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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Novus Ordo: "Lesbian Mass" Clarified By Priest

 Novus Ordo: "Lesbian Mass" Clarified By Priest

Vox Cantoris

“Lesbian” Mass in Ireland? It was clearly an agenda driven takeover and a priest [one of the concelebrants] clarifies that fact!

Readers may recall the story about a church in Ireland where two so-called “married” women committing the grotesquely affront to Christ the lifestyle and sin of lesbianism, were praised and given an ovation at a Holy Mass. The abomination took place at St. Michael’s  

What has happened to you Irish? You once evangelised the world. Now, you are but a pathetic and disgusting example of your pagan past. The snakes, by the way, were sodomites! You’ve invited the snakes right back in.
What is wrong with the priests in this parish? What is wrong with you people? You disgust me. You’re not Catholics, you’re filthy, posturing pagans! Narcissists entrapped in your own egoism. You have forgotten Christ!
* * *
One of the concelebrating priests has spoken out on Catholic Voice.
Father Brendan Kealy writes:
I was not present to promote or condone same-sex ‘marriage’ or what appeared to be the apparent triumphant and victorious return of our musical directors which seemed to become the focus of the evening. In my opinion, the Mass was hijacked to support the cause of same-sex ‘marriage’ which is clearly in breach of Catholic Church teachings.
How does this make sense within the Catholic Church?
This breach was displayed openly and in a very public manner from the holy sanctuary. I felt very uncomfortable about this as I had not given my blessing to such a union. I am not been harsh but simply following the teachings of the Church, that we all serve.
The ladies in question have a very important leadership role in the Church but decided to enter into a civil same-sex marriage which blatantly contradicts and challenges the teachings of their Catholic Church, and the instruction of Pope Francis. To me, this defies belief ? Is it not a contradiction to our faith? How does this make sense within the Catholic Church?