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Monday, September 5, 2016

Planet X Incoming: Latest Earth Changes (September 5, 2016)

Planet X Incoming: Latest Earth Changes (September 5, 2016)
This blog is filled with the latest earth changes from the past few days alone...

5.9 quake rattles Philippines 

A powerful 5.9 magnitude earthquake has struck the southern Philippine island of Mindanao, according to the US Geological Survey.
Meanwhile the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) measured the quake at a preliminary magnitude of 5.7.

The shallow earthquake’s epicenter was measured roughly at a depth of 12.4 kilometers. There were no immediate reports of any casualties or damages, and no immediate tsunami warning has been issued.
The jolt happened at relatively close proximity to the city of Davao, which has a population of 1.2 million and lies less than 200 km away. Residents of Butuan, Tagum, Bislig, and Mati, which are spread out across the island, also reported feeling the tremors.
The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology registered also the jolts at 5.7 and said the quake had been tectonic in nature. A warning about possible aftershocks has been issued, but the institute said the quake is unlikely to result in damage.
According to the institute, the city of Butuan felt the earthquake most strongly, with shakes measuring IV (moderately strong) on the PHIVOLCS Earthquake Intensity Scale (PEIS) being registered at 10:48am local time.
The Philippine fault zone (PFZ) suffers small earthquakes on an almost daily basis along its 1,200km stretch. The fault transects the whole Philippine archipelago from northwestern Luzon to southeastern Mindanao.
The “arc-parallel, left-lateral strike slip fault” has also produced high magnitude earthquakes. In 1973, a 7.0 quake struck Ragay Gulf. In 1990 the Luzon earthquake shook the earth with a 7.7 magnitude jolt, while more recently, in 2003 the Masbate earthquake produced a quake of 6.2 on the Richter scale.

Catastrophic Flooding Strikes North Korea, Tens Of Thousands Displaced

According to a report coming out of North Korea, Deadly flooding has led to the displacement of tens of thousands of North Koreans in its northeastern region. Stormy weather in North Hamgyong Province brought nearly 12 inches of rain and caused flooding that resulted in the displacement of 44,000 people, Pyongyang’s state-controlled news agency KCNA reported on Saturday, local time.
There are about 15 people missing, according to North Korea state media. KCNA also stated Typhoon No. 10, which also led to flooding and damages in neighboring Japan, had collided into a “low-pressure area” that had formed in the northwest. Storms that brought heavy rain and strong gusts of wind then moved across the country between Aug. 29 and Sep. 2, according to Pyongyang. READ MORE


SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS: Mystery ‘Fireball’ Seen Over Pacific Northwest…

Many people throughout the Pacific Northwest reported seeing a “fireball” blazing through the sky at around midnight Friday. According to the American Meteor Society, more than 130 people reported seeing the light shoot across the sky. It was reported seen as far south as Grants Pass and as far north as Port Angeles, Washington.
Most of the reports came from the Willamette Valley. Videos and photos of the fireball were posted on social media. “This thing was crazy fast and very large and bright and appeared to be at cloud level,” one person reported from Boring. READ MORE


Thousands of dead fish washed ashore in Russia’s Sverdlovsk region

A large-scale environmental disaster has reportedly occurred in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia, URA.Ru reports. According to reports an unprecedented amount of dead fish have washed up on Chernoistochinsk lake in Nizhny Tagil on August 27 and 28.  The lake is the main source of drinking water for residents of the city of Nizhny Tagil. The locals complained of putrid odor and unpleasant taste of water in the middle of the outgoing summer.
As it turned out, the water did not meet organoleptic standards. The city administration requested financial assistance for the region. According to preliminary calculations, the region needs 11 billion rubles to ensure supplies of drinking water to local residents. According to URA.Ru, the prime suspect for the disaster is LLC Vodokanal-NT (Water Channel Nizhny Tagil). A week earlier. READ MORE 

Travelers On Alert as Icelandic volcano set to blow sending an ash cloud towards Britain

Airplane passengers are being warned to prepare for chaos over fears that an Icelandic volcano could erupt and send an ash cloud towards Britain at anytime. The Icelandic Met Office has issued an alert after finding earthquake activity within the caldera of the ice-covered Katla volcano was at four times higher than normal. Meteorologists in the country said they
had noticed heightened earthquake activity at Katla since mid-June, although this appeared to be in decline – until Monday. Then there were two magnitude 4.5 earthquakes in the caldera – the largest in Katla since 1977 – and more than 100 earthquakes recorded after that. The warning follows the April 2010 eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland which saw thousands of Britons stranded abroad by the ash cloud. READ MORE


Mass Fish-Kill Of 100 Tons Strikes Indonesia

A mass fish kill of 100 tons of fish has been discovered in Lake Maninjau, Agam, West Sumatra, Reports indicate that the fish have died suddenly since Friday (26/8). Death allegedly caused by sulfur poisoning (tubo sulfur) and strong winds that hit the region. “This is the data that we get from the owners of floating cages in Sigiran, Linggai, Panta,
appearance and other river,” said Head of Marine and Fisheries Agam Ermanto in Lubuk cone, Monday (29/8). Tilapia species of fish and Majalaya dead had been ready to harvest and spread over a swath hundreds of floating cages owned by 20 farmers. Losses estimated at Rp 1.9 billion, with the price of fish at the farmer level Rp 19,000 per kilogram. READ MORE


Man falls into three-metre-deep sinkhole that appears in floor at home in China

A young man relaxing in the lounge of a five-storey house in northwestern China fell into a three-metre-deep sinkhole that suddenly appeared in the floor, mainland media reports.

The 1.82 metre tall man disappeared into the two-metre-wide hole while staying at his uncle's home in the city of Xian of Shaanxi province last Thursday, the news portal Cnwest.com reported.

He was taken to hospital for treatment to injuries to his waist after falling onto bricks that collapsed into the bottom of the hole.

The man's uncle said he believed the sinkhole had formed because of water leaking from a nearby pipeline.

He had spotted water leaking from the same pipe at the bottom of the hole, he said.

The pipe provided water to his neighbour's property, the man said.

An local official said he would investigate to see if the pipe serving the neighbour's property was the cause of the collapse.

Sinkholes forming in built up areas are becoming increasingly common on the mainland, with some people killed after falling inside. The accidents are caused mainly because of poor standards of construction.  

Mysterious bangs possibly caused by meteor over South Island, New Zealand

An astronomer says a loud bang heard in Rolleston and a red streak seen in the sky over Whanganui at the same time were possibly from a meteorite entering Earth's atmosphere. Retired astronomer Peter Cottrell said it was possible the red streak and loud explosions late Saturday could be from a meteorite or space junk.

"It's possible to get a sonic boom from something coming through the atmosphere at high speed.

"It's a sonic boom because it is travelling faster than the speed of sound."

The red flash seen in Whanganui could have been the meteorite burning up in the atmosphere.

"As soon as it hits the atmosphere there's a lot of friction and friction creates heat and heat creates light as well."

Security guard Nick O'Leary, who was on duty at Whanganui Hospital, said he saw a red streak for a split second just after 11.30pm.

At the same time several residents in the town of Rolleston, Canterbury, reported loud explosions in the area.

Police were unable to identify the source.

Cottrell said the loud bang, or sonic boom, heard in Rolleston would have followed the sighting in Whanganui, Cottrell said.

If it had not burned up completely, finding the meteorite would be challenging. It could be as small as the size of a pebble, but would be dense and heavy.

Cottrell said it was fairly common for meteorites to enter Earth's atmosphere.

© Google Maps
O'Leary said he was on patrol at the time of the sighting.

"I saw a red flash move across the sky, it was heading north from Whanganui. There was no loud explosion or noise."

O'Leary returned to his his colleagues and said he had seen a meteorite or space junk entering the atmosphere.

"If I had not been looking up at that second I wouldn't have seen it."

About four blasts were heard between 11pm and midnight, in southeast area of Rolleston, giving residents a fright.

Police district command centre spokesman Adam Chambers said police received about a dozen calls between 11.18pm and 11.32pm.

Officers sent to the scene were unable to find what caused the sound.

"The short answer is we don't know," he said.

The Rolleston incident was one of several mysterious bangs reported in recent months.

In June, police in Palmerston North were unable to find the source of a "deep resounding bang", with residents speculating it could be anything from meteors cracking the sound barrier, to claps of thunder, a blown transformer, a garage door slamming, a sparkler bomb or even aliens.

In August, Wellingtonians were woken by "a huge, huge noise", likened to a house going down a hill, or a petrol tanker blowing up.

Again, emergency services were unable to identify the cause. 


Biblical rains wreak havoc Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Mexico

The resulting strong water currents killed at least 3 People, flooded 70 homes and affected over 1000 people in several districts of the city.


There are some days you think the sky is falling down on your head. Well this is exactly what happened in Tuxtla Gutierrez , Chiapas, where 100 millimeters of rain fell within 50 minutes, unexpectedly.
torrential rains mexico, torrential rains Tuxtla Gutierrez Chiapas Mexico, rainfall Tuxtla Gutierrez Chiapas Mexico, torrential rains Tuxtla Gutierrez Chiapas Mexico video, torrential rains Tuxtla Gutierrez Chiapas Mexico pictures, Lluvias torrenciales causan daños en viviendas y carreteras de Guerrero, Ejército activa Plan DN-III en Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Fuertes lluvias provocan afectaciones en Tuxtla la noche de este viernes, Tres muertosvehículos arrastrados y casas damnificadas dejan las lluvias en Tuxtla, INUNDACIONES EN TUXTLA GUTIERREZ CHIAPAS DEJA 3 MUERTOS VIDEO DESASTRE LLUVIAS 2016, INUNDACION EN TUXTLA
The apocalyptical rainfall killed 3 people, flooded almost hundred homes (several collapsed) and affected at least 1000 families in 26 different sections of the city!

Watch this house collapse during the floods:


Loud rumbling noise rattles Whitehall, Montana during M4.0 earthquake

A loud rumbling noise was reported across Whitehall, Montana as a 4.0-magnitude earthquake hit on Saturday evening, September 3, 2016.

The quake was reported at 5:44 p.m. and felt in Whitehall, Butte, Helena, and Pony.

earthquake montana whitehall, earthquake montana september 2016, earthquake montana september 3 2016
The tremor was centered about 10.5 miles south of Whitehall, and about 27 miles southeast of Butte and centered about 1 mile underground.
There have been no reports of damage or injury in Whitehall, Butte, Helena, and Pony at this point.
A loud rumbling noise was reported shaking houses in Whitehall.
Montana is one of the most seismically-active states in the country, although the vast majority of recorded earthquakes are very small, causing no damage and rarely noticed by people.
Since 1925, the State has experienced five shocks that reached intensity VIII or greater (Modified Mercalli Scale). During the same interval hundreds of less severe tremors were felt within the State. Montana’s earthquake activity is concentrated mostly in the mountainous western third of the State which lies within a seismic zone that also includes southeastern Idaho, western Wyoming, and central Utah.

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