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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Prepper Website: Fatima Foods!

Prepper: Fatima Foods!
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Chris and Nancy Gagnier, Thrive Life Foods Consultants

After 8 years in the Naval Submarine Force and moving over a dozen times we settled on a 25 acre homestead. On the homestead we did what a lot of folks would like to do. We home schooled and had a big garden and raised our own turkeys, chickens and pork.

Raising our own animals and processing our veggies out of the garden was indeed more expensive than the grocery store. However, we knew where our food was coming from and the meat was flavorful and needed only salt and pepper for seasoning. Have you ever wondered why many chefs uses sauces on their meat dishes?  This is because the meat has no flavor. How about those veggies with absolutely no flavor and virtually no nutrients because the soil has been depleted of all its minerals from poor farming practices by the big boys. Take a look at the product labels on the fruits and veggies in your kitchen and you will find that it most likely comes from another country or a just handful of companies. Did you know that some foreign countries use pesticides and herbicides that are banned in the U.S?

We sold the farm and found ourselves customers instead of producers. The search for organic food proved to be difficult; yet due to the increased awareness of health and fitness many more options started to become available.
However, this did not solve the problem of short and long term storage of organic food and food that wasn't genetically modified. Since we did not have the room and facilities or time to grow, process and store our own food, we needed a solution.
     We believe the economic collapse and the chastisements Our Lady of Fatima has foretold are upon us and having a short and long term food supply is a key element in your preparedness plan. We found that Thrive Life Foods provides this key element.
     Thrive Life Foods has become an essential part of our families daily meal plan and source of long term food storage. Now as Thrive Life Food consultants, we can help you to "stop lookin' and get cookin' " just as we did.

If you are interested in placing an order and finding out more information, please visit us at fatimafoods.thrivelife.com. We also invite you to view and like our Facebook page Fatima Foods for daily updates, recipes, and promotions. 

Thank you,

Chris and Nancy Gagnier, Thrive Life Foods Consultants


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