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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Jeremiah 20: God Hands His Enemies Over To Fear

Jeremiah 20: God Hands His Enemies Over To Fear
By: Eric Gajewski
Applying Jeremiah To Our Times
Jeremiah 20:4 For thus saith the Lord: Behold I will deliver thee up to fear, thee and all thy friends: and they shall fall by the sword of their enemies
Continuing with the series, “Applying Jeremiah To Our Times” I now cover Chapter 20.  God always sends a warning before He strikes and the longer the interval of mercy given the greater the magnitude of His Justice shall be when His Hand strikes.  Modern man has been given an awfully long time to repent and convert primarily due to the intercession of our Blessed Virgin Mary.  But the prideful men of today have very little time left before they go from smiling to fearing.  When we take a step back and analyze it becomes clear how the greater number of souls do not fear God any longer.  As if to say,  "I can do anything I want" (because the evil governments permit this) without fear of consequence!  Well, it is true that the evil governments are purposefully allowing the ongoing abominations that we see but there is One Whose Seat sits higher than man.  Thus, God will soon deliver up His enemies to fear.

Jeremiah 20:4 I will deliver thee up to fear and they shall fall by the swords of their enemies.
The enemy thinks they “have it in the bag” these days.  They control the Vatican and virtually all the world’s governments.  They have come to the finale of their plans and yet God still has the final say.  Man cannot breathe without God’s permission let alone allow the evil to become this manifest all over the planet, therefore, we keep Faith in God’s plan.  The enemy is plotting and laughing thinking they are in control but they are not.   This is what pride does to a soul.  Brethren, let us not become like the enemy so as to think we can control and do on our own as they do.  Let us unify our wills with God’s and trust.  We will keep in peace through the storm coming and the enemy who is void of grace shalst succumb to fear.  They will fall upon the same very swords they have set out against us. 

Jeremiah 20: 11  But the Lord is with me as a strong warrior: therefore they that persecute me shall fall, and shall be weak: they shall be greatly confounded.  As eagles we must be strong in the Lord because, man, in and of himself, is weak and will fall without the aide of Gods help.   The proud do not want this help and yet as Jeremiah points out it is they who shalst fall.  They are the ones who in the end shall be greatly confounded even though they may occupy all the important posts and positions.  Even though they might have seemingly all the resources they truly are without because they have not God.  Through God we are conquerors under the protection of the Mantle of Our Lady.  Will the spineless and cowardly now join in the fight or continue to remain silent?  Self Love has lost many into the Abyss who seemingly had “good intentions”.  Therefore, now is the hour to fight on all fronts and to the winner goes the glory which we shall give to God not any false new messiah.

Jeremiah 20:13  Sing ye to the Lord, praise the Lord: because he hath delivered the soul of the poor out of the hand of the wicked.  Now, is the time for singing (ahead of the victory)  not complaining, whining and doubting.  He has brought our souls out of the Land of Egypt  (Original Sin) and thus He can do it again wherever He so chooses in our lives if we concede to Him.  It is not by my plan nor yours that we are getting out of this mess.  No, rather, it is through His Plan using His own Mother in which we shall gain this victory.  The devils are being unleashed upon this earth (in hurried fashion) because they know their time is short.  Thus, the greater the battle the more that is at stake.  What is greater than your own soul?  Thence, fight to save it!  There are no pacifists in His Divine Army only uncompromising Soldiers.  Do not think you are so wise as to get away from the enemy for the enemy is truly wiser.  If you rely upon God you can conquer all your enemies because He is always “one step” ahead of them.  

Jeremiah 20:16  Let that man be as the cities that the Lord hath overthrown, and hath not repented: let him hear a cry in the morning, and howling at noontide.  After God’s Wrath is complete the cities will be virtually desolate.  The time of repentance will have been long past.  There will be a subtle sorrow even after the impending chastisements arrive and yet through His grace we shall pull together.  Let modern man now repent and convert before it is too late like the desolate cities to come!  The winds do howl at noon crying for men to repent and yet modern man is too busy being distracted and being surrounded by things.  He can only hear his own delusional voice within trying to reassure him that he is sufficient and yet God says otherwise.  May we continue to look into the past in order to warn of the future that we might correct our erroring ways, amen