"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Jew World Order:
Is it Anti-Christianism?
Reverend Edward F. Brophy
WORDS  of  Our Lord Jesus Christ.
First printed January, 1954
                                            PRO DEO. PRO CHRISTO. PRO MARIA. PRO PATRIA.
                                                                 IN HOC SIGNO VINCES
Examine the contents of this pamphlet. Test its arguments. Note the aptness of its sources. Weigh their documentation. Consult the references given.
As man and citizen, you have a responsibility towards the truth; to search for it, to defend it. Your well-being, that of your neighbor and the future of your children depend on your knowledge and your fidelity to the truth. Here hesitancy, neglect or failure will work your own detriment, that of your group and that of your nation. To listen to a Siren Voice, that bids you leave your duty to others, may delay your doom. It cannot prevent it
The lessons of History teach that ideas create conditions. Trends dictate the “way of life.” Public opinion rules. And, if it so favor, tyrants are bred, rights are violated and unjust rulers thrive. But, demagogues become powerless and evil institutions cannot prosper, unless a majority accept and follow corrupt views. “The constant dripping” of propaganda “ wears the stone.” Hence the common obligation of seeking the truth and of repelling error. This is especially true in the field of religion. All civilizations are based upon some religious concept. Civilizations are begun through the introduction of religious concepts; they grow through adherence to them; they are changed or destroyed, through ignoring or suppressing such religious concepts. Therefore, if you would preserve your civilization, you must preserve your religion. You must do this, through understanding and militancy. You can lose it, through ignorance and compromise. You cannot sustain contradictory ideologies. These are fundamental truisms. In a republic they are essential.
If you be a Christian, dear Reader, protect your Christian civilization by cherishing your Christian religion. Be vigilant against all attacks upon it. And, in this instance, beware of the insidious and corroding influence of the Brotherhood religion. Do not be deluded or confused by the fine phrases of those who would weaken your Christian loyalty. They offer you “ DEAD SEA APPLES , beautiful to the sight but bitter to the taste.” Do not allow your courage to be shaken or your ardor to be cooled through the evil example of false and cowardly Christians. Do not be frightened by threats against paltry, material and perishable things. Spurn the mere “ mess of pottage.” Your Christian progeny will expect this of you.
And, dear Reader, if you be a non-Christian, read this pamphlet, with a just and open mind. Do not permit prejudice or ambition to cloud the issues, which the pamphlet attempts to clarify. Do not defeat its purpose of exposing spurious claims. Indulge in the judicious thinking which it provokes. And, if you be tempted to cry for tolerance, be sure that your tolerance is co-extensive and not provincial. Let justice and truth determine your conclusions.
Be one hundred percent American. Remember that you, like every American, are patriotically obligated to consider the question raised in this pamphlet and to contribute to its solution.
“If it be aught towards the general good, set honor in one eye and death in the other and I will look on both indifferently; for may the gods so speed me, I love the name of honor more than I fear death.”
NOTE: The explanation of the following organizations mentioned throughout this booklet is added for the readers clarification.
“B’NAI B’RITH” means  the “ SONS OF THE COVENANT.” It is an exclusively Jewish organization. It is Free Masonic. None but Jewish Freemasons are admitted to B’nai B’rith. B’nai B’rith is an important pivotal instrument of political Zionism. It furnishes the outlets for political Zionism. It inspires and guides its various forms of Organized Naturalism, It acts as a clearing house for Zionist attacks upon the Kingship of Christ. It is directly opposed to Christianism.
“THE ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE” is an arm of the B’nai B’rith. In fact, its title is: “THE ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE OF B’NAI B’RITH.”  The A.D.L.  of B’nai B’rith is highly organized. It maintains active agencies in all of the large cities of the United States. It has vast wealth to use in smearing and persecuting Christians. Its chief weapon is the smear of “anti-Semitism,” which it uses against all those who criticize Jews and things Jewish. It has a large legal staff to create legal trouble for recalcitrants. It has a spy system, most difficult to evade. It exercises tremendous power over Federal, State and Municipal officials. It has its hand in politics, commerce, education, social and religious organizations and formulates public opinion. An analysis of the technique of the A.D.L. of the B’nai B’rith shows it to be a protector of ultra racism and a promoter of anti-Christianism. It effects its ends through defamation and not through “anti-Defamation.”
                                                        THE BROTHERHOOD RELIGION
                                                            IS IT ANTI-CHRISTIANISM?
Is Brotherhood a religion? Is it a civic, patriotic, social or cultural movement? Does Brotherhood impinge on the principles of other religions? Is it in conflict with them? You will have to make a decision on Brotherhood’s relation to you, religiously and civically.
Is Brotherhood a religion? Examine it in the light of these dictionary meanings of religion. A belief binding the spiritual nature of man; Any system of faith and worship; An essential part of the spiritual life. Do these definitions cover Brotherhood? Do they show it to be a religion?
Is Brotherhood a religion? Let us consult the highest Brotherhood authorities. Dr. Clinchy is President of the National Conference of Christians and Jews. Brotherhood emanates from this organization. It is controlled by it. Dr. Clinchy  can tell us if  Brotherhood be a religion. Dr. Clinchy calls Brotherhood a “Spiritual Movement.” Would you say that means a religion? In his pamphlet: “Education and Human Relations,” written to propagandize Brotherhood in our schools, Dr. Clinchy says: “American public school children are religious.” In the official “Brotherhood Manual of Organization and Progress,” it is stated that “Brotherhood rests squarely on the basic principles of religion and is the practical expression of religion.” Dr. Clinchy continues to assure us that Brotherhood is a religion. The Manual describes Brotherhood as the “bedrock of  faith.” As an essential to the full practice of Brotherhood, the Manual insists upon the necessity of being “truly religious.” It further states that “ if we be truly religious ….we must practice Brotherhood.” Dr. Clinchy makes Brotherhood synonymous with religion. The Manual emphasizes the “religious ideals of Brotherhood.” It declares that the “National Conference of Christians and Jews, (the parent of Brotherhood,) is a religiously motivated organization …. An organization of religiously  motivated  individuals.” The Manual contains many more expressions, that stress the religious character of Brotherhood. The official theology of Brotherhood, as outlined in the “Manual of Organization and Progress,” leaves no doubt about the religious nature of Brotherhood. The National Conference of Christians and Jews certainly considers that Brotherhood is a religion.
Can any investigator escape this conclusion? If he be tempted to do so, let him study the fact that no element of Brotherhood leadership or control fails to include religion as a necessary part of Brotherhood. The religious phases of Brotherhood’s origins, of its concomitants, of its spokesmen, of the tenor of its propaganda, of its announced purposes, of the trend of its deliberative  assemblies , of its official literature and of its window-dressing, indicate that Brotherhood is a religion. This should help you to make your decision about Brotherhood
Brotherhood realizes that being a religion can provoke embarrassing situations. It strives to avoid them. It pretends to abstain from “interference with any religion.” It emphatically disclaims any such interference. It does not refer to any religion specifically. It does so surreptitiously. It does not define religion. It clouds the issue. It frowns upon differentiating dogmas. It excludes their consideration. It rejects their introduction. Yet Brotherhood is a religion. It employs vagueness and confusion, to enable one religion to monopolize attention and precedence. The others become evanescent shadows. They are transmuted into forms of false worship.
At  “Inter-Faith” or “Three Great Faiths” Brotherhood Meetings, the audience is entertained with a puppet show. The actors are a Rabbi, A Minister and, sad to relate, a Priest. The pretense is that three religions are equally represented. But, the priest and the minister are puppets. They are mere incense burners. The Rabbi pulls the strings. He ladles out the Brotherhood religion. The priest and minister gyrate accordingly. The Christian Religion is made to look anemic. A paralysis germ is injected into it. It coughs violently , It passes out and is laid in its coffin. The lily-livered and hypocritical puppets smilingly help to conduct its obsequies. Harmony and Tolerance reign. The audience is regaled with a revival of the fable, in which the monkey persuaded the cat to pull the chestnuts out of the fire. The audience applauds. It smiles moronically. The puppets show their approval. The Meeting adjourns. Reciprocal felicitations and enthusiastic hand-shaking of the Three Faithers follow. And, thus, Christ is put back into the Tomb.
                                                         DICTATORSHIP OF “BROTHERHOOD”
Brotherhood declares itself to be a religion. Yet, it forbids any constructive inquiry. It believes that examination and discussion would destroy harmony and produce anti-Semitism. It fears the controversial promptings which might ensue. Consistent thinking might center on the heretical principles of Brotherhood. It might disquiet Christians. It might cool them towards the virtues of Brotherhood. Though the phraseology of Brotherhood contradicts Christian concepts and Christian practice, Brotherhood clamors loudly against the very thought of divisiveness. Such craftiness is worth of Satan, himself.
Brotherhood claims to possess the key to harmony. It quibbles itself to success. It deceives the untutored with camouflage. It frightens the timid with bogies. It points the “slow moving finger of scorn” at anyone who will not accept its harmony. It makes him sting under the charge of un-Americanism. It soils him with the garb of a Benedict Arnold. Brotherhood’s processes delude the unwary. They blur the mental eyesight. They show the judgment out of focus. Their dialectic is acrobatical.
The B’nai B’rith, the National Conference of Christians and Jews, The American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress, Judaeo-Masonry, the Brotherhood Movement, the “Inter-Faith Movement, Inc.”, the Anti-Defamation League, etc., are the sponsors and promoters of Brotherhood. They are assisted by some outstanding Christians and by some of the Christian clergy. Some are ignorant of the difference between orthodox Faith and the Heterodox “Inter-Faith.” Some serve hypocritically. Some to make money, through commercial opportunities, their eagerness for the “loaves and fishes” induces them to violate the Social rights of Christ, the King. Some desire to protect themselves from irritations and reprisals. All pay their cult to the Camp of Satan. They transfer their allegiance from the Camp of Christ. All are religious frauds.
Through the united efforts of the sponsors, the aid of Christians, afflicted with “peteritis,” and the fanaticism, bred from anti-Christianism, Brotherhood is able to gather money, to further its sinister purpose, namely, to de-Christianize America. Much money is spent upon advertizing. Examine the type of advertizing. Study its purport. It helps us to establish the fact that Brotherhood is a religion. The newspaper captions tell a “plain unvarnished tale.” They supply evidence that Brotherhood is a religion.
                                                       “BROTHERHOOD”  AND THE PRESS
At various times, especially at the approach of “Brotherhood Week,” these newspaper headings  meet the eye: “Inter-Faith Day Set.”  “Ideals of Brotherhood Extolled in Proclamation.”  “Amity of Faith Pushed.” “Plaque from Inter Faith Movement, Inc.” “Inter-Faith Post Taken by Catholic Professor.” “Inter-Faith Unity.”  “Bias Widely Fought by Inter-Faith.” “Hunter  College Girls of All Faiths, Work and Play in Roosevelt House.” “Faiths United in U.S.O.”  “Inter-Faith Work of Mayor Stressed.”  “Inter-Faith Group Official to Serve on Clay’s Staff.”  “Alumni Seeks Funds for Inter-Faith Body.” “Three Religions Back Plan for Boro Orchestra.”  “Inter-Faith Work Marked by Jewish Veteran.”   “Youths Win Award for Inter-Faith Work.”  “Inter-Faith Groups Will Confer Here.”  “Inter-Faith Group for World Urged.”  “Armed Forces Get Pamphlet on Faith.”  “Inter-Faith Parley Next Week.”  “The Music of the Faiths.”  These captions are used to advertise the Brotherhood religion.
Throughout, observe the mention of Faith and the emphasis on Faith. But, can Faith be separated from Religion?  Probably, these captions were selected by Brotherhood officials or public relations committees.  And, can there by any thinking about Faith, “The Three Faiths”  “Inter-Faith,”  “The Three Great Religions,” etc., without entering into the domain of religion?  Can anyone discuss these religious terms, without contacting the Christian Religion?  But, the Brotherhood religion insists that its purpose, in so vehemently waving a religious flag, is to produce harmony among faiths.  And, who made this the business of Brotherhood?  What must be the result, under typical Brotherhood methods, but compromise, concession, watering-down and extinguishing essential Christian doctrines?  Will not Brotherhood thus bring on confusion and conflict, rather than clarity and harmony?  Which is Brotherhood trying to produce?
To attain its ends, without arousing the suspicions of Christians, Brotherhood moves cautiously.  In working for the “Equivalization”  of all religions, it adroitly conceals the necessary introduction of religious indifferentism.  In its efforts to effect harmony, through the ‘elimination of religious differences,” it clamors for the validity of religion, which it intends to destroy, as a means to “world peace,” etc.  In preaching  “Inter-Faith,”  Brotherhood must prevent the discovery that it is banishing Faith.  This requires much chicanery.   The technique for success is difficult.  To escape the dangers of a Scylla, on one side and those  of a Charybdis, on the other, demands expert piloting.
But, who is asking for a harmony that necessitates the “elimination of religious differences?”  To do so, would be illogical and against the traditions of Christians.  This proposal of harmony by Brotherhood is a sheer impertinence.  Brotherhood prates about the “American Way of Life.”  It glories in the “Freedom of Religion.”  But, many Americans believe in a Christian civilization.  Some desire to preserve Christianity.  They are averse  to the “elimination of religious differences,”  because it might involve the elimination of their own religion.  They politely reject the offer of harmony from Brotherhood.   They do not seek a new religion.  In the eyes of Brotherhood, they may be crack-pots.  They may even be falsely accused of being “anti Semitic”   But, does Brotherhood teach that though such Christian ideals and ambitions may delay harmony, they are inconsistent with the “American Way of Life” or with the American concept of “Freedom of Religion?” Why, then, does Brotherhood strive to provoke confusion and perturbation on this clearly American issue?  Why does it infringe an American right?  Does it not allow that religion and patriotism should sustain each other?  Is there a better road to harmony?
                                            JUDAIC VERSUS CHRISTIAN BROTHERHOOD
Christianism and Judaism are based upon diametrically opposite principles.  Judaism is a religion of Promise.  The Old Testament shows that Judaism terminated on the Coming of Christ.  Christianism is the Fulfillment of the Promise of the Old Law.  How can there be harmony between them, unless one or  the other totally renounce its religions principles?  Would Brotherhood force this kind of harmony upon Christians?  The Christian Religion teaches that Christ is God, as the Prophets of the Old Law predicted that he would be.  They applied that term to the True Messiah.  Brotherhood denies this dogma .   Christians believe Christ to be a Supernatural Messiah.  Brotherhood adheres to the theory of Messianism:  A Natural Messiah, one member of the Jewish race or the Jewish Nation, itself.  Christians teach the spiritual Kingship of Christ;  Brotherhood seeks a material king.  Christians accept Mary as the Mother of God.  Brotherhood insults Her.  The Christian Religion is Supernatural.  Brotherhood is Naturalistic.  Christians adore Christ, as the True Messiah;  Brotherhood scorns Him.  Brotherhood strikes at the fundamentals of Christianity.  How can it pretend to establish harmony or Brotherhood?
Brotherhood is an off-shoot of Free Masonry.  It might be called “white Free Masonry.”  It undertakes, through a gliding process, what is done more directly, in the Craft.  Can the Pantheism and Kabbalistic rites of Masonry contribute to the harmony of religions, which Brotherhood promises?  Consider Masonry’s long and bitter struggle against Revealed Religion.  Study its zeal for the promotion of Atheism.  Free Masonry boasts of snuffing out the Faith and of persecuting those who would practice it.  It rejoices that it was able to substitute the sulphurous glare of Hell for the revealed light of Heaven.  Is Brotherhood ready to repudiate Free Masonry?  This would aid religious harmony.  Or are we to believe that the leopard of Free Masonry has changed his spots?
                                                             SOURCES OF JUDAIC BROTHERHOOD
Zionism, Talmudism and Pharisaism are the governing forces of Brotherhood. They maintain an eternal war against the Kingship of Christ. Is this conducive to harmony? Read St, Mathew Chapter XXIII, Verses 13 to 34. Then weigh the probability of the paradise of religious harmony, promised on the operating table of Brotherhood. Does Brotherhood attempt to produce harmony between the irreconcilable differences of Naturalistic Brotherhood and Supernatural brotherhood?
                        “Again the devil took Him up into a very high mountain and showed
                         Him all the kingdoms  of the world: ‘All these  will I give thee, if,
                         falling down, thou wilt adore me.’ “
For Christians there is One Religion. And, it is not the religion of Brotherhood. Christ said:
                         “No man can serve two masters…..”
                         “He that is not with Me, is against Me; he that gathereth not with Me, scattereth.”
The methods of Brotherhood reveal its true purpose and its heralded ones. They are often reported in Press reports of Brotherhood activities. Frequently, they illustrate how Brotherhood tries to impress itself upon the public. To those whom it appeals, it gives little credit for knowledge, analysis or common sense. It smothers suspicion. If the victim be religious, it ingratiates him. It praises religion but merges and confuses religions. And having administered a sleeping  potion of “equivalization,” or of the “elimination of all religious differences,” it proceeds to neutralize the force of settled beliefs and traditions. It, then, begins to make the subject blush for the narrowness and exclusiveness of those beliefs and traditions. It suggests that they cannot help to make you virtuous as much as Brotherhood could do. It tries to persuade you to exchange your Christian philosophy for that of rationalistic Brotherhood. And, it would convince you that you cannot become a patriotic American, until you are inoculated with the penicillium of Brotherhood. It would have you believe that your capacity and performance, as a Christian and your civic worth, as an American, have been missing the bus.
                                            INTER-FAITH   –   INSTRUMENT OF BROTHERHOOD
However, Brotherhood realizes how delicate is the task of making a Christian think coldly of his religion and subscribe to Brotherhood. Reluctantly, he loosens his ties to Christian civilization and his old style Americanism. He needs more than the kiss of World Government, U.N., Marxism, etc.; therefore Brotherhood is loath to be direct. It does not try to offer sound reasons, to induce a neophyte to sell out his treasured beliefs, religiously and nationally. There must be no crudeness in the effort to have him favor the new religion of Brotherhood and its un-American political notions. The “voice of Jacob” must be heard, but, the “hands of Esau” must not be seen.
Hence, there appear in the Press many samples of doctrinal brain-washing, to coax recruits into the Brotherhood religion. Sly infringements of “Inter-Faith” upon Faith, must be generously used. Infiltration is skillfully employed. The invaluable service of stooges may not be neglected. Instances of this technique are often found in newspaper accounts of Meetings and, especially, at after-dinner speeches, by Brotherhood officials, victims or mere parasites.
                                                   DEFINITE SUPRESSION OF CHRIST’S NAME
Specifically, how does Brotherhood plan to attain its vaunted aspirations? How assist Christian America to rise to its high plane? Simply by propagandizing “Inter-Faith,” which destroys Faith; by equivalizing of all religions, which abolish religion; by the substitution of Naturalism, promoted by Satan, for Supernaturalism, established by Christ. Can any intelligent observer fail to see this?
The Jewish Examiner of Brooklyn, reports an “Inter-Faith” Meeting. It felicitates the Meeting on the large attendance of Jews, from the men’s and women’s organizations. The fronts for an “Inter-Faith”  Meeting are a priest, a minister and a rabbi. This is for harmony. So, on this occasion, there was a minister on the platform. He was called upon to offer a prayer. Apparently, he took the wrong cue. He may have taken tolerance to mean what the Dictionary says it means. He may have believed that, as a Christian minister, he should introduce a slight plug for Christianism. But, what a mistake! He was tactless enough to mention the Name of Jesus with reverence and honor. In such an audience, this was a faux-pas. It was an insult. It made people froth at the mouth. The Jewish Examiner laments the minister’s lack of propriety. It regrets the minister’s awkwardness in treating the Name of Jesus with public respect.
                                                     FALSE TOLERANCE BREEDS COMPROMISE
So, when you sufficiently conform to Brotherhood; when you compromise your Christian religion and traditions; when you have no further fear of being called “anti-Semitic” by the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation League; when you  object not to confiscatory federal taxes, to build up world Marxism; when you appear to be pleased at Federal, State and Municipal laws, which favor non-Christians and repress Christians; when you are willing to be enslaved by the United Nations; when you are ready to forego allegiance to Uncle Sam and to forget your Country in favor of foreign interests; when you completely cease to be American, then the Brotherhood fraternity will love you. The long awaited millennium of tolerance, democracy, freedom, harmony, etc., will be abundantly served to you on a large Brotherhood platter.
The Press has indicated that Henry Ford II, has publicly manifested a disposition to streamline the religious beliefs of Americans and to channel them into the Brotherhood religion. The announced purpose of this extraordinary move is to create a “free people.” Is he going to flivverize all of us? But, before the advent of Brotherhood and before the financial aid proffered by Ford, we were a free people. Ford seems to be worried about discrimination. What is discrimination? It means the faculty of distinguishing between crimes or of distinguishing crime from good conduct. Discrimination is not bad in itself. It is what moralists call an indifferent. It can be good or bad, according to the circumstances. Its prudent use is often a safety-valve for the judgment. It is still a common thing to admire discriminating persons. So, it seems that discrimination, unless the word be ignorantly or maliciously mutilated, connotes powers of selection and intelligence, on the part of the discriminator. He is able to observe and to apply the difference between good standards and evil standards. Yet, to placate Brotherhood, and to please Henry Ford, many feel obliged to sell their Dictionaries for old paper. They are timid about being caught recognizing the validity, logic and common necessity of discrimination. Brotherhood would ruthlessly throw this rare gift into the discard. (See Appendix)
                                                       SELECTION OF SLAVES AND SERVANTS
Brotherhood is not slow to enlist the aid of prominent Christians. It finds them useful as a disguise. It selects them from official, commercial, political and educational posts; even from the weaklings among the clergy. It is hoped that the example of such perverts will influence their co-religionists. It quiets their scruples. It salves their consciences. The social, monetary, or political prestige of the perverts often dazzles observers and sways the common people in favor of Brotherhood. Brotherhood embarrasses or intimidates the spineless creatures to do its bidding and to relay its verbal jugglery to ignorant, unsuspecting and ill-trained Christian audiences.
Do these Christian aids intelligently and honestly accept the principles of Brotherhood? Do they see no conflict between them and Christian principles? Do any of them blush at their duplicity? However, they are useful in the Brotherhood scheme and are being put on the spot. Their acquiescence may bring them favor and protection from Brotherhood. It may shield them from persecution by the Anti-Defamation League. If they refused to conform, they might be smeared, molested or ruined. Therefore, many prominent Christians are trotted out on the Brotherhood platform. They are made to stammer forth whatever Brotherhood tells them to say. The persuasive publicity value of skillfully arranged photographs is invoked. This makes it appear that victims are pleased to be Brotherized. It makes it seem that what they prate to the sheep, about the virtues of Brotherhood, is spontaneous and not forced.
                                                                        GOLDEN CHAINS
These pitiable sounding boards are cut off from escape from their role of Christian renegades, through the artful technique of the awarding of plaques and citations etc.  These stifle repentance for having deserted the Christian Camp. A return to sanity, logic and virtue is blocked. Brotherhood selects some  outstanding Christian, whose antecedents, concomitants or future hopes can be made amenable to the hatred and vindictiveness of the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation League. Brotherhood stages a dinner for him. It fetes him, as the Aztecs used to fete their victims for human sacrifice. No rough stuff. They say, with Brutus: “Let’s not butcher him; let’s carve him as a dish fit for the gods.” The guests are not his friends. They are mostly Brotherhood scenery. He is pompously presented with a plaque or a citation. This proves to everyone that he is an excellent do-gooder. His response tends to show that Brotherhood is the essence of morality and patriotism. He may not know how to compose a speech. But, there is always plenty of help for such jobs. Surely, Brotherhood would know where to find it. The affair is a complete white-wash for him. And, if he needed  it, he is expected to show his gratitude by his future zeal for Brotherhood. The Press will carry the story.
Ideal talent for this type of promotion of Brotherhood is one whose renegade conduct will be an affront to his own religion and which will produce a scandal. Any Christian who is so contemptible as to perpetrate a public betrayal of Christian principles, for money or place, to advance the cause of Brotherhood, is considered a valuable and helpful asset to this anti-Christian movement. The photograph is well planned. The window-dressing is effective. The weak-kneed Christian is seen, receiving the plaque from some rabbi. The picture may include a few other Christians ,of tenuous Christianity, some members of B’nai B’rith, of the American Jewish Committee, or even of known members of Marxist Communist Fronts. Thus the poor Christian is thoroughly ham-strung and is made to like it. His cowardly and scandalous example give comfort and help to Brotherhood. He has received his Thirty Pieces of Silver. He begins to be quoted against Christians who either strive to enlighten one another on the evils of Brotherhood or try to protect themselves against its Rationalism.
The plaque awarding, enhanced by glamorous publicity, places the victim in a dilemma. He must chose between his public duty to Christian orthodoxy and embracing the Naturalism of Brotherhood. He cannot extricate himself from the deplorable anomaly into which he has been plunged. He must be retained upon the active list. He will be called upon, many times, to perform his religious somersaults in favor of Brotherhood. He will be used to weaken other Christians and to win them for Brotherhood. Through his zeal many of them will fall into a religious glaucoma. They will condone his Janus-like conduct. They will acquire a relish for hypocrisy. They will make flimsy excuses for straddling Christian principles and for patronizing Brotherhood. They will begin to frown upon the narrowness or even  the lack of charity of those who refuse to be inveigled into Brotherhood. But, this helps the spread of Brotherhood more than the conduct of the avowed enemies of religion. It is insidious and seductive. Thus Brotherhood is able to hire Christians, as fronts. It can plant them in the most effective and least suspecting places. This is what is so aptly called “boring from within.“
                                                    STEPS LEADING TO WORLD RELIGION
It is excellent strategy to extract public approval of Rationalistic Brotherhood through those who are reputed to be opposed to Rationalism. Some Christians should be kept in front to do the shouting. This keeps the cat from getting out of the bag. And these sound production parrot-like plaque recipients do a good job in this respect. They  project “Brotherhood” as the religion of America and as a world-religion. They help to popularize the political theories of Zionism, which invite national and world disaster.
Does Brotherhood mean what it says? Or is it a euphemism or a catch-word, to allure simple people, whom it might repel, under a mellifluous title? Is it productive of harmony, tolerance, peace, freedom. etc.? Does it contain the only supply of vitamins, for the religious and civic health of Americans, as its promoters, adherents and Fellow-Travelers insist? Or is it a clever ruse and a hidden weapon of an organized minority? Does it hope to anaesthetize and then subjugate an un-organized majority? Is it a boon for America and for the world as is claimed? Does it honestly design to lead men to a consistent and high practice of religion and patriotism? Or does it confuse patriotism, water down Christian principles and destroy religious anchorage by lulling men to sleep by the sweet cradle song of empty and hypocritical slogans? Is it a camouflaged plan to discredit Christian civilization? Is it a species of hypnosis to supplant it with a rationalistic one? Contrary to the spirit of true brotherhood, does it not show its ire at any objection to its bewildering double-talk? Does it not cry: “anti-Semitism.” at any question of its claims as Universal Regulator?
Brotherhood cannot rise and walk on its own feet. It cannot depend upon inherent power. It cannot vindicate its worthiness through its own virtue and logic. It depends on material resources and political favor. It uses pressure and force instead of argument on those who would dare to thwart its wishes. It seeks a gradual attrition and ultimate corrosion of Christianism. It stretches forth its tentacles against anyone who would attempt to defend Christian orthodoxy against its heterodoxy. Brotherhood would blight him with a withering blast of “anti-Semitism,”  zealously administered by the Anti-Defamation League. It tampers with Christian beliefs and practices. It attempts to equivalize them, in order to reduce them to inanity.
Brotherhood is separatist for the welfare of its own ideology. It is propagandist regarding the others. It remains selfishly neutral towards public and malicious attacks upon other religious bodies. It exhibits a permissive, consenting and encouraging silence towards injustices which appear all over the world. And, when has it ever made a protest against the conduct of Marxist Communists and their depredations upon the American Government? And, there is the classic case of the rape of the Holy Land. Arabs and Christians were driven from their homes to starve in the desert. They were tortured. Are not these Christians and Arabs considered brothers by Brotherhood? The tender heart of Brotherhood has also failed to register its sympathy for the men, women and children who are suffering untold agonies behind the “Iron Curtain.” Why so limited in brotherly love? Is Brotherhood in favor of these outrages because so many of the sufferers are Christians?  Brotherhood limits its attention and care to its own interests. In un-American fashion, it denies its application to those whom a sincere interpretation of Brotherhood should include.
                                              SUSTAINING PILLARS OF “BROTHERHOOD”
The leadership of Brotherhood lacks the character required to do the thing of which it boasts. From what sources does Brotherhood stem? From B’nai B’rith, the National Conference of Christians and Jews, the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee, the Zionist Movement, the “Inter-Faith” Movement, Inc., etc. B’nai B’rith directs all. The National Conference of Christians and Jews poses as a group of religious persons, all ultra do-gooders, breathing love, etc. With ardent protests of good will, they invite everyone to join Brotherhood. Their intent is similar to that of the fox who invited the crow to sing so that she would drop from her bill the coveted piece of cheese. And, if any hesitation to praise Brotherhood, or opposition or recalcitrance, the whipping boys of the Anti-Defamation League are ready to hurl the smear of “anti-Semitism.” Thus, an effort is made to stamp Brotherhood on the public mind, perhaps, irrevocably  and indelibly; If so many Christians remain in a coma. The leaders of Brotherhood do not depend on its inherent spirituality or on its adaptability to the “American Way of Life.” They have millions of dollars to propagandize Brotherhood and to embarrass, intimidate, coerce and punish those who refuse to adopt and support it.
It may be clarifying to mention some of those who have been publicized as outstanding and highly virtuous aids to Brotherhood. These worthies  profess to teach Americans what they should believe about tolerance, democracy, peace, freedom of speech and of religion, harmony, a free world, etc. They have reached ethereal heights through the practice of Brotherhood and through zealously fronting for it. When you know them, you can judge for yourself how much Brotherhood contributes to virtuous living and sterling Americanism. Here are some of the Cedars of Lebanon, who have been cited as the very stalwarts of Brotherhood.
Eddie Cantor, who is a member of many Marxist Communist Fronts. The Press reported that he had been ruled off the air for obscene language.
Meier  Steinbrink, who is head of the Anti-Defamation League; enough said.
Mayor Impelliteri, a graduate of a Catholic college, but, a traitor to his Alma Mater. He has often been photographed, attending Synagogue Services and wearing a Jewish cap. His utterances, in favor of what he called the principles of Judaism, were a gross contradiction of the authoritative teaching of his own religion.
Eric Johnson was former President of the Motion Picture association of America. If not clearly a Red, himself, he proved to be a kindly  friend, a warm patron and a vigorous “Dutch Cleanser” of the Un-American and Marxist Communism of Hollywood Reds. The Press reported Johnson, as, with Stentor voice and much braggadocio, pouring his venomous insult upon the Catholic Bishops, for their attempt to shield public morality from the contagion of Hollywood sewerage. This  Brotherhooder, General Chairman of Brotherhood Week, scoffed at the League of Decency. He probably had no desire for decency, if it would keep him from making money.
Max Youngstein, Advertising  and Publicity Vice-President for Paramount Film Distributing Corporation.
These assignments from the movie world, this selection of leaders for Brotherhood, were made at a time that Congress was investigating the un-Americanism of Hollywood. It looked as though Brotherhood was willing to white-wash these men, hamper the work of Congress and buck the interests of Americans. All of which Brotherhood must find it difficult to explain and keep its wings in place.
Rev, Dr. Everett R. Clinchy. This man maneuvered the anti-Christian Seligsburg Conference, under the auspices  of the National conference of Christians and Jews.
“Willie” O’Dwyer (good Tribonius), former Mayor of New York City, also sat in at Temple  Services and wore the Jewish cap.
These are but a few of the saints of Brotherhood, as offered to the public by Brotherhood itself. Analyze them. Examine their lives. Study their aims. You can draw your own conclusion as to the kind of Brotherhood they believe in and, incidentally, what Brotherhood really is. Would such men induce you to exchange your Christian Religion for Brotherhood? What would be the reply of the average common sense American?
                                    MAY MILITANT CHRISTIAN PATRIOTS JOIN “BROTHERHOOD?”
Therefore, can any American favor or harbor Brotherhood without becoming less an American? It professes allegiance to another “Nation.” It mouths loyalty to the United States, while it gives comfort to Marxist Communism. It honors men and women, who are tainted with un-Americanism. It encourages theories  which are averse to American principles. It gives help and prestige to some who are evidently opposed to the Government of the United States.
Can any Christian affiliate himself with Brotherhood without denying his Christianity? Does not Brotherhood repudiate Christ, the Founder of Christianity? Does it not impose Rationalism against the Supernaturalism of Christ? Does it not equivalize religions, to crush Religion?
Can any Catholic join, serve or approve Brotherhood without ceasing to be a Catholic? As conceived by its authors and applied by its leaders, Brotherhood  is condemned by Catholic Theology, by Canon Law and by Popes Pius VII, IX, Leo XIII, Pius XI and Pius XII.
All of these Catholic sources and authorities condemn Brotherhood because of its Rationalism, anti-Christianism, “Inter-Faith,” “Inter-Creedalism,” and its equivalization  of religions, which leads to religious indifferentism and materialism. They condemn Brotherhood because of its gross violation of the Social Rights of Christ, the King and because Brotherhood would substitute a Natural Messiah for a Supernatural One.
Hence, none but ignorant and disloyal Catholics yield to the proposals of Brotherhood, notwithstanding the seductive forms in which they may be presented . Catholics are bound in conscience to abstain from Brotherhood activities. They are not permitted to remain silent. They are obligated to protest against Brotherhood’s vain pretensions to brush aside Christianism. They are required to oppose its harmful incursions upon Christianity and Christian civilization. They must repress its blasphemies against Christ and His Religion.
Will Catholics heed the words of the Holy Father? Pope Pius XII, in an official pronouncement on brotherhood says:
This is what Pope Pius XII, says on Brotherhood. Should it not put to an end all quibbling, on the part of Catholics about Brotherhood? Therefore, let these Catholics, who scandalously, cowardly and hypocritically express and defend an admiration for Brotherhood and who are not ashamed to serve as its votaries and auxiliaries, face their consciences and rid themselves of their hollow pretense. Let them meditate on these words of Christ:
“ Woe to him through whom scandal cometh; it were better for that man, if he never had been born or that a millstone were tied about his neck and that he were cast into the bottom of the sea.”
And, prime your Christian fortitude, through these stirring words:
“Fear not them who can destroy the body but cannot kill the soul; But, fear ye him who can destroy both body and soul and cast them into Hell.”
                                                             Reverend Edward F. Brophy, 
                                                             Precious Blood Parish,
                                                             Long Island City,
                                                             New York.
ADDRESS:                                           32-23  36TH Street,
                                                             Long Island City 6,                                                             
                                                             New York.
------------------------------------------              APPENDIX             ---------------------------------------------
NEW YORK TIMES                                                                                                                       FEBRUARY 15, 1951       
                                                                “BROTHERHOOD HQ”
“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity” sang the Psalmist. Feeling the desire to assist in the “elimination of bigotry, of racial, religious and other differences in a free society,” Henry Ford 2nd through the Ford Motor Company Fund is making possible the establishment and maintenance of a new headquarters building for the National Conference of Christians and Jews, Inc. The building, to be known as “World Brotherhood Headquarters,” will be, appropriately, a neighbor of the United Nations.
This $1,000,000 gift of the Ford Fund, received in the twenty-third year of the conference’s work, means an enlarging usefulness for an interfaith movement which has commanded the respect of all. The conference promotes the constructive examination of prejudices, a greater sense of responsibility toward our fellow-men, more respect for others’ views. It bespeaks a spirit of understanding, encourages appreciation of the democratic right of the freedom of worship, is a diligent foe of bigotry. It cherishes the dignity of man, knows the strength that comes from the resources of the spirit. The only conformity it pursues is in the search for goodwill among men, believing, as it has been written, that “ he that hateth his brother is in darkness.”
The Ford Fund could not have chosen a better way to further its purpose of meeting its “obligations as an industrial citizen.”
The Editor,                                                                                                                                      February 21, 1951
 The New York Times,
Times Square Building,
Times Square,
New York.
Dear Editor,
Permit me to refer to your Feb. 15, 1951 Editorial: “BROTHERHOOD H.Q.”  I am not sure whom you are referring to by your quotes. It may be Henry Ford 2nd. If so, I am astonished, since Mr. Ford is a Catholic and your inference would be against his religion. I trust that he would be displeased to be so quoted.
At any rate you warmly embrace the Liberal ideas, in the quotes and, presumably, you take full responsibility for their Liberal implications. Through the quotes, the Times joyously and triumphantly makes the purpose of Mr. Ford’s Million Dollar gift the “ELIMINATION OF RELIGIOUS DIFFERENCES” and makes a “ FREE SOCIETY “ contingent upon such elimination. Again, the Times rashly plunges into the field of Theology. “ A little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing, Drink Deep Or Taste Not The Pyerean Spring.” Are you invoking a law of convenience or a moral law? For, the elimination of religious differences, as the Times seems to desire it, means the elimination of religious beliefs. This necessitates the consequent and certain suffocation of any religious group, which holds to definite religious beliefs.
Also, through the “elimination of religious differences” you see the “elimination of bigotry.” Thus the Times generically pillories as bigots, persons or groups, who are not satisfied with a clouding of religious issues, but, who refuse to abandon religious differences which may appeal to their intellects. And, do they not but insist upon that freedom of conscience, of which the Times has often boasted and which it has often urged against those officials, who desire to punish Communists? Yet, the Times castigates those with religious differences and calls them bigots. And, apparently, the only way for them to extricate themselves from the odium, which the Times so casually imposes upon them, is to drop whatever religious differences may offend the theology of the Times. Congress may not enact a law, restricting religious beliefs. But, does the Times advocate such a restriction? Does it suggest that Mr. Ford’s Million Dollar gift be used to further this absurd and insidious species of un-Americanism? So, it seems that the elimination of religious differences and Mr. Ford’s Million Dollars might go a long way in such an accomplishment, means the elimination of religious freedom, for an American who may believe that his thinking might include religious differences, but who may be a bigot, according to the Times’ definition.
And, mind you, the Times appears to offer the “ELIMINATION OF RELIGIOUS DIFFERENCES” as a panacea of World grievances and national and international ills and as an essential for a “FREE SOCIETY.” But, when everyone is deprived of the freedom of thinking, required for the elimination of the religious differences, etc., which so irritate the Times and when this uniform blankness of religious theory is one effected and genially assisted through the wise and conscientious expenditure of Mr. Ford’s Million Dollars, is the result going to be a Free Society, or an enslaved society? Where is the historical memory of the Times? Where is the penetration into causes and effects? Is not their suggested kind of “Free Society” the very type of “free society” which Hitler and Mussolini offered? Is it not the pattern of a “free society” which is now governed by Stalin? Has the Times a secret admiration for these men and for their notion of a “free society”?
In the enumeration of the “eliminations”, which the Times urges, it employs terms which carry contempt, by innuendo, at least. Does this so-called intellectual paper have so ready a recourse to weapons so foul? Does it hope to keep them sharp, with Mr. Ford’s Million Dollar gift?
“ She Stoops to Conquer”
With best wishes,
                                                                                                            Faithfully yours.
                                                                                                                 (Edward F. Brophy)
                                                                      THE NEW YORK TIMES
                                                                             TIMES SQUARE
                                                                                New York 18
                                                                                                                                                         February 23, 1951
Rev. Edward F. Brophy,
Precious Blood Rectory,
32-23 Thirty-sixth Street,
Long Island City 6, New York.
Dear Sir,
Thank you for your letter of February 21st commenting on our editorial, “Brotherhood HQ.”
Permit us to point out to you that the phrase about which you have written us, namely, Mr. Henry Ford’s desire to assist in “the elimination of bigotry, in racial, religious and other differences in a free society”, was Mr. Ford’s phrase and not our own. We cannot speak for Mr. Ford, but the purpose of our own editorial comment on his gift was in no way to discourage religious faith of any kind but rather to help promote a friendly understanding between Americans of all religious faiths.
                                                                                                    Sincerely  yours
                                                                                                          Charles Merz (signed)
CMerz S
                                                                                                                                                 March 13, 1951
Mr. Henry Ford, 2nd,
Grosse Pointe,
Dear Mr. Ford,
The February 15, 1951 issue of the New York Times editorially eulogizes your recent Million Dollar gift for “ BROTHERHOOD H.Q.“ It quotes, as statements of yours, heretical implications, which no Catholic is permitted to make. To do so, is a violation of the official teaching of the Church. And, such utterances can give scandal to Catholics, and to non-Catholics.
I refer to the Times’ citing of your words, that the purpose of your Million Dollar gift is the “ ELIMINATION OF RELIGIOUS DIFFERENCES”.  Do you understand that this can be effected, only through an heretical suppression of religion itself? The Times further quotes you as saying, that, through the elimination of religious differences, we all shall arrive at and secure a “ free society”. Could you have reflected upon the meaning and the danger of these verbal extravagances?
It would be profitable for you to consult some competent person on the mischievous deductions which can be drawn from these anomalous expressions, which the Times attributes to you. You might correct the Times or do something to obviate the scandal of the publicized purpose of your gift. It is said that money is as dangerous as gun-powder. It sometimes appears so.
Are there not enough anti-Christians who are endeavoring  to put Christ back in the Tomb? Should Catholics take a hand in this Satanic work? Should not their consciences direct a more Christian use of their money?
Cultivate Christian fortitude, “Fear not them that can destroy the body but cannot kill the soul; but fear ye who can destroy both body and soul and cast them into Hell, where their worm dieth not and where their fire is not extinguished.”
 With best wishes,
                                                                                                                           Faithfully yours,
                                                                                                                                  (Edward F. Brophy)
NOTE:  Mr. Ford neglected answering this letter.
NOTE: Readers wishing further information about the work of Our Lady’s Crusaders can direct their inquiries through the Christian Book Club of America.