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Monday, May 16, 2016

FEMA Slave Labor Camps Have Become Operational-The First Political Prisoners Have Arrived

FEMA Slave Labor Camps Have Become Operational-The First Political Prisoners Have Arrived

Dave Hodges

The latest on FEMA Camps 

There are three type of prisons inside the United States. There is the one, that the people see. In this instance, the prison works in conjunction with legal authorities and their activities are transparent. A second type of prison system is the privatized system which has degenerated into system of slave labor which benefits Wall Street with free labor. The third of type of prison is a FEMA camp for political prisoners. The Government admits to two such facilities and they call them Communications Management Units. The latter operates under the auspices of the NDAA. They are everything that the old Soviet Gulags were made of. What is presented in this article is a brief review of the second and third type of prisons in the United States. After reading this article and watching the associated videos it can be said that any journalist who denies the existence of FEMA camps, is not worthy of the public’s consideration.

The United States Is the World’s Biggest Jailer

The United States only has about four percent of the world’s population. Yet, the U.S. presently incarcerates over one quarter (25%) of the world’s prison population. In this, theland of the free and thehome of the brave, an American citizen has a six times greater chance of being incarcerated than in most other countries.  We lead the world in per-capita incarceration rates and the number is growing by leaps and bounds. Over the past 45 years, our prison population has risen by 700%. Incredibly, one in 99 American adults are behind bars in the U.S. Further, one in 31 adults are under some form ofcorrectional control (e.g. prison, jail, parole and probation populations). All too frequently, incarcerations are the result of low-level, non-violent offenses.
Given our incarceration rates, it is apparent that the number one goal of our justice system is to incarcerate as many poor people as possible who do not have the economic means to fight back. These conditions are leading to the creation of a “prison industrial complex” that is just as real and just as corrupt as the military industrial complex.

Privatizing Probation for Fun and Profit

The prison industrial complex is motivated by profit. Privatized corporations have been given extra-judicial authority in this country to jail as many people as possible. And they have found an old way to accomplish this goal. The end result is that on an increasing basis, our prison population is made up of nonviolent offenders who cannot pay their court costs. In other words, our prisons are increasingly being turned into debtors prisons.

Prison for Profit

The GEO Group is not the only profitable privatized prison group. The Corrections Corporation of America is the largest private prison operator in the United States. The CCA procured its first private prison in, ironically, 1984.
Did you know that in many states, privatized prisons are guaranteed 90%to 100% occupancy rates by the government?
According to the California Prison Focus “The private contracting of prisoners for work fosters incentives to lock people up. Prisons depend on this income. Corporate stockholders who make money off prisoners’ work lobby for longer sentences, in order to expand their workforce. The system feeds itself,” says a study by the Progressive Labor Party, which accuses the prison industry of being “an imitation of Nazi Germany with respect to forced slave labor and concentration camps.”

A Globalist Endeavor to Incarcerate As Many People As Possible

Privatized prisons are big business, very big business. The GEO Group, headquartered in Boca Raton, Fla., claimed $115 million in profits on $1.52 billion in revenue in 2013. The GEO Group is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange, is worth $2.3 billion, and it paid Chairman and Chief Executive George Zoley $4.62 million in total compensation in 2013.
According to public analysis from the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), the largest holder in Corrections Corporation of America is Vanguard Group Incorporated. Vanguard is a major player in controlling several media giants. Vanguard is the third largest holder in Viacom and AOL Time Warner. Vanguard is also the third largest holder in the GEO Group. The GEO group, second only in size to the CCA with regard to privatized prisons as it controls over 100 correctional facilities in the US, UK, Australia and South Africa. In addition to CCA’s unwarranted control over the media, the number-one holder of both Viacom and Time Warner is a company called Blackrock. Blackrock is the second largest holder in CCA, and the sixth largest holder in the GEO Group in this never-ending incestuous relationship. This is why you are not hearing about these abuses in the media.  By association, the media is a partner in locking up as many prisoners as possible for slave labor purposes.

Overt Slave Labor

Many of Wall Street’s giants have been invited to the party and are reaping huge profits. The following is a list of the corporations that contract with CCA and GEO to produce American slave labor goods. They include Intel, Northern Telecom, TWA, Nordstrom’s Boeing, Motorola, Microsoft, AT&T, Wireless, 3Com, Revlon, Macy’s, Pierre Cardin. Texas Instrument, Dell, Compaq, Honeywell, Hewlett-Packard, Nortel, Lucent Technologies, Target, and countless more. All of these businesses are excited about the economic boom generation by prison slave labor and most actively lobby for mandatory sentencing.
Generally, prison inmates in state run penitentiaries generally receive minimum wage for their work. In Agenda 21 controlled Colorado, they only receive about $2 per hour, well under the minimum for state run prisons. However, Colorado inmates are rich compared to inmates in privately-run prisons where they can receive as little as 17 cents per hour. This is worse than Walmart slave labor in China! The highest-paying private prison run by the CCA pays 50 cents per hour for “highly skilled positions.” I am not sure how this is even legal as I remember reading something about the 13th Amendment.

FEMA Prisons Being Built Within Private Prisons

The government will fully admit that they have FEMA type prisons within two Supermax prisons in the United States. It is estimated that about 70 people are being held in CMU units in two federal penitentiaries –, namely, in Terre Haute, Indiana and Marion, Illinois.
This is an NDAA program and these prisons were created to isolate and segregate certain prisoners from the general prison population, and to restrict and monitor communications between inmates and the outside world. Once assigned to the Communications Management Units (CMUs), prisoners are banned from any physical contact with friends or family, and phone calls and letters are restricted too. If they mention anything about the conditions, they will instantly have 26 years added to their sentence and no judge or jury will ever be involved. The Board of Prisons, like the FDA, the BLM and the EPA are allowed to make up their own laws as they need. Here is one reporters account of his experience in a CMU.

The FEMA Prison within a Prison

There is the case of Schaeffer Cox. He was a Second Amendment proponent. He was nonviolent, but was steadfast about the right of the people to control guns. He was also speaking about the power of the purse returning to the people as well. These are two issues that a tyrannical government does not want the people to control. Subsequently, Cox’s group was infiltrated by FBI undercover agents of provocation. The FBI agents suggested killing law enforcement to make their point. Cox rejected the arguments. The FBI reported to the Alaskan CPS that Cox was abusing his children. The FBI tried to create a scenario where Cox would resist arrest and they could kill him as they did with Lavoy Finnicum in Oregon in the BLM controversy.
Cox was arrested and his trial was a kangaroo court. The judge would not allow evidence to be introduced that he was being framed. He was prosecuted for the actions of the FBI undercover agents who verbally plotted against the government, even though Cox rejected their intentions. This was all recorded and the federal judge would not allow the tapes to be entered into evidence. Cox is a political prisoner and is being held under the NDAA. He has no physical interaction with family, his time on phone is less than any federal prisoner, he banned from speaking about his conditions of confinement. If he violates these provisions, he will have another 26 years tacked on to his sentence.
Cox’s story is told here, and it starts at the nine minute mark.


It’s What They Aren’t Telling You That Is Important

First, CMU’s are FEMA camps within a prison. However, the two known facilities are only the tip of the iceberg. Any prison can create a FEMA camp prison within a prison. I have an insider source who tells me that this is being beta tested in several prisons and that the “disappearing homeless” are their prime guests and they are being used to train the staff at these covert FEMA camp sites.
I believe that this will be ultimate fate of people in the Independent Media. An FBI stooge will do what they did to Cox, They will write in on a website of a talk show host and suggest violence and the talk show host will be prosecuted for the actions of the FBI.


Meet the new prisons. They are often prisons within prisons. They practice slave labor and worse yet, they are the new FEMA camps which can be hidden in plain site. I would request that my fellow Americans make this go viral so we can raise awareness against the new American Gulag.

Militarization Of Police Has Accelerated For The Upcoming Civil Disobedience


Wyoming and No. Colorado Are Being Occupied by Foreign Mercenaries and Secret DHS Army?

Hey Dave!  Thank you so very much for your vigilant pursuit of the truth and to get the information out to all of us !!  God Bless you for that.  I was just giving you some FYI information.  Here in Wheatland, Wy we have seen a huge amount of what looks like military caravans in the area.  Was driving to Laramie, Wy on a back road and met a possible 75-100 vehicles of some sort in a few convoys!!  I will attach video below.
Also saw this truck with AMES on it.  Armed Mobile Emergency & Safety.  Do you know anything about these…government, military, UN Etc.  Have seen a couple more but no pictures of them. 
Thanks again if you can help identify the truck pictures or a good guesstimate would be great also!     J
Secret military movements in Wyoming
Secret military movements in Wyoming

May 2016 11 002

Image result for Armed Mobile Emergency & Safety
For years, Ames has been the glue that would tie together several first responder agencies, intelligence operations and on-scene military. They have been used at critical shooting events. However, in recent years, my source tells me that they have been involved with coordinated drills with foreign troops in high profile activities such as Jade Helm 15 and now UWEX 16.  This is also happening in conjunction with the presence of foreign mercenaries in nearby Northern Colorado.  Ames is the perfect coordinating group from which to fight a guerrilla war against rogue American units.

Also In Nearby Northern Colorado

My friend and trusted colleague, Paul Martin sent me information on mercenaries operating in Northern Colorado, in and around the LaPorte, CO area.

Weeks ago, I received this email from a person about UWEX 16 and I have to confess that I did not understand the message in the proper context until I started connecting these dots.
Gurkha’s in training.
This was sent on 4/11/16
Dear Mr. Hodges, 
My son is in a branch of the military that is part of the drill you write about called UWEX.  He has told us of foreign troops who train with the soldiers when they are fighting guerrilla war battles. He told us of a group of for-hire soldiers he calls berka or gerkas and soldiers from Singapore as well. He said they fight with the Brits and they are highly trained in guerrilla war strategies. My son said that they are using these soldiers to train to fight against American tactics and weapons in a guerrilla war Texas.  
My son is freaked out because he said he will not fire on American soldiers or citizens. He says wont have to, the foreigners will do it for the government… 
gurkha 2
Paul Martin’s wife had an encounter with foreign mercenaries known as Gurkhas. Although the spelling is different, I believe the above emailer is referring to what Paul and his wife are referring to. There are just too many similarities for their not to be a connection. They are a member of any of several peoples of Nepal noted for their military prowess. They are a a member of units of the British army established specifically for Nepalese recruits in the mid 19th century. They are the Spartans of the modern age, the ultimate soldier and that is all they train for. They are often compared to Russian commandos. And they are in Northern Colorado. They are trained to fight against guerrilla forces. To the south, in Texas, they are fighting against imaginary American military units that have gone guerrilla. Does anyone else see the connection?  And while you are thinking, do they also have air tactical which is apre-requisite to fighting a guerrilla war.
My fellow Americans, there is not going to be an election and it is going to get very, very ugly.
Dave H...

Military Tanks All Over The Place! What Exactly Are They Getting Ready For?


FEMA Ordered 102,000 Boxcars With Shackles


'Very Spooky' UN Convoy Sighting In America Highlights Military Convoys Nationwide With Several Caught On Video In Texas - Why Now? Do They Know Something We Don't Know? 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While the story of a mile-long convoy of United Nations vehicles being driven northbound through South Carolina wasn't accompanied by any pictures or videos, the UN sighting was deemed 'very spooky' by the eyewitness, a long-time friend and colleague of the blog. As we're told, there was nothing but heavy equipment carriers, cargo transport trucks and construction equipment trailers that looked 'beat up and well used' according to their story. 

Generally we take an eyewitness report like this at face value when their are no pictures or videos to go along with the report but as we can see in the newly released videos below and pictures within this story, an awful lot of military convoy movement is again taking place across America in preparation for a still unnamed event. 

Why would a United Nations convoy be in America? Is this preparation for the coming total collapse of the US economy? As Michael Snyder recently told us in this story at The Economic Collapse Blog, there are at least 13 different catastrophic events that could soon lead to an American apocalypse.

According to the Global Challenges Foundation which Snyder quotes in his story, the 13 potential catastrophes waiting to bring America to our collective knees include: Volcanic eruptions, asteroid/comets, natural pandemics, engineered pandemics, artificial intelligence, geoengineering, nuclear war, Islamic terror, power grid failure, cyberwar, economic collapse, civil unrest/martial law and catastrophic earthquakes. Snyder continues to tell us that just one of those happening on a big enough scale would be enough to change our society.

Certainly any of those reasons could be why the UN is on US soil and the US military preparing for something massive with another few options being: 1) Preparing to disarm the American people 2) Preparing to bring in the North American Union or 3) Preparing to deny Donald Trump the election and continuing their 'new world order' damn the American voter being just a few. Of course, several of those also go hand in hand with each other such as power grid failure with martial law, economic collapse with martial law, economic collapse with nuclear war and nuclear war with martial law 

being several.

As we learn in this story from Mac Slavo at SHTFPlan, an EMP attack upon America would not only completely destroy civilization, it would quite literally be 'a nightmare we'll never wake up from' for everyone experiencing it, much more so for those who didn't bother to prepare. In fact, according to the new story at All Self Sustained, 25 to 50 million Americans could die within 90 days after the US dollar collapse, those who refused to see the warning signs on the road ahead and neglected to prepare. They also tell us: "You cannot stop what is coming".

King World News recently told us, when the global ponzi scheme is exposed, there is going to be a massive panic. Are we now closing in on that moment, necessitating UN and US military in the streets in an attempt to prevent from happening here what's already happening in Venezuela as shared by Susan Duclos in this linked story? Brandon Smith over at Alt-Market.com told us today how a collapse in South America could even trigger martial law for America.

On ANP we have been reporting about almost all of the various 13 catastrophes that might soon fall upon America in various stories throughout our history and while some have called out stories 'fear porn', all we're trying to do is to report the facts while reporting what those facts could possibly mean for Americans. We pray that many of the 'speculative aspects' of our stories never come true as none of us wants any of these 13 catastrophes to take down our Republic. However, pretending these possibilities do not exist is no way to prevent them from happening. We posit that as Americans, if we prepare ourselves the best we can for any of them, we're best prepared for nearly all of them.

In the first 3 videos below we see military convoys in Texas, the first two on trains with the 3rd video showing a convoy stopped at a gas station in Texas. In the 4th video below we see a convoy stopped on the side of the road near Kansas City. While without pictures and video, we cannot confirm that the claim made of a UN convoy in South Carolina is positively fact, we cannot argue with the fact that there are military convoys seemingly all across America at a time when grave danger is warned for our nation.

A recent alert from the website of Steve Quayle republished below helps to share the sense of anxiety that many Americans across the entire country are feeling right now. Is this part of the reason for all of the preparation we're now seeing?
Brazil Indiana---Long story short a bank had less than 3500 in cash to hand out in an entire day.
My name is Grant, and I live in Brazil Indiana. Saturday the 30th of April, my grandmother and I went into a First Financial bank to withdraw 3500 in cash and we were told there was no money to loan out. We informed the desk clerk that we didn't want to take out a loan, we just simply want to withdraw money from my savings account. She then proceeded to tell me "sir there isn't that much money here for you to withdraw" After about 40 min of dealing with managers and what I call (hire ups) they finally said it'll be a little bit, but we'll have the money ready for you to pick up that next day. Knowing that next day was a Sunday I asked "how am I supposed to get cash on a Sunday? She then proceeded to tell me "sir you'll have to work with us in order for you get the whole 3500 in cash". I started to get upset and she could tell. I said "I'll be back in an hour and my money better be ready for me to pick up. She said "sir can't you use your card or write a check for what your intending to buy?" I told her no I want what's mine. Not 3 minutes after I left the bank I received a call saying there was all the cash I needed at Bank in South Terre Haute. Long story short a bank had less than 3500 in cash to hand out in an entire day. I was shocked. Thought you might want to know that we are in fact headed towards a cashless society. Thank you Steve for making the numbskulls aware of what the world and banking system is really like.

Emergency FEMA Meeting on "Major Separation of Land Mass in USA" Bad News for Mankind. 


ICE Agent’s Suicide Note Reveals Gun Confiscation Plan During Economic Collapse

EDITOR’S NOTE: While many sources are covering that a note was left with specifics, a person I consider to have excellent contacts has told me a source of his says that no note existed, or if one did, what has been reported may not be accurate. That does’t negate the mountains of other evidence within the article if true, however certainly calls to question the motive of where the information originated… and worse… FOR WHAT PURPOSE?
Below, take a good look at what Martial Law would look like here in America under Barack Obama. Contrary to what many Americans think, Martial Law has history here in America, and has been used several times throughout our nation’s history. What we’ve never had happen before in American history, is a President plotting to use our own military against U.S. citizens within his first two years of his first term, and documenting his efforts. More on that devastating memo below. 
In the video below, Alex Jones details the government’s insidious plan to put it’s own citizens under martial law in order to strip them of all rights. Conspiracy Theory? One federal agent recently would say otherwise, if he were here still to tell his story. As the article below explains, a Federal ICE agent recently committed suicide because of the pressure of what he knows is coming, and he laid it all out in a suicide note. Details about the suicide and the note left are below.


Why Are Foreign Troops Flocking Into Texas?


UN Multinational Force Observer In Pennsylvania

Why is this UN Multinational Force Observer in Pennsylvania getting gas? For what possible reason would the UN be operating inside the United States? I have been sent this video a half a dozen times in the past 24 hours. Many Americans see this for exactly what it is.
Take a look at this video as a very aware and alert citizen confronts and United Nations Multinational Force Observer.

Why Is This Becoming a Common Sight On US Soil?

The United Nations has no business being rural Pennsylvania or downtown Dallas. We are not under martial law. We have not suffered an invasion or a civil war. Or, are we about to experience one or more of these things. Is the the chest pain before the heart attack?
 The United Nations Is positioning for the takeover of the United States.

DOT CONNECTION: Secretary of State, John Kerry, Signs the UN Small Arms Treaty In Violation of the US Constitution

Secretary of State, John Kerry, signing away America's freedom, security and longevity by putting his name on the UN Smalls Arms Treaty in violation of the Constitution which states that any treaty must be approved by the Senate on a two-thirds vote.

NWO: Foreign 'Troops' To Train on Our Soil?


Obama and Yellen Are Planning to Implement Debtor Prisons/FEMA Camps?



The Number One Reason Americans Will Be Sent to FEMA Camps