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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Clock Is Ticking Before the U.S. Devolves Into an Armed Revolt (Video)

The Clock Is Ticking Before the U.S. Devolves Into an Armed Revolt (Video)

Voice of Reason 

“How likely is the 2016 election to spark an armed revolt across America?” Why ask? Because the article below with lots of input from Mike Adams at Natural News does an excellent job of explaining how each side is likely to respond to the eventual outcome, but that’s just the beginning. Throughout the original article, I supplement many of the author’s points with links of my own to support both how possible, and also how likely or realistic the author’s predictions actually are.

Recently, in a post titled, Soros Predicts Trump Wins Popular Vote, Claims “Hillary Already a Done Deal,” it seemed like Americans worst fears were unfolding right before our eyes when George Soros admitted on camera that the election’s outcome had already been determined, which confirmed what many already believe: that U.S. elections are rigged.
The Soros video has since been revealed to be an alleged forgery, or is it? Because so much of the message in that prior post was lost as a result of the ”alleged” forged video, I’m replacing that post with this one, and a video with updated information. First consider the following picture:
The true reality of what is happening to this country is one that most Americans don’t want to think about, and that’s understandable in a way. Why? Because what is happening is horribly unpleasant, but that makes it FAR too easy for some people to throw the baby out with the bath water when it comes to posts filled to the brim with valuable information like the one I linked to above. 
I have no idea if I’m the first to suggest this or not, but it would not shock me to learn that Soros’ own people leaked the forgery, knowing it would be proven a fake, and thereby discrediting any websites posting it. The far-left has a long history of such tactics. 
The picture above is one of many examples of how the far-left operates, only they got busted on that one. In that case, a court ruled that a lesbian couple had spray painted anti-gay slurs on their own garage before burning their own house down, and then blaming it on their neighbor. Soros and the far-left are ruthless, and “the ends always justify the means,” so it would not shock me the slightest to learn it was a far-left group that leaked the doctores video.

With the state of the country the way it is, we’re not in a position to throw the baby out with the bath water anymore. Citizen journalists like myself are often doing their own research, writing their own articles, and running large websites, all while only having a staff of just ONE, myself included.
I can’t speak for others in alternative media, but I never claim I have all the answers to everything. The only claim I make, and I stand behind 100% guaranteed, is that the crap we’re being fed by the mainstream media is pure nonsense. For that reason, I offer possible truths for what may REALLY be going on, and I back them up with as much support or corroborating government documents and statutes as I can muster. 
In the prior post that included the Soros video, the video itself had almost nothing to do with 98% of the meat of the real content. So, the video below reviews some of the original information from that post, but it also reveals another MASSIVE development that took place this past week in Europe, and how it impacts Americans. That same new development is also more than likely a huge reason why the German, Russian, and Czech Republic governments have all issued warnings to their citizens to begin stockpiling massive amounts of food and emergency supplies.