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Friday, September 23, 2016

Russia to Obama: Get Lost

Russia to Obama: Get Lost

Jonas Alexis 

Jim W. Dean says that Obama’s recent speech to the UN “almost made me gag.” I had a slightly different reaction. The speech almost made me want to puke largely because Obama knows better.
As soon as Obama started saying that “binding ourselves to international rules over the long term enhances our security,” I instantly began to think that Obama was on his way to reproduce the New World Order ideology. And he didn’t disappoint. New World Order agents always say that they want to go by the rules, but they never do. Never. All they do is lip service.

When was the last time that United States binds itself to international rules in the Middle East? In 1953? Perhaps 1979? 2003? 2008? 2011? Does Obama have a short-term memory? Did the international community really give the go-ahead to destroy Iraq? How about Afghanistan? Or Libya? How about Syria now? Who is really army the jihadists in that region? Russia?
Who is Obama man really fooling this time?
Obama again shot  himself in the toes by bringing Russia to his political calculus. “If Russia continues to interfere in the affairs of its neighbors,” he said, “overtime it’s going to diminish its stature.” He also mentioned China in a negative light, which really was unnecessary and hypocritical.
Obama certainly knows better than that. As Jim W. Dean has recently put it, this is “massive hypocrisy” on his part. Dean again nails the New World Order agenda during his recent interview on Press TV by basically saying that Obama needs to get real:

The interesting part of all this is that Obama delivered his UN speech after the US has violated the ceasefire in Syria! As Gordon Duff has rightly pointed out, the ceasefire violation was not accidental at all. Why did Obama fail to address that issue during his speech?
Obviously he knew that bringing that particular issue up would be tantamount to putting a gun in his mouth and pulling the trigger. He knows that Washington is as culpable in implementing the essentially diabolical ideology in Syria as Israel.
Obama also knows that Russians are not stupid and can see internal contradictions. He certainly has viewed the speech that Vladimir Putin delivered in November 2011, but he cannot interact with Putin on a moral and intellectual level because there is nothing reasonable about the New World Order, and one needn’t be an intellectual to logically destroy it. All you need is an ounce of common sense and a brain that actually works.
One can actually perceive that Russian intellectuals and diplomats are just having a blast over Obama’s recent charade. Putin is probably saying,
“When will this dude ever learn practical reason 101? Isn’t he a lawyer? Does he really want to tell me that he doesn’t understand basic logic? He is probably a nice guy, but obviously the New World Order ideology morally and intellectually cripples him. It is really sad that he cannot get a rational thought in his head. I would be more than happy to help him. All he has to do is give me a call.”