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Saturday, June 11, 2016

TradCatKnight Radio, Bernard Janzen "Fr. Malachi Martin & Current Crisis"

TradCatKnight Radio, Bernard Janzen "Fr. Malachi Martin & Current Crisis"
Talk given 6-9-16   (aprx 2 hours)

Bernard is the owner of Triumph Communications, a publisher of Catholic books and recordings.  He is a well known journalist who has interviewed a wide range of traditional Catholic authors and speakers, including Malachi Martin and Bishop Williamson.  He knew Fr. Malachi Martin very well and his talks with him are very popular on youtube.

Topics included in this talk:  Fr. Martin's prophetic warnings, his insights, new Fr. Martin movie coming!, demonization of real catholics  "traditionalists" (those rejecting Vatican II/NewMass), emerging new world order and New Age Religion, more and more awakening, attack on family/marriage, 3rd secret of Fatima, Fr. Martin killed because he was about to "give names" in a book he was working on, traditionalist movement, importance of Our Lady, demonic possession, Fr. Martin and the supernatural, Fr. Martin and SSPX, sedevacantism, antichrist, false prophet, Vatican denial of any crisis, culture of self/death, current crisis, underground Church and MUCH more!

 TradCatKnight Radio, Bernard Janzen "Fr. Malachi Martin & Current Crisis"