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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, June 13, 2016

Francis Fiasco

Francis Fiasco
By: Eric Gajewski
The Vatican II cult of man and Francis has welcomed the Jews as our "elder brothers" will they now welcome aliens as our "space bothers"?

The Novus Ordo media and their apologists do well to continually make excuses for the modernist Bergoglio.  There will always be some explanation by these delusional “outlets” to make it seem as if Francis’ teachings can be understood in a Catholic sense.  We now have media clashing over the “Bergoglian interpretation”.  I can sum it up for everyone very quickly Francis is not Catholic nor is Vatican II.  The new ship which launched at Vatican II that is heading for “New Age Island” has occupants such as Bergoglio who have no concept of what it is to be truly Catholic.  So all the while the pseudo-trad groups and conservatives fight with the more even progressive wing….. the “Resistance” sits back and keeps our distance from the current plague at hand.  We can be catholic and keep our distance, in fact, it is the only thing the Catholic Church tells us we can do when a contagion enters the Church.  We must continue to educate the Novus Ordites on how they are a part of the cult of man and not the cult of God. 

Francis teaches as a Universalist (Mason).  He gives the hand signs of the enemy and still, so many, stay deluded, in their made up fantasyland, which says, that everything is just “alright” with Francis and the Conciliar Church.  The reality is chastisement cannot come quick enough.  We have long past the point of trying to understand him in a Catholic sense.  His comedic and tragic teachings are even exposed properly by denominational Protestants at this point!  It is just that sad and pathetic.  Furthermore, over the past few weeks, my youtube page has flooded with modernist responses still trying to “spin doctor” Bergoglio and his remarks.  These comments get removed immediately and will not ever be seen on TradCatKnight lest I be held accountable before Our Lord. The blind leading the blind.

What can we do?  Prayer and sacrifice is the most obvious but we can render no greater charity than to expose these modernists.  It is not pleasant but it is duty.  We sometimes have to resort to sarcasm in order to keep from crying.  Make no mistake souls continue to be lost due to Vatican II and the New Religion it stands for but also Francis seems to be the last piece of the puzzle before the False Prophet, Yeshua Ben Joseph shows up.  Francis has further said that he now has no such intention to resign at all!  I believe that as much as I believe Benedict XVI recently saying there is nothing more to the real third secret.  What times we live in!  We are surrounded by these double minded, double tongued modernist liars.  To many people are still watching and obtaining their information from the mainstream news outlets.  They are visiting these pathetic Novus Ordo websites and thus they stay in their “delusional land” where everything is nice and the birds chirp and the blue skies speak to a “new day” and Francis is Catholic.  

In the end this is truly not a fiasco but plain for all to see for those who are awake to the New World Order agenda.  Sadly, because so many are not familiar with the enemy they have become the enemy (objectively speaking).  The Catholic Faith must be maintained regardless if the majority of the legitimate authorities want to keep bashing the “old way”.  There are even some who still argue God would never allow such a great apostasy to enter into the Church even though it is in Scripture, tradition and has been expressly warned of by various approved mystics, Saints and Our Lady herself!  Delusional modernists when will they learn.  Perhaps the day they lay down their pride and the day they put aside the latest gidgets and gadgets and learn the Faith before Vatican II.  We cannot follow anyone who teaches heresy let alone a new religion and thus these modernists ought be admonished, prayed for and called out publicly until they repent.  This is a war of doctrine and thus ultimately a war of the soul of the Church.  Therefore, do not be afraid or fearful (out of self love) in not following these modernist’s whose way is not the Catholic way.  For there is no such thing as a “Novus Ordo Catholic” because the Novus Ordo is not Catholic but rather the religion of the New World Order “cloaked/masked” as Catholic.  Truly, the only conspiracy is....is how gullible and idiotic some people can be into still wanting to follow this nonsense (and even still have audacity to point the finger at us as crazy).

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