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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fr. Kramer: On St. Liguori's "Universally Accepted Pope" Teaching

 Fr. Kramer: On St. Liguori's "Universally Accepted Pope" Teaching

Saint Alphonse de Liguori states the following: “It is of no importance that in past centuries some Pontiff was illegitimately elected or took possession of the Pontificate by fraud;
it is enough that he was accepted afterwards by the whole Church as
Pope, since by such acceptance he would have become the true Pontiff.
But if during a certain time he had not been truly and universally
accepted by the Church, during that time the Pontifical See would
have been vacant, as it is vacant on the death of a Pontiff .”

Some have used this teaching to attempt to prove that Bergoglio is a valid pope. However, since the Church has not dogmatically defined this point, its precise scope and signification is not easy to determine, which leaves open the question of its applicability.
So, when it is asked if the teaching of St. Alphonsus on this point, one must necessarily question the applicability of the dictum to the present 2 pope situation in the Church.
When there is already a valid pope (Benedict XVI) whose act of renunciation is ambiguously contradictory, and which attempts to not entirely but only partially renounce not the office, but only the active munus of the office; then the act is canonically null & void, and Benedict remains in office. Even if the whole world is in error of fact on the invalidity of Benedict's renunciation, the belief based on that error, i.e. that Francis has been validly elected pope, cannot nullify the fact that there is already a pope -- Benedict, who is still the pope. Universal acceptance cannot validate the election of a man who is elected while another man is still validly holding office, but can only effect a sanatio in radice of an invalid election of a pope who has been elected during a vacancy of the office, namely to fill the vacant office of the Roman Pontiff.


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