"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, October 4, 2014

True Traditionalists & Love For the Church

True Traditionalists & Love For the Church

Lest, we fall into the trap propagated by those who blindly follow modernism and the principles of Freemasonry in the Conciliar Church, let us consider the great love of true traditionalists for the Church. I hear often from those modernists and liberals in the conciliar church, “Where is your love for the Church?" After all, is not true love the gentle wind of the day that always makes us feel comfortable? Or is it rather that truth ultimately penetrates and offends? Did not Christ offend the Jews of His time with truth? But where did Jesus ever go wrong in being very frank and upfront with these money changers and Pharisees? Wisdom sayeth, "Love was found in the Whip!"  Since Vatican II men have been following an erroneous protestant & masonic perception of love which aims to please the world and men in general. It is true, there is no longer a toleration of pointing out errors and heresies from the Council itself or from the modernist prelates who have “occupied” our buildings now for quite some time. Moreover, Selfless Love is often "apparently" harsh and violent. For when a man is determined to come closer to God and takes up this interior journey, he is often is met by aridity and pain of the senses and spirit. More specifically, does not the Light and Fire of His Sacred Heart afflict the souls in Purgatory quite sweetfully? Do not these souls suffer the truth about their own stains which still need removed and yet is this not Selfless Love’s work?

Verily, I do admit, we must be cautious in how we present our case very carefully while always being led by the Way of Selfless Love. However, this does not mean that Love does not have the hands that might “slap silly” the modernist . “They want to be treated with oil, soap and caresses but they should be beaten with fists. In a duel, you don’t count or measure the blows, you strike as you can.” Pope Saint Pius X on the fight against the modernist  Or let us consider how Selfless Love sometimes is very frank and upfront yet never sins all in the effort to maintain Truth.  “You serpents, generation of vipers, how will you flee from the judgment of hell? Matthew 23:33

If I were to come out and announce that these modernists, objectively speaking, were a den of vipers, this day, would the Vatican II modernists not say how uncharitable I am? Answer, yes they would…but why? It is because they no longer have a proper understanding of the true nature of Selfless Love whose aim is to protect and preserve truth, a truth,  the modernist does not have and so it offends them. And when a man can no longer argue on the objective level he reduces his argumentation to a more loose or general off base reply such as, “you are uncharitable or slanderous or a detractor…” Yea, it is true “man loves man too much” and loves his own very self to the point we have a new religion since Vatican II which must embrace all under the guise of a pseudo mercy which exists beyond the Walls of the Dogma of Faith.  Only the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ can heal these souls afflicted by self-love.  And Our Lady is a perfect remedy for those who are of good will and want to come to this understanding that what the Church has infallibly condemned in many cases is now taught as “new doctrine” in the Vatican II “cult of man”.

I love the Church so much so I left the world, women and positions of power so as to serve Jesus Christ and to fight in this war against Modernism & Masonry. Moreover, there are many true traditionalists who take time out of their own busy lives to help where they can because the see a great need in this defense of Truth. A truth the modernist does not have, for he has a distorted view of Catholicism, of Christ, the Church and basic traditionally understood words such as peace, love, justice, human dignity, liberty, etc… And why?  Because the new religion of Vatican II is man centered not Christ centered. I love the Church and I am proud to be a true traditionalist rejecting wholesale the Vatican II Revolution. Verily, every day we must venture out in hopes of trying to educate and enlighten  these individuals in the Conciliar Church who follow principles the Church has infallibly condemned and yet why are we still labeled as “uncharitable”? I would suggest several things (1) mainly fear of accepting the reality at hand. For it is very easy as a knee jerk/‘self- induced” reaction to audibly project ignorance in a very loose and general manner without ever having any substance to their claim (2) it becomes kind of the “thing to do”, that is, in various social circles where this is practiced and accepted without any resistance, it eventually becomes the norm(this behavior).  This is why when I venture into modernist/pseudo trad “land” I do not accept their false and ignorant “ad hominems”  but rather I am very firm, to the point, so that they should understand, after this admonishment, this will not be tolerated anymore and I incur no sin. Needless, to say, as they say, I have quite a reputation in doing so.

Nay, Selfless Love is often loud and firm and so I have no intention and keeping quiet and quite frankly the way some of these modernists speak I would gladly take up Pope St. Pius X’s advice on how to treat these individuals for the sake of their own salvation. Therefore, as true traditionalists, we carry on in the war which these pseudo- tradionalists often called ‘bitter zeal” which is quite impotent and silly. The Conciliar Church is very much protestant and this improper understanding of “love” is only further evidence these souls do not hold the proper norm of Faith. A true lover of Christ aims to first please the Sacred heart not man and therefore how can we please Christ by allowing these non-Catholics to continue to run their mouths without any fear of consequence? The answer is you should not allow them to continually get away with such comments publicly for it only keeps the Church "in a certain stagnation" where error is permitted and the fear of seeming to be “uncharitable” grips the soul. And yet is this not self-love? Harken heareth an Eagle speak! "Care not for the judgements of Man O' Knight and Handmaid of Christ!"

In closing, why would I care what the modernist/pseudo traditionalists think of me? The Answer…I do not and neither ought you care. Further, let us remember the boxer does not enter into the ring without his gloves. Therefore, why should we expect in the greatest crisis the Church has known, that we will not have to go twelve rounds with “the synthesis of all heresies”? Yea, we shall "knock out" the opponent with objectivity, that is, with what the Church has always infallibly taught and if we are impotently attacked on the subjective level then the gloves come out to let these individuals know we will not tolerate their behavior even as Christ would not of those of his own time. And why…?  Because this is the true nature of Selfless Love whose aims are the sake of preservation & protection of the Truth. And if the Church teaches the right to self defense of a "coming intruder" of our own house how much more violently ought we defend His House! Yea, we love the Church so much that we are willing to “stick our necks out” and be called a “this or a that” rather than follow blindly, trying to fit in (due to self-love), with a whole new subjectivist religion. Ave Maria!

"Indeed, the true friends of the people are neither revolutionaries, nor innovators: they are traditionalists."
Pope St. Pius X
 Not only are true traditionalists "friends of the peoples" we are the true friends of God!

“I do not love?”
How do thee say, “I do not love”?
Does the owner of the home gleefully accept the thief?
Does the parent not scream at the sight of the child
Headed toward the busy highway….so why do you believe?
That we, true Catholics, holding onto Tradition
Who defend Truth and all that is taught infallibly
Are not, as you say, charitable?
And the answer I reply:
Is because the modernist does not think he is the thief nor the child headed down hell’s own street…
And then you teach 'I am not in the Church"...yet I am
Remaining at a distance because one cannot commune with heresy
Therefore, how does one convince the soul “who cannot clearly see?”
And the answer I shall reply:
Get on thy knees and pray the holy rosary!

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