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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Various Prayers of Pope Pius XII

Various Prayers of Pope Pius XII
Here are various prayers coming from Pius XII.  I hope you enjoy and share this blog with your family and friends.
Bend Tenderly Over Our Wounds

Enraptured by the splendor of your heavenly beauty,
and impelled by the anxieties of the world,
we cast ourselves into your arms,
O Immaculate Mother of Jesus and our Mother, Mary,
confident of finding in your most loving heart
appeasement of our ardent desires,
and a safe harbour from the tempests
which beset us on every side.

Though degraded by our faults
and overwhelmed by infinite misery,
we admire and praise the peerless richness
of the sublime gifts with which God has filled you,
above every other mere creature,
from the first moment of your conception
until the day on which,
after your assumption into heaven,
he crowned you Queen of the Universe.

O crystal Fountain of Faith,
bathe our minds with the eternal truths!
O fragrant Lily of All Holiness,
captivate our hearts with your heavenly perfume!
O Conqueress of Evil and Death,
inspire in us a deep horror of sin,
which makes the soul detestable to God

and a slave of hell! O well-beloved of God,
hear the ardent cry
which rises up from every heart.
Bend tenderly over our aching wounds.
Convert the wicked,
dry the tears of the afflicted and oppressed,
comfort the poor and humble,
quench hatreds, sweeten hardness,
safeguard the flower of purity in youth,
protect the holy church,
make all men feel the attractions of Christian goodness.
In your name,
resounding harmoniously in heaven,
may they recognize that they are brothers,
and that the nations are members of one family,
upon which may there shine forth the sun
of a universal and sincere peace.

Receive, O most sweet Mother,
our humble supplications,
and above all obtain for us that,
one day, happy with you,
we may repeat before your throne that hymn
which today is sung on earth around your altars:
You are all-beautiful, O Mary!
You are the glory,
your are the joy,
your are the honor of our people!


(By Pope Pius XII)

O Lord, God of goodness and mercy, 
Who in the midst of an evil and sinful world 
hast presented to the society of the redeemed 
the Holy Family of Nazareth 
as a spotless mirror of piety, justice and love, 
behold how the family is being undermined on all sides, 
every effort being made to desecrate it 
by stripping it of faith, religion and morals.

Regard the work of Thy own hands. 
Safeguard in our homes the domestic virtues, 
for these alone will ensure us harmony and peace.

Come and stir up the champions of the family. 
Bestir the modern apostles so that in Thy Name, 
bearing the message of Jesus Christ 
and exhibiting holiness of life, 
they may revive the doctrines of conjugal fidelity for married couples, 
the exercise of authority by parents, 
obedience on the part of children 
and modesty on the part of girls. 
Grant also through the efforts of these apostles, 
that the home favoured by Thee with many blessings 
may again become an object of esteem and love 
in the minds and hearts of all.

It is through the examples of the Divine model of Nazareth 
that the Christian family is to be restored in Jesus Christ 
and to recover its former respect and dignity. 
Then every home will again become a sanctuary 
and in every household will be rekindled the flame of faith 
to teach patience in adversity 
and moderation in prosperity 
and to promote order, peace and harmony in all things.

Under Thy paternal gaze, O Lord, 
and with confidence in Thy Providence 
and in the loving patronage of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, 
the family will become a sanctuary of virtue 
and a school of wisdom. 
It shall prove, as Christ has promised, 
a haven of rest against life's burdens. 
In the sight of the world it shall render glory to Thee, O Father, 
and to Thy Son, Jesus, until the day when, 
through Him, we shall, together with all His members, 
sing the Divine praises in the eternal ages to come.




O Lord Jesus Christ, 
sublime model of all perfection, 
Thou art ever urging onward all privileged souls 
in their high aspiration towards the goal of religious life; 
and, moreover, Thou dost also strengthen them 
through the powerful force of Thy example 
and the efficacious influence of Thy grace 
so that they may be able to follow Thee 
in such a noble way of life; 
grant then that many, 
recognizing Thy sweet inspirations, 
may have the will to correspond with them 
by embracing the religious state 
and so enjoy in it Thy special care 
and tender predilection.

Grant in like manner 
that there may never be wanting those angels of Thy charity, 
who will represent Thee day and night 
at the cradle of the orphan, 
at the bedside of the suffering, 
by the side of the aged and the sick, 
who perhaps have no one on earth to whom 
they may look for sympathy and a helping hand. 
Grant that humble schools, 
like lofty pulpits, 
may ever re-echo Thy voice, 
teaching the way to heaven 
and the duties proper to each one's state in life. 
May no land, ever so wild and remote, 
be deprived of the preaching of the Gospel, 
whereby the invitation is extended to all peoples 
to enter into Thy Kingdom. 
Increase and multiply the flames 
which are to spread throughout the world that fire 
in which the immaculate holiness of Thy Church 
is to shine forth in all its splendour. 
May there flourish in every place gardens of chosen souls 
who by contemplation and penance 
make reparation for the sins of men 
and invoke Thy mercy upon them. 
Grant that the continuous self sacrifice of these hearts, 
the snow-white purity of these souls 
and their eminent virtues 
may keep ever alive the perfect example of the children of God 
which Thou didst will to make manifest to men 
by Thy coming into this world.

To these armies of Thy dearly beloved souls 
send a large number of good vocations, 
souls steadfast and firm in their resolve 
to make themselves worthy of their high calling 
and to become a credit to the holy institute 
to which they aspire, 
by exact religious observance, 
by diligence in prayer, 
by constant mortification 
and by the perfect conformity of their will 
with Thine in all things.

Enlighten, O Lord Jesus, 
many generous souls with the fiery glow of the Holy Spirit, 
who is substantial and eternal love, 
and by the powerful intercession of Thy most dear Mother Mary, 
stir up and preserve in them the fire of Thy love, 
unto the glory of the Father 
and the same Holy Spirit, 
who together with Thee live and reign for ever and ever.

Blessed Virgin who, under the title of Repose, reminds us of the succoring pity with which your maternal heart is open to your children, hear our prayer! Through your powerful intercession, O Mary, may minds and hearts find repose in abandoning themselves to the Will of the Heavenly Father, in the consciousness of their frailty, in faith in divine promises, in the hope of eternal blessings, and in adhering lovingly to your Crucified Jesus who has made our crosses his own. If we are protected by you, O Mary, calm amid earthly perturbation will not be an empty word. It will be repose for the strong, watchful against hostile forces; repose for the pure, away from worldly corruption. And as through you we shall have had peace in this life, so, at the end of our pilgrimage in time, we shall enjoy peace for ever and ever. Amen.