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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Protestantism and Poverty

Protestantism and Poverty
By: Eric Gajewski
Mark 14:7
For the poor you have always with you

Many of you know my story of having gone from “well to do” to embracing Brother Poverty yet why is it so many detest poverty as if it is a serpent?  Certainly, we can see from Scripture and even the writings of the Saint's that poverty is an essential aspect to the interior life.  Can we translate having "without" on the surface to "within" if we apply ourselves? The answer is of course we can and it is an essential aspect of being an eagle.  For when we are empty and detached of things our hearts then can be ready to embrace Him wholly.  The poverty Christ bore daily and more specifically on the Cross is enough to sustain the whole world ridden in "poverty".  So why do the protestant tel-evangelist’s and Conciliar Church promote we need to end it?  Well, they need to get the world inebriated into their Socialist mindset and ideology do they not?  This is one proof the Novus Ordo is Protestantism in action.

 Tobias (Tobit) 5:25
For poverty was sufficient for us, that we might account it as riches

It is a very clever plan of the devil and a key component of the NWO to attempt to “abolish poverty” forever.  Mix this in with a little environmentalism and you have a Molotov cocktail, a recipe, for the New Age by which seemingly the majority of men are buying into.  Certainly, poverty provides Christians opportunities to do works of charity and mercy.  Traditionally speaking Our Lord has willed different social classes and due to the varying inequalities willed we thus now have even more opportunities to work through the Sacred Heart. Over the times of our lives we will go thru the valleys of being poor and the peeks of being rich and yet those rooted in Christ never experience these supposed highs and lows within.  They are rooted in Christ and are stable all the time.  If we have more we ought give more; if we have less we ought rely upon God more not the State. 

Protestant Prosperity False Teachers are all apart of the Process towards the formal New Age Religion

Money Hungry "Prosperity" Preachers

This is why I REITERATE over and over again the donations TradCatKnight receives do not go to me as personal income.  It is God's money and is reinvested into the apostolate!

I have been both “well off” and now what is considered to be poor.  I now enjoy my poverty like St. Francis. I have never had so much freedom in my life now as an eagle detached from all things.  I am not weighed down by the empty riches of this life.  Nevertheless, to have more is not intrinsically evil yet that is the angle the NWO works so that they can get everyone into their system.  From the Vatican to the state levels even certain local areas the world is being prepped for the Beast System.  As I have been warning... people better be detaching their hearts from things (money included) because it is all very soon going to crash and what then shall remain?  If you are rooted in the Eucharist and the Blessed Virgin Mary you will find peace and comfort but if your heart remains “rich” in surface things than you are in a whole heap of trouble.   

 “And St. Francis added: "My dear and beloved Brother, the treasure of blessed poverty is so very precious and divine that we are not worthy to possess it in our vile bodies. For poverty is that heavenly virtue by which all earthy and transitory things are trodden under foot, and by which every obstacle is removed from the soul so that it may freely enter into union with the eternal Lord God. It is also the virtue which makes the soul, while still here on earth, converse with the angels in Heaven. It is she who accompanied Christ on the Cross, was buried with Christ in the Tomb, and with Christ was raised and ascended into Heaven, for even in this life she gives to souls who love her the ability to fly to Heaven, and she alone guards the armor of true humility and charity.”
Francis of Assisi, The Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assisi 


Protestants have a completely distorted, often pacifist, perception of Our Lord and the true Gospel because they have departed from Catholic Tradition.  The same applies to the Novus Ordo Religion that the Vatican II modernists promote.  The NWO social justice program can be summed up very simply.  It is simply man in the end trying to run from as many crosses as they can and yet it is these crosses which help us get to heaven!  It is true it is tough to watch someone suffer but the wise man knows what suffering can potentially bring to the soul if it is rooted in Christ.  Therefore, let us pray not to end poverty let us pray to end the ignorance of us always trying to run from our crosses.  We cant get to heaven through modernism, socialism and environmentalism.  The promotion of ending poverty is simply a clever trick by heretics trying to usher in a "united humanity" under the soon False Prophet and Maitreya.  Let us try to end the self- richness the NWO promotes.  The Jew World Order aka the new tower of babel is very crass and materialistic.  Sure, it is not sinful to have things like money (especially given your state of duty) but what holds the heart will likewise hold the wallet....ponder on that for a moment.  Furthermore, let us end all this Masonic “equality” garble and get back to the basics of our Holy Religion for our future depends upon it. 

Ecclesiasticus 11:14
  Poverty and riches, are from God.

*As a side-note (to the protestants) giving money to the Church to cover overhead costs would not be sinful.  Furthermore, to build more glorious churches for God (which often requires money) is likewise not at all a sin at all.

Don't think the "poverty card" is used by the New Age?  Here is proof coming from the False Prophet who is soon to arrive after Antipope Francis "bails out" (supposed resignation) 

The end of hunger by the Master –, through Benjamin Creme 
Hunger and starvation are man-made. Events will soon create a levelling, which will demonstrate to rich and poor, their brotherhood.

Much attention is given today to the question of hunger. Many agencies and groups around the world focus exclusively on this issue. Why, it may be asked, is this so? Why should one, albeit important, factor in men’s lives command so much attention, engage so much concern, arouse such controversy and inspire such dedicated service and self-sacrifice?
Men know by direct experience that hunger, as a continuing state, is unnatural and does violence to our humanity. They know that from the inception of life on planet Earth all living creatures must eat to assuage their hunger and so maintain their physical manifestation.
Over the ages, as a result of climatic change, large sections of humanity have battled, with the animals, for survival. They have known hunger on a scale unmatched today. Technology, science and fast communications have eliminated, for the majority in our time, the suffering of mass hunger and starvation.

The question arises: why, in a world so well endowed, does hunger exist to such degree? Why, with food enough and more for all, do millions still sadly starve and bring disgrace on man’s divinity?
By what law do men assume the right to mark those who shall live and those who must die? From what complacent depths are such judgements made?
By what initiative, what new-found grace, can men stem the tide of this iniquity?

Soon, events will force men to re-think the purpose of their lives and recognize their common heritage. Soon, a new levelling will teach both rich and poor their natural brotherhood. Presently, the Teacher Himself will demonstrate His solidarity with all groups and kinds of men, and, in emulation of Him, will today’s cleavages be healed.
Mark well these times; they are the beginning of the end of the old, the birthday of the new.
Today, the leaders of nations wrestle with events beyond control. Forces they know naught of drive them to unplanned and oft hysterical response. They flee from chaos into chaos, led by their own dogma.

Meanwhile, We patiently wait. We know the outcome of man’s present dilemma, and aid to the full extent of karmic law. We know, too, that man, of his own free will, must choose the path to future glory: the path of brotherhood and love, justice and sharing.
We rally to man’s need. We strive to teach and serve.
Man himself must act, and test his divinity in the crucible of experience.
The signs are there for all to see: the signs of the new time, when hunger will be no more.


Ecclesiasticus 18:25
Remember poverty is the time of abundance, and the necessities of poverty in the day of riches.