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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, December 12, 2016

Earth Warning! Massive Wave of Energy – Two Weeks Away!

Earth Warning! Massive Wave of Energy – Two Weeks Away!
Video is a must watch

There is some important and timely information presented in this next video by BPEARTWATCH.  There are more signs coming from above that we seemingly cant keep up with.

The last time a magnetar explosion this large was felt was recorded back in 12/27/2004, just a day after one of the largest recorded earthquakes of all time hit Northern Sumatra.
“On Dec. 27, 2004—the Earth was rocked by a cosmic blast so epic its scale is nearly impossible to exaggerate.
The flood of gamma and X-rays that washed over the Earth was detected by several satellites designed to observe the high-energy skies.”
“Preparing the Nation for Space Weather: New Executive Order”

Cosmic Explosion Among the Brightest in Recorded History
“Scientists have detected a flash of light from across the Galaxy so powerful that it bounced off the Moon and lit up the Earth’s upper atmosphere. The flash was brighter than anything ever detected from beyond our Solar System and lasted over a tenth of a second. NASA and European satellites and many radio telescopes detected the flash and its aftermath on December 27, 2004. Two science teams report about this event at a special press event today at NASA headquarters. A multitude of papers are planned for publication.”

Here is an animation from the December 27, 2004 magnetar that hit earth:

Posted a couple of months ago on this topic:
“Could a major SHOCK WAVE of ENERGY be heading right for PLANET EARTH? Inside Military sources say “NASA is watching the sky for this Global event to reveal itself with as they call it “The Second Wave”, and then again in December of 2016 with the power punch of energy we as humans have never seen before.” Which they believe could effect up to 1/3 of humanity.”