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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, September 5, 2016

TradCatKnight Mail...

TradCatKnight Mail...
Here is the latest coming through my inbox.  Be sure to invite your family and friends to TradCatKnight!
Dear Father Kramer and Eric,
Thank you for the interview you posted yesterday. I just listened to Fr. Kramer's account of Francis' first appearance with the masonic signal. I found a video and at 1:15 one can see what I think you are referring to.  Is the cardinal to the right of Francis Cardinal Ravasi or someone else? It looks like they both had similar poses coming out and the cardinal pulls at Francis' arm. When I looked at a video of Benedict coming out, he held both his hands together. Very interesting!

God bless you both,

I just listened to your latest interview with Fr. Kramer. It was a very 
good and informative interview. Regarding the conversation about how long 
can the Church go without a Pope I would like to express my opinion on the 
matter. I'm reminded of the form that Fr. Hesse described a valid bishop's 
consecration. He said 3 are typically used in the event of any question 
regarding validity. From a technical standpoint as long as there are 
at least 3 validly consecrated bishops still left alive who are capable of 
consecrating new bishops and ordaining new priests the Church will live on 
and that's not including a direct miracle of our Lord to intervene. We could 
go 30+ years without a pope in a worst case scenario.

Gabriel A

(On the recent quake in Oklahoma) We shouldn't forget the "consumption of Mary" on the feast of the Assumption in the public square. The folks in that city better get ready, Our Lord will not tolerate that despicable act. The rocks are crying out for vengeance. Salve Maria 

Great interview. I learned a tremendous amount about bergoglio and the 2 popes so to speak. 
Salve Maria
Chris G


"Goodbye, Catholic teaching. The worldwide network of schools that the pope is fostering and promoting with great fervor has a completely secularized educational paradigm. Instead of saints, the stars of sports and entertainment ...

Today there are more than 400,000 Scholas Occurrentes, in about eighty countries on five continents. And since August 15, 2015 they have been a “pious foundation” of pontifical right, established as such by a chirograph of Pope Francis:

> Quirógrafo

The chirograph recognizes their aims as “congruent with the mission of the Church.”

But if one explores the official website of the Scholas, with the programs, objectives, activities, one can find nothing, absolutely nothing that is specifically Christian, much less Catholic:

> Scholas Occurrentes

In this, with the evident agreement of the pope. Because even in scanning the now numerous talks that Francis has given to the Scholas, the silence over the Christian God, over Jesus and the Gospel is almost sepulchral.

The exceptions, extremely marginal, can be counted on the fingers of one hand:...

But there’s more. The directors of Scholas Occurrentes are also called upon at times to speak at conferences organized by other Vatican organisms. For example, that of November 13-16, 2015, sponsored by the pontifical academy of sciences, on the theme: “Children and sustainable development, a challenge for education.”

Noteworthy among the speakers, in addition to the famous neo-Malthusian economist Jeffrey Sachs, who has become inevitable at such appointments, were Enrique Palmeyro and another top director of the Scholas, the Argentine María Paz Jurado, this latter on the issue of “global citizenship” as “a paradigm shift in education.”

Here as well, to read the final recommendations of the conference, there is no trace of Christianity to be found. 

There is instead a quite visible place for the pope in a series of booklets for students published by Scholas Occurrentes and entitled “Con Francisco a mi lado,” with Francis at my side.

In the April 2016 issue of the online magazine “Christian Order,” the Catholic scholar Maike Hickson commented on a few of these booklets, sent to her by María Paz Jurado.

In the one dedicated to the theme of “diversity,” she noted that different forms of “family” are all put on a par, including homosexual couples with children.

In another booklet, entitled “Self-esteem,” she found promotion of the idea of the variable selection of personal identity, including sexual.

To the written request for an explanation of an educational stance so far from the magisterium of the Church, Maike Hickson reports that she has received no response from any director of Scholas Occurrentes.

The schools of the Society of Jesus were for centuries a beacon of Catholic instruction.

The paradox is that today the first Jesuit pope is making himself a highly active promoter of a completely secularized scholastic education."    

Betsy K.

Dear Mr. Gajewski,
Educating children is a very important part of building our future. And instilling a healthy sense of religious morality in children is the core of education.
In a study by Robert Putman, the numbers show that being educated within a religious framework stimulates a student’s understanding of the school materials at hand, plus his or her overall character. There’s more on this topic in my article:
Since evidence supports the advantage of religion in education, it is quite disturbing that the Satanic Temple is working on getting Satanic After School Clubs opened in elementary schools.
For Satanism is not a religion, but the antithesis of religion.
This brings us to an interesting truth, not only about education, but about our human nature: if we remove God from the picture, the devil steps in, because man abhors a vacuum.
Please read more about the issue below, and feel free to look at some of the other articles as well.
I hope you enjoy them.
Wishing you every blessing, I remain.
John Horvat

John Horvat
Vice-President, Tradition, Family and Property (TFP)

From CatholicPhilly: We live in a time when fundamental elements of human identity -- gender and sexuality -- are reimagined, writes Archbishop Charles Chaput. A new report restores some badly needed clarity, scientific substance and prudence to our discussions. - http://catholicphilly.com/2016/08/think-tank/archbishop-chaput-column/a-new-overview-of-a-contested-subject

Patrick G.

Covers an array of topics: For mothers who have wayward kids, Augustin who went on to become a Bishop and a saint. His mother prayed for him for 16 years; she never gave up hope. Covers the exploration of America for the conversion of souls in the early days of this country. Also touches on later in the sermon about the Learned Elders of Zion and how much has come true from that book. He also admonishes people to read it.

Enjoy:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpsW898VgN8
Steve T.

First, Phoenix, USA around a month ago.

Inline image 1

Now, Russia's Kemerovo Oblast region, where this "mushroom" cloud suddenly shows up.

Inline image 2

Hmmm. US then Russia. I wonder. I would not be surprised to see more of these in the weeks ahead. God's strategic sequential signal to mankind? Then again, who believes in God, and who believes His almighty power? Inquiring mind wishes to know. Does anyone really care? 
Ron W.

Dear TradCatKnight,

I've heard a lot about chastisement from various sources including yours but I have not read much about psychological/spiritual preparation. Mental strain may be the most difficult part of any future chastisement for the survivors.

During the September 11 attacks I was working very close to the Pentagon in Arlington, VA. Once the plane went into the Pentagon we were told to evacuate with another aircraft still in the air headed to D.C. The scene in Arlington was total panic, people leaving everything behind, dropping tools, hordes of people in the streets. All public transport stopped so everyone had to walk home no matter how far. People fleeing a monster in a movie is a good analogy for the scene.

On my way home on foot, I stopped at a local church and lit some candles under the statue of Mary for her protection. Then went home to meet my wife in our N.W. D.C. apartment. At this point, we went up onto the roof, to watch the action. I'll admit to having a pretty big glass of whiskey with me while watching the sky. What could we do? Air defense /weather balloons? were floating across the city from the direction of Dulles Airport. At this point, we had no idea that the passengers would take the incoming aircraft down. Being a sitting duck, waiting was stressful and unnerving, in a chastisement this would be multiplied 10 or 100 times. I'd love to hear your thoughts on mental preparation for chastisement.

Before I close I would like to mention the night sky on September 10, 2001 from our window which looked south towards Dulles airport in Virginia. We had guests and we all remarked at the blood red gash in the sunset, like a sword cut in the sky. It was a very odd sky but I never heard anyone else mention it or comment on that strange sunset. The guests were from Germany and the next day they said, oh bombing, this is nothing we know about bombing. They wanted to tour the monuments on the afternoon of September 11. They were mentally prepared.

Kind regards,
Bill Choquette

Do I try to wake up blood or just let remain in their ignorance, even my orthodox old Catholic parents?

Now the problems is that they are all very far away and there is NOTHING they can do about it.  The have no money and/or are very liberal.


-Sean M

This is the third in the mini series Jim posted and we are sharing with you, from the book from Jurgen Graf. Goodnight, all! 

Jim and Diane
Holocaust or Hoax Jurgen Graf P.153

The Holocaust is not just a lie, it is a crime.  It is a crime because it not only justifies innumerable other crimes, but because it create a huge mass of hatred, which in turn contains the potential for new crimes. 

People whose souls have been drenched in the hatred of the Holocaust Lie must be counted among its victims. This includes the millions of twelve to fifteen-year old school children dragged through the memorials of former concentration camps, often weeping uncontrollably at the atrocity stories and lies vomited up at them. 

How much suffering, how much heartbreak, how many tragedies are due to the socalled "Holocaust", this hair-raising Lie of the Century, which the Jews invented, crammed down our throats, and have defended tooth and nail, with fines, with abuse, with imprisonment, for over half a century?

It is painful to think of the thousands, indeed tens of thousands, of people who have been humiliated, persecuted, imprisoned, or even executed in the name of this shameless swindle. 

It is pathetic to see the once-great German people, having lost its pride, its sense of direction, its self-respect, to such an extent that it no longer dares to defend itself against a flood of slander and is too ashamed to look itself in the face.  One single mention of the "gas chambers", the extermination of the Jews, was enough to justify purging entire cities and provinces of their German population. Almost 17 million people were driven from their homes between 1944 and 1948 in an unbroken series of atrocities during which over two million died. 

"After what they did to the Jews, they had it coming to them", is the classical justification.

It is truly disgusting to think of the millions of people all over the world watching Marvin Chomsky, Claude Lanzmann, Steven Spielberg and all the others -- Holocaust, Shoa, Schindler's List, etc. -- in the cinemas, on television -- and taking it all seriously.   The Jews -- or more exactly, those who claim to speak for the Jews -- invented a story which they've called the Shoa or the Holocaust, and which they now claim is the history of their people.

The Holocaust money-making machine has brought them such tremendous advantages, that they can no longer live without it. But they made one fatal error: the Holocaust swindle is so endlessly absurd that its inventors can only take refuge in a suicide charge; having lost all sense of proportion, they have gone too far and will soon come crashing down.

To suppress all open debate on the subject appears an impossibility in the long run, despite all manner of repression. From minor explanations to wholesale re-writing, including whole new "Revised Versions", the profiteers of the myth continue to entangle themselves in increasingly greater numbers of contradictions; the fables of today contradict the fables told yesterday; the defenders of the official version of history are being compelled to make so many concessions that more and more people are starting to wonder about it all.

Doubts expressed in private conversation no longer shock as much as they did a few years ago; it is getting easier for revisionists to gain a hearing. 

In brief: for the exterminationists, the time is running out. Increasingly hysterical repression is an unmistakable sign of growing panic.   It is also a sign of weakness. 

Instead of listening to the discussion, they simply grab for a truncheon. But how long can they get away with it?
The revisionists must not hope for quick victory; it will not come overnight. They should remember the wisdom expressed in the phrase from the Czech philosopher, Karel Capek, who said: "Truth must be smuggled. It must be distributed in small doses. A drop here, a drop there -- until people get used to it. Not all at once. 
At a time when the Lie appears to be triumphing without hinderance, we would like to close with an optimistic message. We wish to make the following appeal:

All of you, all friends of the truth, both known and unknown, from many European countries, those who, like Günter Deckert and Gottfried Kuessel, Ernst Zundel, have sat in German and Austrian prisons for "denying the existence of the gas chambers", or who have been compelled to go into exile like Remer and Rudolf, all persecuted revisionists and nationalists -- do not lose your courage, since your struggle against state-ordained lies is not in vain. Your courage, the sacrifice of a few, will help to free entire nations and peoples, including the German and Russian peoples -- from the darkness which has so long covered them. 
Thanks for all the hard work you do to keep us informed with the many crisis's that are happening today. JESUS continue to Bless you!  
Dee O.

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