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Friday, September 9, 2016

Mel Gibson Says that Hollywood Jews Stole ‘Passion’

Mel Gibson Says that Hollywood Jews Stole ‘Passion’ 

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that Mel Gibson, producer and director of the faith-based film Passion of the Christ, is accusing 'Jewish people' of stealing an early copy of the film in an effort to discredit it.

According to Internet publication The Daily Beast, radio talk show host Glenn Beck had spoken to Gibson for some 90-minutes following a late August screening of the the latter's new film, Hacksaw Ridge, which has reportedly garnered rave reviews at the box-office in recent weeks.
In that interview, and in a news story posted on GlennBeck.com, Beck claimed The Passion of the Christ director was still blaming Jews for his troubles during a 90-minute heart-to-heart, after Beck attended a late August screening of Gibson’s widely praised new movie, which reportedly received a 10-minute standing ovation this week at the Venice Film Festival.
Beck reported:
"Some Jewish people—I guess some rabbis or something, I didn’t get into it—somebody stole a copy of the movie before it was shown to anybody… And then they did a deal in The New York Times with all these rabbis trashing him as an anti-Semite. And he said, ‘I couldn’t believe it… Nobody was really upset that these guys stole the movie…’
Mel Gibson has called his relationship with Hollywood "survival" as he prepared for the Venice film festival premiere of a war drama that marks his directorial comeback after a turbulent decade in his personal life.
The Oscar winner's troubled years began in 2006, when he was arrested for drunk driving and responded with an anti-Semitic tirade. That led to headlines around the world, tarnished his reputation and set back a remarkable career that had made him one of Hollywood's highest paid actors, directors and producers.
Gibson recently revealed highlights to a sequel of his 'Passion' movie, tentatively titled 'Resurrection'.