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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Phony SSPX Leadership: A Resistance Laymen Weighs In

Phony SSPX Leadership:  A Resistance Laymen Weighs In

Imagine if the Communists had won, imagine if they installed their "Pope" with the appearance of legitimacy, while another Pope still living, had "retired." (as though it is perfectly legitimate for a Pope to retire under ordinary circumstances). Imagine then, reversal of Catholic teaching and Catholic practice. Imagine this "Pope" stating that "There is no Catholic God." And the response of the "traditionalists" is - "We like him" - "You sedes (they call you a sede whether you are or not, mind you, so long as you speak as they did in the past!) are Protestant, (because you don't accept the Catholicity of clergy endlessly praising and accepting every Protestant sect) schismatics, mortally sinful."

Who are these people, who publish articles where advice is given to "go wild in college" - in a publication called "The Straight Path?"
Now (in reality) an avowed Socialist Jewish US Presidential candidate, a former apologist for Marxist Leninist regimes, speaks at the Vatican.
Maybe the people behind Communism are getting what they want. (explain the DDR raised Zionist associate wearing pink pants and a scarf who publicly mocks the Catholic Faith being influential with the SSPX) If the Faith matters to you, if you read and think, you will recognize the phoniness of the current SSPX leaders, ("Bishop Fellay weeps over Amoris Laetitia"!) their alignment with the enemies of the Church, and their shameless betrayal of the Archbishop. The idea that any sort of recognition by Francis is going to see a revival of Tradition, and be a benefit to the Church, rather than being a practical surrender, is a delusion.