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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Francis, "New Evangelization is Not About Converting!"

“Evangelisation is not proselytism, it is about being living testimonies of the faith”

Vatican Insider

TradCatKnight:  The Vatican II "ecumenical" program is masonic and heretical.  It does not teach conversion but rather convergence and coexistence with other false religions and sects.  It is a setup for the formalized One World Religion.  We do not dialogue WITHOUT the intent to convert.  These heretics lead the flock astray.  Actions are only good if first the doctrine by which you live by is good.   Within is the article...

Actions speak louder than words and faithful must act by example, without showing off. Evangelisation must not be reduced to functionalism or seen as a simple “walk in the park”. This was Pope Francis’ call at this morning’s mass in St. Martha’s House. The Pope underlined the importance of testimony in the lives of Christians, warning them against the temptation to proselytise or convince by making proclamations. 

What is the meaning of evangelisation and how does one set about doing it? The Pope based today’s homily on a passage from the Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians, to illustrate what it means to beat witness to Christ.

First of all, the Pope focused on what evangelisation is not about, saying it must not be reduced “to a function”. Unfortunately, he recognised, there are still Christians who experience service as a function. Lay people and priests who brag about what they do: “This is boastfulness: I boast. In doing so we reduce the Gospel to a function or a reason to boast: ‘I go to evangelise and I have brought so many to the Church’. Proselytism also causes people to boast. Evangelising is not about proselytising. It is not a walk in the park, nor does it mean reducing the Gospel to a function or proselytism: this is not what evangelisation is about. Here is what Paul says: “For me it is not a reason to boast. For me it is a need that comes over me,” he says. A Christian has an obligation but it should be a strong, heartfelt need to bear witness to Jesus.”

Proclaiming the Gospel, he continued, must not be a reason to boast but is rather, as St. Paul urges, “a duty”. So what “style” should one adopt when evangelising? the Pope asked. “How can I be certain,” he added, “that I am not taking a walk in the park, that I am not proselytising and reducing evangelisation to functionalism?” 
The right style, or way, is to “do everything for everyone”. The right style is “going and sharing in other people’s lives, guiding; guiding along the journey of faith, helping others to grow along the journey of faith”. We need to place ourselves in the other person’s shoes: “If he is sick, I should approach him, not bombard him with information, but be close to him, assist him, help him”. “It is this merciful attitude that should be adopted” when evangelising: “doing everything for everyone. (like teaching heresy?) This is the testimony contained in the Gospel.”

Francis emphasised that during his lunch with young people at the World Youth Day event in Krakow, a boy asked him what to say to a close friend of his who is an atheist: “That’s a good question! All of us know people who have moved away from the Church: what should we say to them? To which I replied: ‘Listen, the last thing you should do is say something! Start doing, then he will see what you are doing and he will ask you and when he asks you, you tell him’.”

“Evangelising means bearing testimony,” he added, “I live like this because I believe in Jesus Christ; I arouse your curiosity, eliciting the question: ‘why do you do these things?’ Because I believe in Jesus Christ and I proclaim Jesus Christ, not just with the Word – He is proclaimed through the Word – but in my everyday life.”

This is what it means to evangelise, he concluded, “and this is done gratuitously too,” “because we have received the Gospel gratuitously,” “the grace, salvation can neither be bought nor sold: it’s free of charge! And so we need to give it gratuitously.”

New Evangelization= NOT CATHOLIC
Francis and the rest of the Vatican II'ers objectively speaking do not hold the true Catholic Faith.