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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Ecclesiasticus 19:2 “Wine & Women Make Wise Men Fall Off”

Ecclesiasticus 19:2 “Wine & Women Make Wise Men Fall Off”
By: Eric Gajewski

The title of this piece, which comes from Scripture, is presupposed, with the notion, that a man once lived in harmony with God and His grace.  Today, many men, have not fallen off but rather have always been “off”.  The world which has in it wine and women can assuredly drag a soul into hell if a man does not keep in prudence.  Yet, in and of themselves these things are not bad at all but modern man is driven by self thus he is all about self-satisfaction and “fulfilling” and this creates a recipe for spiritual disaster.  I should know, as this Scripture certainly applied to me in my "previous life" of bar hopping, club jumping and women chasing.  However, Is the spiritual life all about obtaining or emptying?  Is it not about self-denial instead of self-fulfilling?  Therefore, it is wise for just men to avoid those situations in which you know you can and will displease Jesus and endanger your soul. 

 King David and Bathsheba 
Take a look at some of the Old Testament Kings and how they “fell off”.  We can see how even the best can fall my friends. Thus we must be on guard at all times.  We must keep our minds sharp and cannot fall into drunkenness.  The hour is late and God needs servants of His Sacred Heart not slaves of self.  Sure, enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two in moderation as the Church teaches but do not let anything grab a hold of what belongs to Christ and that is your heart.  Do not obsess in anything other than Christ and keep your mind sharp.  I would argue partly why so many are “dumbed down” besides all the chemicals and poisons in our food, air and water supply is the purposeful attempt to “escape reality”.  This can come in these two forms whether it is wine or women. We drink away our worries or try to surround our selves with beautiful women in attempt to make ourselves "feel better".

Old Self...
I, personally, turned to alcohol, the clubs, pornography and sex to break free from the “reality” of those times.  What was I trying to escape that was so bad you may I ask?  In meditating upon it, the “reality” was, I was very “lonely” within.  Even being surrounded by the women, money, pleasures and comforts of life I was lonely.  I did not have He Who is ALL.  For He is peace.  He satisfies more than 100,000 snickers bars.  It is His Sacred Heart we are truly after but so many do not realize this and thus need direction.  They (worldly) need direction much like a Plane needs those men on the ground waving them Home.  They need direction much like a boat needs the Lighthouse to see in the dark.  My men out there, although wine and women are good gifts, it is truly not wine and women who will make our souls eternally happy. We are not “fulfilled” by anything created but rather by the Creator Himself.   

Old self: Luckily this woman was a little stiff!
I do not miss those days....

The world has many distractions which can lead the heart astray and thus let us stay on course with Christ so that we can save our souls and be in the Presence of the only One who can truly make our souls happy.  A man will work his 9-5 and think he is owed something and therefore the “chase” begins.  He bounces from one bar to another, one drink to another trying to escape that which he is truly afraid of and this is himself.  Man does not like the silence and solitude that God may provide for him because modern man thirsts after “things” and being busy.  Silence and solitude is even more frightening to him then the latest Hollywood Horror movie because he truly does not want to know himself.  And what if a man does not want to know himself?  Can he truly know how God sees him?  Can he stand a chance in this world of wine and women which will always allure him off of this Isle of silence?  Not a chance.  It takes grace to be willing to find his true self which comes not in the clubs or out in the party scene where the wine and women are.  Thus, there are truly few wise men left in the world for they (worldly) have taken the devils bait thinking themselves to be wise and “okay” with God.  Such is the reason why hells corridors are filled.  In summary, keep your minds sharp and your hearts protected and thus we turn to Our Lady and ask her to spread her Mantle over our intellects and wills.  Keep in prudence, Ave Maria!

O’ the man I could be
If I could learn to dance alone with Thee
Silently within…
Staying on Your Boat called Harmony
I would forever sail Thy Seas
Without worry…
O’ if I could stay on guard
You could perpetually use me
But it this “self” which gnaws unlawfully
For the unwise cries out in self’s blasphemy
I have sinned not!!
Yet without humility all is for naught
As a wise man would never scoff
Because he knows how quickly
Due to wine and women he can eventually fall off