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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Modernist Rome: All Roads Lead to the Woods?

Modernist Rome: All Roads Lead to the Woods?
Theological “Clowns” trying to lure souls off the narrow path 
By: Eric Gajewski

I could not help but write this piece as it relates to the connection between the recent “clown” sightings we are seeing in the United States and Modernist Rome.  What connection is there you say?  Since the Second Vatican Council we have had these "theological clowns", also known as, aliens of the Faith, taking over our buildings.  They are great pretenders and deceivers.  They wear a mask trying to pretend they are orthodox in the Faith but represent and teach a whole other faith ad gospel.  Truly, this is a “light” word to describe these objective destroyers of our Faith.  Then, we have recently had these scary clowns appearing all over the United States trying to lure people out into the woods. 
They want to get people "out of the light" and off the clear path so they can have their way.  I call to mind now the situation with the NeoSSPX and Modernist Rome.  The evil intentions of the Conciliarists have been known for some time and yet Bishop Fellay wants to drag souls out with him into the woods.  He is being lured by "wonderful candy and balloons" of these Conciliarists (enemy). 

It is, therefore, a strict duty for every priest wanting to remain Catholic to separate himself from this Conciliar Church for as long as it does not rediscover the tradition of the Church and of the Catholic Faith.” (Abp. Lefebvre, Spiritual Journey, p. 13)

These clowns come with their candy and balloons in attempt to lure in their next victim.  You can have your own bishops and some structure even if you will just come out into the woods for a little while with us.  Unfortunately in Bishop Fellay’s tunnel vision to be accepted by these heretics he has lost sight of the principles his own founder laid down.  Bishop Fellay does not see the woods he sees the candy and balloons.  Fellay says, “And if somebody is offering something like that, it can be only because he wants good to us. He wants the good of tradition, he wants tradition to say, spread in the Church. It is impossible to think that such a thing could be invented by enemies. The enemies have many other ways to crush us down. Not that.”  This statement is an overall representation of the unequivocal delusion these pseudo traditionalists have.  Yes, let us go out in the woods because the candy is nice and the balloons are vibrant.  Bishop Fellay has already gone too far and taken the bait.

What about the conservatives like Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider?
Pope appointing conservatives?
Question: John Paul II has nominated bishops in Austria and elsewhere who are considered as being traditional to such a point that a group of German theologians, backed up by French theologians, are criticizing the pope and rebuking him for it. Recently, also, Cardinal Ratzinger published an instruction with an Oath of Fidelity and a Profession of Faith preceding it. Can't we see here signs of a sort of improvement and a return to more traditional formulas?
Archbishop Lefebvre: I don't think it is a true return to Tradition. Just as in a fight when the troops are going a little too far ahead one holds them back, so they are slightly putting the brakes on the impulse of Vatican II because the supporters of the Council are going too far. Besides, these theologians are wrong to get upset. The bishops concerned - the supposedly conservative bishops - are wholly supportive of the Council and of the post-Conciliar reforms, of ecumenism and of the charismatic movement.
Apparently, they are being a little more moderate and showing slightly more traditional religious sentiment, but it does not go deep. The great fundamental principles of the Council, the errors of the Council, they accept them and put them into practice. That is no problem for them. On the contrary, I would go so far as to say that it is these conservative bishops who treat us the worst. It is they who would the most insistently demand that we submit to the principles of the Council.

Although, these clowns are still the legal and lawful owners of the buildings they do not have the Faith, therefore, they are, objectively speaking, the enemies of Faith and Jesus Christ.  Does Bishop Fellay practice prudence by trying to cut deals and be recognized by men who have no idea what it is to be catholic?  No, of course not and this calls into question as to whether Bishop Fellay is an off duty clown “trying to play a part”.  Assuredly someone who has been raised by Lefebvre can’t possibly be this imprudent and delusional?  What did Archbishop Lefebvre say about working with those other pseudo traditionalist’s (of his time) who were working with the  Modernists?  Keep in mind by accepting a prelature the Society would be working with/for them (even though they will try to argue otherwise).  Archbishop Lefebvre said the following words on 6 September 1990[1]: “Some people are always admiring the grass in the neighbour’s field…they look to our enemies on the other side.  “After all, we must be charitable, we must be kind, we must not be divisive, after all, they are celebrating the Tridentine Mass, they are not as bad as everyone says” —but THEY ARE BETRAYING US —betraying us! They are shaking hands with the Church’s destroyers. They are shaking hands with people holding modernist and liberal ideas condemned by the Church.  So they are doing the devil’s work. They are now saying: “So long as they grant us the old Mass, we can shake hands with Rome, no problem.”  But we are seeing how it works out. They are in an impossible situation. Impossible. One cannot both shake hands with modernists and keep following Tradition. Not possible. Not possible.

Nothing ever good comes out of being lured into the woods.  Bishop Fellay in following pseudo mystics and the advice of other poisoned prelates and priests is far past the point of return.  Look at all the other false traditionalist groups like ICK, FSSP, Good Shepherd who have all been swallowed up by these clowns.  Sadly, they (false traditionalists) now dress for the same role and why?  Because their doctrine follows these clowns.  There was a Church Father who said heretics come with a false key to entice the faithful but their key opens the gates of hell not heaven.  Now we have the clowns of Vatican II coming with their candy and balloons trying to lure men into the woods.  By rejecting such a prelature would not mean the Society is at all schismatic.  In fact the reality is since Vatican II, the Conciliar Church is in material schism and is loaded with heresy.  No intent to convert means a no thank you but not to Bishop Fellay and perhaps his pseudo mystic “guiding him”. 

Question: Some people say,“Yes, but Archbishop Lefebvre should have accepted an agreement with Rome because once the Society of St. Pius X had been recognized and the suspensions lifted, he would have been able to act in a more effective manner inside the Church, whereas now he has put himself outside.”
Archbishop Lefebvre: Such things are easy to say. To stay inside the Church, or to put oneself inside the Church – what does that mean? Firstly, what Church are we talking about? If you mean the Conciliar Church, then we who have struggled against the Council for twenty years because we want the Catholic Church, we would have to re-enter this Conciliar Church in order, supposedly, to make it Catholic. That is a complete illusion. It is not the subjects that make the superiors, but the superiors who make the subjects.

The Society can’t save the Church because they cannot even save themselves at this point.  Accept the Council in “light of Tradition”?  No, thank you and how much candy has Bishop Fellay already eaten to be making some of the insane and incompetent remarks he has recently.  One of which, was this child like exuberance of being labeled Catholic by Francis.  Goodness, talk about eating enough of the Modernists candy to throw ones self into a diabetic coma.  Remember the woods bringeth death and this is where Bishop Fellay wants to lead you.  The woods during the day could be navigated however at night it is impossible!  Thus, this is the situation we find ourselves in.  We are in a dark crisis with clowns patrolling this perpetual darkened woods.  Even the conservative cardinals are sadly counted amongst these clowns and yet Bishop Fellay loves their candy and balloons.

“Some are prepared to sacrifice the fight for the faith by saying: ‘Let us first re-enter the Church! Let us first do everything to integrate the official, public structure of the Church. Let us be silent about dogmatic issues. Let us be silent about the malice of the [New] Mass. Let us keep quiet over the issues of religious freedom, Human Rights, ecumenism. And, once we are inside the Church, we will be able to do this, we will be able to achieve that...’ That's absolutely false! You don't enter into a structure, under superiors, by claiming that you will overthrow everything as soon as you are inside, whereas they have all the means to suppress us! They have all the authority.
“What matters to us first and foremost is to maintain the Catholic Faith. That's what we are fighting for. So, the canonical issue, this purely public and exterior issue in the Church, is secondary. What matters is to stay within the Church... inside the Church, in other words, in the Catholic Faith of all time, in the true priesthood, in the true Mass, in the true sacraments, and the same catechism, with the same Bible. That's what matters to us. That's what the Church is. Public recognition is a secondary issue. Thus, we should not seek what is secondary by losing what is primary, by losing what is the primary goal of our fight!
“We cannot place ourselves under an authority whose ideas are liberal and who little by little would condemn us, by the logic of the thing, to accept these liberal ideas and all the consequences of these liberal ideas, which are the new Mass, changes in the liturgy, changes in the Bible, changes in catechism, all these changes...”
(Archbishop Lefebvre, Spiritual Conference, Dec. 21, 1984).

The narrow path although narrow is still safe.  Many are afraid of not being able to make it Mass every Sunday in an hour where seemingly every priest is heretical and/or compromising and yet I think this is where God is leading us.  Let me explain.  It is becoming obvious we cannot even trust our own priests and therefore all the more reason to turn to Our Lady.  It is her hour to demonstrate that through her intercession everything will be alright.  When heresy and compromise are virtually everywhere we have Our Lady.  You are not offending God by making that decision to refrain from compromise and heresy.  A good Mother always tells her children don’t talk to strangers and in a certain loose way this also advice applies to the situation (not talking to these strangers of the Faith).  “I will place the discussion at the doctrinal level: “Do you agree with the great encyclicals of all the popes who preceded you? Do you agree with Quanta Cura of Pius IX, Immortale Dei and Libertas of Leo XIII, Pascendi Gregis of Pius X, Quas Primas of Pius XI, Humani Generis of Pius XII? Are you in full communion with these Popes and their teachings? Do you still accept the entire Anti-Modernist Oath? Are you in favor of the social reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ? If you do not accept the doctrine of your predecessors, it is useless to talk! As long as you do not accept the correction of the Council, in consideration of the doctrine of these Popes, your predecessors, no dialogue is possible. It is useless.”Archbishop Lefebvre,  Fideliter, November/December 1988

Turn your backs on Modernist Rome for they have turned their backs on Tradition and ultimately Christ

Those in the Resistance are not stupid enough to fall for such tricks from the enemy.  Keep your distance, watch and pray for this is the way.  Modernist Rome, in fact, will not even convert, which is why it will soon be largely destroyed.  Bishop Fellays response should be “we are fine as is, we are Catholic”.  Yet he misleads his followers into thinking they need recognition and to work with those who are literally destroying the Faith.  Pay attention to the Divine side of the Church he says now in used car salesman rhetoric.  No, thank you I see how he has been lulled asleep by the Modernists and I do not want to end up as he is.  Rome is Modernist and Universal therefore coming under that umbrella formally serves as no protection.  Will or would the Society come under obedience to the soon False Prophet who will formally unite all religions?  After all, Catholics will be embraced and accepted if they can play by the rules!  Have you noticed in the quotes presented the repeated trend of Archbishop Lefebvre openly admonishing/rejecting the current position and undertakings of Bishop Fellay?  Fellay and his cohorts (apologists included) do not at all follow the teachings/principles of the Archbishop. In the end, do not be a clown like Bishop Fellay who is leading people off the narrow path.

Bishop Fellay is falling for the old "balloon trick"

Archbishop Lefebvre sums it up well:
“I said to him [Cardinal Ratzinger—who became Pope Benedict XVI] ‘Even if you grant us a bishop, even if you grant us some autonomy from the bishops, even if you grant us the 1962 Liturgy, even if you allow us to continue running our seminaries in the manner we doing right now —we cannot work together! It is impossible! Impossible! Because we are working in diametrically opposing directions. You are working to de-Christianize society, the human person and the Church, and we are working to Christianize them. We cannot get along together!’
Rome has lost the Faith, my dear friends! Rome is inapostasy! I am not speaking empty words! That is the truth! Rome is in apostasy! One can no longer have any confidence in these people! They have left the Church! They have left the Church! They have left the Church! It is certain! Certain! Certain! Certain! ” 
(Archbishop Lefebvre, Conference, October 4, 1987, Marcel Lefebvre by Bishop Tissier de Mallerais, pp. 547-548