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Friday, March 18, 2016

"God of Surprises": 5 Francis “Surprises”

5 Francis “Surprises” from the “God of Surprises”
By: Eric Gajewski
 Surprise: Welcome to the New Religion!
Francis "cooking up" and "dishing out" surprises on a daily basis...

In the fall of 2014 Jorge Bergoglio announced that the “God of Surprises” could not be grasped by the “doctors of the law”.  What is frightening now is that his modernist mind has twisted Catholicism and bent it to further reflect the Novus Ordo Religion.  Francis and his “god of surprises” certainly does not reflect our Catholic God.  Let us not be silly though it was no different at Vatican II nor with any of the Vatican II Popes. Surprise… we are making a whole new man centered religion with a whole new Masonic/Protestant Mass!  Surprise…every false religion now has public rights! Surprise…the “Church” now represents the unity of the whole human family (no need to convert)!  Do I really need to go on?  However, what is not seen, by the majority, is the reality, that Francis now likens real Catholics to these “doctors of the law”. 

We nasty “Pharisees” (real Catholics) won’t progress like these modernist heretics nor will we accept their false mercy routine.  Make no mistake, this supposed progress, is not true reform but rather the construct of the Novus Ordo Religion branched under the New World Order.  Real Catholics now are those “old jews” (in his eyes) for his religion is far too broad for us “dogmatists”.  And in great irony the Synagogue, who once put Jesus to death, is now seen as those embracing truth (they do not need to convert; old covenant still alive). But why?  The Synagogue using Freemasonry and other “secret societies” have been diluting Catholic doctrine over time and are soon to usher in their false messiah! Oh my how truth has been cleverly uprooted and taught to be outdated.  Tradition and true traditionalists are seen as these “doctors of the law” who will not embrace the Vatican II New Religion.  Truly a sign of these end times.  But for the sake of the faithful I will now unveil 5 Francis “surprises” for you all. 

One, Surprise… I am not the real Pope.  I think I have established quite clearly over the past year or so that Pope Benedict XVI is still the true Pope and that he, indeed, is the Fatima Pope soon to flee.  The Jew/Masonic mainstream and novus ordo sites have their theological goons out to tell you otherwise but do not be deceived.  Do not be fooled by the smiles and giggles when these two get together it is all for show.  Pope Benedict XVI is fully aware of this soon formal schism in Rome. 


Two, Surprise… mercy trumps morals and dogma.  What? You didn’t know that God’s mercy can transcend even the Catholic Faith itself? Shame on you! Jesus taught narrow is the road to heaven and the modernists like Bergoglio teach the road is wide!  Can there be any more concrete proof of this disposition to self and this delusion that false religions do not need to convert! Make no mistake the False Prophet coming after Bergoglio will teach concretely this Religion of Self.  They do not hide it in their works.

I admit I need a little bit of this "mercy" each day to get by watching and listening to Francis

Three, Surprise… even though “all are considered to be in the Church” according to VII texts themselves I must still give the appearance I am giving traditionalists “mercy”.  Why in the world do I need to embrace the supposed mercy being stretched out to traditionalists when the documents of VII explicitly imply all are in the Church?  If you can figure that one out you get the Francis gold star on your fridge for the day.  The modernists will soon find the “truth” when they formally unite all religions. Apostasy much?

Four, Surprise… Francis is going to bail out this summer!.  From inside sources he is slated to call it quits in Argentina this summer.  Look for more “I am sick and not well” propaganda in the press.  The New Age has said in their recent periodicals that Francis is playing his part for them.  The False Prophet arrives next.  Get your popcorn the climax of this horror movie called Vatican II is about to commence.

Five, Surprise…Francis is owned by the Synagogue.  The Jews and Masons run the Vatican and evil is enthroned.  Only an act of Gods true mercy (incoming Planet X system) will chase them out and underground.  Tradition is the measure for any Catholic let alone a supposed Pope.  Just because someone says their Catholic does not mean it is so.  If you think otherwise reflect upon the sharp words of St. Athanasius dealing with the crisis in his times.  

 Bergoglio: Not Catholic nor the true Pope

Bonus surprise...tear down "all walls" for the "refugees" and the sake of world unity but the Vatican walls will stay enclosed!

Well, for those awake, these are no real surprises but perhaps many more will begin to awaken from their current slumbering….

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