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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, March 21, 2016

Distress of Nation: Summer of political unrest will tear at the fabric of American society

Summer of political unrest will tear at the fabric of American society


This blog is LOADED with the latest civil unrest from all over the world. It is just as Our Lord warned 

 We are about to enter into a long, hot summer of discontent, so the best thing you could do for yourself and your family is to begin preparing for it now.

As Breitbart News reported this week, there has been little mainstream media coverage of what is brewing, but make no mistake – it is.

The same radical, Left-wing groups responsible for organizing the protest that shut down GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s University of Illinois campaign rally in Chicago last week are planning a mass civil disobedience movement that is set to kick off in April. The intent is to involve masses of people to march up and down the East Coast with the objective of sparking a “fire that transforms the political climate in America.”
Pretty ominous, considering most who are familiar with Marxist community organizing in the mold of our current president know what the language means – transforming the political climate into one of chaos and revolution.
Even the name of the operation – “Democracy Spring” – is hypocritical, for those hired guns who will do the “protesting” are so filled with hate they can’t even fathom their own hypocrisy is shutting down a man’s right to campaign and to speak. Some “democracy.”
Promising theirs will be the “largest civil disobedience action of the century,” these radicals are anticipating that thousands of their own will wind up behind bars at some point.
“We will demand that Congress listen to the People and take immediate action to save our democracy. And we won’t leave until they do — or until they send thousands of us to jail,” the website for Democracy Spring declares, using rhetoric from the “Occupy” movement.
The movement is backed by several Leftist organizations including MoveOn.org, which is funded in part by billionaire George Soros, the Institute for Policy Studies and Demos, Breitbart News reported.
MoveOn.org has been dominant in organizing anti-Trump activism, including last week’s shutdown of Trump’s Chicago rally.
And while Democracy Spring is stating that its protestors won’t incite violence or destroy any propoerty, we saw how that worked out in Chicago: It wasn’t Trump supporters doing the violent protesting there, it was Left-wing Trump detractors, as former U.S. representative and retired Army Lt. Col. Allen West noted on his blog.
The Left has a violent history of protest, because Leftist organizations have always fomented straw men and anger among key demographics. In the case of Trump his supporters are angry, too, but at being left out of the political process by a party many have supported for decades; Trump has tapped into that anger, he hasn’t created it.
The point is, there is a great deal of angst on both sides in this election, causing many to become agitated and animated enough to actually participate in the election process this time around. And with more protesting being planned, it’s quite possible that it can – and will – get out of hand at some point over the summer, especially if Trump goes on to actually win the Republican nomination. He is as successful of generating disgust and hatred as he is at generating unyielding, unmitigated support, given his campaign style.
Pile on top of this anger the seething resentment tens of millions of Americans have felt towards President Obama’s famous liberalism for nearly eight years, and it won’t take much this summer for some people to completely lose their minds.
Are you ready? Are you prepared?
While you may have no intentions of attending a political rally, the unrest that such rallies may unleash will eventually spread throughout our cities; protests and violence completely unrelated to campaign events, but fomented by them, can crop up anywhere, there is that much anger out there. So you need to take this pledge by Democracy Spring seriously – enough so to make plans to protect yourself and your family, and ride out any social unrest or societal breakdown.
That will include:
Stocking up on additional food
— Storing plenty of water
— Securing your home
— Keeping enough spare fuel for a generator and/or portable heating device
— Paying more attention to the news of the day
— Taking a bugout bag with you to and from work, also keeping one in your car when you are out and about running errands
— Getting in some extra range time
— Being extra alert and vigilant
Some say we should do these things all the time, to always be ready, and that is true, but we all know that sometimes we let our guard down somewhat.

How Do You Know When Your Society Is in the Midst of Collapse?

As economic turmoil worldwide becomes increasingly apparent, We have been receiving messages from readers expressing some concerns on the public “perception” of collapse. That is to say, there are questions on the average person’s concept of collapse versus the reality of collapse. This is a vital issue that I have discussed briefly in the past, but it deserves a more in-depth analysis.
What is collapse? How do we define it? And, are some of the notions of collapse in the public consciousness completely wrong?
It’s funny, because skeptics opposed to the idea of a U.S. collapse in particular will most often retort with a question they think we cannot or will not answer – “So, Mr. Smith, when specifically is this supposed collapse going to take place? What day and time?”
Our response has always been – “We’re in the middle of a collapse right now; you really can’t see it right in front of your sneering face?”
The reason these people are incapable of grasping this kind of answer is in large part due to the popular mainstream conceptions of systemic collapse. These are conceptions that are for the most part delusional and not in line with the facts. The public idea of collapse comes predominantly from Hollywood, and not from personal experience. For the masses (and some preppers, unfortunately), a collapse is an “event” that happens visibly and usually swiftly. You wake up one morning and behold; the television and phones don’t work anymore and zombies are at your doorstep! Yes, it’s childish and cartoonish, but anything less than a Walking Dead/Mad Max scenario and many people act as if all other threats are benign.
This is the driving reason why many Americans are absolutely oblivious to the economic instability that is rampant and blatant within our system the past few months. They might see the same signals that alternative analysts see, but these signals do not register in their brains as dangers.
Look at it this way; say you told a person their whole life that a tiger is a 10-foot tall behemoth with four heads that breath fire while urinating flesh-rending acid. Say you make movies and TV shows about it and they never have any experience to the contrary. When they finally come across a real tiger, they might try to pet the damn thing instead of running in terror or searching for a means of defense.
To use another vicious animal analogy, when we encounter skeptics with false assumptions of what a collapse actually is, we are often reminded of that woman in Anchorage, Alaska who jumped an enclosure fence at the zoo to get a closer picture of Binky the polar bear. These people have been made so inept when it comes to identifying threats that they will continue arguing with you as the animal takes a football-sized bite out of their meaty thigh.
So what is the root of the problem beyond Hollywood fantasies? Well, the problem is that social and economic collapse is not a singular event, it is a PROCESS. Collapse is a series of events that sometimes span years. Each event increases in volatility over the last event, but as time goes on these events tend to condition the masses. The public develops a normalcy bias towards crisis (like the old “frog in a boiling pot” analogy). They lose all sense of what a healthy system looks like.
It is not uncommon for a society to wade through almost a decade or more of violent decline before finally acknowledging the system is imploding on a fundamental level. It is also not uncommon for societies to endure years of abuse by corrupt governments before either organizing effectively to rebel, or caving in and submitting to totalitarianism.
But how does one recognize a failing system? How does a person know if they are in the middle of a collapse rather than on the “verge” of collapse? Here are some signals I have derived from research of various breakdowns in modern nations and why they indicate we are experiencing collapse right now…
The Criminals Openly Admit To Their Crimes
The surest way to know if your society is in the midst of disintegration is to see if the criminals who created the instability in the first place are openly discussing a collapse scenario or warning that one is imminent.
A year ago, central bankers presented little more than a chorus of recovery propaganda. Today, not so much. The Royal Bank of Scotland is now warning investors to “sell everything” ahead of a “cataclysmic” year in markets.
The Federal Reserve’s Richard Fisher has admitted that the Fed “frontloaded” (manipulated) stock markets into a bubble and that payment is about to come due in the form of severe economic volatility (up to 20% crash in equities).
The Bank for International Settlements, the central bank of central banks, has a track record of warning the public about collapse conditions – right before they happen, leaving little or no time for people to prepare. They have followed their habit by warning in September and December that a Fed rate hike would “shatter” the uneasy calm in markets.
The former Chief Economist of the BIS now says the economy is in worse shape than it was in 2008 and is headed for a larger fall.
What happened between last year and this year and why are these internationalists suddenly so forthcoming about our economic reality? The fact that central bankers are the cause of our current collapse leads me to believe that such admissions are designed to deflect guilt. If they put out a few warnings now, they can then later claim they are prognosticators rather than culprits, and that they were trying to “help us.” Beyond that, the reality is that our situation was just as dire in 2014/2015 as it is today; the difference is that now we are about to enter a new phase in the ongoing collapse, a much more detrimental phase, but still a phase of a breakdown that has been progressing since at least 2008.
The Fundamentals Break Through The Manipulation Barrier
Governments and central banks do not have the capacity to artificially create demand for goods or a supply of well-paying jobs in a crashing economy. What they can do, though, is hide the visible problems in supply and demand with false numbers.
Experts examined such false economic statistics in great detail last year in a six-part series titled “One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes.” We will not cover them all again here. We would only point out that recently the fundamentals of supply and demand have begun to break through the deceit of manipulated numbers, and this is a sign that the collapse is about to move from one stage to the next.
With global shipping and trucking freight in steep decline, with retail inventories in stasis and current oil consumption falling to levels not seen since 1997 despite a larger population, the mainstream can no longer deny that consumer demand is crumbling. If demand is falling dramatically, then the financial system is in the middle of falling dramatically; there is simply no way around this truth.
Stocks And Commodities Become Violently Erratic
Let’s be clear, if stock markets represent anything at all, they are merely lagging indicators of economic instability.  Stock markets are NOT predictive indicators of anything useful.  Therefore, any person who does nothing but track equities each day is going to be completely oblivious to the bigger picture behind the economy until it is too late.  They will be so mesmerized by the green numbers and red numbers and lines on minute-to-minute graphs that they will lose all sense of reality.
Violent swings in stocks are a sign of a financial system that is at the middle or end of the collapse process, not the beginning.
It is also important to note that extreme shifts in stocks and commodity values to the upside are just as much a signal of instability as shifts to the downside.  For instance, if you witnessed the recent 9% explosion in oil markets and thought to yourself “Ah, the markets are being stabilized again and nothing is different this time…”, then you are an idiot.
Of course, the next day oil markets lost almost all of the gains they made the day before.  And this is how markets behave when they are about to die; they expand and implode chaotically each day on nothing more that meaningless news headlines rather than hard data.  This heart attack in equities inevitably trends downwards as the weeks and months pass.  Keep in mind, equities are down nearly 10% from their recent highs, and oil is down approximately 50% in the past six months.  Every time there is a dead cat bounce in stocks skeptics come out of the woodwork to call alternative analysts “doomers”, yet they are nowhere to be found when markets come crashing back down.  They are not looking at the overall trend because their short attention spans hinder them.  Again, extreme swings in markets, whether up or down, are a sign of progressing collapse.
Deterioration Of Cultural Values, Heritage And Identity
Many have written extensively over the years about the Cloward-Piven strategy; a strategy used by collectivists to destabilize social systems by dumping overt numbers of foreign immigrants into the population without demand for integration. This process has been obvious in the U.S. and Europe for quite some time, but only now is it peaking to the point that collapse is seen as an inevitable result by the public. Europe is worse off than the U.S. in this regard as millions upon millions of Muslim immigrants are injected into the EU’s already dying body; immigrants that intend to transplant their culture from their own failed societies rather than adopting the values and principles of the societies that have invited them in.
Natural-born Americans and legal immigrants with aspiration of integration appear to be fighting back against the Cloward-Piven strategy with some success by holding onto traditional American values despite being labeled “barbarians” and “racists.” Illegal immigration, though, is still completely unchecked.
In the EU, the long campaign of cultural Marxism has made natural-born Europeans perhaps the most self-hating people on the planet as well as the most passive and weak. Organized opposition to massive immigration programs in the EU should have taken place years ago. Now it is far too late, and the European system is finishing a social implosion which should have already been obvious to average citizens.
Open Discussion Of Totalitarian Measures
When corrupt leadership moves from quiet totalitarianism to more open totalitarianism, your society is in the FINAL stages of collapse, not the beginning of a collapse. The U.S. in particular has been slowly strangled with subversive legal directives and political policies ever since the so called “War on Terror” began. However, there are now multiple signals of a much deeper and open tyranny in the works.
A few recent examples stand out, including Barack Obama’s insistence that the office of the president has the legal authority to issue executive orders that affect constitutional protections such as the 2nd Amendment. As many liberty movement activists are aware, there is absolutely no constitutional precedent for the use of executive orders and such powers are not mentioned anywhere in the document. They were simply created out of thin air to be used by the federal government and sometimes state governments to supersede normal checks and balances.
While numerous presidents have issued executive orders, including some that were outright tyrannical, like Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s unconstitutional internment of Japanese Americans into concentration camps, George W. Bush and Barack Obama have been the most subversive in their bypassing of the Constitution. Obama, in particular, has tried to hide the number of executive actions he has taken by issuing hundreds of “presidential memorandums,” which are basically the same dirty play by another name.
These actions have been progressively setting the stage for the removal of checks and balances entirely in the name of crisis management. They are so broad in their nature and vague in their definitions and applications that they could be interpreted by federal authorities to mean just about anything in any given situation.
If executive actions are not scary enough, corrupt politicians are now becoming blunt in their demands for dominance. Two Republican Senators, Mitch McConnel and Lindsay Graham, are calling for unlimited AUMF-style (authorization of use of military force) war powers to be given to the president. Such powers would allow the president to project U.S. military forces anywhere in the world for any reason without review or time limits. This includes the use of military forces on U.S. soil.
The rationale for this is, of course, the threat of ISIS. The same group of terrorists the U.S. government helped to create.
And finally, if you want perhaps the most nonchalant admission of future tyranny in recent days, check out former General Wesley Clark’s call for “disloyal” Americans to be placed in internment camps through the duration of the war on terror, a war that could ostensibly go on forever.
One could argue that all of these measures are meant only to deter “Islamic extremism.” I would point out that government officials could have stemmed that tide at any time by enforcing existing immigration laws, or, by stopping all immigration for a period of years until the problem is handled. Instead, they have allowed open borders to remain, and have even imported potential terrorists while focusing Department of Homeland Security efforts more on evil white guys with guns.
If we accept the violation of the constitutional rights of any group of citizens, if we allow the concept of “thought crime” to become commonplace, then we leave the door open to the violation of our own rights someday. And that is how tyrants trick populations through incremental collapse; by applying despotism to a claimed dangerous minority, then expanding it to everyone else.
America is sitting near the end of the spectrum in terms of economic collapse and in the middle of the spectrum in terms of social collapse.  While more violent events are certainly gestating and are likely to be triggered in the near term, we should not overlook the reality that collapse is happening in stages all around us.  This process gives us at least some time.  All is not lost yet, and the steps we take to organize and prepare today will affect how the collapse process unfolds tomorrow. People who continue to ignore the outright evidence of collapse based on false assumptions of what collapse should look like are only preventing themselves from taking proper action until it is too late. Make no mistake, our system is dying. We cannot allow our false perceptions of this death to cloud the reality of it, or our response to it.

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Prepare for a new wave of criminal drug gangs invading American soil

A bad situation along the U.S. Southwest border is about to get much worse, and most Americans are completely unaware of it.

News reports last week noted that the Obama administration had reinstituted a “catch-and-release” policy for those caught sneaking into the country illegally. So neglectful has this president become of his duty to protect and defend the country that Border Patrol agents forced to endure this policy have all but thrown up their arms.

“We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether,” said Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, in recent testimony [PDF] before the House Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security.
He went onto to say that parts of the U.S.-Mexico border are so chaotic and lawless that Mexico-based drug cartels operate there with impunity. And any real policy change from Washington takes months – sometimes years – to implement, whereas the cartels, free from bureaucratic and political influences, change tactics on a dime.
Well, as bad as that is – and it’s bad – it’s about to get a lot worse.
As with any power vacuum, someone or some group will step in to fill it, and that’s what’s happening along the border.
As reported by the Washington Examiner:
Criminal networks with Latin American roots, such as MS-13 and the 18th Street gang, are using the administration’s open-door policy at the border to slip in recruits that are causing a huge spike in murder and violence throughout the nation, according to an immigration expert.
In testimony before the same House subcommittee, Jessica Vaughn, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies, noted that “established gangs have been able to transfer an unknown number of experienced foot soldiers from Central America to help colonize new criminal territory in the United States.”
Let that sink in for a moment: Foot soldiers.
Vaughn also noted that “the tide of new young people, many of whom have already been exposed or involved in street gangs at home, has provided a huge pool of new recruits for the gangs here.
“Gangs such as MS-13 and 18th Street are enjoying a brutal revival in certain parts of the country and are establishing themselves in new places,” she continued.
She added, “Violent transnational gangs such as MS-13 have taken full advantage of the Obama administration’s welcome mat to swell their ranks here, contributing to a noticeable spike in gang violence in certain localities – with tragic results.”
Vaughn also provided the subcommittee with some damning statistics – some that, you would think, should worry the president somewhat:
— “In Frederick County, Md., 20 miles from the White House, crime has jumped since about 265 illegal unaccompanied Central American minors were placed there,” The WE reported. “Gang fights in schools are now common and one of the older MS-13 ‘shot callers’ was approved for President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.”
— In Boston police recently arrested 56 MS-13 gang members, some of whom arrived in surges of young Latinos. And some of them are suspected in teen murders that are part of the rite of initiation into the gang.
— “In Loudoun, County, Va., home to Washington’s Dulles International Airport, three unaccompanied minors who arrived in 2013 have been indicted for the gang-related murder of 17-year-old Danny Centeno Miranda, also an unaccompanied minor living with his uncle,” said The WE.
What should be crystal clear to all Americans is that 1) this president is implementing these policies on purpose – for specific reasons and with specific intent; 2) he has no plans to change his policies; and 3) Congress and the courts appear impotent in their efforts to force Obama to adhere to the constitutional limitations of his office, which does not include his arbitrarily changing immigration law and his overt refusal to carry out the laws of the country.
But all of that is academic at this point. What Americans need to know and understand is that in addition to the rising threat of jihadi-inspired terrorism we now have a new threat – criminal gangs that have no problem raping, killing and plundering our country.
We bring you these revelations not to scare or intimidate you, but to motivate you to get into the game and get serious about protecting yourself and your loved ones and, if necessary, your own communities. Because it’s obvious our president isn’t going to do it.

Turkey: Turkish police attack pro-Kurdish activists in Diyarbakir

London rally condemns Turkey’s ‘war on Kurds’, UK media silence (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of Britain’s capital to express their indignation with the Ankara’s military operation against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) which heaps suffering on the Kurdish minority both in Turkey and beyond its borders.
The protest, organized by an activist group known as Stop War on Kurds, took place in central London on Sunday. People gathered at BBC Broadcasting House and then left for Trafalgar Square to start the rally.

Flares, eggs, stones: Protesters attack Russian embassy twice in Kiev (VIDEO) 

The Russian embassy in Ukraine has been attacked twice in the last 24 hours, allegedly by people demanding to free pilot Nadezhda Savchenko. The embassy’s cars were torched overnight, followed by eggs and stones being thrown at the building.
The Russian embassy filed a protest to Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry after an attack on its building and diplomatic staff cars parked nearby. A group of unknown people wearing balaclavas, armed with baseball bats, smashed three cars and threw flares and smoke bombs at the embassy in the early hours of Sunday, according to Oleg Grishin, spokesperson for the embassy.

Embassy security had to open fire into the air to deter the attackers. A video posted on YouTube in the wake of the attack says it was triggered by the “illegal detention” of Savchenko and targeted cars with D001 number plates that “belong to the Kremlin officials.”
Ukraine’s police have launched a criminal probe over the hooliganism.

Protesters were sticking placards saying “#Free_Savchenko” and “Nadya, you must live” on the embassy fence.
On Sunday, a number of Ukrainian cities witnessed demonstrations in support of the detained pilot, including several hundred people gathered on Kiev’s Independence Square.

The case of Nadezhda Savchenko, a Ukrainian pilot currently on trial in Russia over complicity in the killing of Russian journalists and crossing the border illegally, has stirred up much controversy both in Ukraine and Russia.
Savchenko, 34, regarded as a political prisoner and hero by many people in her homeland, has gone on another hunger strike to protest the length of the legal proceedings. She was about to deliver a final statement on March 3, but the court session was postponed until March 9.
During her previous hunger strike that lasted 83 day Savchenko demanded release from detention. The plea wasn’t fulfilled despite a request sent by Ukrainian President Poroshenko to the Kremlin.
Russian prosecutors are demanding a 23-year sentence for the pilot.

Caught On Tape: Tear Gas Deployed As Migrants Revolt In France

The infamous refugee camp has been the subject of quite a bit of media coverage of late and now, France is tearing it down. "With the orange-vested workers again protected by dense lines of riot police as they knocked down huts with hammers and power tools, the debris then lifted into skips by diggers, a dozen or so migrants and activists climbed on to the roofs of shacks next in line to be demolished," The Guardian notes.

The destruction of Calais has led directly to a move by Belgium to reinstate border controls as the country fears that the demolition of the camp will lead directly to an increased flow of migrants across the border. 
As RT notes, "police were called to the area after refugees, enraged by an earlier eviction, attacked trucks with stones, debris, and iron bars." Ultimately, police used tear gas to subdue the crowd."

'Million Women Rise' march against domestic violence in London


Thousands of protesters decry Serbian govt's deal with NATO

Around two thousand protesters took to the streets of the southern Serbian city of Nis on Friday to denounce the government’s deal in February with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), which will allow its troops immunity and safe passage through Serbian territory.

Brazil Descends Into Chaos As Rousseff, Lula Wiretaps Trigger Mass Protests

Just yesterday, we said the following about Brazil: It seems as though this country can’t get through a single day without some piece of political news or economic data creating confusion and turmoil.
We said that on the way to noting that central bank chief Alexandre Tombini looked set to resign for fear that former President Lula’s new cabinet position and attendant promise to "turn the economy around" would lead invariably to government interference in monetary and FX policy.
As regular readers and Brazil watchers alike are no doubt aware, the BRL has been on a veritable rollercoaster ride of late and it’s all thanks, one way or another, to Lula. The currency rallied on his arrest, sold off when he was offered a position in Rousseff’s cabinet, and now, is headed sharply higher after a court injunction blocked his nomination as chief of staff.
The injunction appears to stem from some 50 audio recordings released to the media on Wednesday by Judge Sergio Moro, the lead prosecutor in the car wash probe. At least one of the recordings seems to suggest that Rousseff did indeed offer Lula the ministry post in order to shield him from prosecution.
The most damning call was recorded on Wednesday afternoon, when Rousseff can be heard telling Lula that she is sending him his ministerial papers “in case of necessity.” Obviously, that sounds a lot like an attempt to make sure Lula has proof of his new position in case authorities come to arrest him before he’s sworn in. In Brazil, ministers can only be tried in the Supreme Court which, as you might imagine, could take virtually forever compared to lower courts.
Lula was questioned earlier this month in connection with the possibility that he received luxury properties in exchange for favors tied to the Petrobras scandal.
On other calls recorded Wednesday Lula can be heard cursing the court, telling Rousseff the following: “...we have a totally cowardly supreme court, a totally cowardly high court, a totally cowardly parliament  I don’t know how many legislators under threat, and everyone thinking that some kind of miracle is going to happen.”
“Democracy in a free society requires that the governed know what their governors are doing, even when they try to act in the dark,” he said.
“Moro also said he believes Lula had advance warning of the raid on 4 March and may have known his phone was tapped,” The Guardian notes, adding that “by midnight on Wednesday there were reports of demonstrations against the government in at least 17 of Brazil’s 26 states. In the southern city of Curitiba, where Moro is based, hundreds gathered in front of the court to show support for the judge and his investigation.”

(protests on Wednesday night in Sao Paulo)

(demonstrations in Brasilia)
Rousseff says the court and the media's interpretation is incorrect. She claims that she was trying to tell Lula that she was sending him his papers early in case he was unable to attend the swearing-in ceremony.
Put simply: no one was buying that excuse.
"Military police fired tear gas at demonstrators outside government buildings in Brasília, while groups set fire to a doll resembling the ex-president and waved banners calling for his imprisonment," FT recounts, "[While] thousands of protesters filled São Paulo’s main avenue, Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana beach and cities in at least 15 other states."
Rousseff now intends to take legal action against Moro for "breaking the constitution. Here's a summary of Rousseff's comments, some of which are outright hilarious in light of the circumstances:
  • Says justice system should be focused on proof
  • There’s no justification for selective leaks in probes
  • There’s no justice when constitutional guarantees are violated
  • We want to know who authorized phone taps between her and Lula
  • This is a serious act
  • Says she has always defended the search for truth
  • Convulsing society based on lies is serious, coups can start that way
  • Says she won’t retreat from what happened yesterday
  • Brazil fights corruption, respects individual rights
  • Brazil counts on my work and determination
  • Says she counts on Lula’s experience, his ability to understand the people
  • Whoever bet on my separation from Lula was wrong
  • Brazil confronting economic, political difficulties
  • At this moment, we have to be together for Brazil
  • We have to leave political paralysis behind us
  • We want to reduce inflation, are acting to recover employment
  • We extend an open hand to all who want best for Brazil
  • People wanting coup won’t pull us off our path, won’t bring people to their knees
A lawyer for Lula called Moro's release of the tapes "arbitrary."
Right. "Arbitrary." In fact, there was nothing "arbitrary" about it. Moro was due to decide on whether to arrest Lula this week and effectively, he and Rousseff were about to circumvent the entire investigation by using ministerial immunity to keep the car wash probe from reaching any higher up in the government than it already has. In other words, it was now or never for Moro and as you might have noticed, he isn't one to let things go.
The release of the tapes led to a raucous session in Congress where some lawmakers chanted for Rousseff's head, figuratively speaking... we think. Here are some clips from the protests that swept the country on Wednesday:

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what's called chaos. Just ask Delcídio do Amaral, the senator whose testimony has only added to Rousseff's troubles. "I am a prophet of chaos," he told reporters after the court accepted his plea deal.
According to Eurasia, the leaked phone calls put Rousseff on the brink of impeachment, with odds of her ouster now rising to 75%. A vote, Eurasia says, could come as early as May.
“We’re in the hands of leaders who are bandits,” said Arivaldo Gomes, 54, a deliveryman. “I’m ashamed of this country," he told The New York Times. But perhaps Josias de Souza, a political commentator put it best: "Brazil is being governed by a joke. It's turned into an aspiring banana republic."

Riots and Fights Over Food Started in Greece. Imagine This on a Large Scale in U.S. When People Are Starving

Dozens of migrants are rioting over free food handed out outside a football stadium in Greece, with reports of injuries near the Piraeus port where nearly 5,000 migrants are living at the passenger terminals.

Local Greek media reports state that rioting began shortly after 7pm, when around 30 people started fighting each other while lining up to receive free food from the Olympiakos Football Club.
Piraeus Port Authority coast guard officers attended the scene to separate Afghan and Syrian migrants fighting each other.
The news comes on the same day of reporting migrant-on-migrant stabbings in the area.
The incident has occurred just 24 hours after movie star Angelina Jolie was caught in a crush of around 4,000 people wanting to see her visiting migrants in the port of Piraeus.
ekathimerini.com reports:
Three men received non-life threatening stab wounds during a brawl between Afghan refugees at Piraeus port early on Thursday morning.
Port authorities have launched an investigation into the incident that involved around 20 asylum seekers in a passenger terminal that is being used as a refugee shelter.

Now imagine this on a large scale here in U.S.
There are so many events that can cause a food shortage even in a country as U.S
Also read:
Food shortage occurs when food supplies within a bounded region do not provide the energy and nutrients needed by that region’s population. Food shortage is most easily conceptualized as a production problem – not enough food is grown to meet regional needs – but constraints on importation as well as storage can also cause or contribute to food shortage. Food shortage is also created where food is exported from areas where production is adequate or even abundant. Historically, the great hunger of Ireland (1845-1847) and the famine of Bengal (1944) have been attributed more to British political decisions to export locally produced grain supplies without compensating imports than to production shortfalls per se (Woodham-Smith 1962; Sen 1981).
Even when production shortfall is the primary cause of insufficient supply, the ecological and political reasons for production problems vary widely. They range from natural disasters such as drought, flood, or fungus, to political disasters such as civil conflict, terrorist attack, to misguided economic policies such as price controls- all of which discourage production of essential foods.

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So let me give you one clear example of what can happen and how a nation like U.S can fall in short time.
I guarantee that most ordinary folks have no idea that if trucks stopped rolling all across America, within a short period of time nearly all Americans would be in a life-threatening situation from major delivery shortages. 70% of all freight that is moved in the U.S. is done so by truck. You (we) depend on that ‘stuff’ for our survival.
A major disruption in truck travel would immediately impact seven major industries, and would bring America to its knees within days due in part to “Just-In-Time” manufacturing, zero-inventory, and the fact that our modern way of life is entirely dependent upon unimpeded distribution chains.


The first 24 hours

• Delivery of medical supplies to the affected area will cease.
• Hospitals will run out of basic supplies such as syringes and catheters
within hours. Radiopharmaceuticals will deteriorate and become
• Service stations will begin to run out of fuel.
• Manufacturers using just-in-time manufacturing will develop component
• U.S. mail and other package delivery will cease.

Within 48 hours

• Food shortages will begin to develop.
• Automobile fuel availability and delivery will dwindle, leading to skyrocketing
prices and long lines at the gas pumps.
• Without manufacturing components and trucks for product delivery,
assembly lines will shut down, putting thousands out of work.

Within 72 hours

• Food shortages will escalate, especially in the face of hoarding and
consumer panic.
• Supplies of essentials—such as bottled water, powdered milk, and
canned meat—at major retailers will disappear.
• ATMs will run out of cash and banks will be unable to process
• Service stations will completely run out of fuel for autos and trucks.
• Garbage will start piling up in urban and suburban areas.
• Container ships will sit idle in ports and rail transport will be disrupted,
eventually coming to a standstill.

Waste Removal

•Within days, America will be buried in garbage, presenting an enormous health hazard.

Within a week

• Automobile travel will cease due to the lack of fuel. Without autos and
busses, many people will not be able to get to work, shop for groceries,
or access medical care.
• Hospitals will begin to exhaust oxygen supplies.

Within two weeks

• The nation’s clean water supply will begin to run dry.

Within four weeks

• The nation will exhaust its clean water supply and water will be safe for
drinking only after boiling. As a result gastrointestinal illnesses will
increase, further taxing an already weakened health care system.
It’s all pretty scary. The ripple effects would be severe, the specifics of which are far too many to list here. You may be of the opinion that something like this could or would never happen. You would be wrong to think that. Don’t let your normalcy bias get in the way of critical thinking.
Think about it. Watch the video and watch the people killing each other for food, read the timeline again. Are you prepared? If not I urge you to do something about it. Don’t be part of that mob that will kill each other over a can of tuna. Make a food supply and save you and your family from starvation for as long as you can.

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