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Monday, March 14, 2016

Fatima Watch: Putin orders start of Russian forces' withdrawal from Syria

Fatima Watch: Putin orders start of Russian forces' withdrawal from Syria
Keeping our eye on the latest news as it relates to the next world war.  Will there be a false flag soon or will Putin be "ousted"?  This blog has all the latest...including Putin's top media mogul possibly murdered in the USA...
Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday he was instructing his armed forces to start pulling out of Syria, over five months after he ordered the launch of a military operation that shored up his ally, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

"I believe that the task put before the defense ministry and Russian armed forces has, on the whole, been fulfilled," Putin said at a Kremlin meeting with his defense and foreign ministers at which he announced the withdrawal, starting on Tuesday.
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Putin had telephoned Assad to inform him of the Russian decision. The move was announced on the day United Nations-brokered talks between the warring sides in Syria resumed in Geneva.
Putin ordered an intensification of Russia's diplomatic efforts to achieve a peace deal to end the civil war in Syria, that has dragged on for five years, killed thousands of people and displaced millions, many of them seeking refuge in Europe.
But the Russian leader signaled Moscow would keep a military presence: he did not give a deadline for the completion of the withdrawal and said Russian forces would stay on at the port of Tartous and at the Hmeymim air base in Syria's Latakia province, from which Russia has launched most of its air strikes.
Questions remained about the practical implications of Putin's announcement. It was not clear if Russian air strikes would stop. Russia will retain the capability to launch them, from the base in Latakia province.
Through its intervention in Syria, Putin has restored Russia status as a major international player capable of exerting its influence far from its borders, and forced the United States to reckon with Moscow's interests.

But there was also a recognition in Moscow that pressing ahead any further with the military operation would produce diminishing returns. Russian officials have said it is unrealistic to try to restore Assad's control over all of Syria and the time had come to negotiate a peace.
"The effective work of our military created the conditions for the start of the peace process," Putin said at the Kremlin meeting.
"With the participation of the Russian military ... the Syrian armed forces and patriotic Syrian forces have been able to achieve a fundamental turnaround in the fight against international terrorism and have taken the initiative in almost all respects," Putin said.
"I am therefore ordering the defense minister, from tomorrow, to start the withdrawal of the main part of our military contingent from the Syrian Arab Republic."
By signaling the start of a withdrawal, Russia is likely to soothe tense relations with the United States, which has accused the Kremlin of inflaming the Syrian conflict and pursuing its own narrow interests.

"I think we did it to show the Americans that we do not have military ambitions and don't need unnecessary wars," said Ivan Konovalov, director of the Center for Strategic Trend Studies in Moscow. "They have been accusing us of all kinds of things and this is a good way of showing them they are wrong."
Russia has said it was in Syria to fight Islamist terror groups, but a large part of its air strikes were on anti-Assad groups which Washington and its allies designate as moderate opposition groups.
Opposition fighters have alleged that Russia had combat troops on the ground fighting anti-Assad forces, but the Kremlin has never acknowledged this and so it was unclear if such forces would be covered by the withdrawal.
Putin said the naval base at Tartous and the Hmeymim air base "will function as they did previously. They must be reliably protected from land, sea and air".

World War III Could Be Over By This Spring?


There is an 800 pound Gorilla in the room and it is not Donald Trump and the GOP Primary. World War III has never been closer. The situation is more dire than at anytime during the Cold War, except for the Cuban Missile Crisis and this situation in Asia may be worse. Australia is on alert as is New Zealand. Both countries along with 12 signatories to the TPP are about ready to be cut off and vulnerable to Chinese attack. And in this article, we are only speaking about Asia, I will cover Europe and the Middle East tomorrow.

South Korea is committing over 260,000 troops to the March 7th "war game"

South Korea is committing over 260,000 troops to the upcoming March 7th “war game”. North Korea has promised retaliatory action if the drill is carried out. In response, North Korea has placed some of its ground troops on leave in order to conserve resources to maintain the instant readiness alert that North Korea has placed its nuclear arsenal on. The number of nuclear missiles possessed by North Korea to consist of an estimated 10-16 missiles. Unfortunately, the does not count any tactical nukes supplied by China.

Steve Quayle Receives a Dire Warning From a Former High Ranking US Military Source

On March 2, 2016, Steve Quayle was contacted by a retired Brigadier General who offered the following observations regarding the coming war:
1· Last only 2-3 weeks.
2· Be a high-level conflict where more people will die than in all previous wars combined.
3· See the general US population targeted (and stunned) at the devastation.
4· Affect everyone—not just those in uniform.
5· Decimate the economy. Those not killed directly will struggle to survive post-hostilities.
6· Destroy the status quo and usher in a new order.
7· Make manifest that God is no longer on our side. We chose to abandon Him, so He honored our free will.

My Insider Source Account From the Fall of 2015

Late last fall I wrote about two military exercises to be conducted in South Korea involving a record number, over 300,000 troops consisting of American and South Korean military personnel in exercises known as  ‘Foal Eagle’ and ‘Key Resolve’. Each exercise takes place for several weeks. At that same time, I also received word about the military exercises, I also received a report somewhat similar to Steve Quayle’s source, but with some time frame and grouping differences.
My source sees the coming conflict as starting out as regional in nature. China, will use it rogue puppet state, North Korea, to commence conflict in Asia.
The scenario, that was being practiced, in secret, was based upon the following:
  1. North Korea’s nuclear weapons will not be used against the South, unless, China has supplied North Korea with tactical battlefield nukes, which is likely. The North Korean nukes will be utilized if the U.S. tries to intervene with North Korea’s invasion of the South. For example, the US has moved a carrier task force into the area, they will surely be targeted with nukes. There is some expectation that tactical nukes will be used against US forces located at the DMZ, since they are armed with the same.
  2. The progress of the invasion of  South Korea will not be as important as to what happens next. The Chinese will use their newly constructed military islands and their navy build up to to block all shipping in the South China Sea. It will cut off Australia and New Zealand. It will also immediately isolate Taiwan from the South, which is China’s real goal. China desperately wants to attack Taiwan and  I have previously written an article which addressed this point based upon this scenario. For those who don’t understand why China and Taiwan are at odds, it goes back to 1948, when Chinese communist forces, led by Mao Zedong, ousted the Chinese government under Chiang Kai Shek. The original Chinese regime fled to the Island of Formosa, now called Taiwan. Mainland China has always viewed Taiwan as a rogue state that actually belongs to the communist Chinese. Taiwan has emerged as America’s seventh most significant trading partner. An economically health Taiwan is essential to what is left of the U.S. economy. Ignoring the long-term significance of Taiwan in the South China Sea controversy is like ignoring the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

  1. Vietnam, Malaysia and most of all, the Philippines are impacted by aggressive Chinese action in the region.
  2. Taiwan will be instantly attacked by China. The US does not have the size of force necessary to fight a two front war in both Korea and on Taiwan. Who will they choose to defend? This might be a moot question because it could be over before we can act on our decision. It should be noted that I have previously documented five months ago, based upon this intelligence, that much of China’s military is developing EMP weapons that the Chinese plan to use against  targeted U.S. aircraft carriers with regard to any future conflict over Taiwan. Parts of the National Ground Intelligence Center study on the lethal effects of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and high-powered microwave (HPM) weapons revealed that the arms are part of what China refers to as the “assassin’s mace”. This  arsenal of EMP weapons allows a technologically inferior China to defeat U.S. military forces while leaving much of the surrounding infrastructure intact. The report further states “ For use against TaiwanChina could detonate at a much lower altitude (30 to 40 kilometers) … to confine the EMP effects to Taiwan and its immediate vicinity and minimize damage to electronics on the mainland.” And if I am incorrect about China being willing to go to war over the implementation of the TPP in their backyard, then why is the globalist mouthpiece,The Brookings Institute calling for China to join the TPP?
  3. If the U.S is forced to go nuclear, Korea, armed with Chinese EMP weapons could likely attack the US  power grid.This is something that I have previously documented on November 5, 2015, extensively, based upon receiving this intelligence. A declassified intelligence report, obtained by the private National Security Archive, provides details on Chinas EMP weapons as well as the plans for their use. the situation is even more dire if these weapons are turned upon the American mainland. I was provided documentation which showed that China is preparing EMP weapons which will attack humans. The results of the mammal directed EMP test results produced eye, brain, bone marrow and other significant organ injuries. It stated that “it is clear the real purpose of the Chinese medical experiments is to learn the potential human effects of exposure to powerful EMP and high-powered microwave radiation.”  The report also concluded that these human based EMP tests may have been conducted to determine safety or shielding standards for military personnel or weapons.My sources tell me that Chinese plans for nuclear EMP strikes against the United States are part of Chinese military doctrine and there is also evidence that China has already developed a set of super-EMP nuclear weapons that produce powerful EMP fields, but with EMP related effects that can be contained to specific geographic locations. There is no doubt  that the Chinese are perfecting task-specific EMP weapons to a degree that is now known outside of classified circles.
  4. I will cover this aspect tomorrow as a Part Two. Suffice it to say that when North Korea makes its move, it was predicted by some military that Russia, on the heels of the North Korean actions, Russia will make near simultaneous move in either Eastern Europe (Ukraine) or the Middle East (Turkey).
  5. This is the part that sent chills up my spine. I was asked to not release the entire sequencing of this scenario until March 7 which is what I am doing. I was allowed to report on the South Korean war games and the developments in the South China Sea which could serve as the catalyst. There is a strong belief that NATO will launch a first strike against North Korea and Russia.
  6. There is one part of this scenario that did not come to fruition as predicted. It was thought before North Korea would attack the South that the Chinese would launch a massive dump of US debt and treasuries. This would have led to a massive breakdown of of Point of Sale transactions, coupled with a cyber attack upon the US banking system, this would result in absolute chaos and major loss of life because there would be nothing left to collateralize the expense of covering these transactions. I am shocked that this has not happened, but it still could at a moments notice. In my estimation, if China feels that the US is going launch a preemptive strike against North Korea, they will move to destroy the US economy from which the effects would be realized within 48 hours inside of the United States.
  7. The US will be left in ruins and will be carved up by occupation forces already on American soil. After the Great American Plunder, the US will find itself under new management. It is interesting to note that last year, the Chinese hacked the records of 21 million US veterans. There could be no other purpose other than the US will be occupied in a brutal fashion and all possible resistance from veterans must quickly be eliminated.

 TradCatKnight: (3rd Secret of Fatima) Kiev, Ukraine & Russia 

Chinese Solar Energy Zones Speaks to the Occupation of the United States-The BLM As a Foreign Policy Instrument

I became very suspicious of the Chinese Solar Energy Zones when I discovered that they were adjacent to major military bases. For example, the planned Solar Energy Zone on the Bundy Ranch is located near Nellis AFB. The same is true as these Solar Energy Zones in Arizona which are located adjacent to Luke AFB flight operations. I believe that there can be no doubt bundy ranchthat these Chinese Solar Energy Zones are being strategically placed, through the efforts of Senator Harry Reid, adjacent to major American defense installations in order to neutralize their military operations when the time is right. The neutralization element will consist of a localized EMP weapon. These suspicions are further enhanced as the Bundy’s were reporting the presence of Chinese soldiers on their ranch.
Chinese solar energy zones makes a lot of sense. If one was going to take the grid down through an EMP attack, alternative energy source would prove invaluable in the aftermath if military occupation is a goal.


Previously, it has been documented on this site that Hillary Clinton, through  Uranium One, has been participating in what I call the Great American Plunder. As previously documented she has been the beneficiary of uranium extraction, sold to our enemies, the Russian, for the purpose of raising funds for her Presidential campaign. It is likely that she will be elected President, if we make it to the election. If not, look for Obama to never leave office. If World War III is over by this Spring, Obama will lead the American version of the French VICHY collaborative government. It is then that Americans will learn the true meaning of FEMA camps.



Russia warns North Korea over threats of nuclear strike

Russia has warned North Korea that threats to deliver “preventive nuclear strikes” could create a legal basis for the use of military force against the country, suggesting that even Pyongyang’s few remaining friends are growing concerned about its increasingly confrontational stance.
The Russian foreign ministry statement, which follows a North Korean threat to “annihilate” the US and South Korea, also criticises Washington and Seoul for launching the largest joint military drills yet to be held on the peninsula.
“We consider it to be absolutely impermissible to make public statements containing threats to deliver some ‘preventive nuclear strikes’ against opponents,” the Russian foreign ministry said in response to North Korea’s threats.
“Pyongyang should be aware of the fact that in this way the DPRK will become fully opposed to the international community and will create international legal grounds for using military force against itself in accordance with the right of a state to self-defense enshrined in the United Nations Charter,” continued the statement, translated by Itar Tass news agency.
Washington and Seoul launched their annual joint military exercises on the peninsula on Monday, stepping up the manoeuvres in response to North Korea’s fourth nuclear test in January and rocket launch in February.
But while the statement said Moscow was opposed to the tone of North Korea’s response, it also said the scale of the American-South Korean joint exercise put “unprecedented … military and political pressure on Pyongyang”.
“Naturally, as a state, which is directly named as an object of this kind of military activities, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) cannot but feel reasonably concerned for its security,” the statement said.
Pyongyang had said the drills, which are set to run to the end of April, are rehearsals for invading.
Russia has historically had close relations with North Korea, making its warning that the country may be laying itself open to military action particularly notable.
But one observer said Moscow’s response could be expected, given the tone of North Korea’s recent public statements.
“Pyongyang should be learning that the types of threats they continue to make will have consequences,” said Daniel Pinkston, a Seoul-based North Korea researcher at Troy University.
“The security dilemma dynamics that the behaviour and rhetoric set in motion are making Son’gun Korea less secure, not more secure,” he said. “This is the flaw in their national security strategy, and it will continue to be exposed in the future.”
Another North Korea watcher said the statement might be better viewed as a warning to Pyongyang of what others might do, rather than Russian actions in particular.
“Russia is pointing out to North Korea that its inflammatory rhetoric risks giving its opponents – primarily South Korea and the US – just cause to pursue military action against it,” said regional expert Christopher Green.
Inter-Korean relations have worsened significantly in recent weeks, with Pyongyang showing particular sensitivity to the UN sanctions agreed last week.
A version of this article first appeared on NK News – North Korean news



PUTIN Releases Video of OBAMA – White House Humiliated! 


"Blunt Force Injuries To The Head" - Putin's Multi-Millionaire, Media Mogul Was Murdered In A Luxury DC Hotel

 Back in early November we reported that in a shocking twist of events, Mikhail Lesin - a close ally of Putin and the man credited with "inspiring" the creation of Russia Today - was found dead on an upper floor in The Dupont Circle hotel in DC. Lesin was Russia’s Minister of Press, Television and Radio from 1999 to 2004 and also served as Putin’s media adviser. In 2013 he assumed a role as an executive at Gazprom-Media. 

What was strange about Lesin's death, is that nobody knew, or revealed, why Lesin was in Washington in the first place.
What was just as strange, is that Lesin's death has been written off to the ubiquitous, unexplained placeholder "heart attack." Russia's RIA Novosti, a state news agency, quoted a family member confirming the death and saying it was from a heart attack."
The outlet Lesin himself created, Russia Today, suggested that Lesin had been suffering from a prolonged illness.
Could there be more to this story? Certainly, as Lesin did not have an unblemished past.
As Sputnik reported at the time, "Lesin was not without his sins, and was involved in the dirty media games of late 90s Russia. As RIA Novosti recalled, the media guru was rumored to have played a key role in the creation of a secret tape compromising former Prosecutor General Yuri Skuratov. Hidden camera video of the prosecutor general, who was known as a bitter adversary of Yeltsin, and who was conducting an aggressive investigation into several large cases of government corruption, was broadcast on federal television, featuring Skuratov rolling around in bed with two young women, who turned out to be prostitutes. Ultimately, the scandal resulted in the prosecutor general's resignation."
And then in December 2014: "The head of Russia’s Gazprom-Media holding, Mikhail Lesin, has officially turned in his application to resign, Gazprom’s press service said Friday. “Mikhail Lesin has turned in a request to remove him from the post of Gazprom-Media chairman citing family issues. This request will be considered at the next Gazprom-Media board meeting." Forbes Russia said "individuals" claimed that the decision was made personally by President Vladimir Putin. For the sake of brevity we won't go into the entire story, but we encourage readers to do their own research on Ekho Moskvy and Lesin.
At the time, all this seemed confusing to us:
We're no doctors, and we're also not trying to suggest that Lesin wasn't sick, but what's particularly odd about the mainstream media's coverage of this story (and by the way, this applies to the Russian media as well), is that no one seems to think it's strange that a Russian media mogul died in a DC hotel room from an apparent "heart attack" just as relations between Washington and Moscow have deteriorated to a post-Cold War low and just as sites like RT and Sputnik are becoming increasingly prominent among Western readers amid The Kremlin's air campaign in Syria. And to top it all off, no one knows why Lesin was in the city in the first place.
We concluded as follows: "The takeaway here is that Lesin was most assuredly a "somebody", and when a "somebody" dies in a DC hotel room of a mysterious "heart attack" and no one knows what that "somebody" was doing in DC in the first place, you may want to start asking questions with regard to the official narrative regardless of where that narrative originates." We added that "Of course we could be wrong."
We were right.
As the WSJ reports overnight, four months after Lesin's unexplained death, not only did it have nothing to do with a heart attack, but it was the result of “blunt force injuries of the head” according to the office of the Chief Medical Examiner.
In other words, he was murdered.
The D.C. medical examiner’s office issued a terse, one-page statement on its findings from the investigation. It said “other contributing causes” to the death included “blunt force injuries of the neck, torso, upper extremities and lower extremities.
The police said they have not yet ruled the death as a homicide, but as a reported death. “It’s an open investigation,” said Officer Hugh Carew, a police spokesman. “We’re not commenting further.”
It still remains a mystery why Mr. Lesin was staying at a relatively downscale hotel near Dupont Circle at the time of his death last November.
Here WSJ insinuates that comparable to other "foes" of Putin, Lesin was quietly taken out by the Russian president. There is just one glitch with that theory: Lesin was on good terms with the Kremlin in general, and Putin in particular.
Lesin's low media profile does not help. The only time he made waves on US soil, was when a U.S. senator recently asked federal authorities to investigate whether Mr. Lesin had used ill-gotten gains to buy expensive California real estate.
The senator, Roger Wicker, a Republican from Mississippi, asked the Justice Department to probe whether Mr. Lesin’s purchases violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. It is not clear whether an investigation was launched, and Mr. Wicker’s office did not comment Thursday night.
In his request, Mr. Wicker wrote that “following his government service, Mr. Lesin moved his immediate family to Los Angeles, California, where he acquired multiple residences at a cost of over $28 million.” That a Russian public servant had raised such sums, Mr. Wicker wrote, “raises serious questions.”
Strange then that when Chinese "public servants" launder stolen or otherwise "hot" money and buy up half of San Francisco or New York, nobody bats an eyelid.
As for Lesin, we were right when we predicted in November that his "heart attack" death excuse was a lie. We will be also right when we predict now that the killer will never be uncovered.



You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: New York Times, Washington Post, and National Public Radio Believe in Conspiracy Theory!

Jonas E. Alexis

 Newsweek is now saying that “ISIS is the real winner in Libya,” an implicit admission which basically says that Putin was right all along about the New World Order: its principle is based on Satanism, which is a metaphysical rejection of the political order and practical reason. 

If you don’t think that the Zionist media and New World Order agents believe in conspiracy theory, think again. The New York Times, the Washington Post, and the National Public Radio already believe that Mikhail Y. Lesin’s death was conspiratorial. They all take it for granted that Kremlin is probably behind this act.[1]
Rigorous evidence? No. As Jim W. Dean has already pointed out,
“Washington police are handling the case quietly… with no press reports on hotel witnesses, or how the body was discovered, etc… the usual in a sensitive death like this.”
All we know is that Lesin died and that no serious evidence has been put forward yet. But the New York Times and other news outlets have already been propounded indirectly that Putin must be an accomplice!
As we all know, NWO agents do not have to provide evidence for their spurious notions. All they have to do is repeat a mantra over and over in the media and people will begin to believe it.
As Chris Hedges said two years ago, these people and their “media institutions have a vested interest in perpetuating” bold lies as facts. Hedges continued:
“That’s not a new phenomenon, it’s not even particularly unique to the US, but the more intense the conflict becomes, the more you have power vested in perpetuating that narrative.”[2]
Remember how they convinced political slut Sarah Palin into believing that Ahmadinejad wanted to wipe Israel off the map? Remember how this mantra turned out to be a colossal hoax? Remember how they propounded over and over that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction? Remember how they declared ad nauseam that the Assad government is a terrorist regime and had used chemical weapons on his own citizens? Remember how they wanted to use that bold lie to invade Syria?
Well, John Kerry has said that he really “got fucked over” when he learned that Obama would not strike Syria.[3] Strange, isn’t it? Why would a person get “fucked over” when the President of the United States decided not to slaughter people and massacre and plunder a country on a false pretense? Obviously Kerry wanted blood all over Syria. Obviously he wanted Assad’s head on a silver platter. Obviously he would have been happy if Syria turned out to be another Libya.


If Obama is right, that Vladimir Putin is “scrupulously polite” and “very frank,” then shouldn’t the media make a genuine effort to ask the man about what happened to Leslin as opposed propounding one conspiracy theory after another? In fact, Russia has repeatedly made several requests to Washington on this very issue, but Washington remained silent.[4]
“William Jones, the Washington Bureau Chief for the Executive Intelligence Review, told RT that the Western media would inevitably exploit the former Russian minister’s death to try and implicate Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government, which he believes is a ‘false lead…’
“‘The media, of course, is going out after the Russian government, going after Vladimir Putin. This is their favorite target, this is the obvious thing that they would do and this is probably a false lead in terms of what actually happened to Mr. Lesin,’ Jones said.[5]
What we are seeing again and again is that New World Order agents are really afraid of contacting Putin and having a frank dialogue with him because they know that Putin will literally destroy their political defenses. Putin would certainly ask them why they are still sleeping with terrorist Erdogan. The Washington Post itself has declared that Erdorgan “must reform or resign,”[6] but the Post never asked the United States to bomb the terrorist regime, which has been supported ISIS from its inception.
Putin would also ask the regime about what they have done in Libya. Even Newsweek is now saying that “ISIS is the real winner in Libya,”[7] an implicit admission which basically says that Putin was right all along about the New World Order: its principle is based on Satanism, which is a metaphysical rejection of the political order and practical reason.

[1] Nicholas Fandos and Steven Lee Myers, “Mystery Deepens Over Death of Former Putin Ally Mikhail Lesin,” NY Times, March 10, 2016; Michael Birnbaum, “New twist in D.C. death of a former Putin aide fuels Moscow conspiracy theories,” Washington Post, March 11, 2016; Bill Chappell, “Former Putin Aide Died Of ‘Blunt Force Injuries’ In D.C., Medical Report Says,” National Public Radio, March 11, 2016.
[2] “Pulitzer Prize – winner Chris Hedges: Using fake evidence is usual Washington tactic,” Russia Today, April 28, 2014.
[3] Ryan Browne, “Obama: My take on Putin, Netanyahu, ISIS,” CNN, March 11, 2016.
[4] “‘Blunt injuries’ killed Russian media tycoon Lesin in Washington, DC – forensic data,” Russia Today, March 11, 2016.
[5] Ibid.
[6] Mort Abramowitz and Eric Edelman, “Turkey’s Erdogan must reform or resign,” Washington Post, March 10, 2016.
[7] Jack Moore and Amir Kamel, “ISIS Is the Real Winner in Syria,” Newsweek, March 11, 2016.

'Weaponizing refugees': NATO projects its own darkness onto Russia

 Perhaps the only positive thing about the deteriorating social and environmental conditions on our planet is the fact that they tend to drive our 'leaders' to increasingly desperate acts to secure their positions in power. As part of this process, this 'elite' are also given to telling increasingly outrageous and transparent lies. Take the Syria/Turkey/Russia/EU/US refugee debacle that has been raging for over 2 years for example.

For the last 5 years Western powers and their media lackeys have made no bones about the fact that they have been fully supportive of the 'Syrian rebels' in their brutal war against the Syrian people in an effort to overthrow the democratically-elected Assad government. No secret was made either of the fact that various Western governments were directly funding, training and arming these 'rebels' who were then killing Syrian civilians en masse. During that time, it came to light that the vast majority of the 'rebels' are of the crazy-jihadi variety, low-brow foreign mercenaries willing to fight for any cause as long as you pay them enough, or give them enough candy bars and Saudi-supplied amphetamines like captagon.

A good portion of those jihadis came from Libya, where they were well-known to agents of the US, not least to Hillary Clinton, who used them to destroy Libyan society and publicly sodomize and murder Muammar Gaddafi, much to Clinton's delight. What a wonderful prospect for the American people to have such a vile psychopath represent them.

By September 2015, the US military had allegedly been bombing ISIS for more than a year, during which time the nutty jihadi army expanded their territory greatly, slaughtering thousands and driving many more from their homes. Perhaps the bombs being dropped by US aircraft were in metal containers with parachutes. Just 3 months of Russian bombing of ISIS/rebel positions, on the other hand, was all that was necessary to dramatically change the course of the war in favor of the Syrian army and definitely expose Western government connivance with ISIS.

But this is all just par for the course in Western powers' historic strategy of arming terrorist groups in order to achieve their geopolitical objectives of overthrowing democratically-elected governments by seeding chaos in a country that does not come to heel when ordered. The unusual aspect of this latest Western imperial adventure is the influx of refugees into Western Europe. While Western wars of aggression always displaced large numbers of local people fleeing death and destruction freedom and democracy, usually those people were confined more or less to countries neighboring the target country. The attack on Syria has been rather different, with large numbers of Syrians (and Iraqis) somehow being 'let loose' on the European Union.

Last October, EU President Donald Tusk told a European forum in the town of Sopot on Poland's Baltic coast:

"For the first time in my political career I have heard politicians openly declaring that the refugees heading to Europe are their method of getting (us) to act a certain way."
At this point, and for anyone who has been paying attention to the news, there are no prizes for guessing to whom Tusk was referring. Even the Western press can no longer ignore the fact that Erdogan and Co. are playing a rather psychopathic game of deliberately facilitating the movement of thousands of Syrians across the Turkish border and into Greece and the rest of the EU. Most semi-intelligent political commentary on Turkish involvement in the Syrian war has pitched Erdogan as a man driven by his own imperial designs and a desire to recreate a Turkish caliphate with himself as a modern-day Sultan.

But what the cabal in control of Turkey want more than anything else is not Middle Eastern expansion but integration into the European Union. Turkey first applied for membership in 1999. Since then it has been more or less stonewalled by EU bigwigs, allegedly due to the state of Turkey's economy but in reality because, well, Turks are brown-skinned Muslims, not pasty white Christian Europeans. But the manufactured refugee crisis, the implied threat of those refugees to the EU (including the threat of embedded 'ISIS' terror attacks) and Turkey's assumed ability to control the flow of desperate Syrians and Iraqis, seems to have worked wonders in Brussels.

Last October Turkey got €3 billion from the EU to 'handle' the refugee problem. But Erdogan and Co. apparently spent the cash on buying stolen Syrian oil and funding ISIS, so last week they came back, cap in hand, for not just another €3 billion but also visa free travel for all Turkish citizens to the EU and a fast track membership process. Infuriated by such insolence and deception from the arrogant Turks, a few days ago EU leaders agreed to fork out the cash and promised Erdogan and Co. "EU accession negotiations as soon as possible".

Having a gay old time. Turkish and EU psychopaths laugh it up as refugees they created drown in the Aegean.
A few hours before the meeting between diminutive Turkish PM Davutoglu and the 28 heads of EU member states on March 7th in Brussels, a much publicized and very jovial get-together that aimed to "prevent waves of refugees, and tragic events in the Aegean Sea", 25 migrants drowned off the Turkish coast, en-route to Greece. More recently, doubt has been cast on whether or not Turkey is actually hosting many Syrian refugees at all.

It would be easy to explain all this as simple (if psychopathic) opportunism by the Turks and a complete absence of any integrity or morals on the part of EU chiefs if it weren't for the fact that quietly watching over this entire process we find the grand old US of A. No one can reasonably argue that a protracted war in Syria was ever going to be a positive development for Turkey or the EU. Turkey is today threatened with, at worst, the loss of some of its territory to the Kurds, or at least, the establishment of a Kurdish state on its borders, while the very fabric of the EU is under serious strain due to the refugees.

The only country that stands (as usual) to benefit from chaos in other nations is the USA, and that's because it is usually the USA that created the chaos in the first place. As I have already written on several occasions, the 'great game' being played here is the same one that has been played by the 'exceptional' USA for at least 100 years. The name of that game is 'thwart Russian expansion at all costs'.

Prior to the proxy war on Syria, Turkey and Russia enjoyed close economic and political relations. Last November someone inside a jet inside Turkey shot down a Russian plane in Syria, ending that close relationship. I stand by my analysis at the time that the Erdogan government was not directly responsible for the shoot down and had no choice but to run with the narrative that was foisted upon them...by the USA.

If we stand back and observe the results of events in the Middle East over the past 5 years, we see that the ongoing proxy war on Syria has not only created the refugee crisis that is creating a 'security crisis' in the European Union, but it has gifted Turkey with the means to force its accession to the EU, bringing it much closer to NATO's bosom, and much further from a potential alliance with Russia. Doing whatever it can think of to prevent alliances between anyone and Russia is today the sole reason for the existence of the Pentagon and the US State Dept. and that €6 billion promised EU payment to Turkey starts to look more like compensation for trashing its ties with Russia than any 'refugee fund'.

Eye of the [paper] Tiger: Gen. 'the Russians killed Jesus' Breedlove.
Given the depth, then, of US perfidy, mendacity and anti-Russian hysteria, it was not surprising to read last week that NATO's Chief warmonger in Europe, General Breedlove (recent winner of the most inappropriate surname competition), accused Russia of creating the refugee crisis in order to "overwhelm and break Europe". Apart from the utter preposterousness of this allegation from a man who played a central role in waging a 4-year-long proxy war on Syria that created the refugees, Breedlove's accusation is precisely what I have accused the US of doing - encouraging Turkey to send refugees to the EU to increase insecurity and EU dependence on NATO. Accusing others of what you yourself are doing is a very common trait of psychopathic individuals.

But US deviousness doesn't stop there. By spreading this outlandish idea, Breedlove is seeking to further increase anti-Russian hysteria among gullible EU officials, and if the pusillanimous of EU officials in the face of US threats to date is anything to go by, he'll probably succeed.

North Korea claims it could wipe out Manhattan with a hydrogen bomb

North Korea claimed Sunday that it could wipe out Manhattan by sending a hydrogen bomb on a ballistic missile to the heart of New York City, the latest in a string of brazen threats.
Although there are many reasons to believe that Kim Jong Un’s regime is exaggerating its technical capabilities, the near-daily drumbeat of boasts and warnings from North Korea underlines its anger at efforts to thwart its ambitions.
“Our hydrogen bomb is much bigger than the one developed by the Soviet Union,” DPRK Today, a state-run outlet, reported Sunday. DPRK stands for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, North Korea’s official name.
“If this H-bomb were to be mounted on an intercontinental ballistic missile and fall on Manhattan in New York City, all the people there would be killed immediately and the city would burn down to ashes,” the report said, citing a nuclear scientist named Cho Hyong Il.


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