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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pre/Mid Tribulation “Rapture”? No, Post-Trib & It Is Time For Faith

 Pre/Mid Tribulation “Rapture”? No, Post-Trib & It Is Time For Faith
By: Eric Gajewski

Over the past few weeks I have appeared on some conservative/protestant radio shows and a constant question keeps coming up.  Will there be a pre or mid tribulation rapture as taught by certain evangelical/protestant sects.  The answer, is, of course, neither, because the Catholic Church has condemned this certain interpretation which came to surface over the last few hundred years in Europe.  This erroneous interpretation has led so many who identify as Christians into a certain false hope, that is, that Jesus wouldn’t possibly let us go through such a Great Storm or Tribulation because He loves us too much.  In reality it is exactly the reason why Jesus would leave us in the Storm!  He wants us to grow in Faith and Hope and ultimately Charity.  Did he remove this opportunity from the 3 Hebrew children or even the Catholic Apostles on the Ship in Storm?  Unfortunately, we see the underlying escapism and even Pacifism in these sects which seeks to run from the Cross and suffering.  After all Jesus suffered once and for all for us and that is it!  Or is it?  Let us examine further this topic.

First, we know that this erroneous position comes from an interpretation outside the bosom of the Church.   The Church has never taught since the beginning that the faithful would be removed at any point prior to and during the Great Tribulation.  The Scripture referenced by so many Protestants, indeed, points to a “literal translation” (although the rapture word was never used in the Church) of the faithful shortly before the literal Second coming of Christ.  Thus, we know, without a shadow of a doubt, that, these Scripture references point to the time period AFTER the Great Tribulation. 

Second, consider several examples in the Bible how God truly proves his faithful.  We must make note that the Faithful is a reference to those holding on to the true teachings of Christ in the Catholic Church.  I should also note that excludes Vatican II.  Notice how the 3 Hebrew children were thrown into the Fire to prove their Faith.  God did not open the doors till after the fact because with trial and adversity comes a growth in virtue specifically Faith, Hope and Charity.  God is not the author of “Whoodinism”.  He is not an escape artist for not even Christ escaped suffering and there are those who think they will?  God sets forth the trial but He always has a plan in mind to show how He will lead souls “out of the Storm” not that we are going to escape the passing Storm altogether.  If God didn’t provide these trials how could we possibly please Him with our Faith?  Despair, worry, doubt are all sins which displease God but Faith pleases God.  Consider the Apostles on the Ship who saw Christ asleep and the Storm came barreling in.  Were they spared the Storm coming?  Or was Jesus asleep with a smile on His Face?  Remember, the Apostles failed and Jesus rebuked them for their lack of faith, therefore, we have a blueprint of how we can displease Jesus.  Thus, on the mere basis that we seek to escape the trial we displease Jesus in this notion of “escapism”. 

Third, as mentioned the “flee from adversity” mentality and disposition is not the mindset or disposition of any true Follower of Christ.  In fact, Christ promises us hardship over and over again so why would the reality of the arrival of the Antichrist be any different?  The Catholic disposition is summarized by St. Therese who said she yearned to be alive during the reign of the Antichrist that she might fight and die for the Faith.  THAT IS LOVE!  Escapism truly is not and speaks to Charity’s antithesis…SELF LOVE.  Eagles get excited for the storm and sparrows (heretics) seek to flee to the mountains because they truly do not love and still cling to self.  Fear or faith? Fright or Flight?  Which shall it be?  We know what pleases Jesus and it is “escapism or pacifism”. 

Next, consider the example of the diamond which cannot be a final product until “it passes through the Fire”.  There is a reason why the Church infallibly teaches Purgatory which is found in Scripture (2 Macc 12:44-46).  We see this trend of escapism yet again in Protestantism.  No, Jesus would NEVER want me to suffer “the fire” like that they claim.  It is utter nonsense and I could spend all day citing Scripture to prove what I have said.  It is the Cross which helps to transform us.  Deny thy self, take up thy Cross (holy suffering) come follow Me.  Yet, the Protestant version seems to be read your bible, interpret it how you like (outside the Church) and avoid suffering.  Where the Cross is there also is Jesus.  You will notice this Protestantism in the Conciliar Church with the “Charismatic” movement.  The Charismatic movement is Protestant and seeks to flee from suffering under the guise of “we are on Easter peoples”.  That is great the New age Antichrist will same the same to his followers ironically.  Therefore the Great Storm or Great TEST coming is an OPPORTUNITY for you to grow and in the very least to prove your Faith.  JOB was not spared his trials what makes you so special that you think God would deny you an opportunity?  God loves you too much to see you fly away like a sparrow.  If you find yourself fleeing from suffering than you flee from the cross and ultimately Christ Himself...it means you love yourself too much.

 Guillotines have been ordered for the FEMA camps.

Lastly, Scripture itself by way of the timeline disproves the pre or mid tribulation thesis.  We know as a fact that the Antichrist will behead the “faithful” (Catholics) DURING his actual reign, therefore, how is it possible to say in the same breath we have already been taken out of the world?  Clearly, this does not follow logic.  If the faithful of Christ are removed then how are they beheaded during the actual reign of the Antichrist?  There is a lack of critical thinking and/or misinterpretation yet again coming from the Protestants. Also, we know that for the sake of the elect "those days are shortened" (Great Tribulation).  If the elect are gone then why would the days need shortening?  I want to finish by also throwing in some suggestion that the NWO has in mind some sort of Second or Planetary Pentecost in which “aliens” and or Maitreya show up to "save the day".  This can be some sort of “rapture” propaganda that maybe pitched to get people outside their homes during the three days of darkness.  In the end, unless, you think, that, being vaporized in world war 3 by Scalar technology will be a “rapture”, then it is best, that we stick, to what the Church has always taught on the matter.  Protestants will be here like the rest and now I continue to pray for their conversion.  God loves you and wants you and all to be an eagle.