"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, October 19, 2015

Fr. Kramer, "Gnostic-Cabalist Cardinal Daneels"

Fr. Kramer, 
"Gnostic-Cabalist Cardinal Daneels" 

Here's what a friend sent me:

"Godfried Cardinal Daneels gave his presentation at the Synod.

This is the text in Dutch on the official website of the Belgian bishops:

"Important is this:

"Het Hebreeuwse woord voor barmhartigheid (rahamin) kent het woord ‘hart’ niet, maar gebruikt het woord ‘schoot’ (uterus). Want binnen die ‘schoot van de barmhartigheid’ is er tederheid en geborgenheid, die zelfs meer is dan die van de echtelijke intimiteit. In Gods huis is de mens geborgen als in een moederschoot. De mens is er thuis. Daar wordt echt geluisterd en gesproken. In het ‘Huis van de barmhartigheid’ woont God: Hij luistert, spreekt, geneest en vergeeft met de tederheid van een moeder. Zelfs als de situatie van haar kind uitzichtloos is, weet een moeder hoe moeder te zijn."


"The Hebrew word for mercy (rahamin) doesn't know the word 'heart', but uses the word 'womb' (uterus). Because within that 'womb of mercy' there is tenderness and security, which is even more than that of conjugal intimacy. In God's House a man is as secure as in a mother's womb. There man is at home. There is really being listened and spoken. In the "House of mercy' lives God: He listens, speaks, heals and forgives with the tenderness of a mother. Even if the situation of her child is hopeless, a mother knows how to be a mother."

Note how Danneels attributes a female aspect to God."

"It is obvious that these ideas come from the Talmud and Kabbalah. This is New Age Judaism!

Danneels is known for his New Age involvement."

"I have found the source of Danneels' presentation at the Synod.

The first paragraph is almost literally the same:

"All Jews are rahmanim, merciful beings", suggests a
Talmudic dictum. Any discussion of the word rahamim ' benefits
from an openness to interpretation, the better to comprehend its
multiple meanings. Rahamim can designate something more than
"mercy", a concept which on the face of it, in today's modern
western mind, is hardly exultant—not to say rather negative, in
fact, because it denotes pity. In the Hebraîc consciousness,
however, rahamim is rooted in and clarified by rehem—"matrix" or
“womb”. This opens before us immense spiritual horizons. It is
through the relationship between the womb and the embryo, thus
a feminine work, that Judaism thinks its identity, yet also thinks
the work of Creation of the world and the relationship between
Israel and other nations.

Source: Rahamim: Birthing Humanity
The Jewish Vocation of the 21st Century
by Prof. Shmuel Trigano

When Danneels and Bergoglio talk about 'mercy', they mean this.

They are Talmudic jews.

It is unbelievable.

Yours Sincerely."


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  1. They are building a matrix of consciousness, spirituality, faith, life, understanding and in the temporal order identity, class, economy, government and law.

    Their olam tikkun is remaking God's creation and an age of the world perishing in its sins into their world and their age.

  2. They are perfectly possessed and only work towards Satans plan.The amazing part is they offer their own children to complete evil ...what waste of time!