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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Women and the Destruction of Christian Civilization

Women and the Destruction of Christian Civilization
By: Eric Gajewski

The title of this article is sure to spark some controversy amongst women however it is most necessary.  For the sake of argument this article does not cover how men are destroying the Christian society but since I predominantly work with women this piece is very timely.  Recently, there was a video I watched, in which the premise was, that women, were ultimately destroying society, in general, for being “swept away” by the modern world and its desires.  The premise holds that 75 percent of all women pursue the “upper 25 percent” of the male kingdom in attempts to secure status, position and power. All rather crass and superficial of course. Although the video was not made by a Catholic there were certainly truths unveiled in the video which I have been making light of in my apostolate specifically with women.

This is not intended to be some professional thesis for the University with specific related data but rather my own observations based upon my experience and dealings with so many over the years. I can also cite from my own personal experiences of when I was in the dating world before my own conversion and saw this with my own eyes.  It is a sad reality that men pursue women often for looks, body and sometimes in “who they can control” but in return it is our ladies who pursue men for social status and security.  Between these two self-centered dispositions we have a Molotov cocktail causing fires all over Society. Where has true Love gone?  The divorce rates are still decently high even amongst “Catholics” (around 30 percent) and even higher outside of the Church (31 -50 percent depending on what demographic viewed).  I am no Dr. Phil nor do I want to be, however, this problem can once again return to the question of self vs the Sacred Heart.  Do I try to seek God’s Will in finding my “soulmate” or am I simply “dressing up” to play the part for the “upper 25 percent man” who may walk by. 

This fantasy the majority of women pursue is called “pretend land” wherein these women marry into a situation with status and supposed security not really loving their husbands and have the disposition of just “trying to make it work”.  Common sense even screams this is very dangerous!  But who these days has any common sense anymore?  I will date the man and then fall in love with him later…this sadly is the disposition of so many modern women.  Take a look at what these women “do and who they look up to” and you begin to have your questions answered as to why this is.  

The modern woman in general including a lot of Novus Ordites (Vatican II’ers) spend too much time with TV, movies, entertainment, with gadgets, magazines, with gossip and internet and ultimately are pulled away into this “pretend land”.  Ultimately they see others doing the same and rationalize their disposition and thus Christian Civilization continues to produce women who are very superficial and shallow.  I must have perfect eyebrows, wear the most make up to stand out.  I must have the “hottest” body with the biggest chest and tightest rear end.  I must have the 500 dollar purse and shoes so that I can attract this “man of international status” in so that I can further my own hidden greed which I will not acknowledge publicly.  It is quite sad to see so many ladies being slave to the self but then again the men are not so different too.  Again, this is purely generalized but from my eyes the premise is very true (as a whole).  Modern women are in the “now” business; they want all of these false securities because they themselves are VERY insecure.  If they had what their hearts were truly made for then they would begin to seek God’s Will instead of bowing down daily to the god of self.  They are not truly rooted in Mary and Jesus.  Sure, they go to Mass and maybe confession every few months and pray a rosary every now and again but is this sufficient to win back our Catholic culture?  The answer is not hardly. 

The majority of women do not pursue Gods Will.  In the premise that the majority of women pursue the “international man of mystery” in the upper 25 percent social status we see very clearly our women not pursuing Gods Will.  Seek ye first the Kingdom and then all these things shall be added Our Lord says. But the modern women says seek ye first a hot man with status and security and then I’m sure I’ll find Christ.  Modern women have their priorities backwards.  I am not suggesting that all women are or should be looking for slobs and those living on welfare but I am making the point that our women are destroying our society with their delusions rooted in self.  You see the Church teaches there must be fruit from the Marriage and what do we find so often in marriage these days?  Answer: Very fruitless marriages transpire which in reality are not marriages at all.  Couples with the perfect opportunity to have big families choosing to only have one or two children because the wife cant “mess up her body” and the man doesn’t want any more headaches after work then he already has.  Talk about a society riddled with the disease of me; talk about a western world so dominated by the self-virus that it does not see how our hearts have shrunken. Forget about the Zika virus our world has something much more harmful than Zika which first starts in the heart.  

I am very forthright and blunt with the women I have helped and/or directed.  I cut right to the point.  I come with a spiritual knife which cuts deep but it is truth.  Women have become highly superficial due to absorbing their modern surroundings. Furthermore, since Vatican II, the modernist’s who have adopted these modern errors and even disposition to self, (for VII is man centered thus self-centered) now has produced women who have no idea “what it is” to truly be a Catholic woman.  She thinks she can fit into the modern world and ultimately entangle herself in this web.  Not hardly.  You will often see the Modernists of VII attack us on this point stating that we are “medievalist’s” and yet in their own blindness they do not even realize they are not even Catholics! (objectively speaking).  The modern world chews up and spits out traditionalism on virtually every level.  Our women are buying into the whole “me” centered,  career first propaganda used by the New World Order and now we have desolate and empty homes both spiritually and literally speaking for the women are out and about seeking equality in every way possible.  Feminism and Catholicism are incompatible yet not to the delusional modern woman!

In the end most women are waiting for Mr. Wrong thinking what they are doing is right. Most women hold out and never get married and still some, the few good, are holding out and not finding any real men! My good ladies if we are to truly make this a world of peace under the mantle of Our Lady we must first have the peace of the security in Christ and not seek for the “international man of mystery”.  Two hearts in selfless love must become one.  But sadly so many homes are “deserted old western towns” with the tumbleweed of superficiality blowing through the living room.  In my own experience (before my conversion) I have dated females who I have found only in the end to have dated me because of my looks, education, athletic background, money, status, etc while all the time never truly “loving”.  This is in part why society is collapsing because we don’t have the intention first to Love but are seemingly always on the hunt for what “we want” and yet in what we want is not at all what God wants for me.  It is the "disease of me" which seeks to stand out and say hello “upper 25 percent man” I am over here!  I could use a nice car, big house, trips to the Caribbean and a piece of eye candy to wake up to every morning!

A further problem is this, Christians are not bearing fruit but the ungodly are and they are about to overrun Europe and the USA knowing this.  If men in response would only “call out” more women on this perhaps we can begin to normalize things a bit but I don’t have too much faith in this because our men are equally just as bad pursuing women for vain purposes as well.  We need not be doomed any longer if we run to Our Lady and stay close to Her Heart.  This is your answer O’ modern woman! She is your heart’s runway model.  Real Catholic men of Faith who stay close to Our Lady and Lord are not interested in your fake eyebrows, chest, rear end and all the vain expensive garments you want to feel secure in.  Real men are looking for real women who fear God keep the Catholic Faith (without which it is impossible to please God) and yet the vain keep getting “paired up and married” Thus who can be surprised over the divorce rates which reflect this thesis.  It is frightful to think about what will happen when the whole social, political and economic order soon collapses and these women will sink like the quicksand they are built upon.  Many of them will sadly commit suicide I believe. 

Remember Our Lord warned in these end times that charity would grow cold and it is no different for this topic of marriage.  Our Lady warned at Fatima most marriages weren’t approved by God. Our Lady of Fatima to Jacinta: ""Many marriages are not of God and do not please our Lord."  The modern world is truly a reflection on the surface of the interior disease of “me” within these poor women.  The first problem with these women is that they wanted anything other than to do the Will of God FIRST but under their “current regime” of the tyranny of self this is not at all possible. Whitney Houston was wrong "children are not the future" because if our women do not get their act together their will be no children to even speak of!  You are being challenged today my good ladies by Our Lady and all of heaven!  If Jesus can make a Home in Mary assuredly our ladies can make a home rooted in Mary. Let us all pray that our eyes may be opened to our own defects.  Let us all pray that we grow in holiness which comes from the Sacred Heart as Source and flows through the Immaculate Heart….into ours and ultimately into the world.

Signed  #exmanofself #theeagle