antichtist, which is the denial of the mystery of the Incarnation of the Son of God; replacing it with the pantheistic Incarnationalism of "God" as "the living soul of the world". It is this pagan Incarnationalism which conceives of "God" as "Mother Earth" -- the earth as the womb from which all life is generated. It is this pagan and pantheistic religion, which Manning says is the embodiment of the spirit of Antichrist, which Jorge Bergoglio professed last 1 June.
As Christians we profess that it is GOD -- the GOD who CREATED ALL THINGS VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE who gave us life -- NOT "MOTHER EARTH", as the pagan Francis says. It is because GOD created us and gives life to us, that we profess Him DOMINUM ET VIVIFICANTEM -- "THE LORD AND GIVER OF LIFE". "Mother Earth" does not give us life, but the GOD who became incarnate, so that we may "have life, and have it more abundantly" (John 10:10). It was GOD who formed man from the lifeless slime of the earth, and breathed into him the breath of life living soul and man became a living soul: 《formavit igitur Dominus Deus hominem de limo terrae et inspiravit in faciem eius spiraculum vitae et factus est homo in animam viventem》-Gen. 2:7
It is precisely our profession of the one true God, Creator of heaven and earth, that distinguishes us from the pagans; and it was that profession of God Almighty that distinguished Melchisedech from his pagan Caananite countrymen:
"But Melchisedech the king of Salem, bringing forth bread and wine, for he was the priest of the most high God, Blessed him, and said: Blessed be Abram by the most high God, who created heaven and earth. (Genesis 14:18 - 19)
Ps. 148:5 - "laudent nomen Domini quia ipse dixit et facta sunt ipse mandavit et creata sunt"
Ps. 32:9 - "ipse dixit et facta sunt ipse mandavit et creata sunt"
Judith 16:17 - "tibi serviat omnis creatura tua quia dixisti et facta sunt misisti spiritum tuum et creata sunt et non est qui resistat voci tuae".
Jorge "Francis" Bergoglio is a member of the Sect of Freemasonry; and has been recognized by Masons as one of their own. When he first appeared on the balcony of St. Peter's Basilica, he flashed a Masonic hand signal, the "Master Mason's Sign of Recognition". I (and others) have received a report from a prelate of high rank in the Roman Curia which provuded the "smokjng gun" evidence that Bergoglio remains an actuve member of the Sect. He is openly praised by Freemasons and was welcomed by Freemssonry to the Philippines:
Bergoglio's agenda is to transform the Catholic Church into a dogma free and morally permissive counter-church that will be Catholic in name only; snd which will then be able to merge into the Masonic universal religion that Pope St. Pius X warned against in Notre Charge Apostolique.
John Salza is conditioning the simple, ignorant Catholics to adhere to Bergoglio, even as he leads them into apostasy. Catholics are being deceived and conditioned by this instrument of Freemasonry to believe that Bergoglio's "pontificate" is a "dogmatic fact" that must be believed under pain of mortal sin; so the blind will follow Jorge into apostasy rather than reject what they are told is a "dogmatic fact". Thus, Salza is playing an essential role in the Masonic agenda to keep Catholics subject to Bergoglio, so that he can lead them into the Gnosticism of the One World Religion, of which St. Pius X warned in Notre Charge Apostolique.
Fr. Paul Kramer

Masonic handshake much??