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Thursday, September 15, 2016

The “six-million killed” lie—the hoax of the twentieth century

The “six-million killed” lie—the hoax of the twentieth century

…by Jonas E. Alexis & Monika Schaefer

The six-million lie is pernicious because it is the foundational lie for the rogue state of Israel, and it is also the foundational lie for how the occupied state of Germany is currently structured.

Monika Schaefer started to play the violin at age 7, under the tutelage of Alexander Nicol, former concert master of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. Later she studied with Norman Nelson, co-founder of the renowned chamber group Academy of St. Martin in the Fields. While studying sciences at the University of Alberta, Monika played in the St. Cecilia Orchestra. All her life, she has played with various combinations of people and instruments, wherever she was living and working. 

In 1982, Monika moved to Jasper, Alberta, to work for Parks Canada. While classical music remains the cornerstone of her musical endeavors, Monika has broadened her horizons in recent years, delving into old-time fiddle, bluegrass, swing, improvisation and “jamming” with all who like to play. Lately she has discovered the joy of composing and has a few tunes to her name. Schaefer has recently discovered that she has been lied to about the so-called Holocaust. Here we will discuss her story.
Alexis: You say that the so-called holocaust, “the six-million lie,” is “the biggest and most pernicious and persistent lie in all of history.” That indeed is an extraordinary statement which demands extraordinary backbone. Expand on that statement for us. Tell us how you came to the conclusion that it is indeed the most pernicious lie in all of history.
Schaefer: I will give a very brief answer to this right now. The six-million lie is pernicious because it is the foundational lie for the rogue state of Israel, and it is also the foundational lie for how the occupied state of Germany is currently structured. Because of the myth of the holocaust, Israel can do anything. The lies continue, in the form of false-flag terror attacks, and these give justification to the fraudulent War on Terror. The Islamic world and the Christian world are being set up to fight each other, the beneficiary being Israel.
Alexis: Great point. Israeli embassy spokeswoman Adi Farjon declared that the Israeli regime wants to maintain “German guilt about the Holocaust” because it “helps Israel.”[1] In other words, she was basically saying that the so-called Holocaust is as sacrosanct as the state of Israel itself. Let’s get to the heart of the issue. Tell us your story and how you have delved into the history of this critically important issue.
Schaefer: Let me begin by giving you a brief description of the video which we released just over 2 months ago on June 17th, 2016. I make an apology to my parents, my mother in particular for having berated her long ago for having “let all those bad things happen in WW2, like Hitler and the death camps.” This apology was in essence to their spirit, because my parents are deceased.
I believe my reproach dates all the way back to my teenage years. Of course I believed all the stories we were taught in school, why would I not believe them? It never occurred to me at that tender young age that teachers would lie to us, let alone anybody else. We were taught to tell the truth, and telling the truth is a natural thing to do. Lying is something that has to be learned. Truth-telling, in my opinion, is the natural instinct.
When I reproached my mother, I don’t think that I really believed that she personally was at fault. I think I was just so indignant about all the injustice that I needed to let out my feelings, and it is easiest and safest to blame those close to you. So that is what I did all those years ago, I held my mother to account for the horrors of WW2!
So now, in 2016, when I know better, and understand that the history we have been taught is wrong, I started feeling really badly about that reproach years ago. I mentioned that to my brother Alfred once, just in passing – I said I wish I could apologize to our parents for what I said all those years ago. He immediately recognized the significance of that story, and suggested we do something with that.
You see, we don’t think we are alone in those sentiments that I had then, and now. There is a whole generation or two of German people who felt this disdain, disgust, shame, all these negative emotions about their grandparents and parents. This constitutes psychological trauma, it causes a generation gap, it causes shame of one’s own heritage and culture.
Back to the short video, I thought it would be good to give it a tone of happiness because for me, waking up to the truth is a liberating experience. I am so glad to know the truth. So, I played a cheerful little tune on the violin, and that is how the video begins and ends. It sets a tone which reflects that truth is light.
I would like to add something here that I did not include in the video but would like to make it perfectly clear, that I never said No Jews Died. Many Jews died in the camps. And yes they were in the camps against their will. Most of the deaths occurred in the last months of the war. Disease and starvation took their toll, as Germany was being bombed by Allied Forces and food was not reaching the typhus-infested camps. And no doubt there were also brutalities.
We know through Ursula Haverbeck’s research that at least 2, if not more, SS officers were themselves executed for brutalizing prisoners. So that means that there were rules against abusing prisoners.
I started down this journey of my awakening in about 2011, 10 years post 9/11. 9/11 is the port-hole through which I began to understand the matrix of deception and illusions that we live in. It was actually a number of years earlier that I was visiting friends on an acreage in central Alberta, and this fellow told me there was this 9/11 truther movement.
I was very curious and interested, because I had this sense right from Day 1 that something was wrong with this picture the way the American government responded to 9/11 by making war in several countries, which made no sense to me. I kept saying to my friends, wow, it sure looks like someone handed that to them on a silver platter because look at the aftermath….look what they are doing with it.
So I listened carefully to this friend, and I wanted to know more. I didn’t say much, and I was pretty wide-eyed. At the end of the day, I went home, and life was busy for me. I didn’t even have a computer at home yet. Even though I was curious, the days and months and years slipped by and I didn’t do any research on the 9/11 question. But I never forgot that encounter. I wondered about it a lot.
So…. when in 2011, my brother Alfred, who lives in Germany, started sending stuff to our family members about 9/11, I immediately jumped on this – and by that time I did have a computer at home and was connected to the internet -I would fire back right away, how do you know this and that and where are you learning this from?
This curiosity about what that man had told me years earlier had been simmering in the back of my mind all along, and when I finally had some concrete information coming my way about this subject, the seeds that had been planted started to grow.
I was insatiable for more knowledge about what really happened on 9-11. I checked everything Alfred was telling us, especially when he was implicating Israel. There was a taboo about implicating Israel. I said, how do you know?
Anyway, I started learning everything I could. I checked sources, I dug into this, and I read, and I looked at videos and I maintained a healthy dose of skepticism, because I was going to make sure that I wasn’t just “falling” for something just because my brother said something. The rest of the family didn’t show much interest, and that is actually the way it has remained to this day.
Fast forward to late 2013, early 2014. At that point I was confronted with some statements about the holocaust not being true. I had heard about “holocaust deniers” before, every once in a while there would be a name in the news, like Ernst Zundel, Jim Keegstra, and I remember thinking, wow, that’s really weird.
Why would someone deny the holocaust? Really? Everyone knows the holocaust happened. It seemed as solid as the grass is green the sky is blue and I have a nose on my face. I mean, there was simply no questioning it. If someone says outright, that didn’t happen, well, maybe they are a bit crazy.  But I have to say, I never thought to myself that those people are hateful people, no-no, it just puzzled me.
So when I was being confronted with this, I resisted at first. I said, don’t be mixing this up with 9/11, you’re just going to undermine the 9/11 truth movement!
But okay, the questions started to pry their way into my brain. There were enough little doubts, and those little seeds began to grow. Finally, I dared to look. I remember opening the website holocaustdeprogrammingcourse. That opened my eyes! I saw immediately that there was a TON of material on there – you know that little scroll bar on the side – it was tiny.
I pulled on that scroll bar, and there was endless material – articles, videos, survivor stories (other kind of survivor stories). I only spent a few minutes the first time I dared go there, but it was like a lightning bolt for me, just to see that there existed so much material that was contrary to what we had been told all our lives.
Soon after that, I watched the 90 minute video about Ernst Zundel called “Off Your Knees, Germany!” That was huge for me. … My eyes were being opened. There wasn’t any going back. I looked at lots more material after that, but really, when I think about it, the Ernst Zundel case was and still is ground-breaking.
In those Toronto trials in 1985 and 1988 – evidence was brought into the courts! Actual forensic evidence. (Leuchter Report, Robert Faurisson was there, coaching Lawyer Doug Christie on cross-examination,…) This is not done anymore. Holocaust trials with evidence are avoided nowadays.
The process of awakening did not happen without discomfort. When I started learning about the false-flag nature of 9/11, I recall feeling semi-nauseous for days and weeks maybe even months at a time. There was that feeling that not all is well in the gut. That went on for a while.
Learning about the holocaust did not give me that same nauseous feeling, even though it is a deception on a much larger scale. In retrospect I think comprehending 9/11 is easy compared to the holocaust. And yet, when I think back on it, that nauseous feeling occurred primarily when I was discovering that “easier” deception.
I think that once a person has made that first step and understands that our governments, our institutions such as the media, the justice system, etc, are not acting in our best interest, and in fact are beholden to a hidden hand of power, it is then easier to understand the bigger deceptions.
Going through the first door is the hardest. The next door, even if it is a much more difficult subject, and much more deeply ingrained in our brain, and much older, that door is easier to go through.
So, what exactly is Our Problem?
We seem to be living in a Matrix of Deception. And the foundational Lie is the one that I apologize to my mother for having reproached her for. The singular so-called Holocaust. The Holohoax. The 6 Million Lie. Foundational, because the state of Israel is based on the fictional holocaust. Foundational, because Germany as it exists today (and it is not a sovereign country, it is an occupied country!), Germany in its current form is structured on this lie.
The Times of Israel quoted Angela Merkel in an August 9th, 2013 article:
“The heinous crime committed by Germany against the Jews, the betrayal of all civilized values that was the Shoah, will always be present and we can shape the future of the resulting special relationship between Germany and Israel in awareness of that.
“That means that we’ll never be neutral and that Israel can be sure of our support when it comes to ensuring its security. That’s why I also said that Germany’s support for Israel’s security is part of our national ethos, our raison d’être.”[2]
Angela Merkel had said much the same thing when she addressed the Knesset, the legislature of the Jewish state of Israel, on March 18th of 2008. How are these deceptions kept up? Much of it is through psychological warfare, together with endless false-flag events which are coming at an ever-increasing rate.
It seems to me that the primary tool in psychological warfare is the weaponization of language. This, coupled with the indoctrination of young minds through the school education system, through the film and television industries, through the incessant repetition of the lies in the mainstream media.
Weaponized language is designed to prevent us from looking. Certain control words put gates into our brains, and our brains become fragmented. Barriers have been engineered into our brains by the lies and indoctrination.
So what are some of those control words and expressions that cause these brain barriers, and stop us from thinking clearly?
Well, I think we are all familiar with the long-standing weaponized terms like Nazi, neo-Nazi, holocaust, holocaust denier, anti-Semite, or the name Hitler – if someone gets compared to Hitler, that is the worst you can say about them.
Other terms are 9/11 Truther, and Conspiracy theory. I am sure you can add to the list. Nowadays, there is this package of 4. If you are one, you are all 4:
  1. 9-11 truther
  2. Anti-Semite
  3. Conspiracy theorist
  4. Holocaust denier
When I began my awakening to the 9/11 story, I was called an anti-Semite by a former friend before I even brought Israel into the conversation. I had only presented him with Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth materials, and they only deal with physical evidence, not with the “who did it?”
This friend also said – next thing, you’ll become a holocaust denier. At the time I retorted angrily – what are you talking about, no I am not, it is totally unrelated. … Little did I know. I should write to him and tell him thank you, you were right!

The time will come when the Holocaust lie--a “secular religion”--will at last be viewed for what it really is: an ideology that seeks to subvert the pillars of Western Civilization.
Monika Schaefer
Monika Schaefer
Alexis: you argue that the Holocaust establishment tried to ruin you and your brother Alfred. How did they go about doing that?
Schaefer: Alfred is a video producer, and it was he who produced the fateful video in which I play a cheerful little tune. More on that later.
I will begin this part by saying that my activism did not start with 9-11. My real awakening did, but not my activism. As far back as I can remember, I have concerned myself with issues of the environment, social justice, peace, anti-nuclear, etc.
All my life, when I saw injustice, when I saw that things were wrong or harmful, or something did not make sense, I wanted to fix those things…
So the activism: it began for me as a teenager when I advocated for pedestrian and cycling infrastructure instead of paving yet another wild ravine in the city of Edmonton where I grew up.
Over the years, I have been very active in environmental organizations, particularly in Jasper National Park where I have lived for the past 35 years. I also organized many Peace activities over the years, opposing cruise missile testing in Alberta, then the Iraq war. We did some Peace marches. My friend and I actually ended up on the hood of a car that tried to push us off the street. It was quite dramatic.
I became involved in actual politics with the Green Party of Canada. I attended the founding convention in 1983, then many years later I started running in elections. The first one was for the provincial Greens in 2004, and then the next 3 federal elections in 2006, 2008, and 2011.
Then there has been my involvement in the cultural community – have been on various boards, Arts Jasper, an organization that brings performers and shows to our town, so that Jasperites don’t have to drive 4 hours to the big city to get culture. In addition, I have donated my music on countless occasions, fundraisers, seniors home, schools, community dinners, I play all over town, for free, for the love of it.
I became what others called a “prominent community member”. I built up a lot of “social capital”. I do not tell you these things out of a sense of vanity or false deceit. It is to give background to what has now come my way as a result of the video “Sorry mom, I was wrong about the holocaust”. If I was an unknown entity, someone who perhaps hung around a drinking establishment all day long, somehow I don’t think too many people would have made a fuss about my views on anything, not even the holocaust.
But, in my case, because of that community “fame”, and because I have been a very public figure, it seems to be especially important for the enemy to bring me down swiftly and ferociously and absolutely. They have to
  1. Make an example of me,
  2. Instill fear in anyone who dares to show any curiosity in the issue
  3. Isolate me by condemning those who come to my defence, even if they only defend my right to have an opinion however offensive it might be.
  4. To cement the barrier into the brain which prevents rational thought.
  5. They have to reinforce the trigger response that has been engineered into our brains to never question the holocaust.
  6. Shun and shame and ostracize me from my community.
I was still in Germany at my brother’s place in Bavaria, when the messages started arriving in my email, on Facebook, and by phone. Many of those on Facebook were public comments.
For example, that “Monika Schaefer is not welcome in Jasper.” Old friends with whom I have played music together for years, they were the first to terminate our friendship. There was plenty of hate mail coming my way, from known and unknown people. There were some threats to my personal and physical well-being. I would say there were some serious threats.
And some weird messages regarding violin lessons but checking is this the same person as in this video, and then a scathing response – I’m pretty sure that whole thing was done by an agent, it was not a genuine violin student. It was meant to scare and intimidate me.
The first concrete action against me was the cancellation of my Canada Day performance. This was a volunteer repeat gig – I had done a children’s show the year before on Canada Day in Jasper, they loved it and so they asked me back. Three days before, I received an email saying that there was a protest planned, and for the safety of all concerned, they were inviting me. They cancelled my performance.
July 1st was the day I arrived by train back into Jasper. The entry back into my home town was a bit like going into a lion’s den. I was filled with trepidation, as it seemed “everybody” was talking about this shocking thing I had done, and I was being made to feel that I was the criminal, and that I had done something terribly wrong. I kept reminding myself that I was just telling the truth, as I understood it.
I can assure you that the sky did not fall that day.
Soon a newspaper article appeared in the weekly paper called the Fitzhugh, from which I learned a great deal. It was a real hit piece, and they did not publish my response. But what I learned was this:
– The president of the Legion, a fellow named Ken Kuzminski (who by the way I used to share rides with to all-candidates forums while we were both running in elections, him NDP, me Green Party), had me banned from the Legion in Jasper. The Legion is a real hub for music in Jasper. Many musicians play there.
– Kuzminsky also filed complaints against me for “hate-speech” with the Alberta Human Rights Commission and the Canadian Human Rights Commission.
– He notified the German embassy. I wonder what he was trying to achieve with that.
– He apparently also notified the RCMP.
What else happened in my town? Parks Canada asked me not to come to their music nights, where I had been warmly welcomed to volunteer before. They told me protests had been threatened.
And then there is the busking issue. Now this is a big deal. Busking is a newly sanctioned activity in Jasper, which I personally have lobbied for. Town council was all enthusiastic about the presentation I made a few years ago, and they said they would work on getting busking legalized in Jasper.
It took until this summer to finally get the job done. When I went to buy my busking license, imagine my surprise, when it was denied, because of my now famous, or infamous, depending on your viewpoint, “publicly proclaimed non-inclusive beliefs”.
This saga continues, and I think they, the powers that be, don’t know what hit them. Many people have written letters on my behalf, and some of these interventions, in particular those from my good friend Tony Hall, are going all the way up to not only our Prime Minister but also to UNESCO, because we are in a National Park which also happens to be in a designated World Heritage Site. The Canadian Rights and Freedoms Act and the Declaration of Universal Human Rights article 19, have been violated.
What else? The Leader of the Green Party of Canada, Elizabeth May, bent over backwards to distance that Party from me. They threw me out, when in fact I had already taken myself out of the Party over a year ago, on a matter of principal.
What about the town folk? There have been some nasty in-person face-to-face comments, some screaming at me, some folks saying loudly in the streets “there goes the Nazi”, and others who will not look at me, they render me completely invisible.
Others are not sure what to make of me. They seem frightened the first time they see me, then after they notice that I am cheerful and friendly, they relax a bit and become a little more normal. There must be some cognitive dissonance there.
One of the local doctors wrote me an email saying I need psychiatric help or to be thrown in jail. I don’t think I’ll ever go see him again as a patient! It might be dangerous to my health.
Some people have blamed me for dividing the community. Like I am at fault that there are arguments at dinner tables. I say, great, you should be discussing this! And, this is bigger than me, than you, or little Jasper.
Then there is the woman whose 19 year-old son forbade her to talk to me, to look at me, to even mention my name. She of course disobeyed her son, and enveloped me with LOVE. It was also young people who shouted “Nazi” at me in the street.
On the other hand it was a young person who told me “you don’t know me, but I just want to tell you that I don’t like what is going on in town. I don’t like how this town is treating you, and I am not alone”.
I find it so interesting, how among young people especially, there are the two extremes in the reactions to all of this. Either, responding like conditioned laboratory rats, or very open to people with different views and indeed showing me their love.
Now in general, most of the local people who do give me their support are not in agreement with me, however, they support my right to have a different opinion, and they assure me that they are still my friend.
Beyond Jasper, I am receiving a lot of supportive messages. These are coming from all across Canada, the US, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. It is absolutely heart-warming, and gives me great hope. There are very many people who are truly and fully awake, and I do believe that this awakening is happening at an exponential rate right now. That is what my brother keeps saying, and I think he is right.
People have shared moving stories with me. Stories which were triggered by the similarity of their experience to mine as a little German girl in Canada. For example, a story of an 8 year old daughter, who loses all her friends the day after the movie Holocaust was shown on TV, and who had swastikas and the word “Nazi” painted all over her desk in school. Those experiences are never forgotten. They are life altering.
Alexis: A moving story indeed. I started studying these issues in the summer of 2009, and I quickly realized that some historical writers philosophically believe in consistency and accuracy as long as it doesn’t affect their preconceived notions. I have interacted with professors from Cambridge and Emory universities, and I can assure you that the arguments that these people produced were utterly worthless.
One famous individual who published a logically fraudulent book with the University of California Press would not even give me permission to publish our interaction because obviously that would ruin his entire premise in his own book. But why do these people cherish incoherent and irrational ideas?
I think the late Christopher Hitchens was wright in saying that the Holocaust has becomes “a secular religion, with state support in the form of a national museum.”[1] As long as this “secular religion” dictates what can and cannot be said about history, it will coerce truth to take a back seat in historical discussions, since the preservation of the “secular religion” will always take primary place.
As you have already suggested, this ideological bent has already taken hold in Europe, where a person can go to jail for critiquing it. My good friend Dr. Fredrick Töben has suffered enough persecution on this issue already.
It is quite obvious that people can criticize Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, or any religion on the face of the planet. But it seems that the Holocaust religion is untouchable. Rabbi Avi Weiss of the Hebrew Institute even bragged in the Washington Post that “Auschwitz is a sacred place of Jewish memory.”[2] In s similar vein, Charles Krauthammer himself declared that
“It has become increasingly common for American Jews to locate their identity in the Holocaust. For example, it’s become a growing emphasis in Jewish pedagogy from the Sunday schools to Holocaust studies programs in the various universities. Additionally, Jewish groups organize visits for young people to the concentration camps of Europe.
“The memories created are indelible. And deeply valuable. Indeed, though my own family was largely spared, the Holocaust forms an ineradicable element of my own Jewish consciousness.
But I worry about the balance. As Jewish practice, learning and knowledge diminish over time, my concern is that Holocaust memory is emerging as the dominant feature of Jewishness in America.
Krauthammer moved to assert that American Jews should not place “such weight on martyrdom [the ‘Holocaust’]— and indeed, for this generation, martyrdom once removed.”[3]
Well, Mr. Krauthammer, why hasn’t Deborah Lipstadt said that you are propounding a form of “soft Holocaust denial” here? How can Lipstadt really call even former president Jimmy Carter a soft-core Holocaust denier?[4]
In any event, I believe that the time will come when this “secular religion” will at last be viewed for what it really is: an ideology that seeks to subvert the pillars of Western Civilization. And thank God for people like Monika Schaefer who are not afraid to tell it like it is.