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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, September 8, 2016

What Is With That Face? Strive For More Than Just “The State of Grace!”

What Is With That Face? Strive For More Than Just “The State of Grace!”
By: Eric Gajewski

2 Corinthians 13:9
For we rejoice that we are weak, and you are strong. This also we pray for, your perfection.

Detachment is never easy which is why it requires grace to overcome the self...

It seems the long faces are everywhere these days and can largely be attributed to self love.  Yes, uncertainty seemingly surrounds us but this should only “whip up” a fresh Faith in us.  Recall the Apostles on the Ship during the Storm and how they responded and thence we find a blueprint as to how we should not respond.  Christ, had to remind them that they had very little Faith.  Let us not be guilty of the same.  And so what about you?  What is with the long face these days?  We are doomed?  The enemy has us?  The Vatican is overrun with Masons and it is “hopeless”?  It seems the “Storm” is getting to some and in reality it truly hasn’t even arrived yet.

You have it good, trust me.  In comparison to others around the world you live like a king.  If you have a roof over your head, food for the day and some clean clothes on your body that is better than the majority living right now all across the world.  If you would only turn away from the TV and the computer and turn to God more on a daily basis you would realize this.  In a time when the economic collapse is seemingly “lurking” around every corner I find there are still some who place all “their stock” in the system of which modern man has built.   This is exactly why God will come for it.  Hearts are adjoined to this world and therefore God must unhinge them.  Our joy is not in things it is Christ Himself.  Thus, do you possess, Christ, Who is ALL and if so than you already are wealthy.  “Give and it shall be given unto you” and yet you will not first give because your trodden down hearts have been hoarding things illicitly.  You greed thinking you need but hide under the covers of selfThus you are truly a prisoner of your own heart.

What is with the Face?  The faces I see these have the “den of doubt, denial and despair” written all over them just as those early Apostles upon the Ship.  Shall we learn from them or make the same mistake? Eagles are the ONLY bird who are EXCITED for the Storm.  Every other bird flies in fear away from it and heads for the mountains and yet the eagle waits patiently for its arrival.  An Eagle knows that the Wind coming with this Storm can lift him to “new heights”!  Is this not what we anticipate?  Do we not profess that the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart is coming?  Shall we not participate in this?  Eagles not only fly right into the Storm they are ultimately lifted above the Storm and why?  Because they have the wings of Faith and Hope.  You have that same potential and yet refuse to outstretch your arms.

Good athletes strive to make the team but the very best strive for perfection.  The same applies in the spiritual life.  Are you just trying to make the team or are you striving to be the very best you can be by cooperating fully with God’s grace?  Striving for Purgatory or Heaven?  Striving to just stay in a state of grace or are we trying to become Saints?  The Storm ahead will provide you with ample opportunities to become Saints assuredly yet will you recognize them?  The best athletes have perfected their craft by utilizing their God given talents and the Saints did exactly the same!  Use the gifts God has given you to edify God and neighbor.  Love is not Pacifist.  Selfless Love works and is proactive.  Through the Eyes (Charity) of an eagle we need to see these opportunities and take advantage of them.  Strive for the skies or flee for the mountains without ever trying?  Fear or Faith?  Fright or flight?

Be of good cheer we have a protector and leader.  Football is about to start and for the sake of analogy hear me out.  The Blessed Virgin Mary is like that offensive lineman in the sense that She protects “the quarterback” from being hit, tackled or sacked.  So, too, the Blessed Virgin Mary on the macro level protects Christ, the Church and thus us.  However, specifically she truly guards the heart and this is why we must unify ours with hers if we are to have any chance of deepening our Faith in Her Son our God.  For those who are close to Mary are those who are much closer to God. Notice how the lineman on passing plays is somewhat defensive as to say “you cannot have nor touch”.  This is how Our Lady protects her own.  Islam? You cannot have nor touch?  New World Order? You cannot have the victory in the end.  Notice, likewise, how on the running plays she is offensive.  She gets after the enemy and tries to run them over!  That day will come when the banner of “the Ark” will be lifted and She leads us into battle as the “One Woman Army!”  Do you hear that enemies of the Church?  In the end the “long faces” can be attributed to the self love we still hide within.  For we have a God who is all things and can do all things and do you really think He is going to allow the enemy to win in the end?  Yes, there will be intense trials, afflictions and sufferings but as Christians we see these as Eagles and these are “good things”.  Crosses are not punishments they are opportunities to expand you heart in Selfless Love.  See inwardly not carnally and be at peace, amen!  

Wipe off that Face have some Faith and through Gods grace go get back in the race! 

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