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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, September 11, 2016

TradCatKnight Mail...

TradCatKnight Mail...
 Here is some of the latest coming through my inbox.  Be sure to invite your friends and family daily to TradCatKnight the #1 ranked traditional catholic website worldwide.

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Dennis W


Dear Eric,
                    Anthony should recall that the star (Apoc 9.1) had fallen from heaven.  The Fifth Angel sounds and the Evangelist Revelator sees the star which had [ past tense ] fallen from heaven to earth.  The star is given the key to the bottomless pit.
From whom is the star given the key? St John doesn’t say.  According to St John, it is given  ‘the star’ to open the bottomless pit and it is upon earth that Lucifer is given the key perhaps by those who are searching for the codes at CERN.
The key is possessed by heaven. The angel of Apoc 20.1 descends from heaven with key to the bottomless pit.  But maybe it is ‘figured out’ upon earth.
Consider that the key turns both ways.
The key to the House of David : Is 22.22 and Apoc 3.7
The key of life Prov 4.13
In Hebrew and Aramaic, the term: ‘the key’ has a specific numeric – 528.  I would like to reproduce these characters for you but have not a Hebrew facility on my computer.  It is the same numeric [ 528 ]  for the first act of the creation : “the breaking forth of the light”.  This numeric is also in the 528 code.
What they are doing at CERN is accelerating those particles back to the first act
of the creation, dissolving the gluons which set forth the architecture / mathematics of the creation itself in the four states of energy / matter, time / space.  They are trying to get back to the original particles / frequencies of the Eternal Word intoning ‘the breaking forth of the light” which  the Hebrew text codes as 528.
In the ‘breaking forth of the light” the abyss between being and nothingness was bridged by the Eternal Word – usually rendered as ‘let there be light’.  “No man hath seen God at any time: the only begotten Son who is in the bosom of the Father, He has declared Him.” John 1.18. The Divine act of speaking the creation into existence is a declaration of the Father by the Son from his kolpos which is usually translated bosom or breast.  And the numeric of kolpos is 528.
Those genesis particles / frequencies of the Word declaring His Father in the breaking forth of light from his bosom – it all codes as 528 in terms of the mathematical language of the cosmos: number.     
People who like sacred geometry and the mathematical language of our Lord’s creation could set up a series of golden rectangles as a light cubit on the value of white light (1300 is the Hebrew numeric) which has a perimeter of 5280.  A beautiful set of numbers ‘pops’ in the sevenfold golden rectangles on that cubit and the golden [Fibonacci] spiral through them.  That design has been there from the beginning.
Where Lucifer and his deluded minions are going to come undone completely with their rebellion is on 528 because this number also codes for the Greek (again no Grk characters) : “The Lamb slain from the foundation of the world” – codes for 5028.  With Grk interlinear NT you can easily verify this.
Much further along in time with the construction of human measures for sound in Herz,,
528 should be solmized in music as C5 which would make middle C 264 Hz.  People should work at achieving this tone especially for the Angelus.  The Et Verbum Caro Factum Est should come in on C5 at 528 Hz and its resonances.  Those who have been regenerated in baptism are in imago Dei. In all our proportions we exemplify the secret / sacred golden number : phi.  In music we are phi resonators.  Earth to heaven should reply on 528 Hz against CERN and the entire doomed project just for the record. 
I have many things to tell you that I discovered, but I don't have time now.  God is punishment terribly the people that its is practicing this things on me and on any other person or specie in our world and universe.  Go already ask the life of a singer that attacked me and have same sex bad spirits, and the people from the government that worked with him in the attacked that all this people did to me in Puerto Rico.  I'm so sad about them but their sin is against Holy Ghost, so its nothing else to do! I'm sorry! that its so sad and terrible!  probably they don't know and don't believe that there's a holy Ghost!


Monica Isabel Del Rio J.
Why does Mr. Roberts use the term "democracy"? Why not "Constitutional 
Republic"? Democracy was abhorred by the Founding Fathers as it is the 
ability of the stupid and lazy to vote themselves the fruits of the labors 
of the intelligent and industrious simply because they outnumber them.
Regarding a Catholic monarchy, I recommend the book by Dr. Bruce Walters, 
Russian Sunrise.

Gott mit uns,
Frank N
Dear TCK:

I've been following Fr. Kramer's rebuttal of Salza and Siscoe on TCK. Excellent job, Father! All that Salza and Siscoe have proven is that they're good at using logical fallacies. Amazing how they persuade others to submit to the "judgment of the Church" on who is pope, while they themselves reject ninety-nine-point-nine percent of his "teaching authority"!
As for their 700 page book, it belongs in the trash bin.

Thank you for exposing these two and their ilk. Keep up the good work.

Marny B. M
Marie Luie Jahenny Prophecy Come To Pass.
Raymond L.
My name is Haley. I was wondering if you could ever talk about penance and preach about not complaining After hearing the story of Fatima I never complain barley I accept suffering as a gift. I am also becoming a Carmelite nun God bless you amen. 
"Bride of Christ"
Keep up your good works, 
Eric! God bless you and Our Lady keep you.

Dear Eric

I have been meaning to write to you to let you know that last weekend, I was in Cork and went to Mass in Father Ballini's little stable that he is using until the new little chapel is built. Our friends in Cork that we stayed with support Father Ballini and go to Mass with him. I will send some photographs if you would like to see them. It was wonderful and we were very blessed to also have a sermon from Bishop Williamson at Mass. Unfortunately, we didn't go to the conference in Cork where he was speaking but, thanks to you, I heard his talk on your page.

Thank you for all your recent interviews. Although all are upsetting, they make so much sense. As we get nearer to the chastisements, please God we will all stay in the State of Grace.  Eric, last night I found this man on the web and wondered if you would consider asking him to talk on your site. He is a Christian and what I was interested in was that he is convinced (and seems to prove) that Planet X will arrive in September / October 2017. I too am convinced that Heaven will punish the world during the hundred year anniversary of Fatima. I am attaching his website for you to view and I would appreciate your thoughts. I know that the 3 days of darkness are predicted to come in the Springtime but September and October are Springtime in the southern hemisphere!

Take care Eric and you are in my prayers and God bless you. Our Lady of Fatima, please pray for us all.

Helga Edwards
Dear TradCatKnight,

There is a storm coming, that's the whole point of your blog isn't it? A giant storm is just finishing near where I live, 100 mile an hour wind, hail, rain, and a raging sea. Yet, if you observe the gull in the upper right hand corner of the attached photo that I took, he is calm, in fact, he is mastering the storm. Riding confident and high above the tumult.

Kind regards,
Bill C.

Dear Mr. Gajewski,
America is in a big mess.  Right.

ISIS, illegal immigration and big government are the biggest cause  of the mess, right?  Wrong.

More than any external enemy, Americans, you and I are mostly responsible for the mess in the nation today.  Yes, at the end of the day, I am partly responsible for where America is today.  Yes, me.

And we can only start to turn things around once we take responsibility for our actions and do our duty to God and country.  Which brings me to the parable of the Prodigal Son.

God is like the father of the Prodigal Son in the Gospel, who was willing and ready to receive his son back home at any moment.

But he was powerless to help him until the day when he stopped blaming others, admitted his guilt, repented of his sins and returned to his father’s house.   Here’s a piece by my colleague James Bascom that deals with this issue:

The Manliness of the Prodigal Son

The Case for a Return

There’s another piece by Norman Fulkerson that I’d like to suggest that you read:

“Courage, Play the Man”

Please share your thoughts with me on the topic of turning America around by following the path of the Prodigal Son.

I invite you to write and send your comments to my personal email address which is jh1908@aol.com.

John Horvat
John Horvat
Vice-President, Tradition, Family and Property (TFP)
Dear Mr. Gajewski,
    I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Misery loves company.”
     Well, in a way, this cliché contains a profound spiritual truth: Mary’s sorrowful Heart longs for and loves your company.
     Today I invite you to spend some time every day for the next nine days consoling the afflicted Heart of Mary Most Holy.
     Eric, has your heart ever been so heavily weighted down with sorrow that you didn’t have the strength, or desire, to even talk?
     Then someone quietly just sat down beside you, maybe put his or her hand on yours, and simply kept you company?
     When I contemplate Our Lady of Sorrows, I can’t find the words to comfort one who loves mankind so much, yet is continually rebuffed by the majority of men. And openly ridiculed by others.
     So, I just like to sit with her in prayer.
     And I encourage you to do the same in this Novena to Our Lady of Sorrows.
     Can you imagine this Sorrowful Mother surrounded by her faithful children, each of us participating in our own way in her Sorrows?
     What a lovely consolation for this Best of All Mothers!
     And in turn, she will certainly reward these faithful children.
     Sorrow is a part of life in this vale of tears. No matter what Hollywood and Wall Street tell us, it cannot be avoided.
     And here is another thing you won’t hear coming out of Hollywood: Sorrow and Suffering can be very good for us, for it can make us better people. 
     So, the next time you are enveloped in this most human of conditions, Your Mother will be there for you, her dear child.
     Unite your heart to hers in this Novena to Our Lady of Sorrows today, and feel her loving presence beside you in your struggles. 
     You may even feel her hand gently rest on yours in these moments when she comes to keep you company.

I remain your friend,
In Jesus and Mary,
Robert E. Ritchie
Robert E. Ritchie
America Needs Fatima
PS: The novena to Our Lady of Sorrows gives you and me an opportunity to show our love, our compassion and our affection for Our Dear Mother!  In this way, we can console her, and help to diminish the sorrow caused by a sinful world.
Dear Eric,

        I have been praying, asking our Blessed Mother to steer me in the right direction, concerning my calling.  I keep asking for help because I want to do God's Will, not my will. I grew up a novus ordo, and as we both know it is erroneous to the true Catholic faith. I lost my way, and gave in to desires of self and the world. Only recently, through the prayers of my family and intercession of Mary, did I start to pray my rosary again and wear the scapular.  Also, visiting your site daily and literally spending hours reading has kept me watchful of the world and the temptations of Satan. 

     The more and more I read about the Catholic faith, the more I want to make it my passion in life. I just want to throw myself into it. In the past, Ive periodically heard that I would make a good priest, but I always laughed it off and denied that. Tonight however, I feel as if I had some sort of epiphany that I want to dedicate my life to Catholicism, which ever form that may be, Our Queen and Mother will make sure I do what He wills.

    Basically, I felt compelled to turn to you because you have made TradCatKnight your life and the message you spread is that of the true teachings of Christ's Church. What is a man to do knowing the current state of things in the Church and the world? Where is there to go?

I want to say more, but I know you are a busy man.

God Bless and Thank you for reading,


This could be the reasons for the heat this summer and for tensions arising 
everywhere. God Bless You in ALL You do!! Debbie Harding

Deborah H
 Dear TradCat,

I'm listening to your discussion with Fr. Kramer regarding the dual Pope 
controversy and it occurred to me that "Pope Francis" has refused to refer 
to himself as anything but "Bishop of Rome". It seems Francis understands 
that he holds no claim to the Papacy as Benedict has not given up the 
office. No matter anyway because they are likely office heads of a new 
schismatic church founded at Vat2 (as per Fr. Hesse's discussions). If only 
V2 "Catholics" understood that. Sigh.

Interesting topic as always! Thank you for providing great information in a 
time of almost complete darkness.

Antoinette K
Storm Clouds are on the Horizon
by Dr. Gary Welton
In predictable economic times, it makes sense—indeed it is essential—to put money aside and save for the coming rainy day. Trouble is brewing for each and every one of us. For some, it is just two appliances failing in the same month. For others, it is the unexpected loss of employment due to a company buyout or a changing marketplace. For some, it will be a cancer diagnosis with many expenditures, no matter how strong your insurance plan. Have you prepared for your rainy day?
In ancient Egypt, following Joseph’s dream interpretation, Pharaoh prepared for the future by establishing a safety net through storing grain that would keep people alive during the seven-year famine. We do not have inspired dreams today to help us identify coming threats, but the wise family (and the wise nation) prepares for the certainty of future storms, even without knowing the nature of those storms.
In unpredictable economic times, and in socialistic systems, saving for the rainy day makes less sense. If the entire economy is expected to go belly up, then it is logical to enjoy and consume today, for tomorrow our resources will be worthless. Enjoy an extravagant lifestyle, because your assets might be worthless next year. I’m making no dire predictions, but I have more than $19 trillion reasons to be pessimistic.
Likewise, in a growing socialistic system, there is little incentive to save. For example, the more money I save for my children’s education, the less unmet need they will have, and hence the less need-based scholarship money they will receive. There are more systemic incentives to spend than there are personal incentives to save.
In Kathryn Forbes’ classic story, “Mama’s Bank Account,” mother calmed her family by referencing their slush fund. If they were to run out of money, they always had a Plan B. We later learn, however, that their Plan B was actually a myth; there was no bank account. In today’s society, we not only have no savings, we have also lost our assurance from mama’s claims. There is no longer any sense that the future is secure. Indeed, recent statistics (FundReference.com) tell us that 41 percent of Americans in my age bracket (55 to 64) have no retirement assets. About 22 percent of employees currently have outstanding balances in which they owe themselves money to their retirement accounts. We save very little and then borrow that little that we have saved.
The infrastructure of America is in serious shape. Roads and bridges are deteriorating. Water and energy delivery systems are in danger. But, instead of investing in tomorrow, our governments are shortsightedly mortgaging that future. Some have argued that massive debt is not a problem, but indeed our current growing debt is not sustainable. My recent working trip to Puerto Rico revealed the serious limits imposed by massive debt levels. The commonwealth cannot invest in capital improvements because of their regular defaulting on debt payments. Although their per capita debt is considerably higher that our federal debt, our continuing borrowing rates will soon put us into similar dangers. Our multi-trillion dollar debt and our continued huge annual borrowing is not sustainable.
Granted, our economy is relatively strong, when compared to most economies around the world. However, we are falling behind in our national infrastructure. The current system of massive debts for short-term consumption is not sustainable. We have no bank account from which to draw.
I encourage individuals to save for their rainy day, because troubles do always come. I encourage our local, state, and federal leaders to do the same. We, as baby boomers, have failed to invest in the coming generations. Instead of strengthening our infrastructure, we have mortgaged our future. This is not progress, and it is not sustainable.
-- Dr. Gary L. Welton is assistant dean for institutional assessment, professor of psychology at Grove City College, and a contributor to The Center for Vision & Values. He is a recipient of a major research grant from the Templeton Foundation to investigate positive youth development.
Thanks for all the hard work you do to keep us informed with the many crisis's that are happening today. JESUS continue to Bless you!
Dee O.

As far as I know that is the only site it has been posted on nobody's really picked up on it yet the highlights are Bishop fellay receive the letter from a Diocesan Bishop encouraging the fight and resistance stating "many" Bishops now question Vatican 2 and it's interpretation and whether it's binding or not Another highlight was all of the details between he and Rome Francis one of the other Bishops gave Francis a copy of Archbishop Lefebvre biography Francis read it twice when he was still a cardinal I thought that was amazing Bishop fellay also States that they are willing to give them basically everything including conditional sacraments meaning if the society thinks somebody needs to be baptized or given confirmation conditionally the will be permitted to do that the Roman authorities invited Bishop fellay to open up a seminarian Italy they do not have to say the new Mass is legitimately promulgated they do not have to accept Nostra the document on the Jews they don't have they do not have to accept religious liberty he stated in a recent meeting with six Cardinals only one of them insisted on full acceptance of Vatican II as being in Tradition all other five Cardinal says that it's not binding the weirdest part of it was one letter that was supposedly from Francis filet said was so bizarre that he called them to see if it was really from the Francis and the top adviser to Francis said that didn't sound like his writing so another words the Masons in Rome are sending fake letters to Bishop fellay it's really wild I know you're very busy but if you have time you should listen to the whole thing
Michael C.
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