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Saturday, June 18, 2016

5 Ways We Potentially Feed “The Self”

5 Ways We Potentially Feed “The Self”
By: Eric Gajewski

In a day wherest men keep their bellies filled and have built a false city of security around them let us take a look at 5 different ways we can (intentionally or unintentionally) put ourselves into position for “feeding the self”.  The new Age teaches to fulfill the self the Catholic Religion founded by Christ teaches to deny the self.  Modern man has enthroned himself upon the altar of his own heart leaving no room for the true King.  Let us all keep in prayer to grow in holiness by continually denying this self which is so eager to grab the spotlight.  Much like we must avoid those occasions of sin, we too, must do our best, to avoid those situations where the self can be put on the front burner of our spiritual stoves.

Focus on the Body.  Like all things we should be prudent in the taking care of our bodies.  We should do our best to take care of that which God has given us, however, there is too much emphasis being placed on the body and looks in the modern world.  Scripture says exercise profiteth very little so why do so many spend 2 hours “working out” and only 15 minutes in prayer daily?  Are these souls on course to meet their Maker face to Face upon lifes last breath? Assuredly not, therefore, let us get back to focusing in on God and ween down the hours of exercise and replace it with prayer.  God is not interested in you perfecting your exterior muscles He is interested in you growing in the interior life.  He is interested in the expansion of your heart in Selfless Love.  What you love is demonstrated in by what you do.  If you are taking a peek at how you look a handful of times durng the day indeed you are self-absorbed and thoroughly enjoy to feed the self monster.

Focus on Career.  So many females these days have takes the poisoned modern world pill and decided to make career their first choice over rearing children.  Sadly, there are bigger homes but fewer children within these homes.  In America it seems the way for women is to have a great career and a few kids on the side and yet is this the godly or Catholic way?  The answer is no and thus our females need to realize how important they are to the home and ultimately society.  The New World Order is quite clear that they are behind the agenda into getting women out of the home and promoting feminism via masonic “equality” and thus so many women eat from the cake of self.  Men are no different.  To many men spend too much time at work and do not take an active role within their own homes which they are supposed to be at the head of.  Thus, more women are trying on these pants of the home trying to do two jobs (hers and his) at once!  To many men are driven by silly honors and meaningless awards or pursuing money itself.  Here is a thought…get your heart focused back on Christ and allow Him to lead rather than thinking you need to do it all.

Bad Friends.  Choices have consequences.  We have all heard this from our parents yet how many of us realize that we let toxic people into our lives whose seemingly only mission is to feed the self.  Bad company will ultimately wear us out and brood bad behavior.  In addition, unconsciously we can surround ourselves with those of greater status or who are “cooler” to make our own “self” feel better.  This is not spiritually healthy.  Crowds may be temporary relief for some but truly this does not provide us interior comfort.  You should prefer silence and solitude over having many friends and choose the path to most resistance instead of the path to least resistance.  In the end, bad friends will help to fed the self which we are trying as Christians to avoid. 

Pleasures and carnality.  Through our fallen nature we tend to look for trouble, that is, to have “the self” go on a shopping spree if you will.  The only way we can keep the self in check is by staying focused on Christ and keep turning to His Sacred Heart.  We can stay close to the Sacraments and Our Lady to keep our inner eyes open and our outer eyes shut unto the flesh and the world.  Due to our fallen nature we like to please ourselves and thus the pandemic of pornography, pills and partying fills the homes of so many when Christ is left out in the cold.  We can only be filled if we are first completely empty.  Satisfying the senses via the passions only keeps our cup filled with the sludge of self.

Distractions.  The modern world is filled with distractions that keeps our minds occupied and thence our hearts as well.  We are not filled with Christ through prayer when our hearts and minds are elsewhere.  Just as idleness is bad for the soul so is being overly distracted.  Take a look ad analyze your own life to see how we manage to squeeze in a few minutes of prayer in between watching all of the latest TV shows.  See how the computer occupies to much of your time.  See how the latest gidgets and gadgets run our lives rather than the Prince of peace.  In the end the desires of our hearts MUST unite with what His Will wants for our lives. Self will impede grace and often times snuff it out altogether for this is the goal of self.  The self wants to be God and run the heart rather than Christ.  As I have said many times “in every action there is a tug of war between this self and the Sacred Heart”.  Will you let the latest modern inventions pull you away from being in the Presence of God?  

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