"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand on AA-1025 (Marxist Infiltration Of The Church)

Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand on AA-1025 (Marxist Infiltration Of The Church)
AA-1025 Memoirs of a Communist's Infiltration Into the Church
By Sister Marie Carré

AA-1025, Memoirs of a Communist's Infiltration Into the Church are the alleged memoirs of a Communist injured in an auto accident in France.  He died in the hospital a few hours later. The nurse who attended him kept his journals, read them, and published them as AA-1025.

This Communist had become a Catholic priest in order to subvert the Church from within, according to this book, which describes his methods and  plans. Fact or fiction? We defer to someone who is much more knowledgeable about such things than are We.
Here is the position of Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, an eminent Catholic Theologian, who was the personal friend of Mrs./Dr. Bella V. Dodd after she left the Communist Party and later converted to the Catholic Church.
Mrs./Dr. Bella V. Dodd's credibility has been verified, not only by what she predicted in 1950 was going to happen to the Roman Catholic Church - which predictions are totally accurate and have been fulfilled, but also by what are called  The Venona Secrets - Exposing Soviet Espionage and America’s Traitors.
The primary source for The Venona Secrets - Exposing Soviet Espionage and America’s Traitors was obtained directly from the official Communist Party archives in Moscow, Russia.  Among other things, these archives confirmed the existence of operation “Outstretched Hand” which included the infiltration of Communists into Roman Catholic Seminaries - something which Mrs./Dr. Bella V. Dodd herself had done on orders from Moscow by sending over 1,200 Communist Infiltrators into Roman Catholic Seminaries in the 1920's and the 1930's, according to her own sworn testimony.
Because of the many things which Mrs./Dr. Bella V. Dodd reportedly told her mutual friend, Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, about the infiltration of Communists into Roman Catholic Seminaries, Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, is much more qualified, than are most of us, to speak on the authenticity, or lack thereof, of AA-1025, Memoirs of a Communist's Infiltration Into the Church, especially concerning the modus operandi of Communist Infiltrators into the Roman Catholic Church, including those Infiltrators who were eventually ordained priests, with even some of these priests later becoming bishops and even cardinals!

Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand
[b. Alice Jourdain at Brussels, Belgium on Sunday, March 11, 1923 - Present]
The Reader will better understand the position of Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand in regard to her defense of AA-1025, Memoirs of a Communist's Infiltration Into the Church by first understanding the reason for her defense of this book.
It came in the form of a rebuttal against the article entitled Swinging at Windmills:A Close Look at Catholic Conspiracy Theories, by Sandra Louise Miesel who claims to be a medievalist and a Catholic journalist.
In Swinging at Windmills:A Close Look at Catholic Conspiracy Theories, by Sandra Louise Miesel, a.k.a. Sandra Louise Schwartz (her birthname), attempts to discredit a number of works, at least some of which are very well-researched and provide copious footnotes for verification purposes.
To give you a feel for Sandra Miesel's article, here are the first two paragraphs from it:
“Question: Who's afraid of Jews in the boardroom? Freemasons in the basement? Reds under the bed? Black helicopters in the sky? Answer: A surprising number of otherwise sensible people. Even under the new shadow of terrorism, old fears live on, breeding bogeys that knot together in a vipers' tangle of menace. “Regrettably, Catholics do their share of worrying about the Judeo-Masonic-Communist conspiracy and/or the imminent arrival of the Antichrist to rule over the New World Order. Their anxieties are often fueled by anti-Semitic screeds, polemical histories, eccentric economics, and even heavenly messages. Fear-mongering is standard fare in the pages of radical traditionalist publications such as The Remnant, Catholic Family News, and The Fatima Crusader. The principal Catholic publisher of such conspiracy theories is Omni/Christian Book Club of Palmdale, California. Books and tapes of this sort are routinely featured in the mail-order catalogs of Catholic Treasures of Monrovia, California, and Our Lady's Book Service of Constable, New York, but they may also find their way into local religious bookstores.”
This was written by a person who, among other things, has been a fan of science fiction and who, from 1967 on, published at least seventy-five pieces in Fanzines, a science fiction magazine with a focus on the fans. Among other things, she has authored a number of books of fiction such as Dreamrider [1982] and Shaman [1989] which is a revision of her 1982 Dreamrider.  It has been said of her that she “mixes genres with some competence, carrying its female protagonist [herself?] from a Near-Future Earth to a Parallel World in which mental control, a.k.a.  Psi Powers, over subatomic processes is exercised by shamans, and her protagonist soon becomes one.”
Beginning in the early 1980's, with numerous articles for Vatican 2 church journals, she has focused her interest in works which seem to her as disputatious.  She has written a number of books, one of which includes The Da Vinci Hoax: Exposing the Errors in the Da Vinci Code [2004] with Carl E Olson.  She also wrote The Pied Piper of Atheism: Philip Pullman and Children's Fantasy [2007].
Sandra Louise Miesel has written against the request of Our Lady of Fatima who asked for the Consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart in her article Swinging at Windmills:A Close Look at Catholic Conspiracy Theories:
But where the Soviet Union is concerned, the past is never forgotten; it's not even past. Radical traditionalists are convinced that recent changes are all illusions, that the old USSR is just as Red as ever. The Fatima Crusader claims that Russia would convert to Catholicism in a day if only the pope would wave his magic crosier and consecrate it-accept no substitutes-to the Immaculate Heart.
This kind of writing is plain, unadulterated BLASPHEMY against the Immaculate Heart of Mary! SHAME ON HER! In addition to this blatant blasphemy, Sandra Louise Miesel obviously does NOT know about what she is talking - it is just more vacuous diatribe in her public parade of ignorance.
Case in point:
“Russia would convert to Catholicism in a day if only the pope would wave his magic crosier and consecrate it-accept no substitutes-to the Immaculate Heart.”
Error # 1:  “Russia would convert to Catholicism in a day... ” Our Lady of Fatima does NOT give an exact time period of how long it will be before Russia totally converts to the Catholic Faith after the required Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Error # 2:  “.... if only the pope would wave his magic crosier...”
Here Sandra Louise Miesel is ridiculing the Pope by borrowing terminology from her copious writings of fiction, in effect making the pope a magician, what with his magic crosier!  Remember how one source claims that she:
“mixes genres with some competence, carrying its female protagonist [herself?] from a Near-Future Earth to a Parallel World in which mental control, a.k.a.  Psi Powers, over subatomic processes is exercised by shamans, and her protagonist soon becomes one.”
In the case of this error, it is not a matter of “some competence”, but rather of total incompetence in which she makes the Pope nothing more than a magician who is equipped with a “magic crosier”!  Maybe if she wrote this bunk for consumption in her so-called Parallel World, she might have more success? How many Roman Catholics do YOU know who think of the Pope as being some kind of a magician who is equipped with a “magic crosier”?  Which Doctrinal Council has dogmatically defined the Pope as being a magician who is equipped with a “magic crosier”?
On this basis, she must also think there is no such thing as Transubstantiation during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, only some magic trick of the priest, and presto-amazo - Christ is present, but you can see Him only if you wear the sun glasses purchased from a vendor in fantasy world!
Apparently she actually believes what she writes?, especially if one goes by the observation of one source who has written how, in one of her works, in which one of her characters, a
“female protagonist [herself?] from a Near-Future Earth to a Parallel World in which mental control, a.k.a.  Psi Powers, over subatomic processes is exercised by shamans, and her protagonist soon becomes one.”
Sandra Louise Miesel has merely provided an excellent example of what happens when the mind becomes so delusional from constantly swinging in and out of fantasy world, or is it the world of science fiction?, that she is no longer able to distinguish which world she is in and confuses the two.
“.... if only the pope would wave his magic crosier...” is a sentence one would expect to find written by a Communist atheist who is writing a science fiction comic book which is designed to attack the dogmatic teachings of Council Vatican 1 in 1870 on the Papacy and the Pope.  Actually, Communists really do not need to attack the Pope and the Papacy because the alleged catholic, Sandra Louise Miesel, is doing a much better job of attacking the Pope and the Papacy than Communists have ever done in the past!  One is left to wonder IF she came up with this nonsense while eating magic mushrooms, or some other catalyst for her unwelcomed adventure into la-la-land?
Error # 3:  “.... if only the pope would wave his magic crosier...” In this error, the focus is on her term magic crosier.”
First part of this problem has already been dealt with in error # 2 - the magician and the magic parts.
The second part of this problem is “crosier”, also spelled crozier.
Because, as Roman Catholics know, the Pope does NOT carry a “crosier”!  Hopefully, Sandra Louise Miesel will not fall into a state of apoplexy over this problem?
Bishops carry a “crosier”.  The Pope carries a cross.  Since Sandra Louise Miesel would require proof, here it is:

Western Rite Episcopal Crozier

Eastern Rite Episcopal Crozier

The Pope Carries a Cross, NOT a Crozier
Error # 4“....The Fatima Crusader claims that Russia would convert to Catholicism in a day if only the pope would wave his magic crosier and consecrate it-accept no substitutes-to the Immaculate Heart.
IF Sandra Louise Miesel would do a more thorough research job by reading the data on that website, she would discover that the requirement for the conversion of Russia is that the requirement for the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (she omits of Mary) is that it be done by the Pope WITH - this means in unison with - all of the Catholic Bishops around the world - at the same time, using the same exact prayer of Consecration.
Error # 5“....The Fatima Crusader claims that Russia would convert to Catholicism in a day if only the pope would wave his magic crosier and consecrate it-accept no substitutes-to the Immaculate Heart.
Here, once again, IF Sandra Louise Miesel took the time necessary to research this subject, she would realize that her vindictive accept no substitutes is NOT an option, but also a requirement - from God!
Obviously, Sandra Louise Miesel has failed miserably in doing her homework, so to speak.
Because on Saturday, October 31, 1942, which was the closing of the Fatima Jubilee celebrations for the 25th Anniversary of the Apparitions at Fatima, the Roman Catholic Pope Pius XII, Eugenio Pacelli [Thursday, March 2, 1939 - Thursday, October 9, 1958],speaking in Portuguese via a Portuguese Radio Broadcast to Portugal, Solemnly Consecrated the entire world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
However, Pope Pius XII did NOT mention Russia by name, only vaguely alluding to Russia, and he do so by himself, not in union with all of the Bishops.
Then on Tuesday, December 8, 1942, Pope Pius XII renewed his Consecration of the World to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Why did Pope Pius XII renew his original Consecration?
Because the Saturday, October 31, 1942 Consecration of the World to the Immaculate Heart of Mary was made only in Portuguese, there was the risk that it would pass almost unnoticed by the rest of the world. Therefore, Pope Pius XII decided to renew it very shortly thereafter, so that it would have a much greater effect.
Therefore, on Tuesday, December 8, 1942, the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception, during a ceremony of expiation and supplication in Saint Peter’s basilica, and in the presence of forty Cardinals, many Bishops, the Diplomatic Corps, the Clergy of Rome, and a great crowd of pilgrims, the Holy Father renewed the Consecration of the World to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, but failed to do so in unison with all of the Bishops around the world, and, once again, failed to make a specific mention of Russia!
So this is why - accept no substitutes - really IS the sine qua non for the Conversion of Russia.  Obviously, this requirement is very difficult to comprehend by a person whose area of expertise is fantasy world, and who obviously is NOT well-read on Our Lady of Fatima, and obviously not very knowledgeable about what the Roman Catholic Church teaches!
But what can one expect from a person who blathers about a Parallel World of magicians who perform real magic - not just tricks, and in which she vibrates in and out of so that this world of fantasy becomes juxtaposed with the real world?
And yet this person - a human agent of Satan - considers herself to be a Catholic! At the very least, she needs an Exorcism!
Sandra Louise Miesel has written against works by various Roman Catholics who have tried to warn all Catholics about certain known enemies of the Catholic Church.  The works she has tried to discredit include those which have exposed:
1)  The Marrano Jews (Jews who pretend to be Catholics, but secretly practice the Jewish religion and who have plotted to destroy the Church by Infiltration).
2) The Freemasons (even several Popes have written about them; for some time they have wanted a Pope who was a Freemason in order to destroy the Church from within).
Miesel seems to have conveniently forgotten that it was the Freemasons who began the French Revolution and that it was Freemasons who had many Roman Catholic Bishops, Priests, Religious Brothers, Religious Nuns and Sisters, and many Roman Catholics killed during their revolt in France, and how the have tried to destroy the Roman Catholic Church - even literally.
Miesel obviously does not know that it was during Council Vatican I in 1870 that Archbishop Saint Anthony Mary Claret discovered a secret plot - by Freemasons - to blow up Saint Peter's Basilica in which the Council was being held.
As a result, it was discovered that under the main floor of Saint Peter's Basilica in the Vatican, a large amount of explosives were found and removed.  The explosives were going to be used to blow up Saint Peter's Basilica when the Council was in Session and Pope Pius IX was present - thus the Freemasonic plot to kill Pope Pius IX, all the Bishops attending Council Vatican 1, and everyone else who would also happen to be in Saint Peter's Basilica at that time!
Not one word about this real plot by Freemasons does Miesel mention in the profundity of her ignorance!  Unfortunately, her ignorance extends to most of what she wrote in her very biased anti-Catholic article!
This article reads like it was written either by a Communist or a Freemason.
This begs the question:  “Is Miesel a secret Communist Agent or Communist Infiltrator?”
We would hope the answer is NO.
But her article sure makes it sound as if it really was written by a secret Communist Infiltrator in the church because the sources she attacks have obviously hit a nerve, if one judges by the wild response by which she tries to castigate them!!!
These are her fruits, against which Christ has warned all of us:
“By their fruits you shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, and the evil tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit” (Matthew 7:15-17).
3) The Communists (they also have plans to destroy the Church from within which has been proven by operation “Outstretched Hand” in The Venona Secrets - Exposing Soviet Espionage and America’s Traitors). In her article entitled Swinging at Windmills:A Close Look at Catholic Conspiracy Theories, cited above, Sandra Louise Miesel tries to totally discredit:
1)  The former Communist, and Catholic convert, Mrs./Dr. Bella V. Dodd, of whom she writes that Dodd implausibly claimed to have sent a thousand young men into American seminaries.
(N.B. Miesel apparently either did not know anything about the fact that The Venona Secrets - Exposing Soviet Espionage and America’s Traitors was obtained directly from the official Communist Party archives in Moscow, Russia.  Among other things, these archives confirmed the existence of operation “Outstretched Hand” which included the infiltration of Communists into Roman Catholic Seminaries. Or, perhaps Miesel did in fact know these things, but conveniently ignored them because they did not fit into her venting against those who have exposed the Communist Infiltrators in the Roman Catholic Church?
Or maybe she reverted back to her science fiction writing mindset and thinks that The Venona Secrets - Exposing Soviet Espionage and America’s Traitors is nothing but fiction and that the official Communist Party archives in Moscow, Russia are only fiction and that operation “Outstretched Hand” which included the infiltration of Communists into Roman Catholic Seminaries is likewise fiction?
Miesel seems to like to label anything and anyone with whom she disagrees as fiction and/or fictitious?
The bottom line is this:  Miesel is the one who implausibly claims a litany of falsehoods in her article Swinging at Windmills:A Close Look at Catholic Conspiracy Theories.)
2)  Josyp Terelya, a Ukrainian Catholic Gulag survivor and visionary, of whom she claims that other conspiratorial threads come together in the writings of Josyp Terelya.
(N.B. Here again Miesel apparently reverts to her pre-conceived mindset of using the label fiction for whatever she disagrees with, and whoever says it is likewise the object of her discrediting modus operandi? IF anyone should be knowledgeable about the subject matter of which he writes, it would certain be a victim such as Josyp Terelya!
But when one lives in an utopian world of fantasy, reality has but little meaning!)
 3)  Miesel dislikes the visionary Anne Katharine Emmerich [d. 1824], (whose visions were the basis for Mel Gibson's movie:  The Passion of the Christ) because Emmerich foresaw a Masonic-led false Church in one of her many visions! 4)  Miesel hates the Secrets of La Salette [1846] because the Blessed Virgin Mary included the Prophecy in one of the Secrets that Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of anti-Christ.
Among other things, Miesel loves to defend the [Red-Shield], i.e. the Rothschilds, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Zionist Jews, the Skull and Bones, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, the Zionist Jewish international bankers, the Federal Reserve, the UN, and, last but not least, the New World Order of anti-Christ!
Where does one go for relief from such an ostrich-type mentality in la-la-land?  To Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand!
Response by Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand
A Final Swing
Sandra Miesel does a fine job debunking the fantastic and often absurd conspiratorial inventions that have proliferated in some circles (Swinging at Windmills: A Close Look at Catholic Conspiracy Theories, December 2002). Many of them have been refuted and proven to be totally baseless.
[Editor's Note:  We respectfully disagree with Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand concerning the use of the word many. We agree with her that some “of them have been refuted and proven to be totally baseless”.  But most of them have not “been refuted and proven.... baseless”. Why?  Because, over time, other sources have been discovered which have verified them, just as the Communist plans to destroy the Church from within have been proven to be an undeniable fact, including, but not limited to, operation “Outstretched Hand” in The Venona Secrets - Exposing Soviet Espionage and America’s Traitors.
However, We do agree with most of what follows.]
But I have a quarrel with some of the arguments that she offered. In a few paragraphs in her article, Miesel overshoots her mark and weakens her conclusions. She challenges the authenticity of a book published by a French woman, Marie Carre
She was a nurse who received a call to take care of a man mortally wounded in a car accident. The dying man had no identification and no passport. All she found was a manuscript that she decided to publish in 1972 under the title AA-1025: The Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle.
It relates the story of a young man who, upon discovering that his adoptive parents had lied to him, decided to escape to Russia. Animated by a deadly hatred of the Catholics who had raised him, he decided to dedicate his life to the victory of atheism.
Trained by the Communists, he was ordered to go back to Poland and play the repentant sinner, enter a seminary as an anti-apostle, and then spend his life working toward the destruction of the Roman Catholic Church.
Miesel writes: This is supposed to explain the post-Vatican II changes, although Communist control never altered dogma of worship beyond the Iron Curtain.
This is a non sequitur.
AA-1025 was working in the West, not in Eastern Europe; moreover, the Communist regime did not need to change dogmas: Atheism was supreme. A careful reading of the book shows that AA-1025 was much too clever to launch a direct attack on dogmas. His plans were much more subtle, much more professional, to spread doubt, to weaken faith, to undermine tradition, and to ridicule old-fashioned practices that alienate modern man for failing to address themselves to his needs.
The next paragraph is still more astonishing: Miesel refers to the book as a fable. There I part ways with the author. As much as I agree with her that the validity of AA-1025 has not been proven, this fact does not disprove the book's truth.
[Editor's Note:  We respectfully disagree with Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand where she writes:  “As much as I agree with her that the validity of AA-1025 has not been proven....” Apparently, Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand wrote her rebuttal to Miesel's article before the Communist plans to destroy the Church from within were proven to be an undeniable fact, especially by uncovering operation “Outstretched Hand” in The Venona Secrets - Exposing Soviet Espionage and America’s Traitors, much of the data for which came directly from the official Communist Party archives in Moscow, Russia.
This situation merely proves Our earlier observation above that over time, other sources have been discovered which have verified certain statements.
However, We do agree with the end of the sentence of Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand where, even though she was obviously not aware of operation “Outstretched Hand”, she did wisely write:  this fact does not disprove the book's truth.]
Miesel makes the mistake that hundreds of my students have made: If God's existence is not satisfactorily proven to their taste, they draw the conclusion that it has been disproved. Even if all proofs of His existence were weak and unconvincing, this fact would thereby in no way be disproved. I grant Miesel that one can raise many questions concerning the authenticity of this document. I have raised them myself. But once again, this does not prove without a shadow of a doubt that it is not valid.
AA-1025 may be a literary invention of Sister Marie Carre, but one must admit that she hits the bull's eye from the first page to the last.
[Editor's Note:  We respectfully disagree with Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand where she writes in part: “but one must admit that she [referring to the author of AA-1025hits the bull's eye from the first page to the last.” The problem here is that IF one takes this statement literally, this is not true, because some of the statements in AA-1025 have not yet happened, and it is possible that perhaps some of them never will happen?
Sandra Louise Miesel has written a response to Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand's response entitled A Final Swing, in which Sandra Louise Miesel tries to nullify the erudition of Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand's response. Rather that quote the whole thing, one paragraph should suffice for you to grasp her obvious fallacies.  One fallacy is known as the Argumentum Ad Ignorantiam, “Argument to Ignorance”, which is a fallacy in which the Sophist counts on the ignorance of the reader and takes advantage of it to conceal the weakness of his/her own case or misrepresent the case of his/her opponent  One also finds the fallacy known as the Fallacy of Non-Observation which is a Material Fallacy of Induction which consists in deliberately neglecting or overlooking instances which should be observed or circumstances which have a determining influence.
Sandra Louise Miesel:
It hardly took much prophetic skill to predict the vernacular Mass in 1972 when AA-1025 was written.
[Editor's Note:  This is an Argumentum Ad Ignorantiam fallacy in which Miesel apparently hopes that her readers will forget these historical facts: 1)  The first use of the vernacular in the Mass occurred when the Vatican decreed, on April 24, 1964, that the priest could say Corpus Christi (Body of Christ) in the vernacular as he gave Holy Communion.
2)  By November 29, 1964, all parishes is the U.S. had begun to have portions of the Mass in English using the official interim Missal in English.
3)  Thursday, May 23, 1968 - the Canon of the Mass began being recited in the vernacular.
4)  April 6, 1969, Pope Paul VI promulgated the Novus Ordo Missae.
5) On June 5, 1969, A Critical Study of the New Order of Mass, written by A Group of Roman Theologians, in Section IV, Presentation of the essence mentions the vernacular:
¶ 34, c), says in part: “The anamnesis (“Haec quotiescumque feceritis in mei memoriam facietis”), which in Greek is “eis ten emou anamnesin” (directed to my memory). This referred to Christ operating and not to the mere memory of Him, or of the event: an invitation to recall what He did (“haec...in mei memoriam facietis”) in the way He did it, not only His Person, or the Supper. The Pauline formula (“Hoc facite in meam commemorationem”) which will now take the place of the old--proclaimed as it will be daily in vernacular languages--will irremediably cause the hearers to concentrate on the memory of Christ as the end of the Eucharistic action, whilst it is really the beginning.”
6) On Sunday, November 30, 1969, the New Mass, the Novus Ordo Missae, in the vernacular, began being used.
The above six examples are also six instances of the use of the Material Fallacy of Induction known as the Fallacy of Non-Observation in which Sandra Louise Miesel conveniently neglected, or perhaps she choose to overlook, these above six instances in which the vernacular was used, whether in part or in whole, since April 24, 1964 - 8 years before 1972!
Sandra Louise Miesel: As for ‘hitting the bull's eye from the first page to the last,’ do we have ordained fathers and mothers celebrating Mass on the family table before dinner every night? Are the naves of our churches filled with communion tables for groups of twelve? Have we abolished infant baptism, marriage ceremonies, private confession, vestments, altar cloths, candles, the Sign of the Cross, the Sunday Mass obligation, the term ‘Catholic’? Are believers in union with the pope ever likely to do so? As I said, AA-1025 is a fable seething with hatred of ecumenism. I don't understand why someone of Dr. von Hildebrand's stature would give it a second glance.
On the contrary, if one takes the time to humbly and prayerful understand the statement of Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, with which Sandra Louise Miesel takes umbrage, namely:
“but one must admit that she hits the bull's eye from the first page to the last.”
most probably how Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand intended her observation to be taken when she originally wrote it, was to mean that many of the details in AA-1025 were part of the ultimate goals nof the Communist Infiltrator priest # 1025, and that some of these goals remain unfulfilled today, either because of the fact that Communist Infiltrator priest Agent # 1025 died before he could help to bring these goals to fruition, or because his Communist superiors changed these particular goals for whatever reason(s). It should be remembered that AA-1025 has various long-range goals in it, some of which have not yet happened, but whether or not they ever do happen does not detract from the fact that these things were goals - not all of them are past historical facts, nbut rather both ideas and plans for the future and thus not everything in AA-1025 is current historical fact.
Please consider these two chilling examples from the text itself which prove that some of the data in this work includes plans for the future which have yet to be realized, e.g. Vatican 3:
Example 1:
All sorts of exciting ideas came surging into my head, and I coded my whole program before sending it to Moscow. Looking back on these days, I now feel a legitimate pride at having been the first to suggest these ideas to the Party. It is now plain that these were the right ideas, far superior to a mere dialectical attempt at destroying religious belief.”  (emphasis added).
Example 2:
“However, we must begin to work for Vatican III even now. Vatican III, as I see it, will mean the destruction of the Church and the death of God... Then, I shall come forward, not to nail Christ upon His Cross, but God Himself into His coffin.” (emphasis added).
Miesel, whether through gross ignorance, or deliberate deception (Miesel claims to be a Medievalist, which, to Us, based upon the article she wrote, amounts to nothing more than a fancy word for Church Historian, so We must go with deliberate deception), conveniently overlooked this data when she read the text. Miesel was being hypocritically ingenuous, and certainly disingenuous, for taking Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand to task for an honest observation made by Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand which self-evidently went way over the head of Miesel who tried to make the proverbial federal case out of it, akin to making a mountain out of a molehill, when, all along, it is Miesel who, through an arrogant Pharisaical diatribe, was imputing to Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand that of which she herself (Miesel) is guilty: deception!
In the process, Miesel has also insulted the intelligence of each Reader by trying to use not one, but two, fallacies, in order to suborn the Truth due to the Material Falsity of the two Material Fallacies of Induction identified above.
Because We really feel sorry for Sandra Louise Miesel, We hope it has now become self-evident to her, that, effective immediately, she should limit her writing ONLY to works of fiction, which is an area in which she is quite adept.  Writers of fiction need a good imagination, and this is something in which Sandra Louise Miesel excels!
In other words, she needs to stay with something she knows quite well, not an area, like Religion, or even Church History, in which some of the Protestants We know are much more knowledgeable about the Catholic Faith, and some even about Church History, than is Miesel.
Rather than continue her futile efforts in her superficial writing on Religious subjects, which only succeed in bringing odium upon herself, Miesel should stop trying to bluff her way around by writing on subject matter which is far beyond her depth and way beyond her grasp.
Ironically, even the heretical NEW Theology Theologians have a depth and a grasp of their subject matter which far exceeds that of Miesel.
The only other real alternative is for her to retire in order to save herself future embarrassment.
Sadly, Miesel is an example to everyone else who may think they are experts on Religious subjects, but who instead are suffering from an acute case of the scholar of one book syndrome.
We, who have been consulted by many different Roman Catholic Traditional Bishops and Priests, as well as Laity, on a wide range of Religious and Ecclesiastical subjects, are in no way any kind of an expert in any way on any of these subjects, despite Our own humble and prayerful research and study of them for well over half a century!
Because the more We know, the more We know there is to know. Plus, the more We know, the more We know We do not know !
In other words, a certain degree of knowledge is required before a person realizes they know nothing!]
Some people have extraordinary talents to foresee the future. Carre certainly had an extraordinary perception of how best to harm the Church. How surprising indeed that all her inventions have become reality in the post-conciliar Church.
[Editor's Note:  We respectfully disagree with Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand where she uses the word “all”.  She would have been more prudent in using the word “many” because not “all her inventions have become reality in the post-conciliar Church.” In addition, a note of clarification is necessary.  In this section, Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand is writing as IF Sister Marie Carré had made up the whole thing and merely wrote AA-1025 out of her own active imagination because this is the purport of Miesel's article on this subject.
The above is part of Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand's response to what Miesel wrote about AA-1025 in Miesel's original article:
“Further evidence of faith in Communist trickiness is the persistent popularity of Anti-Apostle 1025 by Marie Carre, originally published in France in 1972. This purports to be a memoir by the 1025th Red to penetrate Catholic seminaries, but it is manifestly a feeble example of radical traditionalist propaganda that even fails to factor in the Russian purges.”
Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand is merely trying to humor, so to speak, the obviously confrontational Miesel, by pointing out that even IF Sister Marie Carré had written AA-1025 and that no such person as Agent # AA-1025 ever existed, Sister Marie Carré would have had to have been a genius to write what she wrote back in 1972 before the beginning of the never-ending changes of the changes of the changes began to inundate the church as if they are series of disastrous tidal waves, destroying everything in their path! Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand very subtly, objectively, and most effectively refutes Miesel's position where she writes in part:
“Carre certainly had an extraordinary perception of how best to harm the Church. How surprising indeed that all her inventions have become reality in the post-conciliar Church.”
With this brilliant response to Miesel's ludicrous statement, Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand has very powerfully revealed the position of Miesel to be at the far edge of la-la-land - totally ridiculous and disconnected from the world of reality, nothing but an hallucinogenic fantasy world - in order to prove how untenable Miesel's position about Sister Marie Carré really is! In other words, how could this Hospital Nun be so well acquainted with the plans and goals of Communist Infiltrators in the Church that she could so accurately write about what was going to actually happen in the church after 1972, which was before the full impact was noticed and realized by most Catholics who were not sure what was happening in the church?!
“Carre certainly had an extraordinary perception of how best to harm the Church. How surprising indeed that all her inventions have become reality in the post-conciliar Church.”
This is merely Mrs./Dr. Alice von Hildebrand's way of pointing out to Miesel how immature, unfounded, asinine, and unrealistic her attack on AA-1025 and Sister Marie Carré really is. From another perspective, this is the delicious acme of subtle sarcastic humor which rapier wit Sandra Louise Miesel, a self-evident apologist for Communists, Freemasons, et alii, fails to get, or to understand.  In short, Miesel exercises her closed mind within the grossly finite vacuity of the Teilhardian black pin hole of the nothingness of Phenomenalism - a straight jacket would permit more movement than this!
More serious is the brief reference that Miesel makes to Bella Dodd. It is clear from the content of her article that Miesel never met Dodd personally. I knew her and can call her a friend. After dedicating 21 years of her life to the Enemy, she was so shattered when her eyes opened that she wanted to devote the years left to her to penance and to join the most severe penitential order. She turned for advice and help to Bishop Fulton Sheen. She opened her heart to him, went to confession, and put herself under his guidance. He became her spiritual director and gave her the order to remain in the world and open the eyes of Americans to the deadly poison of Communism, its atheism, its hatred of God and the Church.
She lectured extensively. It was at one of her talks that my husband and I made her acquaintance. We immediately perceived that she was an exceptional person: her intelligence, her sincerity, her humility, and her desire to make good for the harm that she had done.
Dodd visited us in New Rochelle, New York.
I recall that one day my husband-who had become increasingly worried about what was dubbed the spirit of Vatican II-said to her:
Bella, at times I wonder whether the Church has not been infiltrated.
I can solemnly testify that she answered:
Dear professor, you fear it; I know it. When I was a fanatic Communist, I was in close contact with four cardinals in the Vatican working for us. They are still very active today.
My husband jumped in his seat and said:
My nephew is German ambassador at the Holy See. Who are they?
Bella Dodd refused to answer: Bishop Sheen had not allowed her to reveal their names.
As long as Bella Dodd lived, she remained in close contact with Bishop Sheen. He knew what she was revealing in her numerous lectures and never tried to curb her or to challenge what she was saying, but he did not allow her to reveal names. The Roman Catholic Church rightly fears scandals.
[Editor's Note:  Is this the moral justification of why certain Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests covered up the pedophile scandal for decades and permitted thousands and thousands of innocent children, mostly boys, to be victimized?  We do not agree with those who say one should not release any names because the church rightly fears scandals.  What about the Satanist scandal with all of its thousands of victims?  How much longer is this scandal, which also concerns certain clergy, going to be covered up just because the church rightly fears scandals? For how many more decades will there continue to be thousands and thousands of victims of these Satanist clergy, i.e. priests and prelates?]
In a talk that Dodd gave in Orange, California, she told a packed auditorium that in the 1920's Stalin ordered his subordinates to try to infiltrate Catholic seminaries. Dodd was appointed to faithfully follow this directive, and given her extraordinary charism to persuade people, she claimed publicly that she alone was responsible for the infiltration of hundreds of Judases in Catholic seminaries: Young men who had neither faith nor morals was the way she put it.
It seems legitimate at this point to wonder whether some of the horrendous sexual scandals that have rocked the Church in the United States are not to be traced back to Bella Dodd's efficiency.
With a sleight of hand, Miesel dismisses the whole thing as being implausible. End of discussion.
Having taught in a fortress of secularism for some 37 years and as a cradle Catholic, I have learned a few things along the way. It is a well-known fact that teachers learn much from their students, and mine have opened my mind to quite a few facts.
One thing that they convinced me of is that most fundamental errors are highly plausible and that many a truth are implausible. All Catholic dogma shocks human reason, since original sin is always tempted by rationalism. Religious, metaphysical, and ethical truths can only be accepted when reason is on its knees in a position of humility.
[Editor's note:  This seems to be a position totally foreign to Miesel whose ego apparently is unaware that Humility is the basis of all of the Virtues, and that somewhere between her feet and her waist she has what are called knees.]
I have heard Europeans accuse Americans of being naive. Maybe several paragraphs of Miesel's article are a case in point. Many of my students have convinced me that atheism, materialism, evolutionism, relativism, subjectivism, and sexism are highly plausible. How can God exist, be all-powerful and all good, and yet permit the tortures of innocent children? On the other hand, infiltration is highly plausible.
One of the tasks of the KBG, the FBI, and the CIA is to recruit double agents. There is not a single organization that does not aim at infiltration. If they don't, they will inevitably be defeated.
Stalin (like every devil) was immensely clever. Being an ex-seminarian, he knew the power that faith exercises upon man's soul; he also knew best the means of weakening and destroying it.
He would have been very stupid indeed had he not tried to infiltrate the Vatican.
This very thought, of course, is repugnant to Catholics. Many of them have no fear that an intimate of the Enemy might be within and would undermine the authority of Peter. Almost instinctively they will reject as fable and inventions of scandal mongers any claim that some cardinal, bishop, or priest might be working for the Enemy.
I am not a prophet. I am far from claiming that we are at the end of time. I do not know. But one thing is certain: Confusion reigns all over.
Does it imply that the Holy Catholic Church is no longer without blemish? Far from it: The Holy Catholic Church is indeed holy, and will ever be, but God's greatness and power are best shown in the fact that, in spite of the treason of some of His children, He will conquer, because, as St. Augustine wrote, His power is best shown by the fact that evil can be used for the triumph of the good.
Alice von Hildebrand
New Rochelle, New York


Memoirs of a Communist's Infiltration Into the Church
Sister Marie Carré

The Anti-Apostle Program AA-1025
The following true story was originally published in 1972
by Yves Dupont in his magazine “World Trends”
The Confession of Mikolaj, the anti-priest
This man has no name, but we shall call him Mikolaj because he came from Poland where he was born in 1917, perhaps from Russian parents fleeing the Revolution.  He was found wandering along a road at the age of three, by a Polish Doctor and his wife, both devout Catholics. The year of his birth must have been determined by the Doctor because the child, who was crying, spoke only a little Polish and a little Russian and did not even know his own name. The Polish couple had no child of their own; they adopted him and loved him as their own son.
In his confession, Mikolaj related that his foster parents were very good to him, very generous, full of affection, and that this recollection, even fifty years later, filled him with “seething Anger”.
For he had been trained, as an agent of the devil, to hate what normal people respect and love; memories of his childhood were like intruders trying to move his heart and bring about his conversion. He could not bear them, he had to hate them, and hate also those who were responsible for these sweet memories.  The child grew into a boy of quiet disposition and studious habits. His intelligence and capacity for learning appear to have been extraordinary, and so was his ambition.
The latter seems to have played an important part in his downfall at the age of 14 or 15 when, one evening, shortly before a planned visit to Rome and Paris, he overheard his parents express their concern about his passport and his legal status as an adopted child. He was shattered! He had been brought up to believe that these two were really Mother and Father to him, and to discover this was not the truth was a great shock to him. He could not get over it; they died in his heart as effectively as if they had died physically; they ceased to be “Mum and Dad”; they became “Those People”.
Distracted almost out of his mind, he fled from the house immediately. He decided to leave Poland, and made for the Russian border. A schoolmate of his had an uncle in Russia, in Leningrad to be precise, where he was as a high-ranking public servant.
A few days later, with a letter of introduction in his hand, he called at the uncle's home in Russia. The uncle noticed his alertness, intelligence and ambition, and was favorably impressed. “If you wish to succeed, my lad”, he told him, “first of all you must study some foreign languages and absorb the doctrine of the Party.”
For the next six years, Mikolaj studied furiously and absorbed the Marxist doctrine in its entirety. The uncle, as he soon found out, was a high-ranking official in the Secret Police. There is little doubt that his interest for the young man had been aroused by considerations which had little to do with affection or sympathy. The boy was highly intelligent, had no parents or relative to divide his allegiance or interfere with his Marxist studies, and he was ambitious. In fact, the perfect raw material with which to form a good agent.
Other factors, too, contributed to this: Mikolaj had an enormous capacity for work, a remarkable memory, and he despised all women and the “fools” who love them too much. This would exclude emotional involvements with the fair sex.  The six years of study completed, Mikolaj, now 20, was called to the office of the Uncle who told him point-blank:
“I am going to send you abroad to become a militant atheist on the world scene. Your main duty will be to fight all religions, but the Catholic religion in particular because of its efficient structures. In order to achieve this you will enter a seminary and become a Catholic priest. But you must return to Poland and seek reconciliation with your foster parents who will be delighted to hear of your ‘vocation’ and who will help you to become a priest.”
Mikolaj had mixed feeling: the idea of being a secret agent filled him with elation, but the command to see his “parents” again and act the part of a loving son for the six long years which he would spend in the seminary, was abhorrent to him. Self-control is one of the qualities of a secret agent. In this case, however, Mikolaj could not quite conceal his feelings even after 6 years of training in Marxist' schools. The Uncle remarked on this, which had Mikolaj blush, and drew a further remark from the Uncle:
“A secret agent does not blush, has no blood in his veins, has no heart, loves no one not even himself. He is the Thing of the Party, and the Party can devour him alive and without warning. Wherever you are, get it into your head that you will be watched. At the first sign of weakness we shall get rid of you. And, of course, if you are in danger, do not rely on us; you will be disavowed.”
Answered Mikolaj: “I know all this very well, but I beg to ask why I should show love and affection to my false parents when I feel nothing but hatred for them.”
“Hatred has no room in our service, except the hatred of God following Lenin's example; we kill without hatred simply to serve the Party. You must see your parents again, but you will not enter a Polish seminary; you will be sent overseas, perhaps to Canada, where discipline is not as strict as in Europe, and there is less likelihood of discovery. Besides, with that madman now in Germany we have every reason to fear a war in Europe.”
The Uncle gave him further instructions and reminders:
“Persecution is useless; we don't want any martyrs as long as we are not in complete control of the West.  Religion must be destroyed by dialectics.
[Dialectic: The art or practice of examining statements logically as by question and answer.]
“You are to send me a report every week.  After a while you will be put in touch with the rest of the network and you will be responsible for ten other agents; but you will not know who they are, and they will not know you. To reach them and to reach you everything will go through this office. “We already have many priests in those countries which are afflicted with Catholicism, one is a bishop. We have observers everywhere. Some, especially trained for the purpose, scan the newspapers of the whole world every day and send us reports on the development of ideas in the West. Our foreign policy is based on these.
“Thus we will be able to see how effective your own work is. You will have to spread new ideas; ideas that may appeal to some stupid pen-pusher who will take them up and publicize them. No one is more vain than a writer; give him an idea, and he will say that it is his own, write about it, enlarge upon it, and thus further our aims.
“We rely a great deal on writers and journalists; there is no need for us to train them, they work for us without realizing it. You will receive letters from us. You will recognize every letter as genuine by the code numbers SS 1025, which is your own. SS means Seminary Student. Yes, there are 1024 others.”
The next few days Mikolaj spent most of his time studying a few confidential files the Uncle had given him. Before he left Russia a number of further interviews with the Uncle took place. During one of these he told the Uncle of his own ideas on how best to combat religion in the West. An open and bitter opposition had already been ruled out; persuasion through dialectics, lectures, debates, dialogues and colloquies was the latest method favored by Moscow, and it was to develop considerably after World War II. In almost all such talks the Communist speakers, who were highly-trained dialecticians, outsmarted their opponents and often silenced them completely, thus winning many “converts” in the audience. Press reports of such talks further helped to spread Marxist ideas and lent respectability to the Communists who, it was thought, had become “reasonable”.
The method has indeed proved extremely successful; the penetration of Marxist thinking in the West is now so thorough that echoes of it are quite a common occurrence even in the Catholic press. To complement this method, however, Mikolaj had devised a more sinister scheme primarily designed to change Catholic doctrine. Briefly, instead of combating the religious feeling of the people, it consisted in exalting it in a wrong direction and towards some unrealistic objective.
The Uncle who, at first had seemed somewhat amused, now listened with great interest (decidedly, he thought, this young man is above average).
Mikolaj went on:
“We must put it into their heads, and especially priests, that the time has come to seek and work for the merging of all religions. We must, in particular, promote among Catholics a feeling of guilt concerning the ‘ONE TRUTH’ which they claim they alone possess. We must convince them that this attitude is a monstrous sin of pride, and that they must now seek reconciliation with other religions. This thought must be made to grow and be uppermost in their minds.”
Answered the Uncle:
“Very well! But don't you think that this scheme is somewhat unrealistic?”
“Not at all!”, said Mikolaj, “I myself was a Catholic up to the age of 15, and a very devout one at that; I think it should be comparatively easy to convince Catholics that there are holy persons among Protestants, Mussulmans [Muslims] and Jews. And since they are holy, they also are the members of the “Communion of Saints” in which Catholics believe. Starting from this, we will say that to keep these people out of the Church is an insult to God. Of course, we shall drop the term ‘Communion of Saints’; we shall substitute for it some other expression such as ‘Community of Believers’ or ‘People of God’. This will shift the accent from the supernatural to the natural, from the heavenly to the earthly, which is what we want. The whole Catholic terminology can and must be changed. To those who object we shall reply that the meaning has not changed and that we must adapt our expressions to the modern way of thinking, which is what progress is about. And since Catholic intellectuals, like most intellectuals, seek and value the praise of others, they will be mortally afraid of being ‘behind the times’; they will accept the new terms and promote them among the ignorant people. There is a whole area to be investigated here; I can do no more than outline the plan...” “And how do you envision that Universal Church to which you would have everyone rushing?”
“That new Church must be simple. The concept of God must be vague, general and impersonal, not entailing any definite obligations, not demanding sacrifices, and, of course, not providing any inspiration to the people. The ‘universal brotherhood of men’ must be emphasized above all things. It should not be difficult to persuade Catholics that the Commandment ‘Love they neighbor as thyself’ requires no less than that. In order to make them forget God we must get them to worship the human race. This, however, is a long-term effort: it may take 20, 30 or even 50 years; we must be prepared to wait, but I am confident that we shall succeed...”
“Very well, we shall examine your idea. Come back next week and we shall give you our reply. Meanwhile, get ready for your departure for Poland.”
The following week Mikolaj called at the Uncle's office as arranged. The Uncle told him that his Chief was here and wanted to meet him. Mikolaj was overjoyed, for it was obvious that such a powerful Official would not come merely to signify his refusal; he must have been favorably impressed. Completely self-possessed, Mikolaj met the great Chief. However, he instantly disliked his appearance which was one of gross brutality and vulgarity. He reflected that this must be the sort of man who enjoys watching the most cruel tortures in prisons; a true sadist. Mikolaj was above all an intellectual; he disliked the idea of torture which he saw as a mark of weakness and stupidity on the part of the torturer. The Chief looked at him in a manner that bore right through him. Mikolaj felt uneasy.
Point-blank, the Chief asked:
“What do you have most at heart?” “The victory of the Party”, said Mikolaj.
“Good! From today onwards you will be on the roll of our active agents. You will have responsibilities, you will issue orders. But make no mistake about it: we expect to see the fruits of your work in newspapers, books and theological reviews. It is up to you. We have a specialist team of readers whose function it is to analyze the religious writings of the whole world. We will watch your progress. However, I am confident that you will be able to handle this...”
Mikolaj reflected that this brute, after all, was no fool; he had correctly assessed his exceptional ability and his outstanding intelligence of which he never doubted himself. He felt completely sure that he would succeed, for he knew well the weak spot of Catholics, which is Charity. With “Charity” it is always possible to instill remorse in the hearts of people, and a remorseful person is inevitably in a state of lesser resistance and, therefore, of higher receptivity to alien ideas and suggestions. This is psychologically certain, just as certain as pure mathematics. With “Charity” it will be possible to persuade Catholics it is a sin to criticize Protestants, Jews and Mussulmans [Muslims]; and that to criticize their beliefs is, in fact, the same as criticizing them. Thus, Catholics will gradually accept the beliefs of the other religions and their own faith will wane. The honesty and scruples of Catholics, Mikolaj thought, is the opening through which we shall enter their fortress; it is the fault in the rock that can be plugged with explosives, the weakness which makes a dialogue with them extremely rewarding.
A few days later, Mikolaj was back in Poland. He somewhat dreaded his first meeting with his foster father, so he arranged to come “home” when the Doctor was likely to be out. He rang the door-bell, and it was his foster mother who came and opened the door.
Here is the account of his return
“She had aged considerably, she did not have any make-up on. She looked ill. She began to shake with emotion, then she cried. Really, women are no good except locked up in harems for the convenience of men in their necessities. Naturally, I begged her to pardon me; that was part of the game. But I knew that this business would be promptly settled, so overcome with joy would she be. Thus, I would not have to abase myself before my foster father when he came home. To see me as a priest of God must have been her most cherished dream; so, without any more ado, I told her of my “irresistible”vocation.
“The old goose was so happy that she nearly fainted. From then on she would have believed anything I said. And when was I for the first time aware of the ‘call of God’?”
“Well, I said, it all came suddenly through an apparition. (I had not intended to tell her anything like that, but the idea came to me there and then; I knew this sort of thing would appeal to her, and it amused me anyway). Of course, the Doctor was rather suspicious of the supernatural, but that did not matter, on the contrary: any disagreement between the two could only strengthen my own position, and while they were arguing how my vocation came about, it would not occur to them that I may not have had any vocation at all.
“So I told her in great detail my story of that wonderful heavenly visitation. I said St. Anthony of Padua had come to me, and, to make the picture even nicer, I added that he was carrying the Infant Jesus in his arms. The silly old cow was near to ecstasy.  Just then, however, the Doctor arrived and I was relieved to be able to speak to a sensible person after all that nonsense, but I saw immediately that he would have nothing of my story. Never mind! That will make the game even more exciting ...
“The next day we went to see the bishop. He was kind, but reserved. That was just what I had expected. I knew very well that he would not send me to the seminary the next day! My perseverance would prove that my vocation was genuine. Throughout the interview I assumed an air of perfect humility with my eyes cast down except when I was spoken to. He advised me to go and see a Religious Priest who was known for his ability to “discern the spirits”. This jargon means that the fellow was supposed to read people's hearts! So I went to see him. Our interview was a protracted one, and I did not like the character. He spoke slowly, deliberately and his speech was punctuated with long, heavy pauses that were rather unpleasant. Of course, I said nothing of my ‘apparitions’; my mother would have most certainly told him already, and my reserve in this respect would look very edifying indeed.
“I played the part of a very humble young man, and I am sure that I played it most excellently. However, I took some pride in confessing to him that I had never known any girl or woman, and that I was not at all interested in the weaker sex which, in my opinion, has no other function than that of childbearing. I felt sure that he would condone such an outburst of juvenile pride, and it would show him how earnest I was.
“The ‘holy’ man, however, set a few traps for me; he tried to pin me down on some contradictions. How childish! I was fully trained for that sort of thing. He also asked me why I left my foster parents six years earlier, and why I had never written to them. I thought it would be best not to attempt to justify my past behavior.
“On the contrary, an admission of human weakness was more likely to move his heart. So I told him in quavering tones that this folly of mine would be the remorse of my whole life. But, I added, the immense sorrow which I caused to my ‘dear’ mother would be more than repaid by the lasting bliss of my priestly vocation, for nothing could make her more happy than that.
“He agreed, and I now felt certain that he would not have the heart to deprive my aging mother of such great happiness. Our conversation grew more and more friendly as the hours went by, and, when we parted, we were like two old friends...”
“Because of this I was thunderstruck when, a few days later, the bishop told me quietly that, in this priest's opinion, I did not have a vocation. It was as though the earth had split under my very feet...”
“I reported the setback to the Uncle through a priest-agent who had been appointed to that function. The reply came promptly and it was a terse one: ‘Destroy the obstacle’.
“After pondering a few days on the best way to ‘destroy the obstacle’, a task which I did not relish, I decided to put to good use the special training in bare-hand combat which I had received in Russia. But it would be better if this took place outside the priest's monastery. I arranged through my comrade the priest-agent that he should invite the Religious to his home...”
“And so it was done. I had felt humiliated and angry at having been rejected by the old coot, and when our second interview took place, I demanded to know his reasons.  He calmly answered that he did not have any reason himself, but that the Lord had given him the ‘discerning of spirits’ (1 Corinthians12:10). I could see that the man was not pretending, he really believed what he said, but his wholly unscientific reason did not satisfy me.  How can you argue with a man who believes in magic? Even his seraphic smile irritated me; that old man behaved like a child. I told him that I would not hesitate to kill him if this could help me to enter the seminary.
“He answered quietly that he knew this. I was flabbergasted! For a long moment we looked at each other without saying a word. Then he broke the heavy silence and said slowly: ‘You know not what you are doing.’
“I must confess that I felt then extremely uncomfortable: this man could read my mind; he possessed powers which I did not understand. My comrade the priest, who was in the room, sensed that I was faltering. He signaled to me discreetly. In a flash I realized that I was finished unless I carried out the Uncle's orders there and then.
“I sprang to my feet and with two neat karate blows I killed the old man. In1938, very few people in the West knew the possibilities afforded by this Japanese art, and I was grateful to my Russian masters for teaching me how to kill ‘cleanly’. Those two blows had caused his heart to stop, and his death would be normally diagnosed as a heart failure.
“The next day, however, I had a rash all over my body, a symptom of emotional stress; how stupid of me! ...”
“I was fully confident now that I would eventually enter the seminary, and I was already making plans for the future especially as regard my work for the Party. I was to inject into Catholic thinking a whole set of new values and a new train of thought. I was to foster remorse in their hearts, a gnawing sense of guilt, quoting the Gospel: ‘Be ONE as the Father and I are ONE.’”
“That sense of guilt must grow into an obsession to the point of rehabilitating Martin Luther. They will be made to believe that schisms and heresies were caused by their own intransigence, that the time had come for them to atone and make reparation by throwing their arms open to their Protestant brethren and confessing their own sin of pride and stubbornness. Of course, we shall not tamper with the Creed except for the word ‘Catholic’ which must be changed to ‘Universal’ or ‘Christian’ as the Protestants use.
“But we shall not use the name of God except when necessary. We shall speak of man, stress his dignity and nobility. We must transform the language and thinking pattern of every Catholic. We must foster the mystique of the human race. At first, we shall say that God exits, but we shall point out that God remains forever outside the field of human experience, and experience is what counts for sensate beings. We shall lay much stress on experience and sensory perceptions. The positive, the experimental and the sensorial must be the basis of the new thinking. We shall say that, since God is invisible, the best way to serve him is to set up a universal Church in which all men can meet as brothers in mutual good-will, love, and understanding. This new mystique must finally obfuscate the concept of God of whom we shall speak less and less, except for saying that we are God because God is in everyone of us. In this manner, we shall re-direct the religious yearnings and superstitions of the people. We shall deify Man...
“Once Catholics have accepted this new mystique, we shall tell them to strip their churches bare of statues and ornaments because these things are unessential and abhorrent to their dear Protestant and Jewish brethren. Thus all symbols of Catholic worship and devotion will go by the boards, and when they are gone devotions will go too. Yes, we shall promote an iconoclastic zeal especially among the younger generation.  They themselves will destroy that jumble of statues, pictures, vestments, reliquaries, organs, etc. It would be a good idea, too, to spread a ‘prophecy’ that says: ‘You shall see married priests, and you shall hear the Mass in the language of the people.’
“This should make our task easier. We shall incite women to assert their right to the priesthood, and we shall make the Mass more popular by allowing home Masses that can be said by the father or the mother of the family.
“Once this practice is established we shall campaign for the abolition of the parish system as antiquated and not in keeping with the needs of modern times. Churches can then be turned into museums, meeting halls, theaters, storerooms and other useful functions...
“All sorts of exciting ideas came surging into my head, and I coded my whole program before sending it to Moscow. Looking back on these days, I now feel a legitimate pride at having been the first to suggest these ideas to the Party. It is now plain that these were the right ideas, far superior to a mere dialectical attempt at destroying religious belief.
“Some time later, an order came from Moscow: ‘New assignment: go to Rome.’
“And so I left Poland for what was going to be my lifetime work. Once in Rome I met a priest-professor who was in our network. He was a scholar and a scriptural expert.
“He was then busy preparing a new English version of the Bible, but his work was still secret. In that new version the old cliches about the Virginity of Mary, the Real Presence and like fables were to be adroitly amended and re-interpreted.
“Instead of ‘Virgin’ Mary will be called ‘maid’. The ‘brethren’ of Jesus will become His ‘brothers’. The ‘Real Presence’ will be explained as a feeling, or experience, when ‘Christians are gathered together in His name’.
“The notion of ‘gathering’ is an important one to promote the community spirit. Those who do not conform to the Group will be reproved as trouble-makers and bad Christians. We must absolutely stifle individual attitudes if we are to control the Group as we please, and the control of the Group is essential for the establishment of Communism.
“The professor also taught me a sensible way to say Mass since, within six years, I shall be obliged willy-nilly to say it also. He never actually pronounced the words of the Consecration; he simply muttered some words that sounded like it. This was possible since the Rubrics require that the words be said in a low voice.
“Later, of course, the Mass will be radically modified; we shall play down the sacrificial aspect, we shall exalt it as a meal taken by the Community. In case some reactionary priests refuse to conform, and insist on saying the old prayers, we shall direct that the Canon in its entirety be said aloud. This will also make it possible for the people to say the words with the priests, and once this is possible we shall rule that it is indispensable also.
“Thus the Mass will cease to be the privilege of the priest alone...
“The professor was already working on a draft for a New Order of the Mass, and he urged me to do likewise because, he said, it was greatly desirable that we should give the people different kinds of Masses; this will help destroy unity, the mainstay of Catholic power. All this would be a great deal easier if we succeeded in having one of our agents elected as pope. Failing this, however, we would probably be able to sway the Cardinals sufficiently to obtain the election of a progressive pope who will ratify whatever our agents put on his desk in the name of progress.
“I was fascinated by the things the professor told me, and I tried to elicit from him the names of some of the other priests and seminarists who were members of our network, but he said he knew little about it. He did say, however, that we had a few professors teaching in the Roman seminaries, and he gave me the name of another professor, a Frenchman, who was giving singing lessons in Rome. He was a member of the Communist Party, and I was told that I could trust him completely. I later met him and befriended him.
“One day, as we were strolling through the streets of Rome, he said: ‘Imagine this city without a cassock in sight; how wonderful it would be!’
“Yes”, I nodded, “the cassock must go. After all, they could say Mass in a jacket or jumper!”
“From my Catholic upbringing I understood how vocations often assert themselves in young children: in his cassock, the priest stands out as a man different from the rest. The child likes him and wants to emulate him. But destroy the cassock, and you will destroy the priest. In this way many vocations will die in the bud...
“The merging of all religions”, continues Mikolaj in his confessions, “and the brotherhood of man, must always be re-asserted as the basic motivation for all the changes.”
“‘Love thy neighbor as thyself’” will be our scriptural justification. The greatest change, and the most desirable one, is the suppression of the papacy; but this appeared very difficult to me in view of Christ's promise: ‘Thou art the Rock, and upon this Rock I shall build my Church’. We shall therefore endeavor to undermine the authority of the pope in every possible way, and we shall try to enlist his (the pope's) cooperation to introduce the changes that will make this possible.
“We shall promote the concept of Episcopal Equality and the priesthood of the laity. When the bishops are elected by the people, and the pope is no more than the president of the bishops, our victory will be near at hand. When, moreover, the parish system has been destroyed through the proliferation of home Masses celebrated by layfolk in their capacity as ‘priests’, the Mass itself will cease to be.
“When, finally, the bishops elected by the people are admitted to vote in a conclave, then the papacy will be in our hands...
“All must be done in the name of love. Also in the name of love, we shall promote the idea that God is far too loving to want His only Son to die a cruel death for us and to want to create an everlasting hell. Christ will be described as a good man and great revolutionary, and hell as a superstition of the Dark Ages. We shall no longer mention sin, and Angels will be relegated to the realm of mythology and fairy tales. Once the people cease to fear God, they will soon forget Him. Our task is to promote these ideas among the Catholic elite via the theological journals which we control, and they in turn will promote them in the Church as their own ideas.
“We shall also encourage many new translations of the Bible; the greater the number of translations, the better; it will help to create confusion. The number of Catholic scholars who are itching to produce their own versions - undoubtedly the best ever produced in their own eyes - is not lacking; all they need is a little prodding from us. We are faced with a huge task; many problems remain to be solved: the Rosary, Lourdes, and the twenty odd feasts of Mary are annoying things, but we shall be patient. In any case, we will have to draw up a new calendar and dispose of many Marian feasts as well as many other Saints. The new calendar must look as bare as the table on which they will say the new Mass...
“Such is the substance of the orders which I issued to the network. The following year I began to work on the draft of a new catechism which would be acceptable to all believers. It must be practical, human, non-committal, and ambiguous. It must stress the humanity of Christ who, in fact, was a brother of ours. But the word ‘charity’ is to be banished absolutely; we shall say “love” instead. Love can be many things, but charity has an intolerable religious connotation. We shall say, of course, that it means the same and the change is more conformable to modern usage.
“Concerning the precepts of the Church, we shall say that Christians are now fully mature and adult, that the precepts were necessary when the people were ignorant and uneducated, but that it is more fitting to adult Christians to let their own consciences decide. God, in any case, is far too great and remote to worry about our eating meat on Fridays!
“Private confession is a waste of time; we shall promote a communal penitential  rite with emphasis on sins committed against our brothers. The precept of Sunday attendance will be modified too. We shall say that, because of the working conditions in this modern age, people need their Sunday to relax in the countryside away from the city's fumes. They should be allowed to attend Mass on Saturday, even on Friday. God did not say what day was to be reserved. In all cases we shall stress the primacy of the individual conscience over set rules and petty precepts which are unworthy of an adult man and an insult to his dignity. We shall retain the ‘Our Father’ for the time being, but we shall replace ‘Thee’ by ‘You’ and we shall find suitable substitutes for such words as ‘forgive, temptations, trespasses’ and other similar nonsense.
“The seven sacraments will receive our special attention. The first I would like to abolish is baptism, but it will have to stay for a while; we shall say that Original Sin is not the sin of Adam and Eve who, in any case, never existed; we shall re-interpret it. Baptism, then, will merely be a ceremony marking the coming of a new member into the human brotherhood.  We shall do likewise with every sacrament. Concerning marriage, it shall not be refused to those priests who wish to receive it...
“In the Mass, the words ‘Real Presence’ and ‘Transubstantiation’ must be deleted. We shall speak of ‘Meal’ and ‘Eucharist’ instead. We shall destroy the Offertory and play down the Consecration and, at the same time, we shall stress the part played by the people. In the Mass, as it is today, the priest turns his back to the people and fills a sacrificial function which is intolerable. He appears to offer his Mass to the great Crucifix hanging over the ornate altar.
“We shall pull down the Crucifix, substitute a table for the altar, and turn it around so that the priest may assume a presidential function. The priest will speak to the people much more than before: to achieve this, we shall shorten what is now called the Mass proper, and we shall add many readings to what is called the ‘Foremass’. In this manner the Mass will gradually cease to be regarded as an act of adoration to God, and will become a gathering and an act of human brotherhood.  All these points will have to be elaborated in great detail and they may take anything up to 30 years before they are implemented, but I think that all my objectives will be fulfilled by1974.
“Thus I labored for twenty long years. Pius XII died in 1958. When John XXIII announced a new council, my interest was greatly stimulated. I reported to my chiefs that this was perhaps the last battle: no effort should be spared. They were obviously of the same opinion because they immediately appointed me to the highest position in the West European network, and they gave me unlimited financial backing through our Bank in Switzerland.
“Hearing that Pope John had appointed a commission to draw the schemas of the forthcoming Council, I immediately started to work on counter-schemas with the help of avant-garde theologians who had been won over to our way of thinking. Thanks to my contacts I managed to obtain copies of the projected papal schemas; they were terrible! I was in a cold sweat! If these schemas are carried, my work of 20 years will have been in vain. I hastily put the finishing touch to my counter-schemas, and I circulated them.  Eventually, they were tabled in the Council. Thanks to the cooperation of some bishops whose thinking had been conditioned previously, the majority of bishops, reactionary but ill-prepared, were completely disconcerted by the highly efficient and coherent interventions of our friends; most of my counter-schemas were carried...
“But I am not satisfied: many of my schemas, although they were accepted, have been watered down by Pope Paul himself in contempt of the majority vote at the Council.  Fortunately, the revised versions contain many ambiguities; in this manner, it will be possible to initiate further changes, alleging that they are in the spirit of the Council. At any rate, Pope Paul is a progressive and a humanist; it should not be difficult to manipulate him and obtain sweeping changes in the near future.
“However, we must begin to work for Vatican III even now. Vatican III, as I see it, will mean the destruction of the Church and the death of God... Then, I shall come forward, not to nail Christ upon His Cross, but God Himself into His coffin.”
Short Commentary
This paper concludes with the statement:
“Not an empty threat; the week before his scheduled ordination, an agent who had been studying in a French seminary went to see his Superior and said: ‘You have all been so nice to me that I feel compelled to tell you the truth: I cannot take the Holy Orders; I was sent here by the Communist Party.’  Eight days later he was murdered.”

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