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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, March 11, 2016

9 Reasons NOT to Vote this Election

9 Reasons NOT to Vote this Election 
By: Eric Gajewski 

Over the past few weeks I have been noticing the deep delusion of those who respond to my posts concerning how all the Presidential nominees are run by the “hand behind the scene”.  There is a new world order being built around us and yet why do so many act as if it is not.  From the food we eat, to the water we drink, the gadgets put in front of us to even the Politicians.  Yes, I said it!  Now, do not get me wrong there are sincere Politician’s on certain levels not going along with the NWO program but definitely not for President.  I have demonstrated over past few weeks that the Cruz’s, Trump’s and Hillary’s all are apart of the same group which on the surface must not make it appear that way.  All, so that you think, your vote actually matters in the end which it does not.  Democracy is a sham coming from freemasonry.  The Reps and Dems are two sides of the same coin controlled by the Jews who continually make America more of a “great fit” for their new messiah to come (reigning from Jerusalem). Heck, we are their military strong-arm a military which is polluted with a lot of godless homosexuals.  Let us take a look at 9 reasons (as a Catholic Monarchist) as to why you ought not vote this year for any Zionist puppet (cough, cough) …I meant President of the United States.

It is a reality they are all “puppets” of the Jew World Order.  Remember from the early church Fathers we have been warned that the mystery of iniquity was already at work in the world.  From the Church side of things they now control the Vatican and the theology coming out of it.  From the state side of things they needed to break down Catholic Monarchies in so that they could over time get their “puppets” into place and continually teach Masonic things not Catholic things.  Thus, and especially since Vatican II, State Constitutions, have been broken down to give rights to man and not God and the Church.  This “Plan” by the Jews is obviously a long term plan in which they use FreeMasonry as a front and then when the time is ripe they will pull the carpet out from underneath the feet of men and say “WAALLAAA!” here is someone who has all the answers to all these global problems! We call him the antichrist for those not astutely following along. They make the problems with the solutions already in mind and have these puppets as the foremen to the operation.  Trump is in on the game (even though their trying to say he is not). Ron Paul is even a Rosicrucian.  They sit on both sides of the fence this is how the enemy works.  Sorry folks but you don’t really have a choice in the matter…outside of not trying to make a choice at all.

It will spare you a lot of burnt emotions and sinning in the months ahead.  I am completely amused by all the back and forth shenanigan’s from the respective political parties and potential nominees.  Really, do they really think “their guy” is not in on the game.  It really is an embarrassment seeing all of the posts and tweets coming from these blind souls.  A lot of sin is involved in the process of trying to prove their puppet is better than the next.  I am sure there are an awful lot of people losing sleep over this and the synagogue just loves it.  Give it a rest and just sit back and watch this country implode by design.  Trump is not saving us anymore than Cruz will or Godzilla will…only the Blessed Virgin Mary can now (as by God’s Plan not man’s).

Consider that the time spent arguing could be used preparing.  Without question a frightening economic collapse is about to ensue.  Use this time not only for more prayer but also to practically start preparing for the collapse.  Get out from behind the computer and put the Xanax down your puppet isn’t saving the day.  Not only will the economy collapse but the whole social order will soon collapse as well.  There can be no doubt there is another Civil war/Revolution about to commence here in America but do you think it will be any different for the other countries?


Planet X incoming. The elite and their puppets will soon head for their hideaways and caves.  They know it is coming and have been preparing for well over 50 years globally.  The NWO know their time is more short in getting as much of their program across as they can SO they need to have “their guys” in place.  They are the ventriloquist’s and the presidents are their dummies.  The “good guys” simply get pushed to the side or are simply killed.  You do not get to that highest stage without being a part of the game.  Those who say otherwise need to study a lot more from alternative sources (not jew run mainstream outlets). 

It will save me from having to say I told you so.  It will save me from having to write another blog to demonstrate to you all that conservatism nor is libertarianism the answer.  The eagles are gathering. We await in the trees far off upon the Mountain of God ready to emerge.  The answer is not 1776 the answer is 33 A.D a return to the Catholic Church’s teaching (not Vatican II of course) and the Divine Law.  We need a whole new Constitution which is Catholic and not Masonic. 

Democracy and Republics are a Masonic ideal.  Supposed Christians (heretics) do not seem to get this.  The enemy must water down not only true Catholic doctrine as taught by Christ passed down to the Apostles but also they must water down the State.  They must kill off the Catholic Kings/Queens who upheld the Church’s teaching’s and Law and replace it with “man’s rights”.  Hence many supposed Christians think the French Revolution (and Revolution in general) is great but in reality it was of the devil.  Protestantism and Revolution are not of God but come from the devil who acts upon the “self” of every man.  We do not want to be ruled by Gods Law and Catholic teaching we want to be “free” and hence the whole sham of Masonic American “liberty, fraternity and equality” comes into play.  

Catholic Church allows for it.  Sure you could likewise argue I will vote for the lesser of two evils so that the lesser evil will allow for less problems.  Only I would argue you are still voting for evil which will be spun so as to make it seem there are less problems when in reality they are not.  We truly could argue back and forth on this all day long.  They will take a puppet of which they have a plan for and simply use another road to get to the same end they desire.  It is simply just a different path that they use which is differentiated from another puppet you could "vote" for.  That is our sad reality. Take a look at the NWO goobers reigning in the various countries now if you are not convinced!  The problem is men and women no longer see through the proper traditional catholic glasses therefore their reality is distorted.  

How The Jews Control Elections 

Police State monitors your vote.  There are so many these days worried their TV’s, facebook and even their blenders are “spying on them” yet do these same people realize you are profiled by the NWO in how you vote?  That is right!  They try to identify the patriots, the conservatives, catholics, etc because we are enemies of this new emerging One World Socialist Republic.  Besides this there are scandals found all over the USA which concerns tampered votes.  Who is not to say some local dummy wont change your “vote” so you will now get put on the NWO’s naughty list.  

Turn to Our Lady not Puppets.  I realize the majority have good intentions but it saddens me to see so many get disappointed through this process and sham we call elections.  Bush is no different than Clinton, Clinton is truly no different that Obama they are all a part of the same “brotherhood” which is manipulating us from behind their curtain of Oz (also called Israel).  Past Israeli leaders have said they own us that is fact and Zionist Israel is not the “good guys”. The real Israel you read about in your bible is the Catholic Church and the Zionist state setup in the middle east is only staging the way for their antichrist called Maitreya who is slated to arrive very shortly on the scene.  Wear the Scapular, pray the Rosary and spend more time in silence and solitude rather than yelling, jeering and trying to come up with the latest funny picture which you think will get the many to vote for your puppet.  Please do us all a favor and quit the nonsense and delusion ….do not vote this election for President of the United States of Israel (cough, cough) I meant America…

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