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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, September 5, 2016

TradCatKnight Radio, Rachel L. McIntosh "The Big Show of the NWO"

TradCatKnight Radio, Rachel L. McIntosh "The Big Show of the NWO"
Talk given 9-5-16   (aprx. 45 mins)

  Recently seen on Caravan to Midnight and SGTREPORT


Rachael L. McIntosh, Author, Artist, Advocate, Mom

Rachael L. McIntosh is author of the highly-acclaimed “Security Through Absurdity” series of novels. Before working as a marketing communications specialist for one of the largest US defense contractors, she was pursuing an art career in Boston, Massachusetts. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Massachusetts College of Art with a B.F.A Painting.  Her work appears in the collections of MIT professor Noam Chomsky, jazz musician John Scofield, Massachusetts College of Art and Design’s Library and multiple private collections.

Her life soon changed dramatically when she began her battle with Multiple Sclerosis.   The disease lead her out of Boston to Connecticut where she found herself working for a military contractor.  Working within the defense industry prompted her to get involved with politics in hopes of changing what she saw occurring.  It was her experience at the Republican National Convention that compelled her to her write “Security Through Absurdity”.  She appears in the feature length documentary “For Liberty”.
During her time at the defense contractor, and later as a political campaigner, she was privy to information and situations that few could even dream of. Her first-hand experience allowed her to write a fictionalized account of the secret world that she was so deeply involved in – from generals to mercenaries, to the largest single-day fundraiser for any political candidate in U.S. history, all the way back to 9/11 inside a defense contractor’s office.

She released the first book of the “Security Through Absurdity” series, “Little Yellow Stickies,” in 2014.  There are now two more on the market. The second book called “Bubbles Will Pop” was released in early 2015, and the third, “The Big Show,” was released later that year to much acclaim. In those three books you may enter a world you never knew existed. You may be able to confirm suspicions about Government and the Military and Money that you’ve had for a long time. You may not believe any of it—it is “fictional,” after all… or is it? Sometimes the greatest fiction has more truth than the things we believe to be facts.
Topics included in this talk: her background, factional writing and book series, the Phony world in which we live in, 9-11 BOMBSHELL, coming economic collapse, death of the dollar, upcoming elections, Hillary Clinton, Rothschild and "weather" connection, Rothschild connection to 9-11, mainstream press, WW3 on the horizon, Environmentalist agenda, underground bunkers/cities?, Trump, Revolution and division on the NWO agenda, "Internet of Everything", HAARP, Geoengineering, acts of God or man playing God?, barter system coming and MUCH more!

TradCatKnight Radio, Rachel L. McIntosh "The Big Show of the NWO"