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Monday, March 7, 2016



Roughly Translated from NONPOSSUMUS 

 1. Reverend Father: why another Bishop Resistance is needed? ¿ There remains a state of necessity in the Church? Is not that enough to the Church with the bishops of the SSPX traditionalists, Cone says the same fraternity?

The Church needs bishops, as He willed our Lord. Then the Tradition needs Bishops. The work that Mons. Williamson since 1988 is huge. Bishop brings aid. Faure is essential, and a third bishop is not others. Tradition came to have seven bishops when Mons. Lazo, Philippines, Tradition passed before Msgr. Lefebvre and Mgr. Antonio de Castro Mayer passed away. Resistance is nothing but the tradition continues.
2. Some say his consecration constitutes a schismatic act. What can you tell us about that ?

And 1988 consecrations a schismatic act did not constitute, likewise this consecration will be neither. The reason behind the first is the same that motivated the other, that is, the fact that Rome does not want to Tradition.
. Obviously, both new consecration like Bishop Faure may be criticized, but for those who look into the reasons, it is consecrations motivated by the same reason as those of 1988: the fact that the chair of St. Peter is occupied by enemies of our Lord. It is a painful fact, but a fact. Unreality deny test accusation made ​​by Bishop Fellay his three brothers in the Episcopate. Bishop Williamson, Bishop and Bishop Tissier de Galarreta....
This new consecration has but the reasons they did act Msgr. Lefebvre, neither more nor less. The only difference is in the special circumstances in relation to the authorities of the fraternity, but in relation to Rome and the crisis, the reasons are identical in every way.

3. Father. Last year, during the consecration of Bishop Faure, the SSPX said the resistance is sedevacantist, and that is demonstrated by consecrating bishops without permission of the Roman authorities. Does your answer to this other charge?

In the same way that Msgr. Lefebvre was not sedevacantist, so the resistance is not sedevacantist, but within it there, as otherwise there was always the SSPX, supporters of this thesis.

4. Father: What is your position on the sedevacantism?

I think the position of Msgr. Lefebvre in this respect is the most sensible and prudent. The Pope can not use his authority to destroy the Church. Then we do not obey him in this work. We refuse to take part in the destruction of the Church. In deciding whether the pope lost his pontificate because of this, it is a disputed question. We do not have the premises to draw a conclusion that excludes all doubts. Now in doubt, it is better not say that the seat is vacant and consider it as Pope.

5. Last year we asked Mons. Faure would do if invited to the Vatican by Pope Francisco. Now we make you the same question. Would go? To say what Francisco?

Going to Rome? Only if to ask if the Roman authorities accept Quanta Cura, Syllabus, Pascendi, etc., but I think for now the answer has already been given and it is negative.
6. Professor Carlos Nougue has published a brief article about his life, in which he mentions the incident of the pressures that you received from the authorities of the SSPX for refusing to sing the Te Deum in celebration of the motu proprio Summorum Puntificum (July 2007). Can you tell us more about that episode and about others that you have suffered pressure from the leaders of the SSPX?

What happened in Santa Cruz when Mons. De Galarreta was here, suggesting to leave the monastery, it is something very complex, where several factors come. Only Mons. De Galarreta could say exactly all the reasons that moved him to give me the suggestion. The doctrinal question may have been involved, but there is no certainty, as Mons. De Galarreta was in principle against the agreements. Perhaps the freedom and independence of the monastery just inquietase Msgr. Fellay. Mons. De Galarreta gave as the reason vocations for the monastery, because while I was in Brazil prior Parents would not send vocations.

7. Reverend Father: his experience at the Abbey of Le Barroux has served to strengthen their opposition to the rallie drift or acuerdista SSPX?

Yes, there is a similarity between Dom Gerard admiration by the then Cardinal Ratzinger and admiration , or at least the consideration that Mons. Fellay has by Benedict XVI.
Dom Gerard said Msgr. Lefebvre Hangout angry in his corner by refusing to make contact with representatives of Rome and Cardinal Ratzinger was a man with whom it was possible to deal with . Dom Gérard did not know the Cardinal and would not benefit from the experience of Msgr. Lefebvre. I think Msgr. Fellay has made ​​the same mistake. The advice and opinions of the ancients are something fundamental in life. St. Thomas, speaking of docility, says this provision of soul that we have for the elderly. It's worth reading the article 3 of the question 49 gives IIª II ae. It is very instructive. Dom Gérard did not take into account the warnings and advisories Msgr. Lefebvre. Msgr. Fellay well act differently if meditate too, I think. This issue deserves a whole study on the attitude of Rome towards Mons. Gérard and Msgr. Fellay. I think both lacked prudence of Msgr. Lefebvre.

8. Can you tell us how the breakdown occurred between the monastery and the SSPX 2012?

The separation between our monastery and the fraternity was gradual, because more than one incident. But it was in 2012, when I and Br Arsenio wrote about the agreements, and especially when Bishop Williamson was in our monastery and received our full support..; that the break was made.
However, we keep good relations with some members of the SSPX who see the problem, although they think is best to stay in the fraternity for now.

9. Father: You met Bishop Lefevre.. Can you say a few words about it?

Msgr. Lefebvre had the strength and tranquility of those with certainty how well founded that is what they are doing, and this coupled with high availability to serve souls. Its tranquility came from the strength of their faith and their good sense. It generates certain tranquility. But the certainty of faith is superior to all others. Hence the great tranquility that Msgr. Lefebvre had on all occasions. He was a true Bishop, as described by St. Paul, who acted so to save his own soul and that of those who heard his words and advice. His motto summed up well his person and action: Credidimus Caritati.

10. How do you explain the change that has worked in the SSPX regarding the possibility of a practical agreement with Rome, and what you think will happen to the Fraternity?

I think there are members of the SSPX who want an agreement and who are working in this direction for many years.
Perhaps it was to save the Fraternity of an internal rupture that Msgr. Tissier and Mons. De Galarreta agreed to change what had been decided at the General Chapter of 2006.
What will happen with the Fraternity only God knows. I pray for her to return to their first fervor, but it will be difficult backtracking.
Not living with the members of the Fraternity, I have difficulty in giving an informed opinion. From what I hear and what I get to read, I think that fraternity attempt a somewhat unstable equilibrium, composed of legality and loyalty. But they fight on the ground chosen by the enemy. Statically it is not very intelligent. The freedom to preach against the errors of the Holy See will be (already) paralyzed. Besides that, Msgr. Fellay seems to think differently from Mons. Lefebvre, eventhough he denies. This is fatal to the Society of St. Pius X.
11. Reverend Father: Can we speak of true and proper liberalism in the SSPX, or is that an exaggeration?

Approaching Rome there is no way to avoid a certain liberalism.

12. Father: how would you define the Resistance and how he sees the future of it?

I would describe the resistance as fidelity to Msgr. Lefebvre and Msgr. Antonio de Castro Mayer. Resistance is the tradition, or is the healthiest part of tradition , or at least part of the tradition that more clearly rejects the idea of a prático agreement without Rome has returned to Tradition.
The future of the Resistance is in fidelity to the teachings of Msgr. Lefebvre and Mgr. De Castro Mayer, that is, to the teachings of the infallible Magisterium of the Church. Thank God we Msgr. Williamson and Msgr. Faure com us because they were chosen by Msgr. Lefebvre and were always faithful disciples of the founder of the Society of St. Pius X.

13. What will be your priorities cone Obispo?

Give the sacraments and ensure the preaching of the faith.

14. What will be the motto of his coat and explanation of it?

The ema l will be "Veritatem Dilexisti" (Amaste Truth), taken from Psalm 50. The shield is the reverse of the Miraculous Medal, with twelve stars (the twelve articles of the Creed and the twelve Apostles), the cross, " M "of Mary and the Sacred Hearts.
Brazil's name was in the beginning, "Land of the Holy Cross." That is also the name of our monastery.
Our congregation was dedicated, in the nineteenth century by our founder, the Rev. Father Jean Baptiste Muard, the Most Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

15. Finally, Reverend Father, do you want to send a message to the traditionalists, and in particular the Resistance?

A message? Study the works of Msgr. Lefebvre and learn from their examples. Msgr . Lefebvre is the Father Le Floch and Fr. Le Floch is the Magisterium: the love of the Magisterium of the Church. Only then it will expire liberalism and modernism.
Besides that, they read and seek to understand the great anti - liberal writers, especially those who best understand the mistakes of the modern world, as Mons. Antonio de Castro Mayer, Bishop. Williamson and Msgr. Tissier, exposing precisely the strange theology Benedict XVI and gave us the biography of Msgr. Lefebvre, without forgetting the ancient authors, the list would be too great. Recall only Mons. Vital, the great Brazilian bishop friend of Mgr. Segur who fought vigorously to Freemasonry, and because of that he was arrested and perhaps poisoned, then died shortly after leaving prison, with serious digestive problems. Also remember Mgr. Pie and for Brazilians, Gustavo Corção, whose book, The Age of Nothing should be known by everyone. Corção understood well the evil of the century: the lie, since he said that the twentieth century could be called the century of lies. The remedy to this is wrong in its opposite: "Veritatem dilexisti".

Dear Father, we thank God deeply, his Blessed Mother, St. Joseph Protector of the Church, and San Benito; for the great blessing for Resistance implies consecration. We ask God to give you a very fruitful episcopate. We thank you for having accepted such a heavy burden and Msgr. Williamson and Msgr. Faure because enshrine cone successor of the Apostles. Deo Gratias!