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Monday, December 5, 2016

Patriarch of Moscow in favor of Trump and against multiculturalism and Islamization…, but?

Patriarch of Moscow in favor of Trump and against multiculturalism and Islamization…, but?


The Byzantine Catholic (Universal) Patriarchate (BCP), which is currently the prophetic voice of the one crying in the wilderness, defends the orthodox doctrine of the Holy Scripture and Tradition of the Apostles, Church Fathers and saints against modern heresies and against heretics who abuse ecclesiastical office towards self-destruction of Christianity. In this letter, we point out not only the positive aspects concerning the statements of Patriarch Kirill on his 70th birthday but in conclusion also the background which Patriarch Kirill represents.


Quotes from the statements of Patriarch Kirill on November 20, 2016:
The Middle East is the birthplace of Christianity… Which is why killing Christians and driving them out of the region isn’t just a crime against religion and against human rights and freedoms: it is a civilizational disaster.”
Agreement with Trump on terrorism: “I have been positively impressed by the statements made by U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump. He clearly underlined the necessity to tackle Islamist radicalism and terrorism.”

Political correctness is meant to limit Christians’ freedom to practice their faith.”
“Under the guise of political correctness and universal rights and liberties, we glimpse signs of discrimination against the people who want to be open about their Christian convictions.”
Multiculturalism has no future, because it implies different cultures mixing, different cultures and religions poured together and shaken vigorously to create a kind of cocktail.”
“Europe has to deal with a huge influx of migrants who represent different cultural and religious views, and who are opposed to the culture of the countries they’ve ended up in.”
Criticism of Western secularization: “A religious person feels deeply uncomfortable living in an aggressively-secular society, same as we in the USSR felt uncomfortable living in an aggressively-atheistic society.”
Criticism of current legislation in the West: “Now, for the first time in human history, the law allows something that doesn’t correspond to our moral nature. The law contradicts it. …we could compare this to an extent to the apartheid in Africa or Nazi laws.”
Against legalization of homosexuality: “It is artificial; it is part of some ideology and not in sync with our moral nature… However, under no circumstances should this be accepted as a social norm no different from the social norm that stems from our moral nature, meaning marriage between a man and wife who create a family and have children.”
Promotion of amoral values in the mass media: “Just look at movies, television, literature. There is a clear ideological paradigm aimed at dismantling religious and moral values. And it is not always a direct confrontation. They just paint this happy, full life – without God…”
Conclusion: The election of the US President meant a global break and a change of spiritual atmosphere in the world.
In the interview, Patriarch Kirill stated objective truths which we entirely agree with. However, we have to state with pain that it is necessary to distinguish who is the one who tells the truth and what his aim is! Who is Patriarch Kirill? Do his actions match the words publicly spoken by him? And what is his aim when speaking on these topics exactly at this time?
If he really represented the Spirit of Truth, he would first have to repent of his apostasy, namely:
1) He must publicly condemn the heretical Council of Crete, as it was condemned by the orthodox monks of Mount Athos. He must clearly point out the apostasy of the Western Church, namely neo-Modernism which destroys the fundamental truths of Christianity, and syncretism of Vatican II promoting a so-called regard for pagans and their demons. He must draw an obvious conclusion therefrom that today ecumenical (theological) dialogues of the Orthodox with the heretical Catholic theologians, stipulated by the Council in Crete, are a betrayal of Christ, the Gospel and the Holy Tradition.
2) He must require rehabilitation of the orthodox monks of Athos who opposed the wolfish Council in Crete. Heretical Patriarch Bartholomew is now insidiously destroying them.
3) He must do public penance and apologize for his participation in the interreligious meeting in Astana (2011). By this gesture, he gave offense because he thus expressed the heresy about the Orthodox Church and pagan cults being equal ways to salvation. For this gesture he brought down on himself God’s anathema – curse according to Gal 1:8-9, which was published in the same year.
4) He must withdraw the Declaration which he and the heretical Pope Francis signed in Havana. This Declaration promotes the heresy of interreligious dialogue under the guise of peace efforts.
Unless and until the apostate Patriarch Kirill repents publicly, even if he expressed the truth he thus only disguises his apostasy! He deceives the Orthodox believers and the Russian people and brings down a curse on them!

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate
+ Methodius OSBMr              + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops
+ Samuel OSBMr
Spokesman of the BCP