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Saturday, September 24, 2016

TradCatKnight Mail....

TradCatKnight Mail....
Here is some of the latest coming through my inbox.  Please invite your friends and family to TradCatKnight the #1 ranked traditional catholic website worldwide.


Dear Eric,

A friend of mine with the Resistance in Melbourne went to the SSPX Corpus Christi Church in Tynong to leave a letter in the foyer for a friend still attending. My friend has not attended Mass with the SSPX for well over 2 years. 

To her horror, on the doors to the direct entrance of the Church, she saw this poster of a family posing with Pope Francis.
The Title: Their Sunday best to honour Christ's Vicar, Will my family do less for Christ Himself?
This poster was put up only this week, so the majority of parishioners would not have even seen it yet.

I went to the Church today to see it for myself and I couldn't believe it.

Now if this is meant to be a promotion for 'modesty' at Tynong, this has got to be another sick SSPX joke.
No priest has seriously spoken of modesty at Tynong for years. In my 10 years whilst I attended there, I never once heard any priest say that women should not be wearing pants. One priest even went so far to say during a catechism class, that he didn't agree with Bishop Williamson on his severe stance on modesty.
I'd say 80% of the women attending Mass at Tynong wear pants on a full time basis (except for Sunday Mass of course); here they may wear a skirt, but the skirts get higher and higher and tighter.

This is another very obvious show of the terrible SSPX Liberal slide at Tynong, Australia. 
But how many attending Mass this Sunday will actually take any notice? 

This is more like another promotion of Pope Francis, especially after the fairly recent visit of Bishop Fellay to Tynong back in late August this year, when in his conference, he told the gullible faithful that the acceptance of the personal prelature was not that bad and that nothing was going to change for them. By the way, there were three Novus Ordo priests attending this conference, and Bishop Fellay found the time to have lunch with them as well.

The sheep are seriously asleep here and the wolves in sheep clothing are continuing with the dangerous deception of the faithful.

I feel sorry for these people. Some of my family are included.

It seems that the social calendar is more important than the salvation of souls for these priests. A number of times now, the very regular Thursday evening Mass with Rosary and Benediction has been cancelled due to varying circumstances. One was because they held a bbq for visiting SSPX students from New Zealand on a Thursday evening, so Mass was cancelled.
I'm not sure the reason for the second occasion; a very early Mass was held on the Thursday morning and there was no Mass that evening. But two priests had time to attend a luncheon for my mother at a restaurant not far away from Tynong on this particular Thursday. Yes, it is school holidays, but with five (Yes 5!) priests at Tynong, surely they could continue with the usual evening Thursday Mass.  [I no longer support the SSPX in any way, and have not attended Mass there for over 2 years].

This Thursday evening SSPX Mass has been held especially for priestly vocations and other important intentions every week for years.  It has also been so poorly attended over these years, and with well over 1000 people attending Mass on a Sunday (mainly at the early 8am Mass so they can get in early and get out), you'd expect Mass attendance during the week a bit better.

God bless, Anonymous

Interview by Alex Jones in 2000 with Air Force Intelligence/ CIA agent, Terry Reid. The material in this video has withstood the test of time. Though the video is 18+ minutes, the real content ends at the 14 minute mark.

B-t-W, this video just reminds me how much I despise Oliver North. Needless to say, George HW Bush, the patriarch of the traitorous Bush Cabal and Bill "Rockefeller" Clinton are such buddies and one wonders why GHW Bush is endorsing Hillary Clinton.

If one wonders why I call Bush and his family traitorous, just read the pdf below. It is the best selling non-fiction from the late 90s titled, George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography. I wonder why the Bush crime syndicate never sued Tarpley and Chiatkin for defamation? Hmmm.

Ron W.

Hello Eric thank you for all what you are doing here at tradcatnight .  Could you direct me in the right direction in finding a valid catholic church in Oklahoma City. 
Thank you so much David B

Now well, yesterday was the feast of Our lady of La Sallette...  I'm sad about Padre Gabriel Amorth.  I wanted to meet him! he was not old to die!...  I knew that he died on Thursday!  I was not expecting this bad news!

Everything that he said in an interview here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlNx33EY19U  : he's describing many attitudes that priests and bishops from my country made against me.  Now, I know this priests and bishops are contaminated; they have bad things, because they are bad, so bad!  If I would have understood or seen this before I would never let been attacked by them.  You cannot imagine how sad I am.

Sincerely, D.

  I feel his sense of the extreme danger we all are facing, as I'm sure
that so many of the viewers are relating to the caller's dismay and
frustration. on the other hand, I do understand the predicament and
tough position relating to Dr. Tracy stance, it's very clear that he is
like many other speakers are avoiding the Jew & Zionist words for the
fear of their livelihoods and even perhaps their own lives if they spoke
openly and honestly without restrain. It's no secret that many others
before, who dared and spoke frankly without beating around the bushes
ended up losing the positions, faced tremendous and endless hardship or
even paid with their lives. I thank Dr. Tracy for speaking out and I
wish he was in a position to be more direct and clear, but it's very
harsh to ask few to carry all the burden on their shoulders alone, while
the masses is so oblivious without any clue, or don't give a damn. The
Caller deserve a big "Thank You" as well for his pin pointing and clear
understanding of the Sad and rapidly deteriorating world situation.

Beverly R 

Hey again, Eric.  Listened to your great interview with Dahboo7 just now!!
Mary C

Hi there,

I wanted to take just a moment to thank you for the information you bring to us on your channel. I don't mean to bother you, but I really felt I needed to let you know that it is SUPER hard to hear your videos (and I do have good hearing lol). I have to max out my sound and even then, you are super quiet. I have had to stop watching several of your great videos because I just couldn't hear them. Your guests can be heard most of the time, very well, but your voice is so quiet. 

I don't mean to pick at you or criticize at all, I truly appreciate your videos and would like to be able to hear them. 

Thanks again for all you do - you are very reasonable and realistic and I appreciate that tremendously. 

Thanks again,

TCK:  The low volume is due to poor connections on skype which is most of the time.  Simply turn the volume up all the way on the youtube link and on your coputer.  If I can hear it so can you:)

Dear TCK:
I'm glad Fr. Kramer is continuing to expose Salza and Siscoe's errors on TCK. It is obvious that these two laymen are obstinately opposed to the Church's teachings on heresy and the papacy. Do they really need to be told over and over again that a pope must be Catholic? Or do they agree with their friend Chris Ferrara that a true pope can also be "anti-Catholic" or a "font of error"? They have gone way too far. I have to say that the neo-SSPX have lost their credibility by allowing these amateurs-gone-wild to be their spokesmen.
I'll be eagerly following Fr. Kramer on TCK because what he's teaching is much needed, and appreciated, sound Catholic doctrine. Keep up the good work!
Sincerely, Marny B. 

I give this a > 0% chance of being preternatural.

What say you Eric?
Sean M.
I read a lot and this is the first I heard of this. I thought they dumped chemicals in the gulf not a synthetic bacteria.

Jennifer C


Dear Eric,

Please share your thoughts on the apparitions in Garabandal, Spain in the 60s. I was dubious then I read Padre Pio absolutely believed it.  But still...??

Thank you and may Our Blessed Mother keep you in her loving care. 


Thank you for the full audio book of the Imitation of Christ and for introducing me to John Nicholson. And thank you too, for your efforts; very much appreciated.
Best wishes, Susette

Born That Way? A False Hypothesis
(full text below - 821 words)
A recently released literature review has created a buzz. Among the issues attracting attention in the paper is the claim that genetics is not the sole determinant of sexual orientation. Does this make the “born that way” hypothesis false? In this article, Dr. Joseph J. Horton details the study and examines how the “born that way hypothesis is important to people on all sides.”
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[word count: 821]
Born That Way? A False Hypothesis
by Dr. Joseph J. Horton

Literature reviews are a common thing in the world of academic research. They often involve esoteric topics confined to a narrow universe of scholarly interest. Few literature reviews, however, have generated as much controversy as the recently published paper “Sexuality and Gender: Findings from the Biological, Psychological and Social Sciences,” by Lawrence Mayer and Paul McHugh.
Among the issues attracting attention in the Mayer-McHugh paper is the claim that the causes of sexual orientation are poorly understood, but—most importantly—that genetics is not the sole determinant of sexual orientation. The hypothesis that those who have lesbian, gay, or bisexual (LGB) orientations were born that way is found to be inconsistent with the data. Mayer and McHugh write:
There is virtually no evidence that anyone, gay or straight, is “born that way” if that means their sexual orientation was genetically determined. But there is some evidence from the twin studies that certain genetic profiles probably increase the likelihood the person later identifies as gay or engages in same-sex sexual behavior.
Mayer and McHugh reviewed research on potential environmental factors, such as abuse, but did not find the evidence convincing for any specific environmental factor. They suggest additional research on potential environmental influences.
A team led by J. Michael Bailey published a literature review on this topic at about the same time that Mayer and McHugh published theirs. At times making different inferences than Mayer and McHugh, particularly when the research evidence is ambiguous, Bailey et al. also conclude that genetics is not the most important causal factor for sexual orientation:
Based on the evidence from twin studies, we believe that we can already provide a qualified answer to the question “Is sexual orientation genetic?” That answer is: “Probably somewhat genetic, but not mostly so.”
Both of these research teams reached the same conclusion about the role of genetics in the development of sexual orientation by reviewing studies of twin siblings. With twin studies we want to know the concordance rate: If one member of a twin pair has a same-sex orientation, what is the probability that the other twin also has a same-sex orientation? Identical (monozygotic) twins share all of their genes in common. If sexual orientation is entirely due to genetics, or perhaps a combination of genetics and prenatal environment, then the concordance rate for identical twins would be one, or quite close to one. Fraternal (dizygotic) twins have the same number of genes in common as any two, non-identical siblings. If the concordance rate for identical twins is greater than that of fraternal twins, then clearly genetics plays a role. When considering studies that used the best sampling methods, Bailey and his colleagues found an average concordance rate for identical twins of .24 and .15 for fraternal twins. Yes, genetics plays a role in the development of sexual orientation, but the environment plays a larger role.
Those who desire a rigorous understanding of the science of sexual orientation should read both of the recent literature reviews. Unlike the data on the role of genetics, the data on environmental factors is often open to more than one interpretation, so considering multiple perspectives is helpful.
Epigenetics helps explain why the born-that-way hypothesis is false even though genes play a role. The epigenome affects the expression of genes. While our genome is relatively static, our epigenome is influenced by the environment. Thus some identical twins come to look different, behave differently, and have differing risk for psychological disorders. Each twin has different environmental experiences. The differing epigenomes result in different expressions of their common genes. Even if a “gay gene” exists, the born-that-way hypothesis would likely be false because interactions with the environment could affect the expression of the gay gene.
The born-that-way hypothesis is important to people on all sides. Members of the LGB community and their allies often believe that a stronger case can be made for societal embrace of the LGB lifestyle if sexual orientation is caused by genetics. Supporters of traditional morality may also feel more comfortable disapproving of behavior when they believe the behavior does not have a biological foundation.
All complex human behavior has a biological foundation. For example, sociobiology suggests that males are hard wired with a propensity to mate with many partners. Even if males are born this way and it is 100 percent due to biology, it does not follow that mating with many partners is moral. The degree to which any behavior is genetically based has no bearing on its morality, nor its benefit to society. We have considerable control over our biological predispositions; civilization would not be possible otherwise.
The nature vs. nurture question has been, in a sense, settled; the answer is (to some degree) a matter of both. Because the answer involves both, those who argue for the virtue, or lack thereof, of any behavior need to always consider legal, societal, or religious claims rather than strictly biological claims. 
—Dr. Joseph J. Horton is professor of psychology at Grove City College and the Working Group Coordinator for Marriage and Family with The Center for Vision & Values. He is also a researcher on Positive Youth Development.

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