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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, September 18, 2016

TradCatKnight Mail...

TradCatKnight Mail...

Here is some of the latest coming through my inbox.  Please continue to pray for the Pope, prelates, priests, souls in Purgatory and for poor sinners daily!

In one of your last videos you said your preferred method was cash, money order, or check. I'd rather donate via that method if that works better for you, most likely be cash or check. Been using paypal.

Excellent writing today by the way, about Our Lady, "Blessed be the womb that bore you." Very beautifully written. 
Also I'm not sure what to make of your talk with Jon Nicholson,  the guy had some really good points, but some of his methods seemed a little off. And him saying Yeshua kinda struck a sour nerve, is that really true? What were your thoughts?

I would like to take physical action at this point, but what does our Lord and our Lady want us to be doing? I just want to make sure I'm doing the right things and following the true Church of Christ. My brother and I have often thought if there was to be another Crusade, we would not hesitate to join. Do you still think there is gonna be a Great Monarch? 

As St. Theresé said, "The spirit of the crusader burns within me, and I would gladly die on the battlefield in defense of the Church."

Also it would be awesome if you could get Mel Gibson as a guest. I'm sure you've probably tried in the past, but it would be cool.

Thanks again,


Dear Mr. Gajewski,
    Have I got a story for you today?
    Yes, I do, and you’re not going to believe this…
        …but it is absolutely true!    
    This story is related by Father Eusebius Nierenberg, yet it defies every law known to man.
    But I want you the read this story to confirm your faith in the laws of God.
    And in Our Lady’s powerful intercession on behalf of those who pray her Rosary.
    This true story has all the elements of Romeo and Juliet...
  • young people in love
  • warring families
  • murder!
    ...more like an opera!
    But then our good Saint Dominic comes on the scene, and inspired by Our Lord Himself, saves the day.
    In the story I send you Eric, eternal truths ring out loud and clear.
    The TRUTH that Our Blessed Mother will not abandon any of her children, not even those who die in mortal sin.
    The TRUTH that a good confession will guarantee your salvation.
    The TRUTH that purgatory exists and the most efficacious means of praying for the souls in purgatory is the Rosary.
    And the TRUTH that God is the Author of all life and can do ANYTHING – even sustain the life of one who has “lost her head” – to get us to Heaven.
    I am hoping I have you curious enough to read this 13th century miracle Rosary story, if so...
    It will only take a moment, and I promise the lessons learned will stay with you your whole life!
    And remember what a friend – and beloved intercessor – we have in Mary our Mother.

I remain your friend,
In Jesus and Mary,
Robert E. Ritchie
Robert E. Ritchie
America Needs Fatima
Hello, I heard of your show recently on Darkness Radio.

Let me say firstly that your show was thought provoking. I listen while I am at work. 

Let me start by saying that I am a Freemason. Please don't write me off. I am not a Catholic (obviously). I was raised as an Evangelical, or Non-denominational Christian. I attended a Christian Private school in my youth. 

I struggled with my faith in my early adult years, feeling uncomfortable in all churches that I visited. I served in Iraq as an Infantryman, after Iraq I discovered Freemasonry.

I'd like to speak with you. I've always felt like I should go to seminary, I had an Indian Minister tell me in my youth that I would work as a pastor, or minister. No I am confused, is my soul at risk? Am I and my family in danger? How can I save myself, and my family?

The evil Zionist Masonic Elite even script the NFL and pro sports in general by the numbers.

Take last night's Jets vs Bills game for example:

The sum of the game's final score was 68 (37 + 31)

1968 was the year the Jets won the AFL Championship.

The Jets coach during the 1968 season was Weeb Ewbank.

His name Gematria syncs up with the 37 points the Jets scored in the game.

The same goes for his birth numerology. Born 5/6/1907 = 5+6+19+0+7 = 37

Last night's game came 54 days before the November 8th 2016 election.

With the win, Todd Bowles is now 11-7 as the head coach for the Jets.

11-7 just like 117
 Thanks, J
Do you know Maitreya's proper name please?


Dominie M

Great interview with David Meade! Do you have any idea when the movie on Father Malachi Martin will be available in the States? 

Damian F 

Thank You Personally for enlightening me about the 3 days of darkness.

Personal Note,

If I could build this for everyone I would. I believe so strongly there are events set in motion that will not be stopped, that my hope is to help as many people I can before it is too late. My wife and I have spent over a half a million dollars giving our family the best chance to continue life after any event as we have become accustom. Almost all of what we have bought, built, and learned can be shared to help others. I own a business and she runs a medical practice. We have 4 boys from 4 to 21. We are opening our home to those who feel the same but can’t afford to simply pick up and start over, or even know where to begin. Those that plan to simply head to the woods if things go bad have got a lot to consider. There is a lot of detail to how all of this works, and it makes for interesting conversation. I would be grateful for even a mention, but an interview in long form would also allow for your listeners and viewers to ask questions they are most interested in about how to survive off grid comfortably. Because I am in business and continuing to build, the best way to reach me is by email or text.

Sincerely Thank You for Consideration,
Jeff Harness
314-956-2728 cell
Order of exorcists using the tradional rite of exorcism being suppressed http://okietraditionalist.blogspot.com/2016/09/breaking-news-newly-ordained-bishop-of.html?m=1 when will they learn??
Michael C.
Dear Mr. Gajewski,
Thank you for your fight.  I have been following your blog and TCK radio on YouTube for a few months now. Today was the last day I will be attending a diocesan Latin Mass. Is it it possible for you to facilitate a phone call at your convenience? The reason being is I don't want certain contents of our email correspondence being made public on your blog through your weekly mail bag. Thank you for all that you do.

Paul Z 
I am writing again. After reading and listening to your information and praying you mentioned "something"  will bring the arrival of tbe false messiah. I think it could be the Warning. The Antichrist forces know this is going to happen and will not give any glory to the Creator.  They will say it came from the false messiah and usher him unto the seen.  The info says to pray against the warning, maybe because of the mass confusion it will cause. I pray for much conversions. Just a thought.  Thank for you information.  It is so helpful in these dark and confusing days. God bless you always.
Alvinta L.
Dear Mr. Gajewski,
I have shocking news: at least two school are giving way to the After School Satan Club into their schools.

Satanism is slowly inching its way into public life...and the teachers don't seem to care.

The Satanic Temple is trying to open up “After School Satan Clubs” in seven other elementary schools, using the argument that the program is “religious.” These clubs expose very young and impressionable children to the greatest possible spiritual dangers.

The errors that the Satanic Club proposes to share with children include:
  • Denying spiritual reality, the existence of God and the devil
  • Rejecting the idea of eternal punishment or reward for a good or a bad life
  • Replacing Christian charity with atheistic humanitarianism
  • Seeking to remove Christian clubs from public schools
We cannot allow our elementary school children to be exposed to this danger!

That's why I would like to invite you to sign the petition to keep Satan out of schools. You can find the link here.

We need to emphasize the danger Satanism poses for children and education.  And we must help those other schools that are receiving pressure from the Satanic Temple.

Please help the nation avoid a devastating spiritual assault by signing the anti-Satan petition!

Thank you, and keep up the good fight.

John Horvat
John Horvat
Vice-President, Tradition, Family and Property (TFP)
Hi Eric, remember when Tim Russet of Meet the Press asked Bush and Kerry about Skull and Bones and the number 322 and they did not answer him. The elites know what's coming here is what 322 means, March(2022) . God bless.    

* I was shown a number 322 and when I asked Our Heavenly Mother what this meant, she smiled and said, "In the 3rd month of the Twenty Second year of Our Lord, the sun will act strange and the winged planet will form a cross on the sun. The oceans will shift in their beds and rise up mightily against the Earth as it twists and turns against the invader".

* The mighty shall seek shelter in the caves they have prepared at the expense of the common people. They shall go in but they shall not come out because they have angered Our Heavenly Father with their pride and their greed. They shall be remembered and no one who survives above will offer to help them.

* Sulfur they shall breathe and the sun will become a fading memory as the demons of Solomon I have shown you earlier which live in the Underworld beneath your feet shall feast on their flesh as they become too weary to continue digging the gold for their serpent masters. These are the same serpents which will infect the refuge of St Peter before you come to be with me.

* All of their gold they would give for 1 cup of fresh air.

It does not have to be like this Our Heavenly Mother assured me, but She said that the greedy of mankind shall be taken in one smiting of the sword. Those who remain above must tell their children of these stories so that the lessons which Our Heavenly Father wants us to learn shall be at the utmost of their thoughts, speech and actions.

* Those who dwell near the Sea will perish in a thunderous twinkling wave of destruction.

I saw a wave so high that it plucked the stars from the heavens and trapped them inside.

This last vision left me shaking with more terror and fear unlike I can explain, I could no longer stand, I felt like it touched my very soul and if our good and kindly Heavenly Mother had not reassured me several times that those who dwell inland away from the sea would survive, I felt my fluttering soul which yearned to be with her, would fly away to Heaven like Francisco to be in the arms of our Heavenly Mother and leave this terrible future behind.

Our Heavenly Mother smiled at me and it was as if the heavens opened up and the light of purity and heavenly love shone upon my face. I felt at peace instantly. She assured me that I would survive the next war and that I would be with her when the time was right.

* Rejoice She told me, the wicked will soon be removed from the Earth after which the demons from hell will be let loose upon the World. This is their final warning.

I am deeply saddened that the Holy See will not release these visions and words from Our Holy Mother.

Papa, please help me.

Lucy dos Santos
Sister Lúcia of Fátima

Tim R

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