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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Huge Fireball Turns Night Into Day In Norway (VIDEO)

Huge fireball 50 times brighter than a full moon explodes several times off Norway turning night into day (VIDEO)


A huge greenish fireball exploded several times off Norway on December 6, 2016 sparking fears among residents from both western and eastern Norway.

The meteor, 50 times brighter than a full moon, turned the night sky into day at 5:15am. Many people were awaken by loud booms.



5:15 am, December 6, 2016, the sky off Norway suddenly lit up. A huge fireball exploded over the Norwegian Sea, southwest of Sogn og Fjordane. Reports of the glowing blue sky were reported as far south as Kristiansand.
A camera from the Norvegian Meteor Network, situated in Olso some 500km away, captured the powerful sky event:

According to first calculations, this huge fireball, weighing at least 1000 kilos, entered the atmosphere at a speed of 16.3 km/s (60,000 km/h). The bolide, 50 times brighter than the full moon, exploded several times over a period of 12 seconds, and was witnessed from both western and eastern Norway, thus showing that it split into several parts.

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Calculated path of the huge fireball that exploded off Norway on 
December 6, 2016. By The Norway Meteor Network
The Oslo video shows an orange fireball, but scientists believe it was due to atmospheric conditions. The real color of this space rock was mos probably green to white with a brightness of approximately -17… Or 50 times as bright as the full moon.
And the Geminid meteor shower is only peaking with the last supermoon of 2016 on December 14.